Master's Addiction

Masters addiction episode 2 – 3

(You are mine)

By: M. Blinky

Episode 2

Mom!!!!! Dad!!!!! Lotus shouted their names as Reece men dragged her to the car

“Leave me alone you monster!!!! You killed my parents, why did you spare my life? You could have killed me also” Lotus didn’t complete her statement as Reece landed a slap on her face

“I know I’m a monster and I’m going to show you the stuff I’m made off and what I’m capable off” Reece shouted at her and pushed her into the car

*Red Clan*

Reece car came to a halt at the compound and one of his men rushed to the other side and open it for Reece

Reece came out of the car and headed to his suite

“Ummmm master, what about the girl? “ Alex , one of Reece me asked him

“Take her to the torture room and don’t give her food for the next four days” Reece stated coldly and left

Please Alex, why did you bring me here and what does he mean by take me to the torture room? Are you going to torture me to death? “ Lotus asked Alex

“I pity you Miss, I bet you won’t survive in the torture room. Master is not the type whom you can mess with. What I can say is that, don’t be on his bad side or else you will regret his actions “ Alex stated and took her to the torture room

Evening time

*Reece suite *

Reece could be seen sitting in the dark of his room smoking as if his life depends on it

You can see his beautiful abs and his tattoo.

“ mom!!! Dad !!! Wherever you are, I’ve done justice on your death. I have avenge your death . I hate them !!!!! I hate them!!!! They took you guys away from me” Reece shouted at the top of his voice and stormed out of the room heading to the torture room

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Lotus stared at the ceiling with tears in her eyes as she continues wondering why this monster said her parents killed his parents

“Why me!!!! Why me of all people “ she shouted at herself

Not long enough, the door of the torture room opened and Reece entered

Though it was dark inside but Lotus could see the anger in the monster’s eyes

She slowly turned her gazed to the floor waiting for what nonsense he came here to blurt

“Strip” Reece stated coldly

“Huh” Lotus muttered and Reece slapped her hard across her face which made Lotus go blind for a second

“I said strip!!!!!! “ Reece shouted again and Lotus didn’t wait for a second before going naked in front of him

“This is the first time a man could see her nakedness all thanks to some fu*king revenge “ Lotus said inwardly

“Alex!!!! Tony!!! Reece called the two guards guiding the torture room to come inside

“Hold this filthy thing. He stated and the guards exchanged glances before holding Lotus

Reece picked a wire on the floor and started whipping Lotus with it


“Please stop”

“You are hurting me “

Lotus shouted but Reece whipped her more till he got tired

They leave Lotus on the floor and left the room

Lotus wept as she saw blood gushed from her back. She is looking so dirty, her once cherished skin has now ruined

She is feeling total pains in her body which she can faint any moment from now

“What is my offence to deserve this? Never in my lifetime has my dad raise his hands on me but now , I look like a mad woman now

She was still lost in thoughts when the door opened and a chilled water splashed on her following a pepper powder

“Arghhhhhhh” she screamed her lungs out before she blackout

*outside the clan*

“Oh yeah



“I’m cumming Miquel

The girl moaned as Miquel bang her roughly and harder

He removed his d**k and insert it right inside her anus and begun banging her faster

“Ahhhh she moaned out louder

”yeah baby……. harder

Miquel slapped her ass very harder

“Don’t call me that name again bi*ch” Miquel stated coldly and remove his rod from her anus

“Get out” Miquel muttered coldly and the bi*ch didn’t wait for a seconds before dashing out because she doesn’t want to get to Miquel’s bad side

He picked his phone on the table and dial Reece number

Reece picked the call on the second ring

“Hey dude long time no see……what’s up ” Miquel said

“Nothing dude, my sleepless night is now getting out of hands . I can’t even sleep at day time “ Reece said

“ oh sorry bro, everything will be alright. It’s just a matter of time” Miquel muttered

“F**k you Miquel, it’s been 10 years and you are f**king telling me everything will be fine huh” Reece shouted

“Relax bro , never mind. What’s going on in the clan? It’s been long I visited you but don’t worry I’m planning to come there sooner than expected to f**k many wide pu**y there” Miquel uttered and he could hear Reece chuckled

“I gut to go. I have a lot of things to take care off “ Reece stated and hang up before Miquel could say a word

“He will never change. The same cold Reece” Miquel muttered to himself

*next morning *

*Reece suite *

“Baby, you called me” Molly muttered as soon as she entered Reece room

“How many times do you want me to tell you to stop calling me that sh*t? I don’t want to repeat myself again Molly. We are nothing but a fu*king mate “ Reece stated angrily

“And let me remind you, I’m tired of your wide p**sy. It’s too wider for me to penetrate inside again” he added and tears threaten to fall off Molly’s eyes but she quickly hide the tears and ran out

Somewhere in Chicago

Jeremy came out of his bathroom with a towel around his waist, water dripping from his body making him look extremely handsome

“Good morning master. A maid greeted him with a bow

She was done cleaning his room and was about to leave when Jeremy pushed her to his bed and ripped her clothes away

“Master please, she pleaded but Jeremy didn’t mind her

“One more word and I’ll end your f**king life. He threatened and the maid nodded as a drop of tear left her eye

Jeremy waste no time before penetrating in her p***y roughly

The maid gritted her teeth as she scream in pain

Jeremy f**k her till he was satisfied

The maid was lying on the bed dead

He picked his phone and dialled a number

“Come to my room and clean a mess” he stated coldly and hung up

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 3

Jeremy got up from her as he reached for his towel, he dialed a number on his phone and he picked up on the second ring

“Yes master. A man said at the end

Come clean this mess. He stated coldly and hang up.

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Few munites later a man came in and carried the maid out of his room, Jeremy got dressed and went to have breakfast.

His phone ring and a smile escaped his lips before answering the call.

“Yes , do you have a news for me ?” Jeremy asked

” I don’t know how this might sound but I heard Reece talking on phone saying he is going to meet Mr Sammy because his ship will arrive today so I was thinking if you need to hear this ” the caller stated

” Okay. It good that you inform me on time . Reece ,let’s wait and see who will win this battle” Jeremy mutters and hung up

*Red Clan*

Reece got dressed and went down for breakfast

He was chewing his food when he saw some hair inside his food.

He dropped the cutleries angrily as he yell. “Who cooked this food!!!?he yelled angrily

His voice echoed in the house making the maids around him fall on their knees and the guards bowed their heads

The chef came running to the scene and fell on his knees immediately

I …I….d… did master. He stuttered staring at the floor

Reece glared at him for a while before pulling out a gun and shot it right on his head

The maids were frightened and wanted to scream but they dared not or else they would be next.

He stood up angrily and wiped his mouth and went out and dialled Miquel’s number


“Yo buddy….. Why calling me this morning” Miquel asked

” When will you ever be serious in your life huh!!! anyways I called to asked if Derrick payed the debt” Reece asked

“No master, yesterday was his deadline. Miquel answered

“Really ,then we should pay him a visit. Meet me now!!! ” He said and hang up


****” “” “” “” “”

Molly’s room

“Hey,have you heard that master has taken a new girl in? Grace,Molly’s roommate asked

“No , and why did he takes a girl in? . Not as if we want a new maid or something. Molly asked unconcern

“Lol, it means you haven’t heard what’s going on. I’ve heard she is the daughter of the enemy. She is Mr Rodriguez daughter” Grace stated which drew Molly’s attention

“What!!! She is in this clan and I haven’t heard anything!!! Then we need to teach her a serious lesson” Molly stated and walks to the door

Molly and Grace quietly entered the torture room without the guards seeing them

The room was dark but they noticed her sleeping on the floor

Molly intentionally stepped on her with her sandals

“Arghhh!!! Lotus screamed out in pains

” Oh so it’s true!! Molly said and squats down to reach Lotus level

“How are you feeling now the devil’s daughter?” Molly asked and before Lotus could utter a word , Molly slapped her hard across her face

“How dare you talk when I’m talking?” Molly asked angrily

“Okay ,let’s play a little game .Molly stated and went to where the tools are

She takes a vibrator and comes back to where Lotus were sitting

She forcely torn Lotus clothes with the help of Grace and without a warning she plugged the vibrator right inside Lotus honey pot and a hot tears started to flow on her cheeks

Molly continue till Lotus hymen cut and blood started dozing from it

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Please master I’m begging you I promise to pay back, I just need few more days. Derrick pleaded holding Reece leg

Few days?I gave you a day more the dept was supposed to be paid yesterday but I came today isn’t that enough? Reece ask calmly but one could feel the anger in his voice

Please forgive me master. He pleaded more

Forgive? Reece asked turning to Miquel,he said to him.. Miquel should we forgive Derrick,he can’t pay now…we should have mercy right? He feign concern

He sigh as he squat to reach Derrick level.. you have received mercy from me but make sure to pay up soon okay.

He stood up and walked out of the room, Derrick was still trying to comprehend what just happened when he was shot right on his chest

Idiot, Reece smirk as he turned around staring at Derrick’s dead body

“Reece the goods have arrived. ” Miquel told Reece as he received an alert from his phone

“Wow time to go .Reece uttered as he walk to his car

The driver opened the door for him,he got in and Miquel sat at the front seat while the other guys entered the car packed behind Reece car


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