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Married To A Soldier batch 6


🌹Married to a soldier 🌹


🎤Chapter eleven 🎤

🎶 I don’t say it often
And I probably should’ve told you
I hurt this bad, I know
And I probably shouldn’t want this so bad
Its weighing, weighing on me
Don’t wanna wake up in the morning
Cannot undo what we did in this bed🎵

🎶And I get u out
So I gotta go
No, am not ready for
You want me alone 🎵

But am undecided, excited, ignited
And I don’t wanna feel the way I do
But I like it 🎵

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Tessy’s pov cont

It took a while before I was pulled back to reality, I dragged my feet downstairs looking for Angelo, but it was fruit less cause he was nowhere to be found

I feel miserable, confused and to my surprise, my yearnings had died down

I laid on the sofa in the living room and slept off

I woke up when I was back from the crazy dreamland I had been too

I walked upstairs so weak and my back aches cause I slept on the couch

I walked pass Angelo’s room, hmmm… I peeped inside without him noticing

He was stuffing his clothes neatly inside his bag… I should be the one doing that…

Am such a bad wife

No, I have to make things right

I walked into the room and he acted like a ghost just walked in

“Morning… “I muttered

“Angelo, am sorry… I don’t know what I did, but am truly sorry… Forgive me… ”

He glanced at me and looked away

“Is that a poem u just memorized or what.. A bible verse?? “He asked

This is gonna be more difficult than u thought

He was now backing me, probably un hanging his clothe

I tip toed to him and hugged him from behind

“Can u really be this mad?? I don’t even know what i did… U are mean Angelo ” I said like I was singing a song

He was still quiet

I felt something warm on my cheeks, geez am crying 😂

But how??

I sniffed and he turned facing me

I quickly wiped my tears

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I still don’t know how I began crying…

“First, you stain ur lips with Gino’s venom and u still claim not toknow what this is about? “He asked with anger written allover his precious face

Oh God… I knew I would have ten divorce before I would finally be a happily married lady 👒

Am just too vulnerable… 😭

I started crying uncontrollably

“Am sincerely sorry Angelo, pls forgive me… He kissed me which totally threw me off guard… ”

“Where’s the gun I gave to you?? “He asked

“I left it in my room to avoid being caught for carrying a loaded gun around ” I replied,

I couldn’t even talk properly, the tears were choking me alive

“I did tell u that if such happens, u call my cell or show them the papers of the gun “he said with a bit of aggression in his voice

I nodded

“Am tired of begging, pls forgive me… ” I pleaded

His hands pulled me by my waist close to him

“You have every right to cheat on me, but just do it when we’re divorced or something.. Cause right now, you’ve kissed another man and it shouldn’t be that way… ” he said and I nodded

He pulled out of the hug and we both went silent

I tried to leave but he held me back and drew me close to him

His eyes searching deep into mine, he bent forward to kiss me… But stopped

“Go brush ur teeth young lady “he whispered and I pushed him away

“You are so not romantic Angelo 😤”

He chuckled

“Go brush your teeth and when u return, we can continue from where we stopped the other night “he said and winked at me

“No… I don’t want s£x Angelo, I want love, kisses and hugs… ” I retorted

He shook his head,

“You’ll be getting one from all three, guess which one? “He asked

“Kiss… Which may lead too… “I quickly shut my lips

“No baby, its love, cause when there’s love, we can show it, do it and feel it “he said giving me a s£xy look

I rolled my eyes

And began walking to my room

“And also, brush off Gino’s venom! “He yelled

Jealous ass, I muttered

••••Day of departure ••••

Its been an awesome week, Angelo and I had the best moments but right now, its goodbye time..

We got to the aircraft

The tears in my eyes refused to go

When am I gonna see him again, oh God, this is so painful

“Tessy”Angelo called and I looked at him

“I promise to call u every two days.. And also, Gino will still cone for u, its just left for u to decide… Its okay if you give in but just bear in mind that If u give in, you’ve lost me and no amount if seduction or pleading will make me urs again ”

“Always be with ur gun, and don’t even bother about shooting Gino, he’s an ex con so his life doesn’t matter in anyway… “He said

Then wiped my tears

I hugged him with everything in me

“I love you… “He muttered in my ear

“I love you too “I said

“Be strong, bye, see u after the Camp experience… “He said and joined the other soldiers in saluting the people that had cone to bid them farewell

I wat he’d them match into the aircraft and we were asked to leave

Be strong Tessy, be strong

I muttered as I opened the door of our house and walked in

Be strong Tessy, be strong….

Chapter ☀ Twelve

{Importance ☀}

Angelo’s pov
The camp experience was starting today..
The training equipments was already in order

I went to see General Malcolm who would give me the list of students I would be handling during training till the end of the camp..

I gathered the students and we went to our portion of the training area

There was only one female among them

Am starting to admire her cause she’s so tough looking and brave

And the wierd part is that she doesn’t seize to glance at me often and once our eyes met, I would look away like I didn’t notice…

I don’t talk much so I quickly motioned them to start….

My mind is not even here right now…

I wonder what Tessy’s doing right now…

••• After training ••
Jumica’s pov
I rushed into my tent and slumped on my bed
Stupid me…

Am Jumica, am still a student soldier… Am tough and all but one thing is my weakness, Seeing handsome and smart men…

I feel like eaten myself up right now… The way I was staring at him.. Who does that?

I knelt down beside my bed and wore my rosary in my palm

“Oh lord, help me get rid of this crazy feelings I have on that soldier.. All the crazy ones I had previously never leads me Anywhere, I just face the embarrassing humiliations and make a bad name for myself.. ”

I kept praying till it was dinner time, and we ladies are the one who are asked to do the cooking

I left my tent and joined the other girls

Tessy’s pov

I sat on the bare floor with my undies alone just trying to get drunk 🍺

I just wish Angelo never came back, he could have stayed there till this marriage is damn over cause it hurts more now he came and left than when he didn’t come at all

I hate this…

The house is too quiet and creepy, I think am even starting to hallucinate

No, I can’t bear this

I took the sleeping tablet

I hope I wake up beside u Angelo.

Back ~to~the~camp
Jumica’s pov
After cooking, we dished our meals

“Jumica! Carry this tray and go keep it in the senior cobra’s tent, be careful and please don’t touch anything ”

“Or its goodbye to you from the camp ” a chef said and I saluted her before carrying the meal to the tent

What?! The tent is quite far from here..

😥 finally, I arrived

I peeped inside, coast is clear

I dropped the tray on a table

Hmmm… I saw the tent neatly arranged like a real persons bedroom

I saw badges nicely kept on a showcase

I read one

“Best graduating 🎓 scholar of IMA London!! ”

I exclaimed

That school takes only 5 scholars out of millions, and he’s the best??


This must be fake,

I slowly opened the case…

“Why are girls always stubborn and naturally deaf?? ” I heard a cold voice ask and I was shocked to the bones

I turned to see lieutenant Angelo furrowing his brows at me

Those butterflies are coming back to my tummy

Why am I feeling this way, huh??

“Why are u Staring at me like am wearing ur dress?? “He asked waking me from my thoughts

I stammered

“I came to… Ur food…. Ur food is here “I stammered as I saluted him

“You are at the wrong tent, chef Vera knows I don’t take dinner. “He said


“Do u know how long it took me to get here?! “I mistakenly yelled

Me and my mouth…

He stared at me

Just his stare alone made me apologize

“Sorry sir, am leaving now… “I whimpered as I carried the tray of food to leave

“You are still not off the hook 🎣 u know ” he said stopping me

I froze

“Well, what can I do to atone for my sins? “I asked with a shaky voice

Jumica, are u insane! What if he asks for s£x??

But he doesn’t look like a pervert

“Wash my 👢 boot outside and I want it be as spotless that I can see through them “he said

“Done sir”I said and tried to salute and the tray nearly fell

But luckily, He held it and I stood steady

And that’s when I saw it….

My world turned upside down immediately, I felt shattered… Miserable

His wedding ring 💍 was glittering right before my eyes

So he is…
Oh God, am so stupid to ever think there could be some chance with him

Holy shit!
I felt my eyes w€t, geez, a soldier never cries…

I walked out of the tent

You are cursed Jumica, cursed for life

How can I cry over someone I barely know, this is just sad 😢😒

Angelo’s pov

I called Tessy like five times but she wasn’t picking up…

Can she be asleep already??

I sent her texts before sleeping off, hope she’s doing fine without me…

Tessy’s pov

Few days later….

Its been raining since I got back from work and am afraid its now a storm 🌂☔⚡

I feel so scared and insecure

I even started crying cause I was still scared of thunder ⚡ ⚡

I laid on my bed with the blanket covering me

I can’t stop shaking…

It went on for almost an hour, am I gonna sleep tonight??

I felt two cold hands uncover the blanket, I looked up, Gino??

He crept in and held me to himself, covering me

Ah! He’s body’s warm 🔅….


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