Master’s addiction episode 21 – 22

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 21

Vivian gasped, and Lotus also flinched when she felt someone lifting her up.
There was no way it could be Vivian ; no. The hand felt so cold and hard, and evidently, it was….


He lifted her up in a bridal style and settling on, she could now see his face.

Those troublesome eyes of hers widened in shock as they stared at him.
*What’re you doing?* She wanted to ask, but restricted herself, especially without the fact that her lungs had suddenly gone cold.
But, what was he doing??? Why was he helping her up???

She never expected such from him.

Reece could notice the shock on her face, but ignored it anyways as he started walking with her.

“Oh!” Vivian muttered and ran ahead of them, so she could lead the way to the room.

The few seconds walk she had in Reece arms made Lotus feel something different. His arms had been so comforting, cold and hard. Yes, it hardness made it comforting enough.

The pains on her leg had actually seized as the thought of Reece crowded her mind. He was holding her! Despite the usual grumpy look he had on, it didn’t change the fact he was holding her!

Urgh! That was actually not her first time being held by him but it felt really strange and…. maybe good as well. Sent a different feeling

Finally, they got to her room which Vivian had quickly opened the door before they’d even arrive. She stepped aside and waited for Reece to place Lotus on the bed.

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As Lotus felt herself leaving his arms to the bed,she could notice that feeling dwindling from her. Her eyes were pinned on Reece face who wasn’t even looking at her. And when he was done – knowing he had places her properly – he stood upright and took some steps back.

“Next time, you should be more careful” he said.
“I’ll get the doctor to come check up on you”.

Lotus could only gulp but couldn’t even say a word as she stared into his face – cold, handsome.

Reece wondered why she was acting like abriviry; But not having any time for it, he turned around and left.

Lotus stayed in that position, staring at him as he left until Vivian had to snap her fingers in front of her.

“Hey!” She called.
“Are you alright? Why’re you staring at him like that?”

Her brows were creased with curiousity.

“Nothing. Lotus finally muttered and winced in pains – like she was remembering she had a problem.

“All these while, Miquel have been on the balcony peeping into the field . He don’t know, but he felt so bittered with the way he kept staring at her.

“Does this mean that Reece is in love with Lotus too? That can’t be! I won’t be able to take it if he takes her away from me. Miquel muttered to himself

When he saw Reece carrying Lotus, he almost lost his control, but He had to get a hold of himself.

“Why would he let her do that? She’s his enemy’s daughter , yes! But I want her, he should at least respect that.

“Lotus, you can’t be that close to him. You’re breaking my heart into pieces by getting so close to him. He wanted her dead few weeks back, and she still care about him despite the fact that he almost had her murdered in the hands of Molly?” Miquel kept mumbling those words.

All he felt was bitterness, jealousy and anger. Is this what it means to love?

Tears circulated in his eyes, and gradually poured down.

“You can’t be this weak, Miquel. Don’t let them turn you into a crybaby” He console himself

Even with those words, He still found himself crying. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he rushed off to his room.

“Master Miquel, do you need anything? Your hot bath is here” One of the servants told him the moment Miquel walked into his chambers.

“No” He tried hard not to sound like someone who’s crying or someone who’s in a bad mood. He can’t let them see him like this, He can’t be weak in the presence of them all.

“Huh? It’s your favorite lemon hot bath. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this, Master” The talkative servant smiled, and that even angered him even more.

“Are you f****** deaf? Don’t you understand a simple statement, huh? I said get the f*** out of my room, you @sshole” Miquel yelled at her, and she flinched. They rushed out of his room, and bolted the door angrily.

Miquel stood in front of the mirror staring at his broken self. If someone had told him that He will be so broken because of a woman, not just a woman but an enemy’s daughter , He would have had that person beheaded.

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 22

Vivian came into the room with a cup of tea. The doctor Reece sent left few minutes ago and the pain in Lotus leg had subsided.

Vivian walked closer to her friend and found out how lost she looked.
“Lotus? Are you alright? Is the pain still much?”

Lotus sighed and shook her head.
“No. I’m better. I’m just thinking about what happened earlier. Come on Vivian …. aren’t you surprised?”

Vivian shrugged and dropped the cup of tea on the drawer beside Lotus bed. “I am but…..he was just trying to show how sorry he was. Remember? He shot you.”

Lotus sighed again. She couldn’t get that image off her head. She couldn’t forget the way he held her….she felt so safe and small in his arms.

“Lotus? You need to take that tea and sleep now. It’s late.” Vivian said and Lotus shook her head.

“I don’t think I can sleep just yet. I feel troubled….I don’t know why.” Lotus mumbled.

“Why? Because of him? Do you perhaps like him? .”Vivian asked

Lotus rolled her eyes. “Come on. That is not what I meant. Who would like a cruel beast like Reece? Look at what he’s done to my leg.” Lotus groused.

“So tell me why you are thinking this much about him? He wouldn’t even know you are like this because of him.”

Lotus didn’t reply. She only continued staring into space.

Reece stood in front of his window, staring into the dark.

His hands were crossed behind him as he stared intently into space.

He stopped to check what his mind was thinking and then shook his head.

He couldn’t believe his mind skipped moments ago when he mistakenly shot at Lotus. Her cries re echoed in his head and he closed his eyes.

He hadn’t mean to hurt her but she shouldn’t have been standing there in the dark. Watching him.

He was suddenly angry. Angry for the fact that he had to carry her all the way to her room; angry for the fact that she was meddling in his affair.

He turned abruptly from the window and walked into his study. He didn’t feel like sleeping and decided to read
He opened one of his books and into it only to realise he wasn’t in the mood to read at all.

He pushed it aside and placed his palm on his forehead, thinking.

He had everything he needed. Obviously everything. Anybody would say that about him but did he really have all it?


He didn’t. Only him knew there was something missing in his life.

Something he knew he would never get.

“True love”

Reece stood up and taking off his outer wears, he walked into the bathroom to have a bath.


**The next morning**

“Wake up wake up!!” Vivian voice sang happily as she snapped the duvet from her friend’s body.

Lotus mumbled in her sleep and turned the other way to continue her sleep only for Vivian to scream into her ears.

“Goodness, Viv!” Lotus groused and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

Vivian looked closely at her then stared at her bandaged leg. “How are you feeling now?”

Lotus shrugged and stared at her leg. “I’m fine now. Why did you wake me up? I wanted to sleep some more.”

“You need to eat and take your medication. Have you forgotten what the doctor said last night? You don’t have to be stubborn all the time.”

“Fine. I will eat.” Lotus replied and flung her legs down from the bed. “I want to be served here.”

“Okay. I will bring it up here.” Vivian said and started walking towards the door.

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Jeremy Suite

Jeremy sat on the edge of his big bed, dressing up for the day.

One of his guard came into the room carrying a new boots with him. He placed it gently in front of the master then stood up and bowed. “They came in this morning master.” The guard said with a bow

Jeremy glanced briefly at the shinning dark boots and as usual, kept quiet. After locking up the solid buttons on his long coat, he turned slightly to look at guard who was still standing, waiting for further orders.

“You can go” Jeremy said with his usual cold voice

“Yes master”He said with a bow and quickly left the spacious room.

Jeremy reached out for his new boots and out them on. One thing he liked doing for himself was dressing. He never liked the idea of his guards or any body dressing him up except during the time of mission.

He was still putting them on when a knock came on the door, announcing breakfast. “Come in and set the table.” His cold voice hit against the door and almost immediately, the maid walked in with a big tray of dishes.

“Stand still.” Reece ordered as soon as she dropped the tray on the large table. “Take a bit of that.” He ordered again.

The maid badly wanted to stare at him as he said that but couldn’t. Why would he….?

She quickly bent and took a piece of the assorted chunks of meat. She chewed on it with her eyes staring at the floor while Jeremy listened to the movement of her mouth. Of course, he wasn’t looking at her.

Few minutes after nothing happened, Jeremy stood up and the maid moved back in pure fright.

She couldn’t believe how intimidating he could be.


The maid quickly took off her clothes and lie on table waiting for the outcome

Jeremy removed his trousers and without a warning thrust into the maid honey pot roughly