Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwhore episode 35



(He married me
But loves me not ๐Ÿ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 35๐ŸŒŸโœจ

Fred ๐Ÿ’”

I sit on the floor. Mom and dad came rushing towards me with Eva’s parents behind them.

“Have you found her” Mom and aunt ask.

I shake my head wordlessly. I mean what can I say.
Aunt sighs loudly.

“We should have told her earlier, what are we going to do now” she complains.

“Nothing for now” uncle said and aunt throws him a look. “Until we find her”

Silence engulfed everyone. But dad broke the silence.

“Have you check in with her friends? Maybe she went to one of her friends”

“I don’t have their contact”

Just then Bianca’s rings and every head turn towards her. She look at us with a small smile before she take the phone closer to her ear.

“Hello?” She paused and listen to what the caller is saying.

She suddenly stands up, her eyes light up hopefully. Her expression became calmer and I wonder if the call is about Eva.

“Ok, please send me your address” she said and pause.

“Thanks, I’ll be right there” she hangs up.

Mom and aunt rushes to her.

“Who was that?” Mom asked.

“Was that Eva?” Aunt asked.

Bianca shakes her head.

“It was her friend, Sean. He said Eva is with him, he wants me to come get her”

Phew! At least she is fine… I was scared she’ll do something she might regret later….

“Thank goodness she’s fine! I

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wouldn’t know what I’ll do if something had happened to her” aunt mutters.

“Come on, Bianca. I’ll drive” I suggested. It’d be a great opportunity to explain things to her…. And maybe clear the misunderstanding.

“No, Fred. I don’t think that’s a brilliant idea” dad opposed.

I frown.


“I bet you’re least person she

wants to see right now” he turns to Mom. “Your mom can testify to that”

I sigh. He is right, I can’t just show up in front of her now. She might just run away again. I should at least wait until she’s back home.

I nod and hand my car keys to Bianca.

“Please promise me you’ll bring her home…. to me”

“Don’t worry, Fred”

She leaves.

“Fred, please don’t show yourself to her when she comes back” Mom told me.

“What? Why? I need to explain myself”

“It’s not the right time, she sees you as erm… ah… Monster now”

So that’s it… I’ll be

a monster to her, she’ll hate me more than she already does. I’m hopeless.




Fred turns towards me with a glint of evil in his eyes, his body covered in blood, he had just cut off the head of that man. He holds his blade tightly and starts laughing sinisterly as he takes slow predatory steps towards me.

“Eva!!” Why is his voice double.

His voice echoes throughout the darkness in the room, my body shakes in great fear and I begin to take large steps backwards.

“You think you can hide from me?!!”

I shake my head as tears form in my eyes.

“No, p-please.. get away from me”

“You can’t escape from me! I’m gonna kill you!!”

I take that as my cue, I start running and running, I was so desperate to get away from him that I didn’t watch where I was going, I kick a stone and fall face flat. He stops in front of me and laughs wickedly. He raised his blade.

“Be prepared to die!!!” He brings his blade down to cut my neck.

I close my eyes and scream on top of my voice.

“Someone help meeeeeeeeeee!!!”

My eyes snap open, I sit up abruptly. Everywhere is dark, only a dull red is shining…. Oh my God! It’s not a dream…. It’s real… It’s real… I’m die!!

“Heeeelp, someone, anyone, help me!!”

Suddenly the whole room light up and I see Bianca rush towards me, I quickly embrace her and cry her on shoulder.
She pats my back and try to calm me down.

“He’s… He’s.. gonna kill me” I cry.

“No, he’ll not”

“He.. has a blade… He wants to.. to.. cut me” my chest going up and down

“Believe me, Eva. He’ll never hurt, he loves you”

I break our embrace and look around, I notice I’m back in my room. But how come…. I remember I

was in a bar, Sean came and took me to his house… So how do I end up here.

No, I need to leave, I can’t be here….. I can’t leave under one with him, I’d be a dead meat if I do. I made to stand up but Bianca holds me back.


“I-I-have-to-leave-I-can’t-stay-here-he-will-kill-me-I-saw-it-in-his-eyes-it’s-dangerous-here!!” I said in one breath.

She shakes her head and pass me a weak smile.

“Eva, calm down”

“Calm down?” I shake my head. “I’m sorry but I can’t seem to calm down, not after what I saw”


“Bianca, did you see the look in his eyes? He looked like a beast!! He killed your husband in front of you, his brother-in-law, what makes you think he won’t do same to someday. I have to leave before that day comes”

“Please, hear me out. He didn’t mean….”

I scoff.

“What do you wanna say? That he didn’t mean to kill Peter? I saw him, he killed Peter without a second thought”

“I know what you saw Eva and I swear it’s terrifying, but trust me Fred is a good man, he’ll never hurt you”

“Well that’s hard to believe” I turn to her. “Tell me, what exactly is Fred. Cause the man I saw killing Peter wasn’t my husband but a beast”

Bianca sighed.

“Fred is a Mafia Prince”


A Mafia Prince? Oh my goodness! What have I gotten myself into…. No wonder Jason keeps telling me he’s a monster.

“But he wasn’t this Heartless. Something very bad happened to him when he was a kid and it drastically changed him”

“Bianca no matter what happened to him, it doesn’t give him the right to kill people as he pleases. Wait why are you speaking up for him? He killed your husband, Bianca”

She laughs lightly, I can sense sadness in her laughter.

“I know he killed Peter and I know I should hate him for doing that, but I won’t” she takes in a deep breath. “Peter kinda deserve it, he had it coming. But please Eva, listen to Fred, let him explain things to you”

Explain things to me?

“I don’t want his explanation, I just want him to stay away from me”

“Eva, nobody is a born monster, and everyone has their demons. Please just let him explain”

“I’m sorry, Bianca, but I don’t think I’m ready to see him and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready”

She nods and stands up.

“Ok, I’ll let you rest, but think about what I told you, something made Fred who he is today” she turns to leave. “Your Mom will come see you soon” then she walks out.

I frown. What happened to Fred? What turned him to a killing monster?

I should hate him….but I don’t.

I should run away….but I’m back here.

Why can’t I bring myself to hate him….why?




I heard everything she and Bianca talked about, I stood outside her door so I heard them loud and clear.

She’s scared of me….she hates me.

“Fred, don’t think too much. She just needs time to process everything” aunt told me.

I nod. I don’t know how long she’ll take before she decides to face me and listen to me.
Bianca comes out of her room and aunt enters.

I’m fvcked!!




Mom holds me tightly in her arms as we embrace each other, I cried in her arms and she pets me gently.

“Mom, he’s a bad guy, a monster”

“I know, baby. I know”

“I wanna go home with you, mom I can’t live here anymore”

“You can’t, you can’t leave Fred. He needs you to tame him”.

I laugh dryly, if only she knows.

“You don’t know him, Mom”

“I know him very Eva. I watch him grow and I know he won’t hurt you” she said.

Why is she talking as if she already knows that Fred is in the Mafia. I pull away from her arms.

“Mom, do you know that Fred is in…..”

“Mafia?” She interupts me.

I nod and look at her with a frown.

“Yes, I know”





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