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Married To A Soldier batch 4


🎈Married to a soldier 🎈


Chapter seven
Tessy’s pov cont.
The temptation is too strong but I controlled myself

I removed his hand from my thigh

“Who said I was horny?? Please keep Ur distance and stop acting like a freak… ” I said

He rolled his eyes and removed his hand

See me acting bold when am as w€t as fvck down here

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I quickly stood up and rushed to my room shutting the door 🚪!

😪 that was close

But I can’t get the thought off my head…

Well, I already swore not to practice self s£x since Angelo is back

I pulled off my clothes and had a warm bath

Then I retired to my bed

Angelo’s pov

Later in the evening, I went into the bathroom to have a shower…

I haven’t even turned on the shower when I felt two small palms run through my bare back

I slowly turned to see Tessy [email protected]

“Let’s bath together my love… ” she said

I shook my head

“Okay babe. You start first ” I said as I pushed her under the shower 🚿 and turned the water 💧 temp. To cold, very cold.

She screamed like a baby

After watching her for a minute, I turned off the shower to see w€t angry Tessy glaring at me…

“You’re a monster Angelo! “She yelled

I smirked

“Am a soldier, get that right… ” I said rolling my eyes

She was furious and looked like she wanted to strangle me…

She tried to leave but she slipt and nearly fell but I caught her her waist

She looked into my eyes with so much anger 😠 and sadness, but I could still see the desires behind those eyes

I wanted her too , but am gonna let her be the one to do the talking and action 😏

She stood on her feet and walked away angrily

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And that was it, for days, she didn’t talk to me and I rarely see her cause she goes to Ashley’s place every time

I kinda liked the privacy but its eating me alive… She’s kinda fun to be with tho.

Today was gonna mark as the last day for the challenge, if nobody asks for s£x today then there’s no winner…

I wonder how she has been coping without me…

Anyways, am gonna push everything wrong tonight cause am gonna make it right

Tessy was back and was settled in her room like she normally did

I knocked on her door and she peeped out her head

“I wanna see u tes. “I said and she tilted her head

“I believe you’re seeing me now… ” she retorted

“Can I at least come in “I pleaded

She made way and I pulled her into the room with me slamming the door

I grabbed her by her waist

She was already m0aning softly

“Pls, Tessy, let me have u tonight… “I said seductively as I trailed kisses down her neck

“… Okay, but just know u lost… ” she said

I carried her to the bed, time to give someone a tempo, she’ll never forget and be unable to handle…

Tessy’s pov
Okay, I surrender….

No more s£x for this week

Its only God that saved me from what Angelo did to me last night

I still feel sore inbetween my legs like I just got deflowered

But wait a mins…. I won the challenge!!!

Kudos Tessy, though you were a s£x addict,… Maybe i’m not…

I don’t know what to call it but, all I know is ‘I can’t really live without s£x, at least four times a week… And with 2 rounds each night… 😪i think I need to see a pastor or something

And its shameful for me to remember the countless self s£x I’ve done when Angelo was away

But am not to blame right…

I just sniffed as tears clouded my eyes

Angelo was sleeping beside me… Huh! Am going to work today, so sad….

I got out of my bed and rushed to go have a bath…


“good morning… ” Angelo said rubbing his eyes like a baby

This my husband is cute tho. But too arrogant and secretive to receive praises like this

“Angelo, what’s good about the morning when Ur only motive was to murder me last night ” I said faking upset

“Last night?? What happened last night?? “He asked

“You don’t remember?? “I asked as my eyes widened

“No, I don’t, come let me touch u, lemme see if i Can remember ” he said

I shook my head

I think I’ve married a fvck addict as well…

“You don’t need to remember… Am gonna have my payback the day, I’ll ride u, trust me, you won’t find it funny… ” I said and Angelo chuckled

“Let’s start now, I’ll like to see u try… ” he smirked

“Pervert… “I muttered to myself


I drove to work… On the way, I stopped to buy A birthday cake for my co worker who’s birthday is today

The bakery was not so crowded

So I just hurried to the counter

I bought the perfect cake before leaving

Outside the bakery, I saw a guy with same height with Angelo and same broad shoulders

He was talking to a girl… I looked away, but I was forced to look back when I saw it was ANGELO!!

…. How??

Chapter Èìght

Tessy’s pov cont

He turned a bit and saw me, he quickly looked away like he doesn’t even know who I am

I was furious

“Are u for real?! “I yelled at him

He glanced at me and whispered something to the girl he was with and they both went into a car and drove off

Wait a minute… 😳😊 did Angelo just snub in me? In front of a girl?? 😡

Angelo’s pov
Staying at home alone is boring

I hate to admit it but I miss Tessy… Alot

But I can get through …
After a lonnggg time, Tessy came home

She look stress and quite angry
“Teasy, are u okay?? “I asked

She glanced at me and left for the stairs acting like I wasn’t talking to her

😠😤i hate being Ignored or snubbed so am as hell angry

I left for the gym

I came home super hungry…

I didn’t leave with cash so I couldn’t buy snacks on the way home and also, I don’t eat anyhow

Tessy have been in her room all day, so am gonna go get her out, at least to know why she’s angry with me

I knocked on her door cause it was locked

I got no response
I began banging her door like hell has let loose

She finally opened up

She was glaring at me

“Um… Can u please come serve dinner, its already late and am damn hungry ” I said

She kept mute, just staring at me for a while… God… Her eyes were scary and evil written all over

“Okay, I’ll be down soon “she said and slammed her door


Its like an hour now since she said she was coming…

Finally, she came down in her night gown glittering

She looked at me and smiled

“What do u wanna eat honey? ‘She asked

Oh God, let her not poison ☠ me 😭

‘Spa… Spaghetti 🍝 “I said and she nodded

“Am coming… ”

She left


After a while, she walked in with two plates of spaghetti,
She gave me one and sat down

I couldn’t bring myself to eat the food, so I just looked at it

Tessy chuckled

” here, have mine”she took my food and gave me has

Am now satisfied 😆

I began eating and she did too

Mmm.. Yummy 😋

After eating, I joined Tessy in the living room

“… Tessy, you have to tell me what’s bugging u “I said

She shrugged

“I’ll tell you… But after you’re done visiting the toilet ” she said and smirked

Oh my… When Ur wife is angry, you are never safe…


😥😨this is the third time I visited the toilet

I could have ordered for a drug to fight whatever Tessy gave me that’s making me go to the toilet so much but the drug stores must be closed by now…

I still feel press but not much

I quickly went to meet Tessy

“What the fvck did I do to deserve this? “I asked

She laughed

“Sweet payback for snubbing me earlier… “She replied

“Snubbing you?? You’re the one that snubbed me when u got back from work… ” I retorted

“Oh! Don’t play dumb with me.. Every action has consequences and also, who’s the girl u were with at the bakery?? “She asked


“I’ve been home since u left” I protested

“Angelo, enough of the countless jokes, am dead serious right now… ” she said with a frown

Wait a minute… This can only mean one thing…

I quickly brought out ny phone and called the private investigator

She must be soo dumb

“Bianca, do u think this is funny?? “I yelled

“No sir, am so sorry I couldn’t reach u, I was terribly busy with something, my husband had an accident and was hospitalized… I couldn’t reach u cause I was busy 24\7 “she explained

“Tell me news about Gino”o said

“… He got out yesterday evening.. ”

“And Ur cousin Faye is currently harboring him at her apartment in Degas street… ” she said

Faye, that bitch that just can’t mind her business

Poking her nose in everybody’s issues… 😒, I hate her

But Gino is out….

And the holiday is just for a month, soon I’ll be leaving Tessy…

Tessy touched me and I couldn’t help but kiss her

She pushed me away when we were almost out of breath

“Who was that?? “She asked as her face softened

“Tessy, the person you saw in the morning… At the bakery is my brother, Gino… ” I said and she laughed

“U joke alot asshole “she said

“Am serious… I grabbed my phone

And showed her a some pictures of Gino and I and believe me, she was shocked 😲

➕⏪⏩sneak preview}

Day’s later 💍💍

Angelo’s pov

I got home from gym and walked into the house

I was short of words, when I saw Gino and Tessy sitting together on a sofa..


Tessy wanna murder Angelo with her spaghetti 🍝
But GIno have plans for this couple oo😈

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