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Married to a manwhore episode 37

Married to a manwhore episode 37



(He married me
But loves me not 💔)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 37🌟✨


“How are you, il mio cuore?”

Oh no!

He studies my expression and smirks.

I don’t know why but seeing him here, an unknown fear suddenly grip me and I feel myself shake.


“Il mio cuore, are you scared of me?” He asked but I didn’t reply.

He laughs briefly.

“But fret not,

I’m not gonna hurt you, at least not today” he pause and take a step towards me, I have no space to step back so I just stand still. “I heard you’ve seen him”

I frown feeling confused.

“Fred. You’ve seen the real him, now that you know he is a monster, you do believe me now, right?”

“Fred is not a monster!”

“Really? Someone who kills people for fun is not a monster? Eva, I’m gonna give you an option”

He steps closer to me, our chests almost touching, he reach out and puts a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I try to move away from his touch, but there’s really no space.

My breath suddenly quickens.

“Only you Eva can bring an end to the revenge I’m seeking”

“Me? How?”

“Come with me. Leave Fred and come with me, only then will I forget about my resentment”

Is he for real? I think I can leave Fred just to be with him? He had better think twice.

“Jason, when did you become like this? What changed you?”

“Fred did, he changed me. But I’m ready to let go of all my hatred if you come with me”

I shake my head.

“Jason… ”

He puts his finger on my lips and shush me.

“I’ll give you time to think about it, il mio cuore” he turns to the door, he holds the knob and turn to me. “While you are thinking about it, tell Aubrey that her parents said hi” then he’s out.

I released a long breath.

What is Jason’s problem… Why is he seeking revenge… And what did Fred do to him.

Maybe I should ask Fred about it…

I arrive back at our table and see them packing up, I frown.

“You’re back… You were taking forever, so we wanted to come check on you” Bianca said.

I nod.

“Are you guys done?” I asked.

“Yeah” they replied.

“Then we should be heading back”

I carried my purse and we all head towards the exit.

I grab Aubrey’s arm and pull her back, I make sure Bianca and Sean are in a safe distance.

“Bree, I saw Jason”

She look at me surprise.

“You saw him? When? Where?”

“Yeah, a few minutes ago, I saw him at the restroom”

“Did he hurt you? What did he say?”

“He didn’t hurt me, he just, you know, threatened me”

She sighs.

“I seriously don’t know what to do about Jason”

Well, I know how to deal with him but I don’t wanna.

If I tell Fred about him I know with Fred’s personality

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Jason would be a dead man.

Can I do that to my friend? Absolutely not!

I’ll just ask Fred what he did to Jason and maybe apologize to Jason on his behalf, there, I suppose everything will be fine…. Right?.

Then I remembered Jason talked about Aubrey’s parents.

“Bree, Jason spoke your parents too, he said they sent their hi”

Aubrey stops walking and clenched her jaw, I stare at her.

“That bastard!”

“What’s wrong, Bree? Is he holding your parents hostage?”

She shakes her head.

“No, don’t worry Eva. It’s my family business” she tells me.

Judging from her expression, I can tell something is wrong, but since she

doesn’t want to tell me, I’m not gonna dwell on it.

“Let’s not ruin your day with my unnecessary issues, come on, let’s go”

I nod and we head towards Bianca’s car.

“I thought you guys aren’t gonna come out of there” Sean said.

I roll my eyes and enter the car.

“Bianca, let’s go please. I’m exhausted” I said.

Bianca chuckles and starts the car.

Not long after, we stop at Aubrey’s and drop her and Sean off.

“Babe, have a nice day and thanks for the clothes you bought me” Bree said.

“I didn’t buy them, you paid with someone else’s money” I replies.

“But he’s your husband, his money is yours too”

“Yeah, I support Bree on this one” Sean cuts in.

I laugh.

“Anyways, thank you guys for today. It was tiring but I had fun” I told them.

“Don’t thank us, we’re all we’ve got” Bree reply.

I smile.

“Ok, time to go home. Good night and greet your Man for me” she said.

I wave them as Bianca drives away.

I enter the penthouse and everywhere is pitch black.

“Why is it dark in here?” Bianca ask.

I shrug, then I notice she won’t see me, so I use words.

“Maybe it’s a blank out”

I rummage my hand around on the wall trying to find the lights switch, finally my hand grasp it and I flick the lights on.

Then I heard screams.


I look around and wowed in admonishment.

The scene before me is great, it’s just as if I walked into a planetarium, everywhere is sparkling.

I see stars, well artificial stars, floating in the air.

My pictures are used to form heart shape and floating around with the artificial stars.

I grin widely, whoever did this spent so much time and effort in doing it.

Bianca nudge my shoulder and gestures towards my feet, flowers trails on the floor from where I’m standing to the

living room.

I follow the flowers and stop at the middle of the living room, Fred stands there with a single rose flower in his hand.

He smiles and hands the rose to me.

“Happy birthday, bae” he said, he leans down and kisses my forehead.

I blush and feel tears running down my cheeks.

This is too much, I didn’t think Fred would do something so romantic for me, I didn’t even think he remembers my birthday.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, I held his collar and pull him down and crash my lips on his.

I feel him tense for a few seconds, before he react to my kiss.

We move our lips slowly against each other, but I quickly break the kiss when he’s about to deepen it.

“Thanks, Fred” he smiles.

We both begin to stare at each other’s eyes.

“Happy birthday, Hon” I hear my mom’s voice.

I look away from Fred and look around, I see everyone is complete.

Both my parents and Fred’s parents are here, why didn’t I notice them before?

Maybe that’s because you were too engaged in your romance, a small voice in my head said.

Mom and aunt both rush towards me and grip me in a tight hug at once, I hear my bones crushing but I dare not make a sound.

“Happy birthday, Eva” aunt said.

“T-thank you” I grunt out.

“Ok, ok. That’s enough, let the poor girl breath” I hear uncle’s voice. But they didn’t listen.

“Come on, mom, aunt, you are crushing her” Bianca said.

They let me go instantly.

Dad and uncle step forward, they both give me small brief hugs.

“Happy birthday, Eva” uncle wish me.

“Yeah, you’re now 22. When are we expecting our grandkids?” Dad asks.

“Dad?!!” I exclaim.

“Soon, uncle” Fred answered him.

I glare at him… What in God’s name is he talking about? I don’t wanna have kids now…. I’m too young to be a Mom.

“You’ll be fine, bae” he told me.

Why is he calling me bae? I roll my eyes, weirdo!.

Roy comes in front of me and stretch out a daffodils towards me.

“Happy birthday, Eva”

“Thanks, Roy” I said and take the flower from him.

“Uncle Fred and I did this all by ourselves, aren’t we awesome?”

I turn to take a sneak peek at Fred but he caught me, then he sends me a wink.

I blush, I notice I’m blushing quite a lot this evening. I turn back to Roy.

“Yes, you are awesome” I told him.

“Ok, we’ve been waiting all day for you, come let’s cut the cake” Mom said.

“Don’t exaggerate things, love. We just arrived 30minutes ago” dad told her.

Remember I told you guys earlier in my story that my Mom should be Bree’s mom because they both exaggerate things? Yeah, you’ve seen I’m right.

Roy takes my hand and drags me to the dinning room, a very loud gasp leaves my mouth.

“Is this the cake?!” I asked.

“Yeah” Roy replies.

I begin to open my mouth and close it wordlessly, I suddenly become speechless.

This is no ordinary cake, it’s a statue of me. Who on this earth baked this?

I bend down and whisper in Roy’s ear.

“Did you and your uncle baked this?” I know it’s impossible for Fred to bake it, he could only manage to cook simple dishes.

Roy shakes his head.

“No, uncle and I tried to bake the cake ourselves but we failed. So Uncle hired one of the best chiefs in LA to bake it” he explains.

“Wow! Fred, you are so head over heels for Eva” I hear Bianca say behind me.

I turn around and my eyes found Fred, he’s standing next to dad and uncle, he pass me a killer smile.

Roy’s stomach suddenly start growling.

“Can we eat the cake now, I’m starving” he said.

“Oh, yes” I said. I took the knife from Fred.

“Close your eyes and make a wish” Roy tells me.

I smile. I close my eyes and wish long lasting happiness and peace for our family, then I blew out the candle and cut the cake.

I cut a small piece in a small plate, I take a bite and feed the rest to Fred.

“Thank you, Fred” I thanked him.

“You’re always welcome, bae”

I frown.

“Stop calling me bae!”


“I don’t like it”

“Hmm” he does a little thinking. “Then I better stick to it, bae”


“Yes, bae”

I scoff.

“I’m not gonna try to stop you”

“Better not, bae”


I turn and see everyone looking at us with adoration in their eyes.

“Wow, they are so cute together” Mom said.

“I know, right” aunt supports her.

I roll my eyes, the two of them always behave like teenagers.

“Guys get back to your cake” I said.

They wink at me and gave their attention back to the cake.

I take Fred’s hand and lead him back to the living room, he sits on a sofa and I sit next to him, I wrap my arms around his waist and rests my head on his shoulder.

I said I wanna open my heart and love him fully, I should start it now.

Also I want to ask him about Jason, but that can wait for now, I don’t wanna ruin the happiness in the air.

“So, my sweet caring husband”

“Oooh! I like the sound of that, bae”

I smile.

“Who’s gonna finish that magnificent cake you baked?”

“Hmm, we can have it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner” he replies.

“Nah, I’ll pass. Think of how to finish it all by yourself”


I smirk.

A comfortable silence fell on us, we watch our family sitting at the dinning table, eating and chatting.

I sigh.

I hope our family can stay like this forever.


“Hmm?” He hum.

“Can you come with me upstairs, to your room”

“Why? The party is here”

“I want us to have a private party… You know, just you and me”

He pause for a moment. He stands up and take my hand, then we both head upstairs.

We enter Fred’s room and I quickly shut the door.

Fred puts his hands in his pocket and give me a confused look…

“Why are we closing the door?”

Instead of replying him, I rush to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

I crash my lips on his and start to move them against his slowly.

He chuckles against my lips.

He grabs my arms and tries to pull me away, but it only prompts me to lean even closer to him.

I’ve always been shy when it comes to stuffs like this, so I honestly don’t know where this new found confidence is coming from.

“Eva, are you sure about what you’re doing? I don’t want you to feel regret later”

In that moment, I feel a pang of desire hit me.

“Yes, I’m sure. Very sure” he’s my husband, I’ll have nothing to regret.

He crashes his lips against mine without warning and pulls me impossibly close to him.

Without hesitating, I open my mouth and he eagerly delves in, nipping and sucking.

I’m lost in his taste, lost in his scent. The kiss was wild.

I guess I have always wanted to do this with him.

He breaks the kiss and leans his forehead on mine, both of us panting.

His eyes hooded with desire.

“Are you still sure?”

“Fred, I’m 1000% percent sure” I reply.

He crash his lips back onto mine, savouring my taste as his hand drifts to my hip and pulls me closer to him.

I feel the raw intensity of our bodies pressed up against each other.

My lips part as he delves deeper.

A m0an escape my throat and that seems to spur him to pleasure me further.

He bites on my lower lip teasingly before he trails light kisses down my neck.


“I was mad, broken, frustrated because of you. How did you manage to rile me up so much?”

He pushes me against the wall. Fred finds his way back to my lips and sucks on them.

He pulls my blouse and unhook my bra. Instinctively, I try to cover my chest….

“Don’t. You’re beautiful, Eva” he told me.

I stifle a gasp as he grabs my thighs and carries me over to his bed.

He lays me down gently on his bed, then he goes down and pulls my pants down.

He kisses my stomach lightly as he pulls my panties.

Suddenly he stops.

“What’s wrong Fred? Why did you stop?” I ask him.

I notice his neck and ears suddenly turning red. I frown.


“I… You… I… We can’t…”

“Fred, what’s wrong?”

He doesn’t say anything else, he simply raise my panties and I gasp loudly, my face warm up in embarrassment.

Code red! Code red!

I quickly stand up and run into his bathroom and shut the door loudly, locking it from inside.

How did that happen? I checked it at MacDonald’s, I didn’t see anything… How can it appear at a time like this?

My period!

I’m so dying of embarrassment.

T. B. C


OMG! Her period 😂😂😂😂

This is so embarrassing 😂😂😂😂

Casala don burst for Eva 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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