Master’s addiction episode 26 – 27

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 26

*same night*

“I feel so tired.” Lotus groused as she stepped out of the bathroom. Vivian was on the bed, already dosing off.

“Do you think I should go to Master room? Should I go and apologize for being disobedient again today?” Lotus asked but got no reply.

She turned to look at Vivian and rolled her eyes when she noticed she was already fast asleep. She sighed and moved closer to the bed then stared into her friend’s face.

“Thank you Vivian . You are such a wonderful friend.” She mumbled and smiled then walked to her closet to get dressed.

As soon as she finished dressing up, she heard a knock on the door. She turned Wondering who that was.

“Who’s there?”

There was no response outside the door.

She walked to the door and opened it. Her eyes widened then she blinked twice with surprise.

Standing outside the door was Miss Ivy.

“Hello?” Miss Ivy said, smiling sweetly at her.
Lotus blinked again. She couldn’t believe whom she was seeing at her door step. What’s wrong?

“I think you are at the wrong door….” She started but Miss Ivy cut her short with the wave of her hand.

“I know where I am okay? Isn’t here Lotus room?” Miss Ivy asked

Lotus nodded slowly still wondering what she was really doing in front of her door. “I am.”

“Can I come in?” Miss Ivy asked, peering into the room.

“It’s late….”

“That’s an unkind way of telling me to go. It’s not midnight yet.” Miss Ivy mumbled, blinking her eyes innocently.

Lotus blew the side of her hair and stepped aside. “Come in.”

“Thank you.” Miss Ivy whispered and stepped into the room.

Hmm. What a nice bed. Miss Ivy thought. She stared around the whole place, smiling but right inside of her, she was boiling.

“Have a seat.” Lotus cut into her thought, pointing to one of the medium size sofas.

Miss Ivy smiled and walked over to the sofa then sat down.

“I was bored so I thought it would be nice if I come here. I hope you don’t mind.” She asked innocently.

Lotus shrugged and smiled. “Okay. You are welcome to my room.”


Vivian stirred on the bed and opened her eyes. She was equally surprised to see Miss Ivy comfortably siting in the room.

She glanced at Lotus with the look of “what’s she doing here?” on her face. Lotus shrugged and looked away.

Miss Ivy ignored Vivian and looked at Lotus. “I’m sorry for my treatment towards you ever since you came to this clan. It will be nice if we get to know each other. What do you think?”

Lotus shrugged again, really short of words. “It’s okay. By me.” She added.

“Thank you Lotus. I really look forward to getting to know you better. How about a little get together at the garden tommorow?” Miss Ivy asked.

Lotus glanced at Vivian who widened her eyes, trying to tell her to say no.

“Okay. I will look forward to it too.” She replied.

Miss Ivy smiled and stood up. “Thank you. Goodnight.” She looked at Vivian and left the room.

Once outside the door, she smiled evily. “Wait until I crush you, Lotus. You will definitely suffer for taking my place.” She said to herself before walking away.

At the edge of the stair case was Tony, staring at Miss Ivy as she took the other staircase. He frowned a little, wondering what Miss Ivy had been doing in Lotus room.

He walked closer to Lotus door when Miss Ivy disappeared from sight and was about knocking but stopped.

He withdrew his hand, deciding it was late already. Maybe he would try talking to her in the morning.

With the new resolution, he walked away.


“Why did you agree to what she said?” Vivian asked immediately Miss Ivy left the room.

Lotus rolled her eyes. “What were you expecting me to say? I can’t be rude to her. ”

“You can’t be sure of that. Have you forgotten what happened to you few days ago? How you got whipped…have you forgotten? Do you know who could have placed that gold in your bag?” Vivian pointed out.

Lotus looked at her. “I don’t know okay? Maybe it got there by mistake.”

Vivian rolled her eyes. “It could have been anyone. Don’t trust anyone Lotus. Most people are jealous of you.”

Lotus looked amused. “Jealous? For what?”

“For being so close to the Almighty Reece!” Vivian replied.

Lotus chuckled. “I wish I can leave this place Viv! I’m not happy here. Why would someone in her right sense be jealous of me?”

Vivian shrugged. “Just be careful.”

There was another knock on the door and Lotus groaned.

“Who is that again?” She asked as she walked to the door and jerked it open. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw Alex standing in the doorway.

“Good evening . Master asked me to….”

Lotus gasped. “Oh heavens!” She whispered and jammed the door close right in Alex’s face. She turned back to look at Vivian with her hands covering her mouth.

“I totally forgot!”

“He asked you to get ready that Alex would come pick you up. I think you should hurry up.”

“Where do you think he’s taking me?”,
Lotus asked as she hurried up to her closet. She hurriedly pulled at the beautiful glowing gowns, thinking of which one to choose.

“I don’t know.” Jaden replied with a smile

“Huh.” Lotus replied with an eye roll. Today, this grumpy guy is sweet, tomorrow he is cold.

Finally she picked a gown in a light creamed colour and flowers all over the edge. It was very pretty gown and Vivian couldn’t stop staring at it. “So lovely.” She gasped.

Lotus smiled and started dressing up. “Thanks. Ouch!” She yelped as she fell down on the ground with her this while trying to lift her leg.

Vivian chuckled silently but Lotus was fast to see her.

“I saw that!” She yelled.

“Alright! Alright!! Sorry. I’m coming to help you.” Vivian chuckled again and stood up.

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Few minutes later, Lotus was all dressed up… looking like a princess from fairy tale.

“Wow. This is fantastic. Master would never get his eyes off you!” Vivian said and Lotus rolled her eyes.

“It’s the night of my treat. I hope it goes well.” Lotus mumbled and stared at herself in the mirror again.

“Be safe.” Vivian smiled as Lotus walked to the door.

“I will.” She whispered, winked and left the room.

Alex almost blew a whistle with his mouth as soon as he saw Lotus. He couldn’t believe a lady could be so lovely and beautiful. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling this time around as he said, “Shall we?”

“Yeah.” Lotus replied and both started walking off.


Lotus was surprised when Alex started leading her out of the palace into the massive compound. She turned to look at him. “Where are we going?”

“To the garden. Master is waiting for you there.”

“The garden?” Lotus asked again.

They walked all the way to the garden. Lotus eye balls almost popped out of their socket when she saw the table set.

She’s never seen somewhere looking so romantic and lovely. The table was well arrange and filled with different dishes, fruits and drinks. “Wow.” A sigh escaped her lips as she stared around.

Then she saw him, coming from the opposite side.

Lotus eyes dropped open. It was as though he was made for the darkness. She’s never seen a guy looking so handsome and dangerous. All talk and large. She sighed again and at that moment, a new kind of feeling started bubbling inside of her.

“Sit cupcake .” His cold voice called out to her.

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“Whaaaat a cupcake?” Lotus gasped

“You look delicious tonight” Reece muttered in a flirt way

“Errrrmm thank you master” Lotus answered nervously

“Hey stop being formal. Call me by my name when we are alone. I love how you pronounce it” Reece stated

“Okay, that is it. I think master is going insane “ Lotus muttered to her earring but Reece heard her and he chuckled

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 28

Reece sat down as Alex pulled out the chair for him. He picked a napkin, wiped it gently across his mouth before glancing at Lotus.

He wouldn’t deny the fact that he very much liked the sight before him.

It was stunning. Dazzling. “Do you like it here?” He asked, putting so much effort not to use his usual cold voice.

He had never had any reason to be nice to anyone let alone a woman but tonight was different.

Lotus smiled and nodded. Her hands felt like jellyfish. She was starting to sweat. “I love everything here and thanks for the meal…”

Reece said nothing as he picked up his spoon. The silence between them was a loud one coupled with the tension.

Lotus sat still. She felt so awkward. She picked up the chopstick and it fell right back on the table. She couldn’t understand why her fingers were shaking badly.

Reece stared at her, wondering why she wasn’t eating. “Do you want something else my doll?” He asked.

Lotus shook her head. “No….” She mumbled and picked it up again but just couldn’t.

Reece was still staring at her. He looked away for sometime trying to ignore the nervous lady but couldn’t.

He looked at her again and moved forward in his chair. “Pick up your spoon and look at me.” He spoke softly.

Lotus stared at him. She was finding it hard to believe that he could talk so softly after all. She did as she was told and picked up her spoon then watched him.

“You don’t need to be nervous. Feel free and eat. I’m not eating you but the food.” Reece said again and Lotus nodded.

She suddenly felt at ease and was able to hold her spoon. She started eating, avoiding his gaze.

Reece was stuck with her looks. He simply couldn’t look away no matter how hard he try.

Minutes later, Reece stopped eating and wiped his lips gently with his napkin. Lotus concentrated on her food. She didn’t want to look up and get trapped in those se-xy dark eyes.

Reece poured himself some wine and poured some juice in Lotus glass

Lotus raised her head and frowned

“Mas…..Reece, I would like to take the wine too” She said

“Your wish is my command my lady” Reece answered and poured some of the wine in Lotus glass and Lotus started sipping from it

Few minutes later

“Reece I’m feeling hot” the drunk Lotus muttered and sat on Reece laps

She started whining her waist

“I miss you so much. I miss your hard rock buried inside me . “ Lotus muttered and Reece chuckled

“Reece please fu*k me again. I’m dying of your touch” Lotus said and bite her lower lips which tempted Reece to kiss her but he controlled himself

Reece pushed Lotus away slightly and stand up

He carried her heading to his suite

Soon they arrived at his room and dropped Lotus on the bed.

“Please I want you” Lotus stated and landed her lips on his

Reece responded to it and they started kissing themselves hungrily . Only God knows how much they missed themselves

Reece removed Lotus dress leaving her in only pant and bra

Lotus hand went to his trouser and pulled his belt roughly out of the loop and threw it across the room before going for his trousers.

Reece started caressing her cli*oris from her pant and soon removed her pant leaving her on only her bra.

Reece shoved his finger in her pot and Lotus let out a moan

Lotus let go of his trousers for a while and closed her eyes as he drove her more nuts with his fingers.

He continued rubbing circles on her cl*t, making her body shiver with only that.

The pleasure coming from that is immeasurable, it landed her in the pool of sweetness and she had to hold the sheets tight as Reece rubbed more fast.

“Gosh…. Reece…” She moaned softly.

“I don’t like soft moans doll” Reece whispered into her ears and rubbed her even more fast.

She released a loud moan and Reece took in her lips, kissing her hard.

She resumed taking off his trousers and she was able to take it off completely this time.

He broke the kiss and she looked down at his bulging long, thick member while her breathing escalated again.

She locked eyes with him as he slipped his hands behind her, unhooking her bra.

Their eyes still stayed on each other as he slipped it off.

He lowered his head to her chest and kissed the space between her b**bs.

He pushed her gently to the bed, placing his hand at the back of her head in place of the pillow.

He continued tracing kisses down to her chest till he got to her belly button.

He kissed it deeply, nibbling gently but seductively on it.

Lotus moans rented the room as he did.

She dived her hand into his hair , closing her eyes again as her nether region throbbed impatiently.

“Reece … F*ck me now” she moaned, her wetness dripping on the bed already.

Reece stopped and came back to her.

“What did you say… doll?” He asked.

“I need you inside me already, gimme penetration please” she said with pleading eyes.

Reece kissed her lightly as her hands found the hemline of his pants, she pulled it down and his c*ck danced in front of her .

He looked at her eyes and it’s obvious she’s dying to have it inside her already.

“Baeb” she whispered.

“Doll” he replied.

She held his face dearly.

“When things gets crazy, promise not to push me away” she whispered, not breaking their eye contact.

” I promise” he replied.

“Promise me you’ll always be with me and not leave me anymore” she said.

” I promise to always be beside you, even when you don’t need me” he replied and she kissed him deeply.

She broke it and smiled.

“I love you” she whispered and Reece eyes widened but he replied with a kiss.

They went down together and his member found it’s way into her.

He made an interlock with their hands and pinned it on the bed while f*cking her slowly at first.

“Don’t go gentle” she whispered.

“Don’t cry, just moan my name and I’ll f*ck you insanely” he whispered back.

“f*ck me hard…baeb” she replied and he covered them with the duvet.

He made her b**bs feel the warmness of his mouth as he moved fast inside her.

Her moans were beautiful and magical, making him more hard inside her.

Her gasps made him more energetic and his muscles contracted and relaxed in his waist as her c*nt received bangs from him.

His tattoos shone and his balls made slamming sounds as it hit on her entrance everytime.

She kept looking at his eyes throughout.

The look inside it which she has always tried to understand is there again.

But it’s warm and makes her feel safe, she loves it so much.

Her moans went louder every minute and she pulled him even closer to herself, his rod driving her insane.

Her insides churned up and her g-spot tingled.

“I love you” she whispered and widened her legs more.

“Harder baeb….I love your c*ck”

Reece hardened the bangs and she kept smiling as she moaned for him till they both reached their climax

Reece covered themselves with the duvet and sleep took over

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*The Next Morning*

Miss Ivy walked into the kitchen, observing the activities going on that morning. The maids on duty for breakfast were already there busy with cooking.

She walked over to a side and surveyed what was bubbling on fire. “Is this part of today’s menu, Vivian ?”

“Yes Miss Ivy.” Vivian quickly replied and set back to work as she left her side.

An hour later, the maids were done setting the table for the clan

She personally decided to visit Master room and invite him since she knew he might send whomever she send away.
She got to his door and knocked but got no response. She knocked again and when there was no response again, she decided to go in uninvited.

She got in and saw him sitting on the bed, his dark eyes gazing far away.

She sighed and shook her head. She knew something had always bothered him but couldn’t place her fingers on it.

“Master?” She called.

“What do you want?” Reece replied with that far away look still in his eyes.


Reece turned to look at her, cutting her short with the hostile in his eyes. “What do you want?

“Don’t be so harsh master. Whatever it is that is bothering you can be solved only if you share it with me. Just give me a chance to be with you for once.” Miss Ivy said softly with this self pity look on her face

Reece looked away. The next thing Miss Ivy saw was a sword on her throat

“How dare you come to my room and speak gibberish” Reece muttered coldly

“I’m sorry master, it won’t happen again “ Miss Ivy stated

“I will rather f*ck an animal than fu*king you. I’m sparing because of some reasons. Don’t dare try anything stupid again “ Reece yelled angrily and pushed her roughly on the floor

Just then , Lotus who happened to be bathing entered the bedroom with only towel tied around her. She gasped when she saw how Reece pushed Miss Ivy

Miss Ivy also saw Lotus and tighten her fists and stormed out angrily