Master's Addiction

Master’s addiction episode 13 – 14

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 13


“Master, there is a problem. Alex uttered

” What’s the problem that made you barged into my room without knocking? Reece asked

“It’s about Lotus master. I saw her coming out of your room just now . The way she was walking, I suspected her that she is definitely upto something. And I followed her to her room master. Alex muttered

“Stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point. You followed her to her room and what happened. Reece asked getting annoyed already

“She .,… She has stolen your gold bracelet master. I heard her saying she will run away with it tonight. Alex muttered leaving both Reece and Miquel astonished

“What!!!!!! They both said in unison .

” How can she plan of leaving me?? No!!! it’s not true. Lotus can’t do that. Reece uttered

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“Hello Alex, get me Lotus. Molly heard Reece talking on phone

“How dare she. She is slowly taking my place. How can Reece think of calling her to satisfy his pleasure. No this can’t be.Molly muttered close to tears

” She can’t take my place or else he will kill me. Molly stated and just then, she saw Vivian passing by

“Good timing. She thought

” Hey maid!!!!! Molly shouted and Vivian immediately run to her

” I had some task for you to perform, I’m not asking you but ordering you , but will give you 3000 thousand USA dollars if you can able to do it well

*Next morning*

Molly called Alex on phone to meet him in her room

Minutes later, Alex came into the room

“What is it again that you called me ? Alex asked and Molly explained everything to him

“No… No I can’t do that. I can’t do that to an innocent person . Alex muttered

“Not as if you have a choice. We both know the reason why we are here so don’t try to over smart me or else I will tell boss. Molly stated and Alex sigh knowing he has no choice than to obey her

Some minutes later,Vivian entered.

“Ma”‘am , you called for me? Vivian muttered

“Take this bracelet, put it in your roommate’s bag. Don’t you dare open your mouth to say anything to anyone or else consider yourself dead. Molly stated in a serious tone.

“No mà, I cant do that to Lotus, she is a good person. Vivian stated

“Really! You are about to loose 3000 thousand dollars just to save a mere stranger? Molly asked and Vivian gulped down nothing

Vivian thought about it for a while before agreeing to the offer


Molly had a huge smile on her face as she stood at the balcony and awaited Vivian to get to where she was.

And soon enough, Vivian was standing in front of her.

“Good evening, ma’am “Vivian greeted with a bow.

Her elegance gave Molly some hope .

“How did it go?” Molly asked impatiently and finally, he gave her what she wanted.

“I .., I did it ma” am. Vivian answered

“You did it” she chuckled

She turned to her maid with her palm stretched out and quickly, she placed the bundle on it and Molly handed it over to the Vivian.

Oh..Poor Molly, She had no idea of what I have plan for her

Molly knows Reece very well and knows how he can get when offended by someone.

Really, she couldn’t wait to watch Lotus get punished by him.
Bit by bit, her plans were falling into place.

As soon as she was done with this phase, her next phase would be getting closer to Reece using another method which is yet to discover

Reece suite

The room was quiet a usual and the hefty sound of his boots could be heard as he marched in.

He still find it difficult to believe that Lotus can do something like that

“Tony” he turned his face towards the direction of the door and called and in a split second, his personal guard came running in.

“Master!” He bowed, his shoulders so broad, they’ve always fitted the gesture.

“I need you to take me to the maids quarters. Lotus has stolen my bracelet”. He stated with a deceptive calmness and Tony creased a brow in surprise.

What?? How would she dare steal master?? And not just anything, but one of his precious awards?? Tony thought

“As you wish, master” he bowed his head and marched out of the room.


“I don’t know why Lotus, I just feel worried” Vivian muttered, her gaze on the ceiling.

She was lying beside Lotus on the bed, both staring at the ceiling

“Wh… What’re you trying to say, Vivian?” She asked, but just then, a knock came on the door.

Her eyes dimmed as she didn’t reply and to her surprise, the door went open with two guards walking in.

“Damn!!! I’m not in the mood for s*x again. Hope is not what I’m thinking. Lotus thought

“Miss ,sorry for the inconveniences but master ordered us to search your bags for his missing bracelet. Tony stated

“Escuse me? What are you trying to say? I stole master bracelet or what??? Lotus asked

“We don’t have time so escuse us. Tony muttered and walk pass Lotus

Vivian was just quite with guilt written all over her face

Some minutes later, they finally found the bracelet wrapped in a paper

“What…… I didn’t take any bracelet. Please believe me. Lotus stuttered

“Miss, , you need to come with us right away. Master requests your presence in the courtroom” one of them said and Lotus felt her heart skip so heavily.

Vivian looked at Lotus, then at the guards.

“Why?” Vivian words unconsciously came out in a whisper.

“We don’t know, . But we need to leave now” the first one replied.

“Come on, Lotus. He’s waiting” came the guard’s impatient reply and Lotus heart only grew heavier.

She looked at Vivian, then at the guards. And having no option, she left the bed.

“O.. Okay” she mumbled and followed them out of the room.

Of course, Vivian followed them, but she couldn’t go close to Lotus and only had to trail from them.

Oh! She felt so worried and guilty

As they drew closer to the courtroom, Lotus couldn’t help but worry and pounder how the bracelet gets into her bag

She turned and noticed Vivian following them behind and her lips pushed into a pout.

Finally, they got to the entrance of the courtroom and walked in and there she found Reece on his throne-like seat, three guards around him and Miquel

Her eyes moved to Reece who as usual, had that usual blank look on

She continued staring keenly at everyone of them until she’d gotten to the middle of the room

“Good evening” she bowed her head in obeisance, her heart feeling so heavy.

Something was wrong; she could feel it. Something was just not right.

It was almost a minute before Reece voice was heard:

So it was true?” His voice was so calm – and cold.

Lotus eyes were almost glistening as she looked at the Reece

“I… I had no idea the bracelet was in my bag. I don’t know how…”

The rest of the words vanished from her lips as soon as Reece stood up.

He had his hands crossed behind his back and had his gaze strictly fixed on Lotus.

He could remember… The day before the bracelet went missing, he’d seen Lotus in his room, touching and admiring it.

He took a leveled step away from his seat.

“You wanted to leave me and run away?” He asked, his voice sounding not – so – calm anymore.

“I didn’t..” Lotus voice cracked. “I… I didn’t take it from your room.

Then, with his gaze lowered to the floor, he started walking towards her.

“You wanted to run away from me Lotus? Reece asked

“Don’t think you’re going free ” he added icily, making Lotus so damn scared and nervous.

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 14

“Alex!!!!! Tony!!!! Take her to the torture room and whip her three each. Reece stated and left the room


Vivian was so restless as she paced tho and fro the corridors. Her heart was beating really fast.

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She’d been outside the torture room and had even heard Lotus screaming.

“Dear Lord, forgives me. I can’t possibly speak up for my friend without proof. Vivian prayed in heart

She continued pacing tho and fro and after a while,she saw one guard walking out of the room.

Oh! Was he done with her?

She stood and watched ruefully as he left and as soon as he was out of sight, she ran towards the room.

“Lotus!! Lotus!” She called, but didn’t get a response.

She was scared to go in, wondering if it’d be offensive or not. But thankfully, it wasn’t long before the guard – Alex – came walking out with Lotus lying on his shoulders.


“Lotus!” Vivian called in fright.
Goodness! What have they done to her friend??

“What did you do to her? ?!” She gibbered, but Alex didn’t say a word as he just continued walking away with her.

Alex walked into the maids chambers and laid Lotus carefully on the bed. She was awake, but felt really weak and in pains. Her back was aching terribly.

6 whips from the guard ordered by Reece, was more than 20 whips from a mere man. The whip itself was so long and heavy

Lotus was weeping. Vivian turned quickly to look at Alex.

“Please! You need to get her a doctor or something. Get someone to check up on her, please” Vivian clapsed her palms together as she said.

“I’ll need to seek permission from master” Alex replied and left.

Lotus kept quiet as so many voices replayed in her head.

Reece .. The look in his eyes as he watched the guard whip her. He didn’t care – not even a single bit. He didn’t care.

She fisted her hand on the bed, trying to get over it. But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t get it off her mind. How could he do this to her?

The doctor stood in the room with Lotus still on the bed. Vivian was also beside her.

“Lotus please” Vivian grumbled. “You really need to let him treat you. You’re falling sick already”.

“Let me be, Viv. I don’t want anyone to touch me. Let me be”. Lotus snorted stubbornly.

The doctor had been there for a long time, but Lotus wouldn’t let him touch her.

“if you don’t get the wounds treated, they’re likely to get infected and that would be a very bad thing for you. Please, you need to let me.. the doctor didn’t finish his statement when Lotus cut him off.”

“You’re just wasting your time” Lotus snapped.
“No matter what you say or do, nobody’s touching me and that’s final. I’d rather stay here and die in this pain than let Someone sent by Reece to touch me”. Lotus stated

Vivian gasped, realizing she made a grave mistake by calling him by his name in front of the doctor. Oh! What is wrong with this girl?? She thought

The doctor sighed and dropped his equipments.

“It’s neccesary I treat you. And since you’re proving stubborn, it’s only right I report it to master Reece” he stated coldly and left the room, while Vivian eyes almost popped out of its socket in surprise.

“Lotus!!” She shrieked. “he’s going to tell master about it!”

Molly stood at the balcony with her friend, a smile on her face as she watched the drama going on.

“Congratulations, Molly” her friend beamed. “Your plan was successful”

Molly’s smile increased rapidly.

“Of course, Grace. Whenever I make a plan, I always deliver” she answered pridefully.
“Now, I only need to talk to my boss for the second plan”.

“What plan?” They suddenly heard a voice from behind and turned to see it was the

“What? They both said in unison



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