Master’s addiction episode 29 – 30

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 29

Lotus left Reece room after the incident and was passing through the corridor when Molly blocked her way

“It’s seems someone got brave” Molly stated and Lotus look at her and saw her smiling tricking as usual

“Oh wh**e” Lotus said and laughed mockingly afterwards

“What!!!” Molly said

“Yeah wh**e” Lotus smiled

“You know I hate you and can kill you this instance “ Molly stated and smirked

Lotus got to her and leaned in

“The guy you want so badly is now mine and I don’t share my things” Lotus whispered into Molly’s ear

Molly felt like killing her instantly

Lotus faced her and smiled , the kind of smile that’ll want to make anyone send her somewhere far from earth

“We fu*k every night, he’s always so sweet, he handles me just like the way I want and whenever we do it, he makes me go crazy and craves for more. He makes me feels like egg because he handles me with care. I always feels like queen and whenever he kiss me ….. oh gosh he is sooo perfect . When he put his mouth inside me…… I feel like I’m in heaven. I bet he hasn’t done some to you before because you stings . Lotus stated and Molly slap her

“How dare you talk to me in such manner? Molly stated and made an attempt to slap her again but Reece hold his hands in the air and turn her to himself

Reece landed a hot slap on her cheek which made her go blind for a seconds

“Ahh!” Molly gasped, falling blindly.

For a second, her eyes were blurry.

“Get up” Reece ordered and she looked up at him.

“I won’t repeat what I just said” Reece said and she stood slowly.

” Anyone there?” Reece beckoned and two guys appeared.

“Take her to the yard” he ordered and Molly was taken away.

Reece faced Lotus who stood gummed on her spot.

She looks pitiful and she has little tear on her face.

His eyes darted to her legs and he saw the scratch, he looked at her bleeding lip again and took two steps closer.

“I already told you I hate your tears” he said and she quickly wiped her tears.

“Follow me” Reece said and led the way out of the corner.

He started the walk to his suite while she followed slowly behind till they got there.

He opened the door and faced her.

“Go in” he said and she obeyed, walking in slowly.

“Treat her wounds, I’ll be right back” he said to the maid who was cleaning his room

“Yes boss” she replied and Reece left.

He walked back to the yard where Molly was made to kneel at.

A lot of the gang members are already there, waiting for what he’ll do to her.

He got there and sat in front of her.

“Smoke” he said and one of the guys handed one to him, it was lightened and he puffed on it for long.

“What did she do to you?” He asked and Molly remained silent.

“Nothing?” He said, standing up.

Molly shifted back on her knees, her cheek is reddish.

” You mean she did nothing and you did that to her?, Taking advantage of a weak person’s weakness and cheating the helpless are what I hate most” he said.

“Dude, what’s happening here?” Miquel asked, coming into the place.

” She wounded Lotus” one of the guys replied.

Miquel smiled like she just listened to a joke.

“ what?, Like Lotus?” She said.

“You should see what this b*tch did to her face” Reece said and Miquel eyes widened.

” You really mean it?” Miquel asked

Reece didn’t reply, a verification that it’s true.

“Where’s she?” Miquel asked

“My place” Reece replied and Miquel rushed out of the yard.

“Shift all those heavy metals down the yard” he said, pointing at a stack of metals not far from them.

Molly made to talk but she knew it’s gonna spell doom so she kept quiet.

The metals are usually too heavy for guys, she’d probably not be able to move a finger after moving everything.

There are over fifty of them.

“Yes… master” she replied slowly and Reece threw down the cigar before leaving.

Molly stood and glared at everyone who are staring, wishing she could just destroy the world.

She walked furiously to the metals and tried moving one but it’s Impossible, it’s f*cking heavy.

She applied all her strength and carried it but she had barely reached half of the way when she dropped it.

She’s already sweating a lot and her back aches already.

She hit her leg on the metal repeatedly, pouring her anger on it.

“I hate everyone!, I hate everyone!… Lotus!!!!!” She screamed.



“I can see you are close “ the maid said as she wiped the blood on Lotus lips with cotton buds

“Somehow” Lotus replied dryly

She focused back on her lips and gently applied an ointiment on it.

Lotus had to fold her fist tightly, it stings.

“Endure, it won’t make it scar” The maid said.

She treated her scratched leg too before moving to her cheek.

She got ice pack from the freezer and started pressing it gently on her red cheek.

“Is boss kind to you?” She asked again .

” Huh?, I dunno” Lotus replied.

” He’s hard to understand yunno, you’ll go crazy if you try to understand him…. I’ve Been working for a long time but isn’t it amusing that I know nothing about him?” She smiled.

” oh.. “Lotus replied slowly.

“You know right?, By the way you should be careful of Molly, she’s slimy and sly…my thoughts though” The maid said.

Lotus was about to reply when Miquel came in.

“Lotus are you ok?” he asked by the door before coming in fully.

” I’m fine” Lotus stood when he got to her.

Miquel started checking her out, making sure she’s really ok.

“That bi**h” he said, referring to Molly.

“I’m really fine” Lotus smiled and Miquel hugged her tightly, shocking Lotus.

“I was so scared, I thought you were badly hurt” he said.

Lotus stared, wondering why he is acting that way

He took the ice pack from the maid. “I’ll do the remaining job” he said and the maid sighed.

Miquel sat her down and continued pressing the pack gently on her face, leaving Lotus to wonder what could be the reason for her kindness.

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

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Episode 30

Lotus keeps on staring at Miquel till he finished.

“Lotus , how about we go shopping? I can see you are always indoor. Please don’t turn me down” Miquel stated

“That’s a good idea. I want to go out soo badly but will Reece allow us to go? Lotus asked

“Don’t worry about him. He won’t say a word if he finds out. Now go and get ready” Miquel stated and Lotus immediately left Reece suite.

*An hour later*

They got to the florist shop in a one of Reece car and got down, getting ready to explore the beautiful town.

Lotus was thrilled. She didn’t know that outside the clan was so beautiful. “Wow! Oh my goodness. This place looks like paradise!” She said happily, twirling around and jumping happily.

“Come on girls. Let’s check out the fresh plucked flowers.” Miquel said, approaching the main entrance of the building.

They got into the shop and were amazed at how wonderful it smelled with the fresh flowers well arranged.

Lotus explored the shop, picking up fresh flowers with nice fragrance.

After they had spent time at the florist shop, they left for the market.


They got to the jewelry store and were allowed to look around. Lotus shook her head with amazement as she fed her eyes.

“This is amazing! I never knew that Los Angeles is beautiful.” She said and Miquel giggled.

“Of course it is. More than you think.” Miquel replied.

“Obviously!” Lotus exclaimed.

Lotus took out a pretty pink bracelet and raised it up.

“You like this?” Miquel asked

Lotus nodded. “It’s beautiful.”

“Give me your hand.” Miquel said with a smile.

Lotus looked at him and slowly did as she was told. She was overwhelmed to see Miquel slipping the bracelet into her wrist. She stared at it, touching it with her finger.

“Yeah. It’s yours now.” Miquel said with a cute smile.

Lotus gasped. “Oh Miquel! Thank you!” She said happily and gave him a hug.

Miquel stiffened. He slowly wrapped his arms around Lotus, rubbing her back gently. When she pulled away to show Vivian her new bracelet, he felt as if something important had left him.

He shrugged and kept back his hands beside him.

“It’s lovely.” Vivian mumbled. She glanced at Miquel and looked away.

Lotus stared at her friend, noticing for the first time that she wasn’t looking all so bright. “Huh….Vivian ? Are you okay?”

Vivian looked at her and feigned a smile. “I’m fine. Where are we heading to after here?” She asked, trying to mask away her feeling.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, why she felt annoyed and irritated.

Maybe it was because Lotus would not stop getting so close to Miquel or was it more than that?

She didn’t want to admit it before but she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She liked Miquel…even the first day she saw him.

She thought he was the cutest guy she had ever seen but clearly…he likes Lotus instead.

Vivian scoffed. Lotus is into master Reece so Why can’t he just stay away from her? She asked herself as they left the store and walked deeper into the market.

They walked with the other people who had come to get one or two things too.

They went round, feeding their eyes with the traders and their goods. And buy some things

*some hours later*

Reece stood outside the veranda, his eyes staring down and constantly diverting to the gates whenever a movement was made.

He couldn’t deny the fact that he was thinking about Lotus, wondering where she was right now and what she was doing with Miquel. He wondered where they’ve gone to and couldn’t just take his mind off her.

It was upsetting and it really got him angry.

Soon he saw the car coming and a smile escape his mouth but it turn to a frown when he saw Miquel holding Lotus waist

He left the veranda angrily


“Phew!” Lotus breathed out as she laid flat on the bed. “Today was fun!” Never knew Miquel is funny like this. She exclaimed happily.

Vivian rolled her eyes. “Lotus…..I don’t think we should further with this. Let’s stay away from him for now. It’s only gonna cause more problems.” “ the way I saw master Reece glaring at us when we arrived, I think we should stay away from him “ Vivian mumbled

“Yeah you are right. But why would he be angry? Not like he loves me back or something “ Lotus muttered

“In fact you are really dumb. You want him to confess to you before you realize that he loves you? “

“Girl, master is a heel ahead of you. Can’t you see how he looks at you? Have you seen him staring at Molly with that affection before? Didn’t you see the way he slapped and punished Molly because she slapped you? Do you think he will defend me if it was me that Molly slapped? Girl be wise” Vivian muttered and oh escape Lotus mouth