Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwhore episode 36



(He married me
But loves me not ๐Ÿ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 36๐ŸŒŸโœจ



I pull away from her and shuffle back on my bed, I stare at her in disbelief.

“Eva dear, listen we…”

“Mom, you guys knew who he is and you still decided to marry me to him? Even if I offended you and you hate me to the core it doesn’t mean you should wish death for me” I cried.

Mom sighs.

“listen to me, honey. We did it to protect you…. ”

“Protect me?” She nods. “From what exactly?”

“I just want you to listen to me carefully”

I huffed and angrily fold my arms across my chest. But I remain silent and calm to let her speak, she takes in a deep breath, then begin.

“It all happened when you were 6years old, your dad was in the Mafia, the Italian Mafia and he was the right hand man of the Italian Mafia boss, Matteo. But when I didn’t like that life style because we were living everyday in fear, everyone that was Matteo’s enemy was also your dad’s enemy, so we were always watching our backs. I got tired of it and discussed with your dad, we later decided to move to America, your dad spoke with Matteo before we left but he didn’t agree. He said once his member always his member, all his members have to live and die with him. So your dad and I had to leave without Matteo’s knowledge, but when Matteo got to know about our departure, he was furious and sent his men after us. When we were on the run, we met Fred’s mother, she didn’t know anything about our involvement in

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the Mafia then, she thought we were some homeless people, so she took us in and offered me a job, I became her cook and your dad became Fred’s dad’s driver. Everything was fine until one day your dad was driving Fred’s dad, when there was suddenly gun shots, Fred’s
dad is very smart, he said from the style of attack he could tell they were the Italian Mafia, and since he wasn’t in conflict with them, he suspected your dad is the cause of the attack. Though he help fight them off that day, but we later had to tell him the truth. He didn’t chase us away, rather he vowed to protect us and since we’re under his wings the Italian Mafia boss couldn’t get to us”

When Mom was speaking all these while, I was staring at her with my mouth hanging open. I blink rapidly.

So… My dad

was also in the mafia, he was also a killer. But he doesn’t seem like one.

“Wait… You haven’t tell me why you Married me to Fred, was it because you are indebted to his parents?”

She smiles and shakes her head, I frown. Don’t tell me they sold me off to the Russells to pay off depts.

“When I was still working at the Russells, you and Fred became friends but Fred took a keen liking to you, he always called you his wife then and always disturb his father to marry you two, but we didn’t take him seriously. Not untill the Italian Mafia boss starts threatening to kidnap you and use you as a replacement for your dad, so we all concluded that the only way to keep you safe is engaging you and Fred. The Italian boss wouldn’t dare come near Russel’s daughter-in-law, it was our only option”

I nod. I think I kinda understand their intentions but what I saw is not something I can easily forget about.

“But…. He’s a killer” I whispered.

“I know he is, but don’t blame him. When you’re in the Mafia, you’re trained to kill, you’ll no longer have respect for life” she move closer to me and puts her hand on my shoulder. “That’s why Fred needs you in his life, he needs you to change him”

“Change him? How? Is that even possible, Mom?”

She nods.

“Yes, it is. If I can change your dad then you, my daughter can equally change Fred and besides Fred doesn’t

kill or hurt innocent people, he only do that to wicked people”

Yeah…. I guess she’s right. Peter was really a bad person, he derive pleasure in torturing women and he even has the guts to beat up his son’s mother.

“But still he is in no position to judge anyone, he’s not God”

“Honey listen to him, Fred will never hurt you”

I just kept quiet, I give her a small nod. It won’t hurt me to listen to him, he’s my husband after all.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be in the living room. Just scream if he tries anything” then she winks at me.

What does she mean try anything, she just told me he won’t hurt me. Anyway I nod and she head out.

A few minutes later, I see Fred coming in, his hands tuck in his pants pocket, his eyes held sadness. He takes small careful steps towards me, like he knows I’m scared of him. I watch him carefully just when he’s about to come closer to me, I move back.

“Please, stop there”

“You’re scared of me” he states.

“You can’t blame me for that” I told him.

Something like hurt cross his eyes, but he quickly blink it away. And I kinda regret saying that, but why am I feeling regret?

“You hate me”

I shake my head and I see his tensed body relax, his eyes suddenly shine brightly. We both stayed silent, looking at each other in silence. The air in my room suddenly became too thick and I feel suffocated.

He should speak, say something to lessen the thickness in the room.
Maybe I should ask a question, but which question should I ask first.

“Eva, I’m sorry” he finally speaks.

“Sorry for what?”

“I don’t know…but I’m sorry, for everything”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you wait until I found out on my own? Why didn’t any of you tell me what I was getting myself into? Why?!!”

They all lied to me. I know many people will say I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it really hurts when the people you love lie to you.

“I’m so sorry, Eva. I thought keeping it from you will keep safe, you know, the less you know the safer you’ll be”.

I laugh dryly.

“You want me to believe that, right? I believe you” he opens his mouth to speak but I beat him to it. “I guess this is the result of getting married to someone you nothing about”


“You what?”

“Can you let me tell you about me? Please”

I lay back on my bed and rest my head on the headboard, I fold my arms across my chest and nod at him. He sits at the edge of my bed and puts my feet on his lap, but I quickly pull them away from him. He frown but doesn’t complain.

“I’m listening, Fred”

He sighs and begins.

“A week after our engagement, my dad got in trouble with the Russians and I paid for my dad’s sins. I was in school when I was kidnapped by the Russians, I was only 9years old. They locked me up in a very small dark room, and they torture me with all the torture devices they have. They’d burn me with iron, cigarettes and cut my back everyday, they’d whip me until my skin is broken and they won’t send any medications, they’d leave me with my injuries, when it’s night fall I’d sleep on the cold floor and when it’s raining there’s a big hole where water passes through inside the room. Everyday I pray and hope that my dad would come and rescue me, but he never came” he pause. “As little as I was they’d make me carry rocks and watch as I fall on the rocks or the rocks fall on me for fun, if anyone of them is angry and wants to cool off, he’d use me as a punching bag. They’d rape women in front of me and I’d watch them kill ’em. When I was thirteen, they didn’t let me just watch, they made me rape women and kill them too, if I refuse they’d shoot my leg or arm or shoulder. I was almost giving up every hope of survival when my dad and his men came to my rescue”

Oh goodness heavens! How can they be so cruel to a little child.

“Eva, there is no child in the mafia” he said as if he read my mind.

Wait…he was kidnapped when he was 9 and was rescue when he was 13. Oh my God! He spent 4years in the hands of the Russians…..He must have gotten a lot of scars in his body.

“Can I see them?”


“The scars”.

He doesn’t say anything more, his gaze harden and he clenched his jaw.
Maybe he’s not ready to show me.

“Uh…you don’t have to me if you don’t want to…I’m not gonna force you or get angry at you”

He shakes his head and his gaze softens.

“No, I want to show…but I hope you won’t hate me”

Hate him? I can’t hate him and that’s what I hate most.

“I won’t hate you”

He smiles and unbutton his shirt, he takes it off and I frown.

“I don’t see any scars” I told him.

He slowly turns around and I gasp quietly, Jesus Christ!! Are those Russians human beings or animals? How can they do this to a child….I run my fingers through his rough back.
Fred’s back is damaged. Large scars covered his whole back, there’s no trace of a normal skin, it’s all scars. And from the looks of it they were once very, very deep cuts.

I was blaming him for nothing….I mean, no one would go through this and still remain normal. I know I wouldn’t.
I feel something wโ‚ฌt fall on my hand, that’s when I knew I was crying.

“Fred, I’m sorry” I cry.

He turns me and I jump in his arms.

“I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve this”

“It’s fine, Eva. It’s being such a long time that I don’t even think of it anymore” he said.

I stayed in his arms for a few minutes as I cry my eyes out, but I honestly don’t know why I’m crying. The tears just keeps pouring and I let them.

After some minutes I sober up a little, I pull away from him. He use his thumb to wipe my eyes and give me a small smile.

“Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know”

“Don’t cry, I’m fine” he smiles.

I frown.

“Stop smiling, I’m not crying because of you. I’m still angry at you for killing Peter”

He sighs.

“I know and I promise now that I won’t kill anyone” he said, I smile. “At least not if they mind their business” the smile wipes off my face.

I stand up from my bed and head towards the door. He held my hand and pull me back, I fall back on the bed.

“I was joking” he said.

“Better be. But don’t hide anything from me, I don’t want to know if it’ll get me in trouble, tell me everything and anything. We are married and marriage is through thick and thin”

“I’ll, I promise”

Just then my phone starts ringing. I reach out for it and check, it’s Aubrey. I facepalm myself, I totally forgot about her, I left her with that psychopath and I didn’t bother calling her.

“Hey, Bree”

“Eva, where are you?”


I hear her breath in relief.

“Thank God, Sean called me last night that you’re drunk but I couldn’t come get you because of.. erm.. you know, Jason”

“Yeah, did you manage to escape from him?”.

“No, it’s the other way round”

“what do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Jason escaped. I was arguing with him but I suddenly felt dizzy and I don’t know what happened next, but I couldn’t find Jason when I woke up”

“Well, it’s a good thing he left”

“Hmm, I don’t think so. Anyways are you free tomorrow?”


“Good, we’ll finish every food in MacDonald’s to celebrate you”

I frown.

“Celebrate me? Why?”

“It’s your birthday, silly”

“Oh!” I totally forgot about my birthday.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow. I gotta go” then she hangs up.

I turn to Fred. I think I should warn him about Jason, though according to the information I just got I don’t think Jason stand any chance with Fred but it’s safe to be prepared.

“I want to tell you some…..”

My door burst open and interrupted me. Uncle, aunt, mom, dad and Bianca all rush in. I blink rapidly as I look at them in surprise. Have they been standing outside the door or they just got here.

“I see you two have talked things through” Mom said.

I quickly move away from Fred and he look at me in confusion.

“Yeah, he’s told me everything but I didn’t say we are on talking terms now”

“What?” Fred asked.

“So…. Are you still gonna run away?” Aunt asked.

“No, aunt. But I need time to process everything”

Aunt smiled at me and claps her hands together.

“Well then, our work is done here. I can now go back home and relax” she said.

“Yes, thank God” Mom said.

Uncle steps forward.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine, Fred is a good guy” he turns to Fred. “Right, Fred”

” Yes”

“Okay, we should get going” uncle said.

“You guys take care” Bianca told them.

They all left except Bianca. I guess she has something to tell me.

My stomach sees this as the perfect time to growl. Well, I don’t blame it, I haven’t eaten since yesterday.
Fred stands up.

“I see you’re hungry, I’ll go prepare breakfast for you”

“Get on with it then” I replied.

He nods and head out. Bianca quickly sits on the bed next to me and take my hands in hers.

“Naughty girl, what do you still have to process”

I smile.

“Actually, I just said that. I want to tease Fred a little”

“Don’t worry, your sister-in-law is here to help you. You’ll have him begging on his knees for your”

I laugh.

“You wanna help me torture your brother?”

“Yeah, I’ll take it as payback for killing Peter”

I stretched out my hand and shake hands with her.


T. B. C.


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