Married To A Manwhore

Married to a manwhore episode 36B



(He married me
But loves me not 💔)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 36B🌟✨


Bianca, Roy, Fred and I sit round the dinning table.

We are all staring at our foods in silence, I’ll say an awkward silence.

Bianca chuckles lightly to break the silence.

“Well, let’s dig in and know if Fred’s cooking skills has improved since the last time”

I sigh and look at the food, it look edible and I know it gonna be sweet, because Fred’s last dish was sweet.

I pick my cutlery and dug in, I close my eyes as I chew on the potato. Truth be told, Fred did a great job on this one.

“Do you like it?” He asked me.

I nod, he smiles and dig in too. While eating I felt someone’s gaze on me, I raise my head and look around the table, it’s Roy.

He’s looking at me with sad eyes, it’s almost as if he wants to cry, which makes me wonder if Bianca has told him about Peter.

Thankfully I’m sitting next to Bianca, I lean towards her and whisper in her ear.

“Have you told him about his father’s death?”


“Why?” I frown.

“I just giving him some time”

I nod in understanding, if I were her I wouldn’t know how to break it to my son that his father is dead, I won’t even know what excuse to give him.

“Then why is he staring at me like that?”

Bianca look towards Roy and shrug her shoulders.

I straighten myself in my chair and continue with my food.

Then I hear Roy’s voice.


I raise my head and face him.
He furrows his eyebrows and drops his spoon.

“Have you being crying, Eva? Did someone bullied you?” He asked.

Oh, so that’s why he was staring at me.

He must have notice my red eyes and how dull my face is.

“I’m fine, Roy” I pass him a smile to show him that I’m really fine.

“Then why are your eyes red,

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mom’s eyes only gets red after she stopped crying” he said.

I reach for his hand across the table and laughs briefly.

“I’m fine, really. I just got some dusts in my eyes” I told him.

“Ok, but if anyone bullies you just let Uncle Fred know, he’s power ranger blue”

I laugh. But


“Thanks for your suggestion, Roy. Come on, eat your food”

I enter my room and wanted to close the door, but Fred puts his foot in between.

“I wanna shut the door” I told him.

“I know, but…. I thought you were gonna sleep in my room tonight”

I shake my head with a smirk.

“No, I’ll sleep in my room”

“But I’ve explained everything to you and.. and you said you don’t hate me”

“I know what I said, Fred. And I also know I said I’ll need some time to process all of it”

“Oh, does.. does that mean you’re gonna avoid me…

for now?”

I smile.


His face falls.

“Oh, ok”

“So, if you don’t mind stepping out, I’m feeling quite sleepy”

He step closer to me and lean towards me, I frown.

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Please let me” he said.

I nod.

He leans in and place a lingering kiss on my forehead.

He lifts his hand and use his thumb to caress my cheek, he smiles at me.

“Good night, Eva”

“Good night, Fred”

He reluctantly steps out and I lock my door. I fall on my bed and sigh.

Thinking about Fred’s past, I’ll say he’s a strong and brave man. I’m not sure I’d survive any of it.

I think my love and respect for him just increased, I’m ready to walk down this road with him, I’m ready to give him my love and myself fully, no holding back.







Ugh! When in God’s name did I set an alarm? I sleepily reach out and turn off the alarm, I yawn and snuggle into my warm blanket, I feel myself smile in my sleep.

Just when I’m drifting off to sleep, I feel my blanket ripped off my body.

I quickly sit up and glare at whoever is it.

“Rise and shine, senorita” Bianca said.

“It is morning alreadyyy?” I grumbled.

“Yes, and today is all about you!”


She does an eye roll.

“Today is your birthday, duh”

I yawn and fall back on my bed.

“I want to stay in bed all day today”

“Not gonna happen, get your butts up and get into the bathroom young lady!”

I scoff.

“You’re not old yet”

She stop folding my blanket and puts her hands on her waist.

“I’m your husband’s elder sister, so I’m old enough to call you young lady

I roll my eyes.

“Right!” I climb down from my bed. “How did you even know today’s my birthday, I don’t remember telling you”

She sits on my bed and crosses her long legs.

Oh, I forget to mention this to you

guys, but everyone in the Russell’s family are tall, I’m the only short person among them, I pray my kids don’t inherit my height or it’d be a slap to my face.

“Bree called and told me, which I’m very upset about, I had to hear from an outsider that today is my sister-in-law’s birthday” she stands up and walk towards me.”But I’ll keep that for later, right now I need you in that bathroom” then she pushes me in a close the door.

I wore my faded blue ripped jeans trousers, my white off shoulder top and my tiger wedge booties.

I throw my hair in a ponytail, I apply some mascara on my eyelashes and put a pink lipgloss on.

I stare at myself in the mirror, I smile at my reflection. I look simple and natural, I love it.

I pick my purse and head downstairs to meet Bianca.

“Wow! Eva, you look so pretty!” Roy said and winks at me.

“Thanks, Roy” I see Fred coming down the stairs.

I smirk, I should tease her m a little.

“Roy, do you think I’ll catch any boy’s attention dressed like this?”

“Yeah, if I was a grown up I’d totally ask you out. You rock, Eva” he replies.

“Ooh! Ooh! I guess I better hurry before I miss some cute guys”

Fred clears his throat loudly.

“Eva, remember you’re married, if any boy doesn’t stand 10feet away from you, he’d answer to me” he said, then walks towards the kitchen.

I narrow my eyes at him.

“What are you gonna do, Mr Russell?” I call after him.

He turns towards me and grins.

“Nothing, Mrs Russell”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that” I turn back to Roy. “Where’s your Mom?”

“Still in our room” then he gave his focus to the power rangers he’s watching, repeating everything they say after them.

This boy sure love power rangers.

Soon Bianca comes down to the living room….she’s beautifully dressed in a white tight gown that stops at her mid thigh….her gown has sparkles all over it and she wore a black thigh high boots to compliment.

Her make up is perfectly done, she has a red lipstick on, her eyebrows perfectly arched and her face so smooth.

She looks like a fashion icon right now, I look down at myself and felt a little jealous.

I felt so ashamed of myself, she kinda remind me that I have no fashion sense.

“Wow!! Mom, you rock it!!” Roy exclaims and bounce happily to his Mom.

I roll my eyes. Tell me something I don’t know, Roy.

“You’re so beautiful, Bianca!” I praised her, at least I have to tell her the truth…she’s beautiful and that’s just the truth.

“Thank you, senorita” she said.

“You are gorgeous!” I hear Fred’s voice whisper in my ear.

I turn and see him standing directly behind me, he smiles at me, I simply roll my eyes and turn back to Bianca.

“So, are we gonna go to Bree’s place first or we’re meeting at MacDonald’s?”

“We are going to Bree’s first” she replies.

“Mom, can I come with you and Eva?”

“No, Roy. Today is girl’s day, you’ll have to stay with your uncle Fred”

“But uncle Fred is so boring, last time I was with him we didn’t do any fun activities, he was always on his phone” he whine.

Bianca and I glared at Fred.

“Is that true?” Bianca and I asked in a sync.

“I… erm.. uh.. ”

“Fred!!” I called.

“Roy, I promise this time will be different, we’re gonna do something super fun and cool”

“Promise?” Roy ask him.

“Promise!” Fred said.

Roy stuck his pinky finger out.

“Let’s pinky swear on it” Roy told him.

Fred looks at Bianca and I unsure of what pinky swear is or how to do it.

Bianca and I shared a brief laugh.

“You have to wrap your pinky finger around his own” Bianca explained.

“Oh!” Then he does as Bianca told him. Roy grins widely.

I don’t blame Fred for not knowing how to pinky swear, we all know he didn’t have a normal childhood.

“So.. Bianca let’s go?”


We turn towards the door.

“Wait!” Fred’s voice stop us.

I groan what does he wants now.

He deep his hand in his pants pocket and brings out his wallet, he opens it and take out his black card and hands it to me.

I stare at him in confusion.

“Use it” he said.

“I have money to cover my expenses” I told him.

“I know, but I want you to spend mine”

“I… ”

Bianca suddenly snatch the card from me with a wide smile.

“Is Fred willing to spend his money on someone?” She tease him, I see his ears and neck turning red. “Don’t worry, Fred. I’ll make sure she uses it” then she takes my hand and starts pulling me to the door.

“Thanks, Fred” I said from the door.

“Enjoy, bae!” I think I heard him say, but my ears might be deceiving me.



We stopped right outside Bree’s apartment, we’re waiting for her to come out.

“You shouldn’t have take Fred’s card” I told Bianca.

“Why? This is the first time ever, that Fred is giving his card out. I can’t miss the opportunity”

“I’m not gonna use it”

She smirk.

“You’re gonna”

I didn’t say anything else, I’m not gonna argue with her.

Bianca honked and we hear someone, basically Bree, yelling.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Aubrey rushes towards us, with Sean behind her. They got in the backseat and Bianca zooms off.

I turn my head towards them and narrow my eyes at Sean.

“Sean what are you doing here?”

“To celebrate your birthday, duh!”

“Who reminded you?”

“Do I need someone to remind me?”

I groan.

“Today is supposed to be all about us girls”

“Honey, I’m gay” he said.


“You can consider me a girl” he replied.

I groan loudly.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with your boyfriend or something?”

“Nope, you’re stuck with me today” he does a little evil laugh.

I grunt and face the road.

Sean and Aubrey on a day like this aren’t a good combination, I just pray they don’t kill me today….



Bianca parked in a parking lot and we all alight from the car.

I look around and noticed we are in a boutique, I frown and turn to Bianca.

“Did you miss the road? This is a boutique” I told her.

“Nope, I didn’t miss any road

My frown deepens.

“Then what are we doing here?” I asked.

Aubrey puts her arm on my shoulder and side hugs me closer to herself.

“We” she gestures at themselves. “Are shopping for you!”

“What? I have clothes”

They shake their heads.

“We don’t mean clothes, sweetie” Bianca said.


“We meant” she turns to Aubrey and nod at her. “Lingeries!!” They both exclaims.

My eyes grow bigger.

“What? No, no, no! I don’t need those!”

Aubrey stare at me in disbelief, actually Bianca has the same expression on.

“Really? You mean those granny panties?” Aubrey ask.

I feel my cheeks warming up in embarrassment.

It’s true I don’t have s£xy panties but they can’t be classified as granny’s.

I throw them a killer glare and huffed.

“You can say whatever you want, I’m not going in there with you!” I fold my arms across my chest and rests my back on the car.

“Are you sure?” Bianca ask and I nod.

“Eva, don’t make me do it”

Do it? I frown what is she talking about?

Before I knew, I was seeing things upside down, what’s happening? Is this the end of the world?

Then I notice I’m moving or rather someone is moving me, that’s when I knew I’m on Sean’s shoulder.

“Sean put me down!”

“No, honey”

“Put me down you brute! I’m not going in there with you and Aubrey, you guys are gonna torture me to death”

They all start laughing.

The truth is shopping with Aubrey and Sean on the same time is true definition of torture, they can shop for straight six hours without getting tired.

Soon Sean stopped walking, he puts me down and my mouth hang open.

“Victoria secret?”

“Yeppie!!” Aubrey replied.

“No, no, no. Come on ground open up and swallow me!!” I cried dramatically.

They look at me and simply shake their heads.

Bianca and Aubrey take my hand, they turn to Sean.

“You stay here” they both said.

“Girls I’m gay!”

Aubrey rolls her eyes.

“But the fact remains you’re still a guy” then they pulled me inside leaving Sean alone.

Ok, guys. Get ready to attend my funeral….

“Woah!! That red lacy lingerie can set a man on fireeee!!” Aubrey shriek.

“I don’t like it, it’s… It’s… too revealing” I said.

“Duh! That’s why they’re called lingerie, come on, you’re buying this” Aubrey throws it at me and I glare at her, Bianca just kept laughing without saying a word.

We’ve been shopping for three long stressful hours, and I’ve already have twenty to twenty-five lingeries resting on me.

I turn to Bianca.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Nope!” She replies, I groan.

“Aubrey, my legs are killing me!” I whined.

“Let’s just get some more, you’ll need more than those” she gestures to the ones on my arms.

“Bianca, say something”

“Look, Eva. I don’t wanna picture my brother getting turn on by you, but I think Bree is right. You’ll need more than those”

Oh God take me now, father I’m ready.

I cry mentally.

I need to find a way to stop them, or I swear, Aubrey will buy everything in this store.

I stopped complaining and follow them as they continue shopping, then I pretend to trip on my foot and fall down.


Bianca and Aubrey turn back and sees me on the floor, they quickly run towards me and helped me up.

“Eva, are you ok?” They both asked.

“I.. I’m.. fine, I just need… I .. need food.. or I’m gonna… die!”

They both rolled their eyes.

“Fine, let’s go to the cashier” Bianca said while Aubrey glares at me.

I simply send her a wink.

She points her finger at me.

“Just know you owe me one” she said. I bring out my tongue at her and she pretends to bite it.

We made it to the cashier.

Everything we bought was calculated and I found out that my money isn’t enough to pay for all of them.

“I think we’re gonna have to put some stuffs back” I told them.

“Nope, we have a black card with us remember” Bianca said and smirk.

“But I didn’t want to use his money”

“Well, you don’t have a choice now” she replies.

I notice she has some clothes on her arms too, I frown.

“You bought too?”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna pay with Fred’s card” she said.


“Don’t what me… It’s not everyday I get my hands on Fred’s card”

“But he’s gonna receive an alert, he’ll know how carelessly we spent his money” I panicked.

“Don’t worry, he won’t say a word”


She puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Because we’ll tell him you’re the one that use the money and you wanna know what he’ll do?”

Oh no! Don’t tell me he’ll chop off my head.

“He’ll grin like a kid who just tasted a new candy!” She said.


“Yeah, you have nothing to fear sister” she said and hands the card to the cashier.

We were debited and our stuffs were packaged for us, then we head towards the exit.

Sean rushes to us the moment he sees us.

“Finally you guys are out, I was dying of boredom”

“Well, I kinda told you not to come” I murmured.

He throws his arm around my shoulder.

“You can’t get rid of me today” he turns to Bianca and Aubrey. “So, where are we going from here?”

“MacDonald’s!!” I exclaim happily as I jump towards Bianca’s car.

“All she knows is food” Aubrey shakes her head.



“These fries are the best I’ve ever had” Bianca m0ans as she chew on her fries.

“Really? Have you tasted Eva’s fries?” Bianca shakes her head. “They’re the best of bests”

I chuckle.

“Sean, you’re over praising me” I told him.

“No he’s not” Aubrey cuts in. “I can lose an arm for Eva’s cooking” she turns to me. “You should consider becoming a chief, you’d do great”

Bianca smiles and look at me.

“I’m looking forward to tasting your food”

“Don’t listen to them” I told her.

She laughs at my denial.

My stomach suddenly start turning as if it’s my time of month, I better go check, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I stand up from my chair.

“Guys, I’m gonna go to the restroom for a few minutes” I told them.


I left them and rush towards the restroom.

I breath in relief.

Thankfully it’s not my time of month, I guess my stomach is just getting upset because of the too much ice cream I’ve had.

I wash my face, just as I was washing my hands.

I see something or someone if I’m being polite, on the mirror.

My feets run cold.

What is he doing here? And how did he get in here?

I remember locking the door….. Or am I hallucinating?

I quickly turn around… But it’s not hallucination, he’s here… Right in front of me.

“How are you, il mio cuore?”

Oh no!

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