Master’s addiction episode 15 – 16

(She is mine)

By: M. Blinky

Episode 15

“Tony?” Molly scoffed, trying to stall time to think of a perfect lie. “I didn’t know you were eavesdropping”.

“I don’t think I was. I was just passing by and got attracted by your conversation” Tony, one of Reece guard replied, taking a step closer.

“What plan were you talking about?’ he asked

“Oh! It’s nothing that should concern you. I believe I have the right to have some personal discussions with my friend, don’t I?” Molly asked

She paused and smiled.

“Have a nice day” she added and walked away, with her friend, leaving Tony really suspicious.

Reece mind is clouded with Lotus. He needed some distractions. He’d sent for Molly and was in his room smoking when she arrived.

She’d paused at the door, inhale deeply before knocking. She opened the door and went in

“Good evening, Master” she greeted with a bow and as expected, got no reply from Reece.

He didnt even move or look at her until he was done with what he was doing.

“On the bed, Molly” came the usual command and without hesitation, Molly pulled off her clothes and climbed on the bed, laying on her tummy as usual.

A longer time passed before Reece also proceeded in taking off his own clothes and joining her on the bed

Her legs were already apart, but he added more spacings to them and settled in between.

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After which, he brought his joystick closer to her entrance and tried to go into it but stop himself from going in

“Haven’t you taken your bath today? Cos you stink. Reece muttered and Molly gasped

“Get out of my bed, Molly” he ordered after putting on his clothes.
And slowly, Molly left the bed and put on her clothes as well.

But she didn’t leave; not immediately.

“Mmmm….master” she called with a bow. “Is there something you’d want me to do for you?”

The force with which Reece had snapped his head to look at her got her terrified.

His eyes darkened as he took a step closer to her.

“Are you trying to overstep your boundaries, Molly?” His voice was a growl.

“I brought you here, to just pretend that you are my girlfriend and nothing else and don’t try to cross your boundaries or else I won’t hesitate to lick you out. Not as if you are important here anyways

Molly’s system was already disorganized. Oh! What has she done?

“I’m so sorry, Master. Please, forgive me” she bowed her head in fear.

And in an icy tone, Reece command came:
“Get out”.

Without hesitation, she bowed and ran out of the room.
Few minutes later and Reece continue smoking again

Just then, Alex walked in.

“Master” he bowed.
“Sorry to interrupt, but the Doctor is requesting to see you”.

Reece was muddled. The doctor?

“I don’t know, Master. Should I tell him you’re busy?”

Reece hesitated a little.

“Let him in” he answered in his deep tone as he returned his gaze to the smoke

“Master” he bowed in obeisance.
“Forgive me for interrupting, but I need to pass this information to you”.

Silence was the immediate reply before Reece spoke up.

“What is it, ?” He asked

“It’s about the girl,. master” he began. “I know you’d send me to her, but she wouldn’t let me touch her. She wouldn’t take treatment”.

Reece went silent again.

“It’s her choice. Let her be”. He stated

The doctor wouldn’t say he was entirely surprised. But he needed him to change his mind anyway.

“Master” he made his voice more polite.
“I understand your reason, but Please master, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d really want you to reconsider your decision. I know the girl is stubborn, but she’s under your protection. The doctor said

Reece was silent very a long time before looking up at him.

“So, what do you want me to do,?” He asked. “if she doesn’t want to take treatment, what can I possibly do about it?’

“Master… I believe you can talk to her. I believe you can do something. She fears you, Master, and with your presence, I believe she’ll take it”. The doctor explained.

Another round of silence passed and Reece finally stood up.

“Let’s go” he grunted.

(She is mine)

By: M. Blinky

Episode 16

“Seriously Lotus, you’re too stubborn” Vivian grouse as she paced restlessly in the room, tho and fro.

Lotus was still lying on the bed, face down and still wouldn’t touch the medicines.

From time to time, Vivian would run to the window to cheek if the doctor was coming already, but thankfully he wasn’t.

“Gosh! Lotus, don’t be so stubborn. Why wouldn’t you just take this medications huh and prevent further troubles? What if the doctor really arrives with master?” She queried.
She couldn’t believe she was so worried for her friend, like she was actually the one lying on the partial sick bed.

“I don’t care if he comes with that monster, Viv. No matter what he does, I’m never taking those medications and that’s final!” She rasped with a frown.

Vivian shook her head and continued pacing around, then decided to check the window again and this time around, she let out a loud gasp.

“Lotus! He’s coming!!” She shrieked.
“Master is coming !! He’s coming with the physician!!”

Lotus eyes dimmed but she didn’t move from the bed. No; obviously Vivian was just trying to pull her legs and wasn’t serious.

“Lotus!” She ran to her on tbe bed, her eyes dilated in shock.

“Oh, Lotus! Please take it already! He might come in and punish you” she urged worriedly, but Lotus still didn’t make a move and felt Vivian was somehow pulling her legs.

Vivian continued pestering her anyway, but not for long as the door had opened shortly with the doctor coming in first.

“Hah!” Vivian gasped.
“He’s here!”

Lotus eyes went open immediately as she quickly looked at the door and that was the moment Reece was walking in.

The hell! It was real! He was really in her room!
She sat up immediately, slightly tho and Vivian also sprang up from the bed.

“M…m…M master” Vivian stuttered, her Head bowed
That irresistible cold aura could be felt around him as he walked in, his hands crossed behind his back. The aura clung tight around him like some gum.

Reece didn’t even look at her as he only fixed his eyes on Lotus who was sitting on the bed with a frown, her eyes looking at anywhere else, but his.

“Hey” he called the doctor and he hurried to stand before him.

“Yes, Master”. He bowed, and Reece allowed a few seconds pass before proceeding.

“What did you say happen with her?” He asked and the doctor glanced at Lotus.

“Uh… Master, I’d come over to treat her like you said, but she’s been stubborn and wouldn’t take any of the medications I prescribed. I tried my best but it still wasn’t working out. And so, I decided to bring it to your notice”. He explained and Lotus lifted her head to look at Reece who was staring coldly at her.

She flinched and lowered her gaze to the floor Immediately.

“Lotus” he finally called, his cold voice sending some cold waves round the room.
“Is this true?”

But Lotus was silent and didn’t make any move.


“Master’ he bowed Immediately.

“Get whatever medications you want and take them to her” he commanded and the doctor looked at him with a little bit of surprise. Would that really work?

He proceeded anyway, took the drink and walked towards the Lotus.

“Lotus…” Reece called

“To hell with you and your medications. Why are you pretending like you care!!! You ordered them to whip me so why are you suddenly showing care. It’s my body not yours so get lost before I loose my patience Mr Reece. Lotus yelled angrily and walked to the washroom

Everybody in the room gapsed. How can Lotus speak to master in such manner.

Reece didn’t utter a word but just walk out

Later in the evening,

Lotus stood at the balcony with Vivian as they both stared up at the sky which was filled with so many dancing stars.

“The sky’s so beautiful, huh?” Vivian asked with a smile , her eyes beaming.
“Imagine standing here with your lover. Hmph”.

Lotus shot her a stare and she nudged her .

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“Lotus, are you sure you should be standing here? I mean.. your back. Is it healing up already?” She asked in an unfeigned concerned voice, staring at the clothed back.

“The pains are still there but I’m okay ” Lotus answered feebly.

“Hmph. That master is really heartless, you know? I still can’t believe he’d stand by and watch you to get whipped. What am I even saying? Of course, I believe. That man kills everyday. What’s the big deal in watching a lady get whipped?” Vivian muttered

Lotus said nothing, still as the painful thoughts replayed in her head

“You know I warned you Lotus. I warned you to be careful around that man. He’s got the heart of an ice. I still cant believe he spared you for saying those rubbish earlier. Vivian blurted out.

“Vivian” Lotus suddenly called and Vivian paused to look at her

“I think I was set up

Vivian eyes dimmed.

“Set up?” Viviàn repeated feeling guilty already

“Yes. I mean.. how did the bracelet get into my bag in the first place? How on Earth will master get to know that the bracelet is with me exactly without checking anyone’s bag. I feel like… Everything was all planned”. She enthused.

“Hmm” Vivian went into a brief thought.
“I was actually thinking the same thing, Lotus. Somehow, I also feel you were being set up or something just to get Master to punish you”. Vivian seconded.

“Then, who could it be? Who would do such a thing to me? Who… Who did I offend here?” Lotus asked worriedly.And just then,. Vivian spotted someone walking towards their direction.

“Oh… The charming guy is coming over” she teased and itched the back of her neck and Lotus decided to have a look
It was Miquel

She looked away Immediately. But when he got to where she was, he stopped walking.

“Hi Lotus” he beamed, giving a beatific smile.

“Hi” Lotus responded perfunctorily.

“Good evening, master” Vivian also said with a bow and a smile.

“Good evening, dear.
Um… how’re you doing, Lotus?” He turned back to Lotus.

“I’m fine, thank you”. She replied.

Miquel nodded and moved closer to her.

“I uh… I heard what happened between you and my friend. And I wanted to offer my sympathies. Reece is a ruthless man that should be avoided. But since you’re close to her, the only thing I would advise you to avoid is his anger”.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been telling her” Vivian chipped in, making Miquel chuckle.

“I’m sorry once again. You should take care of yourself”. He touched her shoulder, earning a stare from Lotus.

“Thank you” she mumbled and watched him leave.
Reece stood in front of his window, watching the whole scene…

With anger written all over his face