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Married To A Soldier batch 3


💄Married to a soldier 💄


💄Chapter five 💄

Tessy’s pov
I woke up later in the noon time and found myself alone on the bed..

I got up and rubbed my sleepy eyes cause I could hardly see

And again, everywhere was quiet

I wondered where Angelo was… Well, who cares

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He might ask me to wash his car this time

I looked down at my body and saw I was [email protected]… Throughout 😱😱

Why the fvck am I [email protected]??


I remembered Angelo complementing me earlier before I slept off

But he left… Did he??

Oh my God, what if I was raped by an intruder 😭 Angelo will never forgive me

I know it can’t be him… He doesn’t even have feelings for me

It can’t be him… I can’t just pin the act on him… He’ll feel insulted

Tessy.. Get ready to leave ur husband’s house 🙆

I couldn’t hold the tears,…. I began crying

Who the hell used me

I saw my clothes scattered on the floor

Them up

As I wore top, I discovered it was torn from the chest side…

The person even had the guts to suck suck my [email protected]!!!

Tessy, you are finished

I started crying again

I still couldn’t understand how I got to my room

I just laid on my bed and cried like a baby…

Why did I take the drug in the first place 😢

And also… What if I get pregnant for a complete stranger

Oh God, just take me now… 🙌

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💄Angelo’s pov💄

I kept hitting the punching bag till I got so exhausted 😫 that I couldn’t even stand properly

I just got a text, a mind fuming text from my private investigator that my twin brother, Gino’s case was adjourned to next week..

Why couldn’t they just increase his penalty to a few more years…??

Actually, Gino is my twin brother and have been in jail since a few years now…

I was part of the reason why he was caught so he vowed that, he’ll make sure my child will never live long… That he’ll kill him right before my eyes

Well, I know its an empty threat cause him and his colleagues were also imprisoned

But recently, out of the blues.. He’s case was reopened and the judges are considering setting him free… And regardless of his monstrous crimes in the past


And once he’s out he won’t waste time in hurting my family…

Of course, Tessy…

But I have to do something to prevent that from happening

I grabbed a water bottle and drank it all in one gulp

I’m sweaty…

I went to my room to take a shower

After that, I just sit on my bed as different thoughts clouded my head..

the door opened and she walked in…

I looked closely and saw her eyes looking pale

“Angel… lo ” she muttered

She came closer and stood before me

Then she broke down in tears

“I was raped… ” she said and sniffed

Hmm.. What’s she talking about

“Raped by who? “I asked

“Please forgive me… I didn’t even know cause I was asleep… ” she said sniffing

Oh my… Its gonna look wierd if I laughed…

“Come sit beside me ” I said and she slowly sat beside me and leaned her head on my shoulder

” why did you tell me about the rape? Weren’t you scared that I would kill you.? ” I asked softly

“I was… But what would I tell you when I give birth to a strangers child… ” she muttered

She looked so scared…

” okay, for ur sincerity.. I’ll give you an easier punishment… ” I said and i felt her nod

Then she brought up her head and looked at me

” what punishment? ” she asked softly

Hmm.. 😋

“Give me a blowjob… ” I said smirking

“Huh??!! ” she yelled

Chapter six

Tessy’s pov
A b… B… Blow what??

I can’t do that…

I shook my head

“Not ever in Ur life Angelo ” I retorted

“What?! After I gave u a head? “He asked

What? When did he ever give me a head? We just did it last night.. No crazy fore plays

“I don’t remember you giving me a head… ” I said rubbing my eyes

He suddenly became quiet which made me suspicious

“What’s wrong? “I asked and he looked away

“Um.. Angelo, am thinking of alerting the cops about the intruder that raped me… ” I said with my head bent

“And what makes u think u were raped?? “He asked

I thought for a while

“My shirt was torn apart at the [email protected] side… I was [email protected] and also, I felt touched ” I said unable to explain what really happened

“You felt touched? How does it feel? ” he asked

😳this is tricky…

“It felt like… I felt… ” I was stammering

“Why are u taking so long to describe it?? Seems like you enjoyed it ” He said and I shook my head

“I can’t even remember what really happened “I said rubbing my forehead

“But you were m0aning so loud… ” he said, then shut his mouth with his hand 🙊🙊


“What did you do to me?! “I yelled not believing it 😂 😂

I must have seemed amusing to him

Oh my…

“You seduced me… ” he said

“You tore my shirt, how could you have done that if I was the one seducing u… ” I said

“You wear heavy and Ur shirt wouldn’t budge, so I got rid of it… ” he explained

“Hmm, 😨 don’t come close to me, you pervert! “I half yelled and he rolled his eyes

You’ll still come crawling to my bed later “he said slowly reaching for my shirt

“Me? Do u think am that vulnerable?? Okay, we’re gonna see who begs for s£x in one week,… And also, don’t even think of drugging me and fvcking me cause am not gonna let you do that again… “I said sounding sure of myself

“Okay my dear wife, let the challenge begin… May the best hardly horny person win… ” he proposed and we shaked hands

Wait a minute… Am a s£x addict,

Can I do this??

Yes you can Tessy , am gonna make Angelo want me so bad, he’s gonna do 204 press up for him to get just a round… 😏

~next day~

I wore the bum short Angelo doesn’t like me wearing

He sat watching TV

I came and sat a sofa away with a plate of chocolate cake 🍰 plastered with yummy cream 🍦

I took a bite and licked the spoon like a bitch…

He was staring but not too much

I continued till I was done eating the cake

Angelo was proving stubborn cause he ignored me

Soon, they started showing a s£x scene on TV, more like a kissing scene

Oh no!

This is my weakness…

I easily get turned on whenever I see something like this

I looked around for a TV remote but couldn’t find it

Finally, I saw it In Angelo’s hands

i rushed to him

“Change the Channel ” I said trying to collect the remote

“Why should I?? We’re both adults… ” he said grasping the remote tighter in his hand

He was much stronger so I couldn’t get my hands on it

I turned slowly and saw the two lovers on TV already moving to another stage 😱😱

And am bad enough not to be able take my eyes off the TV

I slowly sat on the same sofa with Angelo, but not too close to him..

My body is on fire with the sensation and romance

All my body is shouting now is fvck..

I felt Angelo’s hand on my thigh

I was wearing a bum so they were exposed

“Looks like you need me… Babe am just a beg away… ” he said with a s£xy voice in my ear

I bit my lip…

The temptation is too strong…


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