Master's Addiction

Master’s addiction episode 19 – 20

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 19

Reece walked to the dining table. Molly started shifting her dress for Reece to have a proper view of her sagged b**bs

Reece noticed it but choose to ignore her

“Master , won’t you eat?….. You might get an upset stomach. Molly said

“Why do you care?….. And since when do you speak to me with no remorse?

“My apologies Master I was just concerned about you.

“Worry about yourself first. He said and turn to miss Ivy

“Take that. He pointed to the food.

“You,He pointed at another maid. Get me juice and water.

“J…. juice? The maid sturter

I will repeat it but you might not live to hear it. He said with an expressionless face and the maid rushed into the kitchen.

Miss Ivy carried the food while the other maid carried the juice and water and they both followed him.

They both entered the room and a wow escape Miss Ivy’s lips. This is the first time she’d seen masters room

“Will you quite staring and put the food down? Reece stated coldly

“Errrrm I’m sorry master. She stuttered and both the maids walk out

Did you see anything? Ivy asked the maid who took the juice

No miss Ivy. She shook her head and leave from there

“Oh master please just fu*k me once. Miss Ivy muttered

“ Continue to dream big. If I were you I will stay where I am asked to and stop looking for trouble. Lotus said behind her

“And what problem do you have if I end up with Master? Miss Ivy asked

“ Because I don’t want Master to screw that hole you call a p*zzy. Lotus blunted.


Reece felt bored and exhausted.
For someone like him, it was extremely hard to feel this way and he wondered if it was as a result of the encounter he has with Jeremy earlier that day.

He dropped the sword he was handling down and covered his face with his palms, taking a deep breath. Over the years, he’s never felt so torn, so broken.

He was nearly diving into the dark quiet side of him when he heard his door opening. His eyes were still covered but he could tell it was his door.
Footsteps followed until he heard that familiar voice:

“Greetings, Master”.

It was Alex.

But Reece wasn’t in the mood to talk as he remained still with his palms over his face.
. Alex decided to proceed.

Reece brought his hands down from his face
His eyes were so red – they frightened Alex.

Alex gulped down nothing and left, not wanting to be the unfortunate victim.


Poor Lotus was so uncomfortable.
She kept turning and turning uncomfortably as she laid on the bed with Vivian .

“Lotus , will you just stay still? I’m trying to get some sleep here” Vivian grumbled.

“You’re the worst kind of friend, Viv. I’m so restless, and all you can think about is getting some sleep?” Lotus hissed.

“Well, you should learn not to bring others down to your depression. So, keep quiet, Lotus”.

Lotus rolled her eyes and left the bed afterwards, going out of the room.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Vivian turned dizzily.
“Don’t be too serious. I was only joking….”

She fisted her hands angrily and left the bed, going after the annoying Lotus who was already at the balcony.

“Tell me, Lotus. Just tell me what the problem is. What is wrong with you?” Vivian asked with an eye roll.

“Just let me be, Viv. You can go back in and continue sleeping. I’ll just go for a walk” Lotus replied as she started walking down the balcony.
But, of course, Vivian had to follow.

“You’re such a pain in the neck, Lotus. You know it’s impossible letting you walk on your own” Vivian grouse, but Lotus said nothing.

“Fine! So, where are you going?” She asked but got no reply still.
“Seriously??? You really want to give me the cold shoulders?”

Lotus couldn’t tell what was wrong with her as she just felt…. uncomfortable.
Although, it wasn’t deeply late as some guards and other maids could still be seen, moving around. But Lotus and Vivian had decided to sleep on time and unfortunately, Lotus couldn’t do it.

She just couldn’t explain why she felt so uneasy and uncomfortable; like something was bothering her.

She was silent, and Vivian decided to go quiet as well. So, the two ladies just walked side by side, in serenity.

“Do you ever think of leaving me, Viv?” Lotus suddenly asked, breaking the brooding silence. And Vivian turned to look at her in surprise.

” Why didn’t you tell me all this before Viv!!!! You are like a sister to me so why did you choose to betray me? Lotus yelled

“What ……. what are you talking about? Vivian stuttered

“Seriously Vivian ,you still have the guts to lie in my face? ” Lotus scoffed.

“You can’t be serious. Why bringing this up? I mean what have I done? Vivian asked close to tears

“Hahahaha….don’t tell me you fall for my tricks Viv….. I was just pulling your leg” Lotus stated in the midst of her laughter .

Vivian only stared down and fiddled with her nails. And for a long time, they continued walking until finally, they got to the field.

“Wait…” Vivian muttered, slowing her steps with Lotus.

There was someone in the field.

“Isn’t that master?” Vivian asked.

Lotus also strained her sight to see and confirmed it was indeed, Reece. Right there, in the middle of the dark field and he could be seen, practicing alone.

“Why do you think he’s fighting alone?” Vivian asked.

“He’s not fighting alone, Viv. He’s just practicing. Can’t you see?” Lotus replied.

He was using his sword against a human-shape staff in front of him. But one thing was sure – he looked really angry.

The two ladies stood at the entrance of the field and watched keenly.

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“Don’t you think something’s bothering him?” Vivian suddenly asked.
“I mean…. why didn’t he practice at day time? Why doing it at night and alone?”

Lotus said nothing.

“I heard… when people like him are angry, they tend to express their emotions through what they know how to do best. And I guess in Master case, fighting was his own escape route”. Vivian added.

Lotus was more interested in watching him as he vent his anger on the staff. Tho, it was dark and hits face could barely be seen, his attractive statue couldn’t be hidden anyway.

He looked so manly, huge and a bit frightening, but handsome. At some point, Lotus wondered how a person could manage to have all rare qualities in him.
Reece was trying so hard to forget everything

As he struck his sword against the staff, he felt so much anger and tried releasing it all on the staff. He could barely have control of the physical world any more.

He started hearing some noises. Because all his attention was on the stuff, he think the voices are from his head, he dropped his sword and reached for his bow and arrow beside him. He fixed the arrow into the bow within the twinkle of an eye and turned towards the direction of the perceived noice.

And with a muddled head, he released the arrow.

“Arghhhh!!!” A female’s scream was heard.

(She is mine)

By: M. Blinky

Episode 20

“Arghhhh!!!” A female’s scream was heard.
It snapped the distraught out of Reece head as he heard that familiar voice …”

“Lotus!” Vivian shrieked, her eyes dilating in shock as she saw the arrow flying into her leg.
She couldn’t even stop her from reaching to the ground.

Lotus writhed in pains, her heart pounding heavily as she stared at the arrow stuck in her leg. What just happened??

“Oh, goodness! Lotus, are you alright??!” Vivian was muddled.

“Why would master shoot Lotus?? Did we do wrong by standing there to watch him?? Vivian thought

Vivian looked up at him and found him just staring at them; then she lowered herself to Lotus on the floor.

“It hurts, Viv!” Lotus whimpered.
“It hurts….Just get me some help!”

Reece stood and watched them, realizing his mistake. It was Lotus ! He had thought it’d be someone else! Curse the madness, he wasn’t even thinking.

He noticed as her friend struggled to help her. He didn’t have time for this and really wanted to be alone. What was she doing anyway? Always good at spying…

He dropped the bow and started walking towards them, his legs feeling so heavy.

Vivian , who had been touching Lotus leg, flinched when she saw Master walking towards them.

“Ho…. Hold on, Lotus; I think Master is coming…..this way” she whispered, her voice nearly cracking.
Should she just run away since he was getting there already?

Lotus also saw him coming and tried crawling backwards, but with the pains she felt, she couldn’t move two inches and had to stay still.
He shot her and now, he was coming to her?? What else does he want??

She bit her inner cheeks as the sharp pains kept increasing. And finally, Reece got to where they were.

“Gr… Greetings, Master”Vivian greeted nervously with her hand holding her chest.
She was already sweating profusely.

Reece didn’t even look at her as his gaze was solely fixed on Lotus. He could clearly see the pain and anger in her eyes – pain of being hurt.

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Taking a deep breath, he dropped to a crouch in front of her.

“Why were you spying on me?” He gruffed as he touched the arrow and Lotus let out a scream.

“Argh!!” She withdrew her leg and Reece was nearly tempted to roll his eyes.
He hadn’t even touched the spot, but she was already screaming.

“I wasn’t spying on you?” She finally yelled, ruefully.
“Has it become prohibited to stand in the field?”

Reece decided not to pay attention to her hostile behaviour as he figured she was only acting out of hurt.

He studied the arrow and luckily, discovered it wasn’t too deep and could easily be taken out.

“I don’t know how you do it, but you need to stay still” he told her, his gaze focused on the leg.

“Stay still? Why?” Lotus asked

“I need to pull out the arrow” Reece replied and placed his hand on it.

Lotus could feel a twitch right there as he held the arrow.
*Good saviors, I’m not ready for this” she whimpered, unable to control her fears.

“Stay still…. it’d only last a second”. Reece said.
He held the arrow for some seconds without doing a thing, probably wanting to give Lotus some time to calm down.

Then suddenly, in a split second, he dragged the arrow and pulled it out, expecting the scream from her.

She screamed out her lungs and writhed back in pains, her head leaning on Vivian legs. And at that moment, Reece felt pity for her. She definitely hadn’t experienced such before.

“Sorry” he muttered the word and stood up.

He’d have done more, but his grumpy nature was restricting him.

“Come on, you need to get to your room. I’ll send for a doctor immediately”.

Lotus sniffled and manageably stood up with the help of Vivian , but walking was no option for her.

“Come on, Lotus” Vivian cooed.
She wrapped her hand round her shoulder, the other round her waist.
And giving a glance at Reece, she started leaping with Lotus.

Lotus was still breathing heavily and in so much pains as she managed to walk like a snail with Vivian’s support. With their pace, she was so sure it’d take them a week to get to her room.

“Come on, Lotus. You can do it….”Vivian sounded encouraging.
But unexpectedly, she felt a force push her aside and separated her from Vivian . She quickly turned to have a look and to her greatest surprise, found Reece trying to lift Lotus up.

Reece carry her in front of her Vivian

All these while, Miquel was watching with a mixture of hurt and anger


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