Master’s addiction episode 24 – 25

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 24

“Errrrm master, actually I think Jeremy will never come out with some small men so I guess it right. Alex muttered sounding suspicious

“Okay, you can go out. Reece stated and Alex bowed before going out

“Don’t you think he is acting suspicious? I mean how on earth will Jeremy knows that you are going to the river? How did Jeremy know where you will pass? I think all this is a plan work. Miquel muttered

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Reece thought about it for a while .

“I think you are right but who is the spy? Reece asked

“That’s what you have to be vigilante. Don’t trust anyone for now. Miquel stated and make use of the door

“Miquel is right but Jeremy has to wait for my surprise “ Reece muttered to himself

Some hours later,

Lotus eyes flipped open. She stared at the ceiling and realized where she is immediately because this is not the first time she has been there

“Oh God!!! Did I sleep that long? She asked herself and just then her mind flashed at the incident that happened some hours ago

“Vivian!!! She muttered and immediately took to her heels.

Though she was limping but she tried her possible best to reach there on time

“Master please, I’m sorry. Lotus forced me to go with her. Vivian begged Reece as they forcefully took her to the torture room

“Cut the crap!!!! Were you out of your mind to follow her out when you clearly know the coincidence of the actions. Reece muttered coldly

Lotus burst into tears as the guards dragged her friend along with them.

She ran out to follow them, but one of the guards grabbed her by her neck.

Lotus coughed helplessly, but he still didn’t let her go.

“Where do you think you’re going? Who told you that you can follow her to the torture room ?” He glared hard at Lotus.

“Let me… Let me go! My friend didn’t go out by her will , I forced her so stop accusing her. ” Lotus struggled to free herself from his grip, but it was so tight that she couldn’t even breathe.

“Who do you think you are? Her savior? Well, it’s quite unfortunate that she’s as good as death. Nothing will make the master free her, he has already ordered us to torture her brutally” One of the guard smirked at her.

Even if Lotus was choking due to his grip, She glared hard at him with so much annoyance.

“She didn’t do it. Why don’t you believe me? Vivian will never do anything like that. Why are you guys so gullible? You better let her go” She cried out, and he scoffed.

The guard pushed Lotus roughly on the floor which made her coughed uncontrollably

“I don’t care if I’m going to be punished with my friend, I just don’t want her to die. How can you kill someone whose innocent all in the name of she disobey the clan rules. ?” She managed to speak after coughing.

“Get lost now. You dare not tell us what to do. If you dare step an inch, we’ll be forced to lock you up in the cold dungeon. I know you know exactly how that place is” The guard said, and turned to leave.

Lotus gathered courage and barged into the torture room.

“Bring the whip, I will flog her myself. Because of her Lotus got shot . Reece stated angrily

Tears circulated in Vivian’s eyes, and rolled down her cheeks. Poor Vivian ! I’m a really going to be killed? She thought

Reece takes the whip and ready to flog her when someone hold it from the back

“Please master…….. don’t flog her. I begged you.

Punish me instead of her because I was the one who forced her to go with me. Lotus muttered already in tears which melt Reece instantly

Reece turn and look at Lotus. Her face looks pitiable and slowly Reece let the whip fall down

“Please master, I know you hate me but for my sake , leave her unpunished and punish me instead “ Lotus muttered in the midst of her tears

“Hey don’t cry “ Reece muttered and whipped the tears from Lotus face

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 25

“Hey don’t cry” Reece stated and whipped the tears from Lotus face

“Unchain her and let her go” he told the guys which shocked them to the core.

“Reece never go back on his words . What’s happening. The guards murmured to themselves


Miquel was passing through the corridor when Molly blocked his way

“what’s sort of rubbish is that?Miquel asked angrily

“Don’t play dumb here. I know you loves Lotus , I can help you get her so that I can have Reece to myself. Molly stated with a mischievous smirk and whispered something into his ear

“I guess you are crazy” Miquel stated and walk pass her

*Some hours later*

Reece was taking a walk around the clan when he noticed Lotus and her friend

Reece walked steadily to the girls with his expressionless face staring intently. When he moved closer, Lotus noticed he was staring at her leg and that really made her heart skip.

“What are you doing out here? Do you ever listen to instructions?” His voice was sharp and hard.

Lotus moved back a bit. “I….. wanted to get some fresh air.” She mumbled staring at her feet.

Vivian was holding her breath as she stood there. She didn’t want to breath. She thought it would only make Reece notice she was there too.

Reece turned, facing the other side. “I can see you are getting better. Get ready tonight. Alex will come and escort you ” with that, he turned and started heading back.

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Lotus stared after him, her upper lips swollen as she pushed her tongue against it.
“He’s so mean”, She mumbled still looking at him.

She saw him whispering something to Alex and started walking away while Alex stood there staring at them.

Vivian let out a deep breath and rolled her eyes. “We shouldn’t have come here. I’m sure we’ve annoyed him.”

Lotus rolled her eyes too. “Has there ever been a time when he isn’t annoyed? No. He’s always annoyed.”

“Do you think we should go back?” Vivian asked worriedly.

“No, I’m already here. Let’s enjoy the view of this place before heading back.”

“O…Kay..” Vivian drawled, looking at Alex as he stared at them. “I think Alex has been assigned to watch us.”

“Well good for him. Come on.” Lotus said, pulling Vivian towards the gate.


Molly and Grace sat in the garden, both having a drink as they talked.

A maid walked up to them with a bowl of sweets in her hand. She placed it on the table in front of them and mistakingly poured some on the floor.

Almost immediately, Molly raised her hand and landed it right on her face. “You fool?” She squeaked.

The maid gasped and moved back, bowing. “I’m so sorry my princess.” She wept.

“Get lost.” Grace hissed out the words and immediately, the maid fled.

Molly rolled her eyes and stared at her legs to make sure non of the peanut messed her up. “Imagine the fool purposely trying to ruin my look for the day.”

Grace picked one of the sweets and took a bite.
“But seriously, I can’t believe the type of peace we’ve had in these few weeks . It’s so unbelievable.”

“I pray that Reece will one day chop Lotus head” Molly added

“That will never happen.” Someone said from behind.

The two girls stood up sharply and turned to see Lotus walking towards them.

“That will never happen.” She said again, staring at them as she stood in front of them.

The girls had an arrogant look on their faces as they stared back at the Lotus, daring whatever she could do.

“We were having a conversation…”

She walked away while the girls stared disdainfully at her.

“Pathetic.” They mocked and laughed before resuming their seats.

“It’s late already , let’s go inside before master poured his anger on us. Grace muttered

“Yeah but go ahead. I will catch you up later. Molly stated and take another path leading to Miguel’s room

It was late in the evening as Molly was seen walking to the other part of the mansion where Miquel shared with Reece

She walked swiftly to Miguel’s door and knocked. She knocked impatiently again and almost immediately, the door opened with Miquel sticking out his head from one corner of the door. “Can I come in? I need to talk to you.”

Miquel rolled his eyes and stepped aside for her. She quickly entered after looking around and closed the door behind her.

She turned around to see Miquel as she got into the room. “Any progress on what I told you about?” She asked

Miquel shrugged. “I really did not understand you Molly?.”

Molly rolled her eyes and stepped forward. “What don’t you understand? Stop playing dumbs with me. I know you like Lotus. I know you want to have her.” She said into his face.

Miquel stared at her. “Okay. Where are you going with this? Why are you doing this?”

Molly smiled. “Nowhere really. Reece is mine and mine alone that’s why I want you too to have Lotus….

Miguel’s eyes dimmed. “What do you mean? Lotus is Reece pet now so you want me to betray Reece or what?”

“He doesn’t care about you. Why then should you be loyal to him by staying away from someone you love? He doesn’t even give Lotys attention. He only gives me the attention.
“Go ahead and take what you want.” Molly blurted

Miquel folded his arms. “Hmm. What plans do you have?”

“How about starting with a game? Isn’t that a clever start?” Molly replied with an evil smile.

“What game is that?”

“A game that will require you kissing her if she losses.” Molly said menacingly.

Miquel said nothing. He only stared at her.


Later that night, Miquel sat on his bed, thinking about all what Molly had said earlier.

He knew one thing was true. Reece not caring a bit about anyone but himself. He knew that was a fact he had never failed to realise.

Right from the first time he saw Lotus, he had liked her very much but that has been a harmless likeness but right now, he didn’t really know if it was still harmless.

He sighed and laid down on the bed, Molly’s words still ringing in his head.

He knew he had to do it. Sooner or later.