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Married to a manwhore episode 39 – 40

Married to a manwhore episode 39 – 40



(He married me

But loves me not πŸ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 39🌟✨


“A shooting range?”


Why did he bring me… does he think I can handle a gun?

“But I’m not gonna teach you how shoot a gun”

Phew! Thank goodness, I don’t think I have a heart to shoot anyone.

“At least not today” I frown and stare at him. “Not until you know some basic fights moves”

“Why do you wanna teach me how shoot?”

“It’s for self defense, bae”

“Self defense? You just said you wanna teach me some fight moves, I can defend myself if I can fight”

“No. Eva, in the mafia you can’t defend yourself with just fighting skills”


“What if your attacker is holding a gun? Do you think he’ll let you get close to him to land a punch on his face without using his gun?”

Hmm, he does make a lot of sense. But I don’t want to stain my hands with blood.

“Fred, I really can’t learn shooting, I don’t want anything to do with guns and bloods”

Fred doesn’t say anything for a moment, he just takes his jacket off and pants.

His body full on display, I feel my face turning red.

His body is so hot, his strong abs on display and his tan skin glitters. I can’t believe I’m drooling over my husband.

“Take a picture, bae, it last longer” I roll my eyes.

“So, what do you say, I don’t wanna learn shooting guns”

He wears his training clothes and sighs.

“Fine. I’ll teach you hand to hand combat, it’ll do for now”

I grin. I look down at my clothes, then back to him.

“Don’t you think I’m over dressed for training?”

“Yeah, but I have you covered”

He opens a bag and take out a set of female sports wear and hand it to me.

“Ok, where can I go to change?”

He looks at me as if I’ve grown two heads.

“You can change right here, like I just did”


“What’s what?”

“You want me to change in front of you?”

“Yeah?” He chuckles. “There’s nothing to be shy about, I’ve seen all of you last night” takes the clothes from me. “Come on, I’ll help you change”

Right, I shouldn’t be shy in front of my husband.

I nod, Fred helped me take

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off my clothes and I put on the short bra and short sport short that is about two inches away from my butts.

Fred takes a step back and does a wolf whistle.

“Damn! You look hot in these”

I roll my eyes.

“Don’t be a perverted instructor, or I might get someone else to train me”

“Don’t even think of that!”

I laugh.

“Ok, for today I’ll teach you groin kick and elbow strike”

I grin as he mentions groin strike, I suddenly remembers how I kick Jason on his groin that day at the hospital.

Fred claps his hands in front of me and I stop laughing.


were you laughing?” Mirroring my expression.

“Nothing, I just remembered how I kick Jason on his groin that day”

He frowns.

“You kicked Jason on his groin? Why?”

Uh-oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that, I said I’d keep what happened that day to myself.

“Nothing” I replied.

“Nothing? You just kicked him for no reason?”

“W-we were fooling around that day, we do that all the time”

He narrows his eyes at me as if he doesn’t believe me but he didn’t push the topic any further.

“So back to training, on this training ground, I’m not your husband but your instructor”

I nod.

“You must pay attention and do everything I ask you correctly, you have to…….” I tone whatever he’s saying off as I listen to his voice.

His tone change as he speaks, he’s no longer the Fred I know at home, the Fred before is the real definition of a Mafia Prince. He speaks with authority.

I find this side of him extremely hot, instinctively I bite my lower lip.

I don’t know if I can blame this on my menstruation, but I’m suddenly turn on.

“Mrs Russell? Are you listening to me?”

“Yeah” I reply absentmindedly.

“Eva, come back to planet earth!!” He snaps his fingers in front of my eyes.

I blink rapidly and wake up from my fantasy world.

“What were you saying?”

He sighs.

“Come on, I’ll just show you how it’s done” he stands behind me. “According to you, you already know how to groin kick, so what I’m about to show you is elbow strike”

He pulls me closer, my back slams on his chest and he traps me in a deadlock with his arms.

“If your attacker is in a close range and you are unable to get enough momentum to throw a punch or kick, use your elbows” he said, his hot breath tickling my neck.

“You must ensure to bend your arm at the elbow” he bend my arm to demonstrate. “Shift your weight forward and strike your elbow into your attacker’s neck, chin or tempo, as the case may be. It’ll cause your attacker to loose their grip, allowing you to run” he loose his grip on me as demonstration.

Hmm, based on his explanation I think it’s quite easy.

“Do you understand everything I said?” He asked me.


“Good. Now I want you to show me how it’s done”

“Wait, like right now?”

“Yeah, I’ll pretend to be your attacker and you’ll try to defend yourself”

I sigh and nod.
He moves away from me.

“Get ready to defend yourself in 3, 2, 1”

He comes at me and grips me from behind very tightly, I could hardly move, I grunts and try to break free from his grip but it seems to be impossible.

“Eva, defend yourself!”

I bend my right arm, shifts my weight forward a little and strikes him on his chin and he lets go almost immediately.

I turn around and see him rubbing his chin.

“Fred, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. You did great but your strike isn’t powerful enough, I’d still be holding you if I was your real attacker. So, you are gonna give it one more try”

“But it’s gonna hurt you”

“Eva, I told you, on this training ground I’m not your husband, so don’t care if I’m hurt or not”

“But….. ”

“Do it one more time”


“Fred, I’m tired, can we take a break?” I grumbled.

I sit on the ground and breath heavily.

Fred and I have been training for 4hours straight, he didn’t let me have even a drop of water.

“Eva, don’t be lazy, you’re almost there”

I shake my head.

“No, no! I can’t go any further or I’ll collapse”

He laughs.

He pick two cans of water and hands one to me. I quickly open the cover and gulp it down my throat. I sigh, water is life.

“I’m never coming here with you again”

“You have to”


“It’s not up for arguments, bae”

I huff. My phone beep, I reach for it and see it’s a message from Bianca.

*Are you up for starbucks?*

I think starbucks is exactly what I need now. I sent her a quick reply.

*Yeah. Give me ten minutes*

“Fred, I’ll have to leave now, Bianca is waiting for me at starbucks”

“Ok, freshen up and I’ll drop you off”



“Bianca, thank you for inviting me or Fred would’ve killed me”

She starts laughing.

“Like seriously you are gonna be thankful to him soon”

“I’m so exhausted, I swear I can sleep a whole day”

“Come on, I bet training with Fred isn’t that bad”

Yeah, she’s right. Fred kinda made it easy and fun.

“So Eva are you a wonder woman now?” Roy ask.

“No, not yet”

“Pity, I wanna be a power ranger when I grow up and I’ll marry a wonder woman” he said.

Kids. They all think power rangers and those superheroes do exist in real life. I wish.

“Well, good luck with that” I told him.

We are talking and laughing, when we suddenly hear a loud crash and soon there’s smoke everywhere, everything becomes foggy.

The quiet restaurant suddenly turn into a noisy classroom, people coughing and chairs loud screeching sounds filled the air.

“Roy, Eva, cover your nose” Bianca yells over the noise.

I cover my nose and pull Roy closer to me.

Not up to 10minutes everywhere clears up and it was silence, I stand up from my chair and look around.

Everyone’s head rest on their tables. Confusion took over my face, what just happened??

“Eva? Where’s my Mom?” Roy ask me.

“Your Mom’s right…..” I trail off as I points to Bianca’s direction.

She’s not there. I quickly look around but still didn’t find her.

“Bianca! Bianca!”

Where did she go?


(He married me
But loves me not πŸ’”)

By:- Racheal Dennis

Chapter 40🌟✨

Fred πŸ’”

After I dropped Eva off at starbucks, I drove to straight to my warehouse to check on our new shipment.

I was about leaving when Grayson came to me.

Boss, something bad has happened” he said in a scared voice.

I furrow my eyebrows, what could have possibly happened that is making him panic.

“What happened?”

“The secret guards I assigned to your wife called and informed me that there was an attack and… ”

I feel my body tense. Attack?

“And what?”

Don’t tell me something happened to Eva.

“Your sister was kidnapped” he said.

I frown.

Bianca was kidnapped? How was that possible….

Bianca is a very skilled fighter and she never goes anywhere without her hand gun.

“Are you sure Bianca was kidnapped?”

“Yes, boss”

“Then what about my wife? Where is she?”

“She’s gone back home”

“Ok, I’ve checked the goods everything is in order, send a squad to transport it to our client”


I head towards my car.

I need to check on Eva first before I look for Bianca.



Eva πŸ’˜

I pace back and forth in the living as I wait for Fred to come back home.

I tried calling him but his number wasn’t reachable.

I turn to Roy, he is surprisingly calm, I can tell from his eyes that he’s worried too but he doesn’t want to show it.

I smile. I think this boy is Fred’s grandfather, he is too smart for his age.

Suddenly, the main door burst open and I see Fred rush in.

“Bae! Bae! Eva!”

“Fred, I’m in the living room”

He rushes to me and start looking at my body all over.

“Are you alright? Did they hurt you anywhere?” He ask

“I’m fine, Fred. It’s Bianca, she was kidnapped”.

“I know, I’ve been told” he pause. “What happened at the restaurant? Did you see the people or person that took her?”

I shake my head.

“I don’t know what happened…one minute we were talking and laughing, the next minute we heard a loud crash and before we knew it smoke has covered the whole restaurant, when the smoke was gone Roy and I noticed that Bianca is missing”

“So you didn’t see when she was taken”


Roy got up from the sofa and stands in from of Fred, he tugs on Fred’s pants and Fred squat to his level.

“Uncle, some bad guys took my Mom, you are a power ranger, can you please go after them and save my Mom?”

“Don’t worry, Roy, I’ll surely go after the bad guys and I’ll crush them like blue power ranger mega force”

Roy’s eyes suddenly lights up.

“Good, now go quickly before they hurt my mom” he told Fred, urgency evident in his tone.

Fred nod and stands up.

“Yes, sir” he turns to me. “I’ll go meet with my boys and we’ll try to track Bianca’s phone. Until we get back don’t leave the penthouse”

I nod. He leans down and kisses my forehead.

“Take care of Roy and yourself” then he leaves.

I hear a growling sound and turn to Roy.

“Are you hungry?”

He shakes his head and go back to sit on the sofa.

“Roy, you’re hungry and if you don’t eat something, it’ll hurt your stomach”

“I don’t want to eat, Eva. I’ll eat if Mom is back”

I sigh.

“Well, I’m hungry, why don’t you join me in the kitchen to cook something”

He doesn’t say anything, he simply nods.

I take his hand and pull him with me to the kitchen.



Bianca πŸ‘„

I open my eyes and sit up, I feel pains in my back.

I raise my hand massage it, but I can’t, something is restraining my hand. I looked down and see my hands tied together to a thick robe.

I frown, I look around and notice I’m in a strange building, it seems like a warehouse but an abandoned one.

Just then I see a figure walk in.

I raise my head and see the figure’s face, I flinch back.

“You… P-peter?”

He laughs loudly and shake his head, his eyes goes hard and the veins in his neck starts to show.

“Unfortunately I’m not him” he said.

I frown, what does he mean? This person I’m seeing is Peter…

How can he still be alive… I saw Fred kill him with my two eyes, his head was cut off… How can he still be alive.

“Peter? How can you be alive?”

He pulled my hair angrily and slaps me very hard on my left cheek.

“I said I’m not him” he lifts my chin up. “So, you are Fred’s bitch, huh. Your asshole husband killed my brother in cold blood”

Oh, so he’s peter’s brother, how come I never knew of him. I snickers and soon I burst into fits of laughter.

He looks at me strangely.

“What the fvck are you laughing about?”

I continue laughing.

He takes his hand from my chin and grips my neck tightly to the extent where I can’t breathe. I struggle to escape his tight grip, but since my hands are tied I couldn’t do much.

So, I did the only thing that can stop him from choking me to death.

I spit in his face. He instantly lets me go and I smirk.

“fvck! Bitch, how dare you” he slaps me again. “I’ll kill you and send your head to your husband”

I taste blood in my mouth.

“Well, unfortunately for you my husband is dead already”

He frowns.

“What the fvck do you mean?”

“You thought I’m Fred’s wife so you wanna kill me and get revenge for your psycho brother” I chuckle. “Well, newsflash, I’m not his wife and don’t even think of going after his wife or unless you have a death wish!!”

A smirk appears on the side of his lips.

“Oh, so you mean my boys got the wrong person”. He taps his forefinger on his chin. Then you must be the whore Peter called his wife, hmm, I still have everything in control. I can kill you and avenge my brother, but I won’t be satisfied, I want to kill that bastard’s wife, someone so dear to him and make him feel the pain of losing someone close to your heart”

I shake my head and smile.

“Keep on dreaming, you can send your boys but I promise you they won’t find her”

“And what makes you think so?”

“Because I know my brother have found out about your attack, he’ll be extra careful and let me give you a little warning, Fred must be looking for me now, he’s coming for you”

He laughs sarcastically.

“Holy shit! I’m so scared!”

I raise my eyebrows.

If only he knows who he’s messing with… Fred is the first son of the devil… He kills with pleasure.

“I advise you, don’t send your boys after Fred’s wife or your death will be…..”

“Who said I’m gonna send my boys after her. She’ll come here on her own will and you will be the one to bring her here”

“Over my dead body will I lure my sister-in-law to come here”

If he thinks I’ll help him, then he must overestimated himself.

“Oh? You won’t?” I glare at him. “You know if you cooperate with me and lure Fred’s wife here I’ll let you go, after all it was your husband that was killed. For my brother’s sake I can let you leave here alive, but if you don’t I’ll have to kill you and Fred’s wife together”

Oh, so he wants to blackmail me emotionally, I shake my head.

That won’t work on me because I suffered so much from Peter, so all my feelings for him are long gone.

“Kill me now if you like, I still won’t help you”

“Come on, sister-in-law, I need you to call Fred’s wife and get her here”

“So now I’m your sister-in-law, I thought you called me a whore few minutes ago” I look him in the eyes. “I won’t help, Peter got what he deserved”

He slaps me angrily and kick me in my stomach, I grunt in pain.

“You think I can’t get her to come here without your help?” He turns to one of his boys. “Give me her phone”

What when did they get my phone? Then they must also have my gun…. They are really lucky I’m tied up, I would’ve left this place.

He looks at me with a smug expression, he scroll through my phone and a wide grin suddenly appears on his face.

He starts typing.

When he’s done typing he turns the screen towards me and I read the contents with a clenched jaw.

*I’ve managed to escape
Come pick me up at the
Central park, please come
alone, don’t let Fred know*

I roll my eyes.

“And you think she’ll fall for this?”

“She will… Oh yes, she will”

Please Eva don’t come… Please..



Fred πŸ’”

“Boss, we gotten the location” Jerry said.

“Where is it?”

“Javier’s club”

I turn to him with a frown.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, boss”

I bang my hand on the table. It’s him, that bastard.

I know Peter’s brother, Alaric, will come for revenge but I didn’t expect him to come now.

“Guys get ready, we’re leaving in 30thirty minutes” I face Jerry. “You and your boys will distract Alaric’s boys, while I go in with some of micheal’s boys and rescue my sister”

“Yes, boss”

“Get ready everyone!”

I reach for my phone and inform Grayson about our plan, since he doesn’t appear when my boys is around, he’ll wait for me there.

I raise my head and sees Micheal in front of me.

“Oh, Mike”

“You didn’t give me a task, boss”

Hmm, I can’t involve Micheal in this or everything might mess up.

“You can stay here and keep in touch with us, in case there’s need for reinforcement”


“Yeah, I can’t get all my boys out at once” I walk away from him. “We’re leaving in 20”

T. B. C.



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