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Married To A Soldier batch 2


Married to a soldier 🍭


🍬Chapter three 🍬

Tessy’s pov cont 😋
I got up after a few hours, I checked the time, Twas 8 in the morning..

I snuggled out of the blanket, I was completely [email protected] so I had to run to my room to avoid Angelo seeing me like this

I had a cold bath and got dressed in a bum shut and top with no bra

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I made breakfast and dished it

Then I went in search for Angelo, I looked for him in the rooms but he wasn’t there

I went downstairs, I heard a voice which it’s groaning echoed In the hallway

I followed the voice and got to a room, I opened it slowly and I peeped inside to see Angelo groaning as he lifted a weight lifter with his back against a chair 🔩

That looked so heavy..

I stared at him for a while not wanting to disturb him

He stopped and dropped the heavy thing

He saw me and got up panting softly

He took a towel and wiped his face with it

“Angelo, breakfast is ready “I said staring at somewhere else

He was quiet so I looked up

I caught him staring at my legs

He couldn’t look away 🙈

I feel so wierd all of a sudden, why did I were this? 😷🙈

“Am coming… But change what you’re wearing , I don’t like it “he said with a hoarse voice

I nodded and stuttered to my room and quickly changed to a big jeans

I was almost done with my food when Angelo came down the stairs

He sat far away from me and began eating his food

he ate only a slice of bread and gulped a mouth full of tea before pushing the food away

I was done eating too so I just sat there biting my nails

“Don’t you have a job or something.. “He asked

Too bad… He doesn’t want me here

“I have… I’ll go get Ready “I said, stood up and ran to my room

Actually, I took a week off from my work as a Consultant to spend it with Angelo cause four months ain’t four days.. But seems like it was all for not cause He doesn’t want me here..

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I filled my bag with my pants and bras 👙 so as to make it look big

I didn’t have a better idea


I put on lip gloss, and brushed ny hair

Am just gonna go to my friend, Ashley’s house and stay for some hours before coming back home

Oh, Ashley’s boyfriend might be around 💀, its gonna be so boring…

But I have to..
I wore my flat shoes and went downstairs

I saw Angelo sitting on a sofa pressing his phone 📲

He noticed my presence and looked up

“Am.. Going now… “I said making a wierd smile 😊

He looked at me from head to toe, then he stood up and took a step towards me

My heart began beating fast

“What’s in the bag? “He asked

What? 😦😨

I smiled dryly

“Stuff am gonna use for …. work “I responded with tiny sweats appearing on my forehead

“Lemme see… ” he said

Oh God, is this how am gonna die?…

“No.. Am late for work “I said taking a slow step backwards

“What’s so difficult in showing me what’s in your bag?? “He asked and my heart beat increased by 100

He’s face were now intimidating and beginning to fear me

Slowly, my fingers trailed to the zip guide

I held it, my hands can’t stop shaking…

I began opening it…

Chapter four

Tessy’s pov cont

I began opening the bag..

I tried but it won’t budge

Angelo was intently staring at me

Oh my gosh.. What am I gonna say when he finds out its my undies

This so messed up

I slowly looked up

“You are scared right? “He asked and I paused “that’s how we sack out guys who harbor cocaine at the airport… We are addicted to searching big puffed bags like yours ” he said

“Its okay, you can go to work now… ” he said turning

I felt numb and relieved at once

Thank God he wasn’t really interested in what was in my bag…

I tried to take a step backwards but my hand slipped and the zip slide down


The bag burst open and everything poured on the floor…

God, what kind of demon is this??

I slowly looked up and saw Angelo staring at the wears

Then he looked at me

Oh God…. Send me an angel 😇 to come deliver me from the confusing gaze from my husband 👼

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“What are you doing with ur undies to work?? “Angelo asked

I need a lie, I need a perfect lie

“Um… A friend of mine wanted to borrow them for a movie scene beside the company building ” I said rushing my words

“Doesn’t she have undies… Or can’t she afford one?? ” Angelo asked

” it won’t be enough… ” I replied

“I thought undies were tagged ‘personal belongings ‘ so why the hell will you share them with the whole girls in this city…?! ”

I’m out of answers…

“call ur friend, I want to talk to her… ” he said

😭😭what do I do now…

I have to confess and stop adding more useless lies

Actually Angelo, I lied… ” I said really nervous

I told him about the one week leave, and my plan of going to Ashley’s house…

He was just quiet all along

“Please, am really sorry for lying ” I said

“Come here… ” he said and I approached him

He removed my earrings

“These are going to hinder you from feeling comfortable when carrying out ur punishment “he said throwing the earrings away

“Give me 24 press ups.. ” he said

“What??! ” I yelled

“Why must it be up to 24?” I asked pouting

“Am 24,now do as I say.. ” he ordered

I quickly laid on the floor and did the first one… Ouch�😭

👱 Angelo’s pov 👱

I watched her as she did the second one crying and sweating all over

“You’re skinny Tessy, this should be a piece of cake for u… ” I said almost laughing

She sped up and did the fifth one

Time to make this more interesting… 😏

I slowly placed my leg on the back of her tummy

She groaned

” 14 more to go miss.. ” I said

“Am married mister ” she said

She growled loudly…

” stop this Angelo, just forgive me… What if am pregnant! ” she said panting

No, why did she say that???

I removed my leg from her back

“Get up… ” I said

” what… But am almost… ”

“I said get up… And also, you can go to Ashley’s house or whatever ” I said and she stopped and got up

” W… Why? ” she asked

” Don’t disturb me till dinner… And I mean it this time! ” I said with a harsh voice

I quickly went upstairs and left her staring

I slammed the door of my room

First, I had to break my hard kept virginity
Now, she’s talking about a child… 😑😑

Tessy’s pov
Why is my husband too secretive and always wanna be alone??

I don’t like this one bit cause am gonna be so bored

I went to my room and took a tablet that would make me sleep for hours

I went downstairs to drink water after a while, I went back upstairs

I think the drug is having an effect already…

I bumped into Angelo on the way back

” am sleepy, take me to my room… ” I said sleepily

I almost fell but he held me and carried me in his arms, I buried my head in his chest..

We entered a room and I think its his

He dropped me on the bed and I felt his warm lips on my forehead

I felt him shaking me a bit
“What? ” I asked

” you are pretty… “He said and I smiled weakly before dozing off


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