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Married to a manwhore episode 38

Married to a manwhore episode 38



(He married me

But loves me not ๐Ÿ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 38โœจ๐ŸŒŸ


“Hey, Bae!” I hear Fred call from outside the door.

“Leave me alone, Fred”

I’m so embarrassed.

My period normally hurts like bitch, but why didn’t I feel any pain this time?

“You don’t have to be shy, I’m your husband” he said.

Ugh! Gosh, he making it worse.

“Do you need me to get you anything from your room?”

Well, since he wants to make himself useful, I might as well actually use him.

“Yeah, c-can you Please go get a pack of pads from my drawer?”

“Ok, but which of the drawers exactly?”

“The one on my dressing table” I reply.

“Ok, gimme a sec!” Then she hear his footsteps fading away.

Immediately he left, a pain suddenly strike me on my stomach.

I groan loudly and wrap my arms around my stomach as I squat down.

So the pain finally decides to show up, why didn’t it come earlier.



Fred ๐Ÿ’”

I met Bianca on my way back from Eva’s room.

She looks at my hands with a frown and gives me a questioning look.

“Erm… My wife’s… She, she kinda need these” I told her.

She grins and nod her head, recognition flash across her eyes.

“I understand”

I notice the living room is quiet, I wonder why it’s quiet.

“Where’s everyone?” I asked her.

“Oh, they’ve gone back home”

I frown and look at the wall clock in the hallway.

“It’s so late, they could have stayed the night”

She shakes her head.

“Mom said and I quote, ‘I don’t wanna disturb them, who knows they might be making our grandbabies’ so she insisted they left”

Hmm. She’s almost right, we wanted to make some grandbabies but mother nature didn’t approve.

“I see, anyway I should go give these to Eva”

“Yeah, hurry”

I quickly dash into my room. I hear whimpering as I approach my bathroom, then it turns into soft cries.

Why is she crying?

I twist the knob but it doesn’t open, I guess she locked it from inside.

I knock on the door.

“Bae, are you alright in there?” She doesn’t reply me, she simply continue crying. “Bae, open up! Open up so that I can come in”

I wait for some seconds before the door open slowly.

I see Eva lying on the floor, holding her stomach

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and squirming.

I knelt down before her and lift her head on my lap.

“Are you ok, Eva?”

“Hurts.. it hurts…” She trails off.

“Sorry, so sorry, love” I raise the pads in my hand. “Does that mean you don’t need these?”

“H-help me… Put it on.. ” she grunts out.

I nod and tore the pack open, I take out a pad and look at it in confusion.

I don’t know how to help her put it on, I frown, I feel so useless.

“Uh…erm…” How the fvck does this thing works.

I guess she saw my deliema, so, she took the pad from me

and peels some papers from it, she gives it back to me and gave me instructions on how to put it on her panties.

I didn’t as she directed and help her wear her panties. I scoop her in my arms and carry her straight to my bed, I lay her down gently.

“Fred.. it hurts” she whimpers.

“I know, baby” I wish I can take her pains away or at least help relieve her pains.

Bianca…. She must know what will stop her pains.

“Wait for me, ok” I don’t think she understands me, but she nods anyway.

I rush out of my room towards the guest room, where Bianca and Royale are sleeping.

I knock on the door rapidly until I hear her opening the door.

She comes out rubbing her eyes sleepily, I must have woken her from her sleep….

But how can she just go to bed so soon, we spoke not long ago.

“Fred, it’s 12:00am, why are you knocking on my door?”

“Sorry to wake you up, but I really need your help”

“It’s late Fred, it can wait till tomorrow” she wants to close the door but I stopped her.

“No, it can’t wait. My wife is in pain and I need your help on how to stop the pain”

She pause.

“Oh, I don’t have the pills to numb the pain, but you can try massaging her stomach or putting an ice pack on her stomach. I think that would numb the pain”

“Is that all?”



I rush back to my room, I met Eva still crying. I sit next to her and start massaging her stomach gently.

After massaging it for a few minutes, her cries filters down into small whimpers. I smile.

“Fred?” She called me softly.

“Hmm?” I hum in reply.

“I want ice cream”


“I want ice cream, chocolate ice cream”

“Ice cream? I don’t think it’s

a good idea to eat ice cream in your condition”

“Who said I can’t eat ice cream?”

I sigh.

“Ok, we’ll get your chocolate ice cream tomorrow

“But I want it now”

I frown.

“Bae, it’s midnight, there’ll be no ice cream charts or even ice cream parlor that’ll be open by this time”

“I know of one”

I sigh.

“Bae, it’s too late”

She pouts and quivers her lips as if she’s gonna cry.

Is she craving for ice cream because of her menstruation?
I guess I don’t have a choice but to go get it for her.

I stand up and head downstairs to the kitchen, I take an ice pack from the fridge and head back to my room.

I put the ice pack on her stomach and pick up my car keys. I lean towards her and pecks her on her lips.

“I’ll be right back”

She nods with a smile.


I drive around LA for about thirty minutes, before I finally saw the ice cream parlor she was talking about.

I bought her chocolate ice cream and head back to my car, but my eyes caught sight of a pharmacist shop right across the street, it’s still open.

I went over and bought the pills that will numb menstrual pain. I enter my car and drove off.


I parked my car in my driveway and hurriedly enter my penthouse.

I take long strides to my room, I drop the ice cream and pills on the nightstand.

“Bae, I’m back” I turn to Eva, but she’s already fast asleep.

I sigh. Well, at least I can equally get some sleep too.

Eva ๐Ÿ’˜

I snuggle to the hard warm surface, I yawn sleepily and feel myself smile in my sleep.

I feel someone playing with a lock of my hair, I open my eyes and see Fred smiling down at me, I return his smile.

I notice my head’s resting on Fred’s chest and his right arm firmly wrap around my waist.

“Good morning, Mrs Russell”

“Good morning, Mr Russell”

He grins and wink at me, he leans forward and kisses my tempo.

“You were already asleep last night when I got back”

Yeah, I know he went out late last night to get my ice cream, but I couldn’t force myself to stay awake, my lids got too heavy.

“Sorry about that”

“It’s fine, I understand”

I turn to the nightstand and saw the ice cream and some…. Pills? I turn back to him.

“What pills are those?”

“Ah, I bought ’em to help numb the pain”

“Awwn, you’re so sweet” I pull his head down a little and kiss him briefly.

I pick the ice cream but it’s melted. I climb down from his bed.

“I better go put this in the fridge”

“Ok, but get ready. I’m taking you somewhere after breakfast”

“Oooooh! Are we going on a date?”

“Uh.. I don’t know if you’d consider it a date”

“Hmm, now I’m curious. I better go get ready” I head out.


I feel so refreshed after taking my bath and changing from my soaked pad.

I wore a yellow high waist skirt that stops at my mid thigh, I wore a white off shoulder crop top, I wore a pair of white thigh high boots and a yellow jacket that reaches few inches below my knees.

I comb my hair and let it fall on my shoulders, I look at myself and smile, I decide not to apply any makeup.

There’s no like keeping it natural, less work, more beauty.

I pick my phone and head downstairs.

Fred and Bianca are already seated when I got to the dinning table, I take a seat next to Fred.

“You look gorgeous in this outfit” Fred whisper in my ear.

“Thank you” I look at his outfit, he’s dressed in his black leather jacket and black pants. “You don’t look bad yourself”

“I try to look good for my woman” he winks at me.

I blush a little.

I turn to Bianca, she’s watching us with a wide smile on her face and I feel kinda bad, you know, my husband killed her husband after all.

“I love your outfit, Eva” she said

“Thanks, where’s Roy? I don’t see him anywhere”

“Oh, he has too much cake last night, so he’s crying in the toil….”

“Mom, I wasn’t crying” we hear Roy’s voice from the stairs.

Our heads turns towards him.

He’s coming to the dinning room, his head face down as he fondle with his belt.

I think he’s trying to hook his belt.

“Roy, lying is not good. I heard you crying”

He sits next to his Mom. He scoff.

“I’m not gonna admit it, uncle Fred said boys should never admit when they’re caught crying” he said pouting his lips.

Bianca and I turn our attention to Fred. He blinks rapidly and chuckles nervously.

“What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

I put my elbow on the table and leans my chin on my palm.

“Fred? What have you being teaching Roy?” Bianca asked.

“Ok, t-that wasn’t exactly what I told him… I only said boys aren’t suppose to admit when they’re wrong”

I bang my hand on the table.

“That’s even worse!” I see him gulp nervously and I smirk. I love the way I have power over him now. “You are a bad influence on the boy” I scold him.

“Bae, take it easy. Y-you.. know anger is not good for your health, it’ll affect your beauty”

“Don’t try to tell me what’s good for my health”

He nods and uses his hand to zip the invisible zip in his mouth, I smile and turn back to Roy.

“Roy, baby, no matter how bad or embarrassing your mistake is don’t feel too big to admit it, ok?”

Roy nods.

“Eva, you gotta teach me how you manage to get him obeying your every wish” Bianca said.

Fred clears his throat and glares at her.

“I bet you wouldn’t wanna know that, Bianca” he said.

Bianca frown a little, before a look of recognition flash across her eyes.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna know” she replied.

We all dig in our food.

Soon, we’re done with our food. Fred stands up and help me up too.

“Thanks for the breakfast, Bianca” I thank her.

“Please don’t thank me, it’s the least I could do. After all I’m the one inconveniencing you and your husband

“Don’t say that. Our home is your home too” I told her.

“Wow, that’s great cause I don’t plan on leaving” Roy said and we all shared a laugh.

I turn to Fred, he’s staring at me with an unreadable expression, a smile tugging on his lips.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

He shakes his head.

“You are just too beautiful, inside and out” he replies.

I blush.
He turns to Bianca.

“Ok, we’re leaving now”

“Ok, have a fun date…or whatever you guys wanna do” she said.

“Come on, let’s go” Fred told me. He puts his hand at the small of my back and leads me outside.


After driving for what feels like forever, Fred finally drives into a driveway and parks his car.

“Wait for me, I’ll open your door” he said.

He opens his side door and step out, then he comes over to my side and open the door for me. I step out.

“Thank you”

“Always welcome, bae”

I look around, where we are is quiet, it doesn’t seem like a place where people go on a date.

It looks like a military camp.

“Fred? Where are we?” I asked.

“Patience, bae. You’ll find out soon”

He takes my hand and leads me towards the door.

He punch a code and the door open, we both step in and a very large guy with about twelve other guys rushes towards us.

They didn’t have any clothes on, their chests muscles bulge out and their faces are so damn intimidating.

I instinctively hide behind Fred, I feel him chuckles.

Boss!!” I hear them say.

“Boys, quite scaring my wife!”

“Sorry, boss!” They chorused. I peek from Fred’s back. They have their heads bowed.

“Back to training” he orders them.

“Yes!!” Then they left except the large guy.

“Gray, how is the boys doing at training?”

“They are doing great, but one of my boys is absent today” the Gray guy stops talking and glance at me, he laughs a little. ” Boss lady, you can relax. None of them would hurt you” he told me.

“Bae, don’t be scared, they wouldn’t dare hurt you” Fred assure me.

I nod and step from behind him.

“Ok, Gray, you can go back to training. I have some business here with my wife”

“Ok, we’ll see later” Gray reply and jogs towards some boys.

Fred takes my hand and leads me towards a room.

“What business do we have here?”

“Just a few more seconds and you’ll know”

He stops at a door a enters a code, the door open and we step in.

I gasp quietly at what I saw.

“A shooting range?”

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