Married to Mr right episode 23

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Episode 23


“Doctor is she awake now? can I see her?” I asked the doctor for the umpteenth time.

She was super busy cause I saw her running around the hospital trying to get some things in order.

“Mr Salter right?” she asked and I nod

“No she’s not awake yet but she’s out of danger so you can see her” she tells me and I smile.

“Thanks doc”

“Please always make sure she eats and sleeps on time. I’m not saying she can’t do anything but she should be very careful about the type of work she does cause when she’s stressed, it affects the baby too and lastly, she should take her meds on time. everyday. it’s for the benefit of her and the baby” she advised

“thank you doctor, I’ll try to put things in order” I tell her and she smiles

“And lastly, congratulations” she patted my shoulder gently and walked away after telling me her room number.


I Walked down the different ward before I finally got to where Ciara was.

I heaved before twisting the door knob, it opened and I stepped inside. she was lying down so peacefully and was snoring lightly. she looks very beautiful. I touched her stomach and a smile crossed my lips.

“Thank you Ciara” was all I said before placing a kiss on her lips. she kept our baby.

I know she’s feeling stressed cause of everything happening lately.

And it’s all my fault. But she keeps on pushing me away. She’s always thinking of someone else and not her.

I won’t leave you and our baby Ciara. Forever.

Her phone vibrated in her bag and I brought it out to check the caller.

it was her mom. Twenty missed calls.

I decided to call back just to let them know that she’s fine and safe with me.

“Hello Ciara” a voice replied at the end of the line. it was her mother.

“Where did you go? I thought you said you were going to park and now this, I thought something bad must have happened to you, you really got me worried. you’re not supposed to wander around like this, you’re pregnant don’t you understand? Ciara?…” the voice called again.

“Hi mom. it’s Brian”

“Oh my goodness, Brian. I thought you were Ciara. please is she there with you?”

“yes Mom.”

“Hope she’s okay?”

“She’s fine mom. I promise to bring her back to you later OK?” I assured her and she heaved.

“thank you Brian. I was so worried”

“it’s okay mom. bye” I say and she terminated the call.

I sat down at the edge of the bed and watched her intensely.



©©© Ciara’s POV ©©©

I open my eyes slowly and scanned the room.

where am I? what am I doing here?

Oh shit! I passed out.

I noticed Brian next to me, he lay there looking so handsome.

I need to go.

I stood up and picked my bag from the desk. I brought out my phone, twenty unanswered calls. mom is going to kill me.

I quickly wore my slippers.

And that’s when Brian woke up.

“Ciara you’re up”

I nod.

“Where are you going?” he asked

“I’m going home. can’t you see its late?”

“that’s okay. I already told mom that you were with me” he said and I paused

“Thank you but I still have to go”

“We still need to check on the doctor to see–”

“Brian” she cut me short “I’m okay and I don’t need a doctor. thanks for helping me out but I think you need to go home now”

“And who’s gonna take you home? it’s late.” he stressed

“I know it’s late and I can manage” I made that fact pretty clear.

I stomped out of the room outside the building and Brian trailed behind me.

Oh f–k! I cursed under my breath.

I turned to see Brian still standing there.

“So aren’t you leaving?” I ask

he didn’t respond. he just walked to his car and drove it out to where I stood, then winded down the glass and stepped out.

“Get in Ciara. I’m taking you home” he announced

“I don’t want to go with you” I snapped

“Please” I begged “it’s late and you won’t see a cab at this hour”

“I might get lucky”

“what is your problem? why are you acting like this? I don’t understand anymore.”

“there’s nothing to understand. just go back to your pregnant wife who I assume is already waiting for you” she fired back

“And who are you gonna go back home to?” he, asked and my heart sank.

I only gaze at him.

“Do you hate me this much? you couldn’t even tell me that you are pregnant?” he yelled

my eyes flew open.

“It’s my baby too and I have the right to know but you chose to hide it from me. Instead you chose to take it out on yourself and stress yourself”

“I’ll have to do anything to take care of my baby and you don’t have the right to yell at me”

“You’re not going to do anything Ciara. that’s my baby as well and as the father of that child, you’re going to listen to everything I say” he said and I scoffed

“You’re not serious?”

“That’s your problem. you never think I’m serious but you can’t stress my baby simply because you want to act stubborn” he said earning a glare from me.

“You’re not going to work. if you need anything call me to get it for you. I know you won’t come home even if I asked but it’s fine as long as you and my baby is safe” he tells me “now get in” he ordered.

I didn’t say anything but turned to go. I hadn’t walked a single step when Brian held my hands, pulling me forcefully to himself. my breath hitched.

“I hate it when you act like this cause it f—–g pisses me off” he half yelled banging his fists on the car. I almost jumped right out of my skin but remained cool.

“Don’t shout at me Brian. you and I know that what I’m doing now is right”

“Right? are you f—–g serious about this? So going away with my baby and pretending we don’t know each other is right?” he ask

“I need to go”

his grip on my hands became tighter. He wasn’t ready to let go anytime soon.

“If you don’t leave me then I’m going into that hospital to have an abortion” I threatened and his eyes flew open. I never imagined I could say those words.


“yes Brian. I will have your baby aborted right here and now and don’t test me cause you won’t like the outcome of whatever is going to happen” I cringe at my words.

“so you’d rather kill our baby than go home with me?” he asked, tears visible in his eyes

“I’m begging you Brian. for the sake of your unborn child. please let me go and stay far away from me please. I can’t learn to live without you if you constantly keep on coming back to me” I beg, hands clasped together. “Just go back home to your wife okay?”

“Fine. I’ll go but please let me take you home one last time. And I promise to stay away from you after that. I just want to make sure that you and the baby are okay. please” he said opening the door wide for me. After balancing all thoughts in my mind,

I reluctantly entered the car and he shut the door. if this is what I need to do to keep him away from me then I accept. I want him far from me. cause if he’s around then my baby’s life could be in danger.

he turned round to take the wheel.


He sat down and started the engine.

Minutes later, he drove off.

we didn’t say anything and the atmosphere was an awkward one.

“Were you trying to hide it from me?” he said breaking the silence. “Trying to hide what” I ask, acting clueless to what he was asking. “our baby”

my heart sank when I heard him say that.

“I… no.. I don’t–” I stuttered

He shut his eyes a bit then opened them “You were”

“I didn’t want to add to whatever you were going through”

“you’re adding to it already. when did you find out that you were pregnant” “just recently” I sharply replied

“And everyone knows except the goddamn father” he said clutching the steering wheel tight.

“I’m sorry”

“I’m not mad at you Ciara. I’m mad at myself. for not being here with you. I know that’s why you’re feeling stressed out.” he said feeling concerned “but I won’t add to it from now on okay” he said.


I’m sorry Brian but this is the sacrifice you’ll have to get your baby from Janelle. she is an insane woman that won’t mind putting your baby’s life at risk just to get what she wants.

Please be strong for me.

We arrived at my house but only a few meters away.

“Thanks for the ride” I say trying to open the door but he stopped me by taking my hands in his. All the while, his eyes fixed on mine.

he kissed our interlocked hands before saying “Good night Ciara. take care of yourself and don’t forget to call me if you–”

“that won’t be necessary, thank you” I cut him off

he nods and releases my hand.

“Okay then.”

“Good bye” I say before stepping out of the car.

I was fighting the urge to cry. I’m literally pushing my husband away just for his happiness. I’m making him sad. what kind of human am I?

I didn’t bother looking back but I know he was still there staring at me.

I pushed the door open and gently shut it.

That’s when I heard the screeching of his tyre.

I wanted to run outside, back into his arms but I refrained myself. I know what I’m doing is wrong but it has to be done. for the benefit of everyone. including Brian!

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