Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwhore episode 32



(He married me
But loves me not 💔)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 32🌟✨

Eva 💘


“The one and only”

I look around, it’s just Jason and I. No Aubrey in sight.

What has he done to her?

“Bree! Bree, I’m here!” I called but she doesn’t answer.

Jason smirk, he leans on the wall with his hands tuck in his pants pocket.

“Jason, where’s Bree?”

“Let’s forget about her for now and….”

“Where is Aubrey? She texted me to come over few minutes ago” I said.

Jason sigh and brings something out of his pocket and stretch it towards me, I took a step back in case it’s a gun or anything that’ll hurt me.

But surprisingly it’s Aubrey’s cell phone.

“You mean she texted you with this?”

I furrow my eyebrows.

“Why do you have Bree’s phone with you? And why are you even in her apartment?”.

He moves his body off the wall and take a towards me, I take a step back in return.

“Aubrey wasn’t the one that texted you, I did” I frown. “I knew if I call you or text you with my line you wouldn’t meet with me, so I had to use hers”


So that’s why the call ended suddenly… I should have listened to Fred…. I should have called to confirm if it’s really Aubrey that sent that text.

“What do you want from me? Why did you want

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to see me?”

“Have you ask him?”

“Ask who what?”

“The gun. Have you ask Fred about the gun?”

I stay silent. He smiles.

“He didn’t tell you do truth right?”

He moves closer to me and I continue to move back until my back meets with the wall.

He stops in front of me, he

puts his left hand on the wall and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I’m scared… Very scared.

I don’t want to repeat last time’s experience.

“He lied to you, right?”

“He said the gun is for self defense”

He laughs dryly.

“And you believe him?”

“Yes, I have to. He’s my husband and I trust him”

He punch the wall next to my face, I flinch, I take glance and see a dent his fist created.

“To hell with trust! He own a gun and you should be curious, you’re supposed to wonder why he own it and why he has to defend


Yeah, he’s right.

I did wonder too but I guess Fred’s explanation is reasonable enough.

“I don’t need to wonder why he owns a gun, almost every home in LA has a licensed gun for protection”

He scoffs angrily.

“You must be a fool, il mio cuore”

“Excuse me?”

“Did you remember that day at the club… Fred came home bleeding, did you know what caused his injury?”

I shake my head.

I remember that day he was bleeding so much and rejected my offer to help him clean up the wound.

I had wondered what caused his injury, I even asked him but he didn’t answer.

He yelled at me and avoided the question.

“He was shot. He would have died that day but his boys help him escape”

Oh, no wonder he didn’t let me come near him.

I guess the bullet was still in his shoulder and he thought it’ll scare me.

I smile unconsciously…. So he was just thinking about me and I thought he was being rude.

“Stop smiling, il mio cuore!”

I stop smiling.

His facial expression shows he’s angry and his eyes held hatred in them.

“You should hate Fred, he doesn’t deserve your love, he’s a monster. How can I make you see him for who he is?”

I frown. It just dawned on me, I see now what he is trying to do.

He is trying to make me hate Fred, but why?.

“You’re saying all this so that I can him. I can see it in your eyes, you want me to hate him, why?” I asked.

“Because I wanna get even with him, do you know Fred killed my fiancée? I watch him kill her with his bare hands”

“What?” Fred killed his fiancée?

He released a dry laugh.

“Yes, he killed. You know my plan was to kill his fiancée as revenge, but

I didn’t expect she’d be you. You are my childhood friend, you and I were very close before I travelled out, that’s why I want you to hate him”

I shake my head.

“No, Fred wouldn’t kill anyone. He’s not as wicked as that, there must be a mistake somewhere. He….”

“You don’t believe me? You think I’m lying? Well, let me break it to you, your sweet freddie has his brother-in-law chained in his torture room”

“Jason stop, Fred…”

“Do you want me to tell you how he is torturing him?” Just then his phone beep.

He reaches for it and check something in the screen, then he grins widely.

He turn the phone to me.

“Here take a look at this”

I look at the phone and see a picture of a man dangling upside down, his body full of bruises and blood, his face disfigured and unrecognizable. I almost gag at the picture.

I shake my head. I can’t believe a mere picture, Jason might be trying to frame Fred. I know Fred is cold but he wouldn’t do this. This picture I just saw is a definition of wickedness.

“Fred isn’t like as you described. I know you are sad about your fiancée but I don’t think Fred killed her, maybe he got there right after she was killed”

“Shut up! He killed her and I must get my revenge!!” He pause and I see tears running down his cheek. “You know what, fvck friendship. Maybe I should just kill you and get my revenge” he takes out a gun from his waist line and points it at me. My eyes grew wide.

Why does everyone keeps pointing guns at me recently?

Oh no! I think Jason has lost it. I need to leave before he harms me, this is not the Jason I used to know, he has changed and become a very different person.

“J-jason…put your gun down and let’s talk about this properly” I said stuttering a bit.

“Oh? Are you scared? I bet my fiancée was also scared before Fred stabbed her mercilessly”

“B-but…you don’t know for sure if Fred really stabbed her dead. It mi….”

“Shut up!” He cuts me off. “I really want to shoot you dead now, but I think I’ll save it for later, by then I’ll record this and send it to Fred, he’ll be watching how I kill you, he’ll be listening to your hopeless cries” then he starts laughing wickedly.

Yeah, this really isn’t the Jason I knew.
What can I do in this situation…how can I escape from him. Wait…I have Fred’s gun on me, I quickly bring the gun from my jacket’s pocket and point it at Jason too.

But I suddenly realized that I don’t know how to cock a gun nor do I know how to shoot. But it doesn’t matter, it might scare him if I pretend like I know what I’m doing.

Just then I see Aubrey standing behind him. My eyes light up, full of hope, but Aubrey shush me and signal me to behave as if she isn’t there.

Jason look at the gun in my hand, then back to my face. He laughs briefly.

“Are you trying to scare me? Cause you’re not doing very good at it, you’re amusing me rather” he said.

Right at that moment, Aubrey hits him on his head with a glass flower vase and he falls down with a loud thud.

“fvck!!” He exclaims as he clutches his head and roll on the floor, I see a small pool of blood forming on the floor.

“Come on, Eva get out of here” Aubrey said.

“What about you?”

“I’ll be fine”

“No, come with me let’s go to the police station and report this”

She smiles.

“This is beyond the police, I’ll be fine just go”

I can’t leave her here with Jason he’s dangerous.

“Bree, come with me. Jason is too strong, I’m scared he might hurt you”

From the corner of my eye I see Jason trying to get up.

“Come with me, we’ll get the police here, nothing is beyond them”

“Eva!! I’m his cousin, he won’t hurt me”

I frown.

“You’re his cousin? Why didn’t I know of this?”

“Eva, this is not the time or place to ask questions, just go and tell Fred to get police protection”

Yeah, she’s right. I need to earn Fred to steer clear of Jason, even if I don’t know if what Jason said is true, I need to earn Fred, because Fred won’t kill anyone.

“Ok, please take care” with that I run out.



Aubrey 👅

I can’t let Eva know that Jason has my parents and he might hurt them if I come with her.

I tried to warn Eva to stay away from Jason but she didn’t listen to me.

Jason is in the mafia, I don’t know if he’s the king of mafia or not but once he got involved with the mafia, he cut ties with us, his family.

I fear for Fred and Eva’s life, if he can be cruel to his own family, then I wouldn’t want to imagine what he’ll do to outsiders.

I hear Jason groan as he tries to stand up. Ok, it’s time to face him.




I enter the penthouse, I see Roy in the living room, he has his earphones on and he seems to be playing games on his tablet.

I head upstairs towards Fred’s room, I start hearing voices as I come closer, Fred’s and Bianca’s voice.

I lean on the door and listen, I can’t just interupts whatever they’re saying.

“Fred, just get what I’m saying. Think about Roy, he’ll need Peter in the future”

“Enough, Bianca! Stop using Roy as an excuse to keep Peter alive!” I hear Fred’s voice.

What are they talking about… Keep Peter alive?

“I’m not using him as an excuse….”

“That’s what you’re doing! Peter abused you for years and you kept it quiet, do you think he deserves the sympathy you showing him?”

“Fred… ”

“Bianca, I’ll kill him today. He’s lucky to have lived up till now”

It can’t be…. I’m just hearing things… I guess Jason’s words got in my head. Fred wouldn’t say these things.

I hear footsteps coming towards the door, I quickly dash into my room and listen for any sound.

I hear their footsteps and Bianca’s pleading voice fading away.

Maybe they’re going to the living room.

I come out of my room and rush downstairs, no one’s here apart from Roy who is still focused on his game.

I start to look around, them my eyes caught sight of a door. I furrow my eyebrows.

Why is that door open today? It has always remained locked since I moved in with Fred… I better check it out.

I walk towards the door, I push it open and enters the room. I see a staircase that leads…. Somewhere.

Where could it lead to? I move closer, then I start to follow the stairs.

Soon I arrived in a very dark passage, though there’s a dim light along the passage but to me it’s dark. I sometimes get scared of the dark.

But I have already begin this adventure, I must complete it.

I keep walking, walking and walking until I begin to hear cries, a female voice crying bitterly.

I listened closely and notice it’s Bianca’s voice. What’s happening to her? Is she in trouble?

I increase my pace until I arrived at a door, I notice her voice is louder here.

I quietly open the door and step in, I raised my face and my mouth falls open.

The picture Jason showed me flash in my eyes.

But what’s right in front of me is real, this is not a picture.

I see Bianca be held down by a very large man, she struggles to get away but it’s no use, she cries bitterly her voice getting louder and louder.

I shift my gaze away from her to the man dangling on the pole, his whole body is severely bruised, very large cuts all over his body and his face is unreasonable.

I guess he’s Peter judging from Bianca’s reaction.

Then I see another man raising a whip, it lands on the Peter’s body, Peter couldn’t scream, his body just kept dangling.

The man that was whipping him stop and picked something from the ground, he starts cutting peter’s body.

Oh my God! Hasn’t he gotten enough punishment?

The man drops whatever he was holding, then he takes a blade from a table and before I knew it, he cuts off Peter’s right arm.

I close my mouth with my hands to stop any noise from coming out, I can’t let them know I’m here or I’ll be killed.

But this man is cruel, Peter has gotten enough punishment already.

Where is Fred? He should come and save his brother-in-law…..

The man uses the blade to cut off Peter’s head and blood splash all over him.

I couldn’t help the loud gasp that escape my mouth. The man turns his head towards my direction and my world collapse.

He’s… Fred…
He’s… The man I’m married to…
He’s my husband

But right now he’s someone else… I could barely recognize him.. he has an animalistic looks in his eyes, his nose flares like a hungry lion…

Like a lion that’s ready to kill…. Like he still need more blood.

No, this can’t be…. This can’t be my Fred… I quickly turn around and run away from there.




Fred 💔

“fvck!!” I exclaimed.

She saw me, she saw everything I did. How am I gonna explain this? She won’t even listen to me….

“Fred, are you happy now? She has seen the real you, are you happy?” Bianca asked.

I gritt my teeth against each other.

This is all Peter’s fault. I angrily start to pieces his body with my blade, it’s all his fault….

T. B. C.

Ghen ghen Fred has enter hot pot 🙆🙆

Someone please help him🤦🤦



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