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Married To A Soldier batch 5


💥Married to a soldier 💥


🔥Chapter Nine 🔥

👱 Angelo’s pov 👱

I clenched my fist
“Honey, your brother came over and I decided to keep him company” Tessy said smiling

Gino looked at me and smiled

“Ever handsome bro… “He said

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“What… You both are like same in everything so if he’s handsome, you’re handsome too ” Tessy said giggling

“Really?? But u didn’t compliment me earlier ” Gino said and pouted his lips, they both giggled

Okay.. Am sick of this drama

“Tessy, can u give me a minute with Gino? “I asked and she became quiet

I gave her a threatening glare and she stuttered up and rushed up the stairs

Gino stood up and approached me

“A reunion hug brother “he said and pulled me into a tight hug

“Six years ain’t six hours bro ” he said then pulled out

“How the hell did u get out? “I half yelled

“I wasn’t joking when I told u I would return… Come on, you know we don’t go back on our words Angelo “Gino said and I sighed

“You have to move on… “*I said

“And leave all the fun??? Don’t tell me u are scared of what I would do.. ” Gino said

“Am just scared of the consequences ”

He laughed

“Pretty disappointed to learn Tessy is yet to take in ”

I looked at him, monster

“But, your wife is so awesome… Cute smile and all… I wonder if u even acted like a man and deflower her… Tell me, did u hire someone to fvck ur wife in ur place?

I got angry

Him and his irritating mouth

He can’t stop teasing me
… When we were in highschool, I had a girlfriend, Zaina, she offered herself to me in a golden platter but I couldn’t bring myself to touch her,,, so Gino did the fvcking for me…. Now, its now he’s words to get to me

“Don’t be surprised Angelo, she’ll surely leave u for me … That’s if she’s smart enough ” he said

I was filled with anger 😠 and hate 😡

I punched him and hit him countless times

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He crashed on the floor and groaned

He had red bruises on his cheeks

“More reason to hurt you Angelo, “he said and got up “buckle up cause this ride is gonna be ur last… “He walked to the door

“Tell Tessy handsome Gino couldn’t stay for dinner “he said and left slamming the door


Tessy’s pov
Oh my God… Angelo is short tempered

I heard the commotion so I peeped to see what was happening but immediately the noise was over, I ran for my dear life back to my room

Right now… Am hiding under the bed

Just in case

“Tessy get out here!!! “I heard Angelo roar

I squeezed out with my heart rate beating fast

“This is gonna be the last time you’ll be letting that guy into this house ”

“He’s ur brother Ange..

“That’s out of the question!! “He yelled

I quickly shut my lips

Later in the middle of the night, Angelo woke up me up

He took me to the garage

But am so sleepy 😪

I jerked up when I heard a gun cock loud

My eyes widened to see Angelo with a gun 🔫

“Come here Tessy… “He said coldly and I walked to him

“Here “he handed me a small gun

My hand shook as I collected it

“Its a silent gun, contains 3 bullet and has fast shooting stamina once u pull the triger ” he explained

“Are we going hunting?? “I asked

He shook his head

“Its a gift from me… Now face towards the right and shoot at that can “he ordered and I nodded

I turned facing the can

Okay, why can’t I shoot??

My fingers seem to be sleeping..

Soon the cans blew up in just one bullet of the gun

My heart was beating fast… I opened my closes eyes to see it was Angelo that held my hand and pressed the trigger

Hew!! That was close

“We are gonna do this again so don’t think u are safe “he said behind me

🐩Chapter Ten 🐩

Tessy’s pov cont
We practiced till we ran out of empty thin cans in the garage
We both went to sleep
I wonder why we are doing this anyway..

Its not like we are having a home invasion any time soon… No kid to do bad stuff inviting the aliens 👽

So crazy 😲

Few days later, I was in my office, it was almost time for closure

Soon the door opened and my secretary rushed in with Gino behind her

“Am sorry to barge in mrs Tessy but this guy was persistent and claimed to be ur husband… I let him in but came to formally apologize for not informing u…

I cut her in

“Its okay Shelly, excuse us ” I said and she bowed and walked away

Shelly can be a talkative and… She’s just something else

Gino shut the door and grinned at me

“This not funny Gino, u can’t just say u are my husband when you are not ”

“Oh come on, there’s no difference 😊 “he said

“Why are u here?? I don’t remember telling u my place of work “I asked

“I found out, um.. I have extra tickets to the theater, wanna come with? “He asked

“I’d love to but u see… Am married and I have to make dinner for my husband ” I said

“Really? But its just a half hour movie, you won’t take long ” he said

“am sorry Gino, another time “I said turning him down

He nodded sadly and left

For for the past two days Gino has been disturbing me to accept his offer and have a day off with him

As creepy and as wierd as it gets, I still can’t wrap the whole situation in my finger

Why is he so persistent??

I finally agreed and right now, we are both seated in his car driving to well, wherever he’s taking us

The silence in the car bothered me less,

the car came to a halt in front of a bar

We went in

Am just gonna spend an hour with him before rushing home to avoid Angelo killing me

We sat on a stool and he ordered drinks 🍹 for us

Angelo’s pov
I was done with the meeting with my colleagues, in just three days the holiday is gonna be over and I’ll be leaving for the camp where we would be training future militants

As much as I want to go, I don’t wanna leave yet

i got to the living room and slumped on the sofa super exhausted

Tessy aint back yet, a little nap won’t hurt,
My phone beeped and I quickly checked it, a text from an unknown number


I saw the address

What’s this idiot planning now…

Gino’s pov

She looked disturbed and uncomfortable as I stared at her, her drink remained untouched

“Am I boring u? “I asked

She shook her head

“I just don’t wanna be here “she muttered like a baby

I slowly kissed her forehead and her eyes flared up staring at me

“Can u please tell me why things ain’t cool between u and Angelo “she asked

” nobody can ever be trusted, ur angel today, a devil tomorrow ”

Soon I sighted Angelo in the bar looking around, show time

“What do u mean by that? “She asked

I shrugged

Soon crashed my lips on hers

I rolled my eyes, how long will I keep doing this

Tessy pushed me off but she kept her cool

I look so much like Angelo, if age has the guts to slap Me, she can slap Angelo too

She grabbed her purse and left

That’s nothing, another time we will be meeting will be in bed….


Tessy’s pov

I got home feeling less human

I was just trying to be nice but Gino took advantage of everything

Let’s just pray Angelo knows nothing

I had my bath and got dressed for sleep

My eyes darted to the calendar 📅… He’s gonna be leaving me soon


I have to make this few days before his departure, a memorable one

I quickly changed to my transparent night gown, so short and fits my slim body

I walked into his room and met him walking out from the shower with his shorts on

He saw me and his eyes went bloody

Geez! What sin have I committed now??

He ignored me and went to his dressing room to get dressed

He came back with his singlet on and his jumper trouser

Am nor good at seducing so I just laid on his bed waiting for himto cone and lay by my side

Rather, he took a pillow beside me and left the room

If u know how this feels,… You totally understand


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