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Married to a manwhore episode 18


(He married me

But loves me not 💔)
Writer:- Racheal Dennis
Chapter 18🌟✨
I sigh tiredly. I’ve been in Fred’s room for almost an hour, but Fred is nowhere to be found.
I wonder how long it takes to make chicken soup.
Finally, the door open and Fred walks in with a tray in his hands.
He puts it on the nightstand and carry the plate of soup. He sits on the bed next to me and pass me the soup.
I take a spoonful and gulp it down my throat, I close my eyes and m0an at the taste.
“Now, this is what I call a chicken soup!” I said.
“So…you like it?”
“Yeah. Thanks”
I see him smile, but he quickly wipes off his smile. I turn my attention back to my chicken soup.
I feel his gaze on me but I didn’t look up at him.
Then I remembered the call I received from my dad, maybe I should ask him if he knows about it too.
“Fred, my dad called me” I said.
“He wants us to come over to your parents’ home” he doesn’t say anything but I know he’s listening. “Do you know about this too?”
He nods.
“Yes, my dad texted me” he replied.
“I guess we’ll have to go toge….”
His phone ringing cuts me off. He reach for it and stare at the screen for some time. Then mutters “fvcking hell” under his breath.
He takes the phone to his ear.
I roll my eyes.
He definitely has a special way of receiving calls.
He listens to the other person for a while, then his eyes grow wide.
“No! Don’t…. I’m not home”
He pause and listen again.
“I’m telling you the truth, I’m not home…. No, no don’t….”
“Uncle Fred!!” A small voice interrupts Fred.
Fred stilled.
I titted my head and see a cute little boy, standing by the door. He should be around 5or6 years old and he’s the younger version of Fred.
Fred puts on a smile on his face and turn to the boy.
“Royale!! Come on, give uncle a hug” he spreads his arms and the boy, whom I just know as Royale runs in.
He and

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Royale hug for a few minutes before he carries Royale in his arms.
“You are now a big boy, Royale”
“Yeah, soon I’ll be bigger than you” Royale said and I chuckle quietly.
“What? No, I can’t let you get bigger than me. Tell me, what do you wanna do to get bigger than me, I wanna do it first” Fred said.
Royale laughs and pokes Fred’s cheeks.
“It’s food, mummy said if I eat a lot of food I’ll be bigger and more handsome than you”
“Your mummy said that?”
Royale nods.
“Well, that’s not true. Cause getting this

handsome face of mine is way too much work for you, so don’t think of getting past it”
“Hmm, uncle Fred, everyone knows I’m way more handsome, I’ve already got past you” Royale said and I laughed out loud.
I think this kid and I will get along, he’s got a smart mouth and he can withstand Fred.
“Don’t argue with me, uncle knows best” he said. “Where’s your Mom?”
“His Mom is here” a female voice said from the door.
She steps in and I stare at her with my mouth wide open. She’s gorgeous…. No, I take that back.
Gorgeous isn’t enough to describe her, if there’s any word that’s greater than gorgeous then I’d definitely use it.
Her pale skin is so smooth and shiny.
“I thought you said you weren’t home, so how come I’m seeing you here?” She asked Fred and sits on the couch in Fred’s room.
She glance my way and sends me a glare. I frown, why did she glare at me….
Royale comes down from Fred’s arms and jump on me on the bed.
“I’m Royale and you are pretty!” He said.
I roll my eyes at his lame attempt to flirt.
I’m not surprised he’s learning how to flirt at this young age, after all his uncle is one of the biggest flirt ever liveth, so I guess it runs in the family.
Fred quickly picks him up of me.
“Easy, Mr Royale, she’s sick” he told the little boy.
Royale’s Mom stands up and walk towards me, looking at me disgustingly.
She pulls on Fred’s ear and I wince.
“So you were trying to avoid me because you brought one of your sluts home, huh?”
What? How can she refer to me as a slut?.
I look down at

myself. Do I look like a slut? Am I inappropriately dressed?
“What?” Fred removes her hand from his ear. “I wouldn’t care if any of my one night stands are sick, this is my fiancée, Eva!”
Eva? Eva! Oh my gosh! Why do I feel myself blushing….
This is actually the first time Fred called my name without adding ugly to it.
He actually called me Eva… I never knew how sweet my name sounds until he calls it, it sounds so musical, so perfect coming out of his mouth.
I hear a gasp. It’s Royale’s Mom. She pushed Fred out of the way and rush to sit on the bed.
The glare in her face is replaced with a warm welcoming smile.
Her expressions sure changes quickly, like the weather.
“Hi, I’m Bianca, Fred’s older sister”
Fred scoff.
“You’re just two years older!” He grunts.
“Shut up, Fred” Bianca scolds him, then turn back to me with a smile. “Sorry about my attitude just now, I didn’t know you and I thought you were one of his sluts”
From the corner of my eye I see Fred covering Royale’s ears.
“It’s nothing, we’re cool” I said.
“Bianca, you brought a kid, can you stop cursing in front of him?” Fred said.
Wow, so Fred actually uses his brain. There’s something I noticed just now, Fred is warm and free to people he care about.
He’s been very soft and open to Bianca and Royale since they came.
“Were you not covering his ears?” Bianca retorted.
“Ok, why don’t we all go to the living room?” Fred suggest.
“Good idea!” I said quickly.
I’ve been dying to leave his room.
Fred narrow his eyes at me, I guess he’s wondering why I am so happy to leave his room. Well, for one it’s so boring in his room.
We all head to the living room, though Fred had his arm around my waist supporting me, even though I told him I’m fine on my own.
I’m honestly not used to Fred being nice to me, I know he’s got some trick, he’s just waiting for the right time to execute them.
We made ourselves comfortable in different sofas.
“Bianca, why are you here?” Fred asked.
Bianca perfect smile falters for a second and a forced pretentious smile appears on her face.
“I just want to check up on my brother and know if you’re still fooling around with girls” she said. But from her tone I can tell she is clearly lying.
“Well, as you can see I don’t have time for other girls, I’m taking care of my d!ck fiancée”
I gap at Fred. He doesn’t have time for other girls? Liar, he’s using me as a cover up.
Well, that’s what he’s good at, he agreed to our marriage because it’ll help him get his inheritance, now he’s using me as a shield.
He uses me anyhow he likes.
“Hmm, since Eva is here. I’ve decided to stay a few more days, so that I can get to know her” she said.
Fred eyes her suspiciously. I guess he noticed she’s lying.
“How long are you planning on staying?” Fred asked.
“I don’t know, maybe one month… Three months… Or even a year… ”
“What?” Fred exclaims. “Does your husband knows about this?”
“Yeah, they’re getting a divor…. ” Bianca quickly slaps her hand on Royale’s mouth.
Right at that moment, Fred’s phone rings.
He signal for us to excuse him, he stands up and head towards the lounge to answer the call. So I guess he didn’t hear what Royale said.
I looked at Bianca questioningly.
“Divorce?” I asked.
She releases her hand from Royale’s mouth. She sighs heavily.
“I guess I can’t pretend in front of you anymore. Yeah, Royale’s dad and I are getting a divorce”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because my dad is an ass!” Royale cuts in.
Bianca slaps his mouth lightly.
“Don’t say that baby, it’s a very bad word. And besides your dad is a great man, he’s your superman”
“Oook” Royale replied.
Bianca faced me with pleading eyes.
“Please don’t let Fred know about this, he’ll kill Royale’s dad” she said.
“Don’t say that, you should tell Fred. I know Fred is cold, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly, so, he wouldn’t have a heart to kill someone” I told her.
She snort.
“You don’t know my brother, Eva. Fred can literally kill anyone without feeling remorseful” she pause. “He’s not someone anyone would want to cross paths with, so please don’t tell him about this”
I understand her point. Fred can be intimidating, but she doesn’t have to exaggerate things, Fred won’t kill… Right?.
“But you’re gonna tell him some time”
“Yeah… Just not now” she said.
“Are you gonna tell me what happened?”
“Yes, I’m already seeing you as my sister. But I can’t tell you here, let’s go out for some coffee”
“Ok, we’d really use a coffee right now”
Just then, Fred walks back in.
“What are you girls discussing?”
“Nothing of interest to you. It’s just some boring girl’s talk” Bianca answered.
“Oh” then he starts typing on his phone.
Bianca cleared her throat and Fred look up at her.
“I wanna take Eva out for some coffee, can I…”
Fred turn to me and I smile and wink at him.
“No!” He said.
I frown.
“No? Why?” I and Bianca asked at once.
“Ugly is sick and can’t go out, she needs to rest” he replied.
“But I’ve been resting since morning, I need fresh air” I said.
“Fresh air?” His gaze move to the windows. “You can open the windows fresh air will come in”
I know this Beast wouldn’t let me leave, he hates seeing me happy.
I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest and pouts. Fred looks at me for a few moments, I even saw him gulp.
“Fine! Fine! You can go out” he said.
I didn’t know what came over me, I jump up from my sit and hugged him.
I feel Fred tensed in my arms, that’s when I notice our position.
My bre@sts are stuffed in his face as he’s sitting down while I’m standing up.
I quickly let go, my cheeks turn red in embarrassment. I grab Bianca’s hand and drag her out with me. Royale runs after us.
I laugh as ugly run out with Bianca feeling embarrassed. I think I’ve been laughing a lot because of her and also having other emotions too.
I think ugly is slowly changing me, I think I kinda like the change though.
My phone start ringing. It’s Gray.
“Yes, Gray” I answered the call.
Boss, can I come in?”
Not less than 50seconds Gray walks in. That’s why he’s my secret guard, he’s always on standby.
Boss, I’ve find out who the snitch is”
“It’s Michael” he reports.
Hmm, Micheal?!
How come it’s him… He has always being the quiet one among us.
He has always being the one with the kindest heart ever. No, I don’t think it’s as it seems.
Micheal wouldn’t betray me for nothing… I must find out why and when I do if it’s not a good enough reason…. I’ll skin him alive.
Boss, should I silent him?”
“No, not yet. Let’s leave him for now and watch if he’ll change, he’s my best friend after all”
Gray cocks his gun at me.
“So he’s your best friend? Then what am I?”
I snatch the gun from him and remove the bullets, then I hand the empty gun back to him.
Gray loves playing with guns.
“You are my brother” he smiles. “And one more thing, mind the way you play with your gun from now onwards, it’s no longer the two of us in my penthouse anymore. I don’t want to scare ugly and I don’t want her to know about this part of my life
He studies my expression and burst into fits of laughter.
“This is fvcking crazy, Fred Russell is actually caring about someone other than himself!”
“Shut up, Gray!”
We made it to MacDonald’s in no time. Bianca park in the parking lot and we head inside. We take a table by the window, I wave a waiter over.
“Welcome to MacDonald’s, what would you like to order” the waiter asked.
“I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries” I said.
“I’ll have cheeseburger and fries too” Royale chirps happily.
Bianca and I share a laugh.
“I’d like to have fruits salad and soda, please” Bianca ordered.
The waiter left to get our orders. Royale drums on the table and singing “go, go power rangers” I watch him in amusement. Royale is a cut kid and he makes me wanna imagine how Fred’s childhood was like.
I bet it’d be boring as hell.
“Bianca, thanks for bringing me out. Fred would’ve suffocate me in that house”
She laughs.
“That’s not possible, he wouldn’t do that”
“You don’t know him then”
“I know him and I can tell from the way he stares at you that he cares for you”
Fred cares for me…I scoff.
Dream on, sister”
Soon our foods arrived and we dig in. Halfway through I raised my head.
“Erm… Bianca, are you gonna tell me why you and Royale’s dad is getting a divorce?”
“Because my dad cheated on her” Royale said as he stuffs his burger in his mouth.
“Ok, Roy, that’s a timeout. I don’t want to hear you speak until you are spoken to” Bianca scolds him.
“Sorry mom”
Bianca sighs and faces me with a sad smile.
“Bianca, how can you just decide to divorce him because he cheated on you? You guys can talk things through”
“You don’t understand, Eva. It’s not a one time thing, he does it everytime and I can’t talk to him about it either”
“Why can’t you? He is your husband and you should tell him when he does something that hurts you”
She drops her fork and take out her handkerchief from her bag, she use it to mop her eyes. That’s when I notice tears welling up in her eyes.
“Eva, it’s not as if I don’t say anything. Each time that I complained about his behaviors, I’ll end up getting a severe beating from him” she pulls up the long sleeve of her dress and I see small scars all over her arm.
“Oh my God! This is wickedness!” I exclaims.
She covers her arm back and smile weakly.
“He did this to me. Royale doesn’t know about the beatings, that’s why he doesn’t say it”
How can someone be this heartless.
“You have to let Fred know about this, at least…. ”
“No, we can’t let Fred know”
“Fred will kill him, if Fred knows Peter will be a dead man”
What does she mean? She prefers to cover up for a man that ill-treat her?
“Does your parents know about this too?”
She shakes her head.
“No. And I don’t intend to tell them, I want to divorce Peter secretly”
“What if they ask your reason for divorcing Peter what will you say?”
“I’ll think of something”
I stare at her in disbelief. Why is she covering up for Peter instead of telling her family, she makes it sound as if her family is dangerous and not to be trifle with.
“I still suggest you let them know.”
“I can’t, I don’t want Royale to grow up without a father”
Now that she doesn’t want her family to know about this, what if they find out on their own wouldn’t that worsen everything? What if Fred knows I knew about it too and didn’t tell him, will that make him hate me more?
“Eva promise me you won’t tell Fred”
“Promise me, you won’t…. ”
“Il mio cuore?” A familiar voice interrupts her.
I raise my head and see Jason. He quickly pulled out a chair and sits next to me, a wide grin appears on his face.
“Jason, what are you doing here?” I asked.
“To eat!” He said. He takes my hand in his. “But why do you keep breaking my heart, il mio cuore?”
“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.
“You came to MacDonald’s without me!” He said.
Bianca clears her throat and Jason turn his attention to her.
“Who are….. You?” She asked.
“Oh, you must be Eva’s friend. I’m Jason, her boyfriend!”
I gasp loudly and turn to him. He is my what now?
T. B. C.
So Micheal is the spy…
Jason respect yourself oo…
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