Master’s addiction episode 17 – 18

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 17

Some weeks later

Reece asked Lotus to prepare some tea for him.

“See who we have here!!! Miss Ivy muttered the moment Lotus entered the kitchen

Lotus ignored her and walked to the cabinet but before she could reach there Miss Ivy pushed her back and landed a hot slap on her cheek

“How dare you walk on the head of the maids “ miss Ivy yelled angrily but Lotus still ignored her and prepare Reece tea and left the kitchen .

She knocked on Reece door before entering and met him just by the door

Lotus gulp down trying to stare away it was then he noticed the brusies on her cheek.

What happened to your face? He asked

I…. I….

Who hurt you? He ask obviously angry

“If I tell him it was Miss Ivy it will definitely cause trouble with this look in his eyes. She thought

Answer me Doll. He said

Doll? My name is not Doll. She thought with a frown.

“Master it was nothing. She faked a smile.

He punished her so why is he suddenly showing concern.

“Lotus. He said fanning her neck with his breath she bit her lip to prevent her from moaning

“You have no right to get hurt and no one have the right to hurt you except me. He said in a possessive tone

“Am I understood? He asked

“Y… Yes master. She answered even though she doesn’t understand him.

“No let me punish you. He said his hands moving her hair from her neck. He smiled at the view in front of him but her growling stomach stopped him

“Lotus, why haven’t you eaten? He asked with a frown

“Why is he angry that I haven’t eaten. Lotus thought

“I don’t like it when you keep quiet. He said in a furious tone

“I didn’t get time. She said staring directly into his eyes which was burning in anger.

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He got up from her and walk towards his phone.

“Get me a full meal. He said as soon as the person picked up.

“Is he still going to punish me? She thought

He laid on the bed facing the ceiling, she stood beside him and he suddenly pulled her making he fall on him.

She was lying on him staring at his eyes while he kept a straight face.

Master aren’t you uncomfortable? She ask after a while but she stared away

No, are you? He asked.

“Errrrm no. Lotus muttered

“Didn’t I tell you not to hurt yourself? He asked

Huh? She stared at his face

“He moved his hand to her lip and parted it. Only I have the right to bit and hurt you. Disobey me one more time and I will add to your punishment.

“Yes master. She nodded.

The door opened and he flipped her over now he is on top of her, her arm was wrap around his neck because his move was sudden.

“M…. Master. The maid with the food sturter

Drop it or you want to watch us? He ask in his cold voice

Sorry Master. The maid said and quickly dropped the food before rushing out.

“Let’s eat. Reece said standing up but her arms pulled him back

“What is it Lotus? He asked


“You don’t want me to go? He ask

It was then she noticed her arm around him

“Sorry. She said letting go of him.

He walked towards the table the food was placed, he pulled a chair for himself and dished out the food.

“Come sit here. He said pointing at the chair in front of him

She sat opposite him and played with her fingers with her head bowed.

“Eat. He said more like an order

“I don’t like repeating myself Lotus, eat your food. He said

“I thought he just said he doesn’t like repeating himself. She thought as she rolled her eyes but he could not see it.

“What do you mean by my food master? This food is yours right? She ask with her head still bowed

“I already ate but it seems like you have not eaten. He said

“Ohh so all this is for me? She gasp staring at the delicious food in front of her

“Yeah now eat up, it’s getting past your bed time. He said

That’s right she should eat quickly Vivian might stay up late for her

After eating she wanted to pack the plates but Reece stopped her.

The maids will take care of the. He said

But I am a maid too. She said

Not around me, when you are with me you are not a maid. He said making her blush slightly but she quickly replaced it with a straight face.

“Ohh then I should get going. She said and he rushed to her.

He back hug her making her eyes widened.

“You can’t leave without my permission and I am not giving you the permission to leave yet. He said

I’m sorry Master. She apologized

It’s fine let us get some rest. He said disengaging from the hug

He walked her to the bed and made her like down beside him hugging her to himself.

Sleep. He ordered and she closed her eyes immediately

The next morning.

Reece told Alex to inform Lotus that they will be going out so she should get ready so Alex went there and drop the news to them.

Lotus stood up as soon as Alex left

“What’s he talking about? Why does he want me to get dressed up?” She asked Vivian who was closing the door.

“I don’t know Lotus, but based on his words, I think you’re going out with master “. Vivian replied and could clearly see the surprise in Lotus eyes

“Going out with master?’ she scoffed.
“And why would I go out with master? I mean…. to where?”

“You were here when the guard arrived, Lotus. I have no idea. But to avoid getting into more trouble, I’d suggest we just get ready as instructed. Come on…”

She held Lotus hand and pulled her towards the closet.
“I’m really not comfortable with this, Viv. I mean, I need to know why Reece wants me to get dressed in the first place”. Lotus grouse as Vivian riffled through her wardrobe for some clothes.

“Just stop complaining, Lotus and do as you’re told. This is one of the reasons you’ always get punished” Vivian replied and Lotus tweaked her ear


“You better watch the way talk to me.” Lotus snapped as Vivian shirked in pains.

“Ouch! Lotus,let go of my ear!” She stamped her feet and Lotus finally let go of it.

“Seriously?? I’m only trying to be of help here, yet you’re so Ungrateful!” Vivian huffed and turned to face her nnb
the closet

“You know what? You can be annoying for all I care; I’m still gonna be here for you because once you get punished, I’m the one you’d run to” she grouse as she continued searching through the wardrobe and finally found a dress which looked fitting enough.

“I think this should be good enough”. She turned to Lotus with the dress in her hand.

“Come on Lotus, let’s go try this on” Vivian held her hand and pulled her towards the bed.

“Can’t wait to humiliate Reece like he did to me. Lotus thought

(She is mine)

Episode 18

Lotus walked behind Alex as he led her to the Car as instructed and getting there, she noticed it was still empty.

“I thought Master would be here already?” She turned to Alex and asked.

“He’s getting ready, and will be here soon. Please, go into the car and wait” Alex answered respectfully with a bow and not wanting to create a scene, Lotus walked into the car and took a seat.

She didn’t know for how long she waited but just when she was getting impatient, Reece finally showed up. She knew so when she heard the guards calling out his name.


For no reason, Lotus could feel her heart skip a beat, Reece finally entered the car and sat beside her and the driver started the car and drove out of the compound until they got to their so called destination

Lotus looked in the mirror and taking a look, her eyes came in contact with Reece. Oh..crap.

She swallowed hard and took her eyes to the floor Immediately, her heart beating a little faster than usual. She had only glanced at him, but even with those few seconds, she could still notice how gorgeous and handsome he looked as gold glittered around him.
The drive was silent until they reach their destination


They entered the bar and all eyes turned to them. Lotus started feeling nervous, like this is the first time coming to such place. They both sat on an empty table

“What drink would you prefer, Lotus?” Reece asked as they sat together in the exquisite bar.

Lotus started looking at the bar. The bar was above beauty and looked damn classy.

“Just get me anything, Master. You should know my fantasies” Lotus replied and Reece winked at her and left.

“Lol!!! He just winked. The almighty Reece just wink at a girl. Lotus thought with a chuckle

She brought out her phone afterwards and started taking selfies, gathering enough things to show Vivian .

A soothing song was playing in the background and they made her move her waist rhythmetically while taking the pictures.

She took many styles and was about taking the 7th shot when someone interrupted her by showing up in the camera.

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She flinched and turned around to see the jerk smiling behind her

“Who are you and why the hell are you invading my privacy?” She asked with a crumpled look and the jerk smiled.

“Hey, cutie. Calm down, okay. How’re you doing?” He asked and went ahead to take a seat – Reece seat.

“I didn’t ask you to sit, mister. What do you want?” She rasped and the guy looked a little surprised.

Wow! What an attitude.

“Well…” He itched his nape. “I just saw you from afar and decided to say hi. You’re beautiful”.

“Yeah thanks” Lotus rolled her eyes and turned on her phone to continue with her selfie.

“Sorry, dear. Can I know your name…?

“Can you just stop talking?” She glared hard at him, and he felt his jaws drop.

For a moment, he paused to look at himself, wondering if he wasn’t looking good enough to warrant such attitude from her.

“Annoying” Lotus mumbled to herself.

“I’m Jeremy and you? The guy muttered and stretched his hand for a handshake but Lotus released a hot slap on his cheek drawing some attention

“How dare you slap me? I swear you will regret it. Jeremy stated

And just then, Reece came walking towards her direction and the guy quickly hide

“Please can you take me home? I just had headache. Lotus muttered and Reece looked at her in awe

“Please? She added

“Okay okay fine let’s go. Reece muttered and they walk to their car and zoomed off


At his office

Reece was obviously in deep thought about Lotus reaction earlier as he exhale the smoke in his nostril and mouth.

“Alex!!!! Reece yelled

Master, Alex called as he knock on the door.

“Come in. He muttered

He walked in and bowed before he started talking.

“ you called me? Alex asked

“No, and why will I call you? Reece asked

Huh? Alex arched his brow.

“You can leave”. Reeece stated

Alex was about to leave when the door opened and Miquel walked in.

He looked like a walking corpse.

“Are you alright? Reece ask

“Reece, Miguel called like a baby whose mom left in the house to get some groceries and suddenly saw his grandma.

He rush towards him and hugged him.

“Are you nuts? Let’s go of me! Reece snapped pushing him away

“What the f*ck is your problem! Reece asked

“Do…… do you perhaps have any feelings for Lotus? Miquel asked

Reece was about to talk when his phone beeped indicating he has a message.

It was a video, he shared a quick glance with Miquel .

“Let’s watch it. Miquel said

He nodded and tap on it. It was a video of his goods being thrown into ocean.

“Isn’t that your missing goods? Miquel asked

Reece clutch his fist as he watched it.

“Hey it’s me Jeremy” a man suddenly appear on the screen wearing a scary mask

” Do you like my surprise? I can’t imagine what your face looks like right now, angry, scary, whatever it is, I am sure I will love it”

” The game has just began” he said with a devilish laugh which echo in the background.

Reece threw the phone at Alex who caught it immediately and rushed out of the room.

Darn you Jeremy ! Reece cursed.

At the mansion

Lotus was washing some clothes when Miss Ivy walked towards her.

“You weren’t in your room yesterday. She said

“Why were you looking for me? Lotus ask spreading a sheet

“I just wanted to see if master punished you or not. Then I happen to find out you didn’t even return to your room. Miss Ivy muttered

“Master didn’t punish me and I spent the night in his room, that should satisfy your curiousity. Lotus answered, rudely

“In his room? Miss Ivy thought

“Hey Lotus. Vivian said walking towards her

“Are you almost done? She ask

“Hey can’t you greet or your eyes don’t function in the afternoon? Miss Ivy uttered rudely

“Don’t speak to her in the manner. Lotus defended

“If you don’t want me to, tell her to greet when she sees important people. Miss Ivy added

“Important? Don’t tell me you consider yourself important Ivy. Lotus said

“Yes and bitches like you should know their place around me. She said pointing fingers at Lotus and Vivian .

Lotus took a gown and squeeze it a bit leaving little water on it.

Viv. mind moving? She asked and Vivian moved.

She intentionally flung the clothe in Miss Ivy’s face making the water fall on her.

“You lunatic of a girl! Miss Ivy yelled

“What have I done to deserve that? Lotus asked staring at her innocently.

“I will teach you a lesson. She said storming away.

“You really got some courage Lotus. Vivian compliment

“We should not let maids like us make life unbearable. Lotus said