Masters addiction episode 9 – 10

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 9

Few days later

The members of the red Clan came back together. They are going to attack Jeremy’s clan

“ I told you we will be attacking them early morning and you guys still came down late” Reece said

“ Anyways your punishment is later for making me stand here, Alex and Tony, you all carry the weapon bags” Reece said and they bow before carrying the bags

Reece and Miquel walked out of the house and enter the cars that’s already waiting for them.

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The driver ignited the car engine and drove out of the compound

1 hour later

The driver stop the car in front of Jeremy’s clan building and they all get down from the car with the weapon bags

“ 10 people should stay here, call for backup against if we did not return after 1 hour. Reece muttered

“ Noted sir ” they all said in unison

“ Bring out the weapons and distribute it” Miquel ordered some of the men and they nod

Reece took 2 silencer gun and 1 pepper spray gun

“come in after 2 minutes” Miquel said and they all nod

They went in and use the silencer gun to shoot the guards guarding the building

Not too long the members of Red clan start tip toeing in order not to get the attention of those who are already awake.

Reece shot all the guards and anyone he see and drop a letter on the wall

“ Hope you like what you are seeing, let this be a warning ,do not try to fraud me again, looser” Reece read it out and left it there

“ Everyone out” Miquel announced and they proceed to his store room where he normally keep his drugs, Reece took out the bomb and throw it in and leave there before it will explode

They hastily ran out of the building and they all entered the car and drive out cause it’s a timing bomb

The driver has not drive too far when the bomb exploded and a smile escape Reece lips thinking of how Jeremy will take the news


Jeremy was sleeping when a knock landed on the thick glass door

“who is that and what do you want?” he asked

“ Sir,the clan is under attack . the guard said

“ What!!!!” Jeremy screamed

“ Who attacked the clan” Jeremy asked again

“Sir, I think it’s Reece and Miquel ” the caller answered

Jeremy ran to the washroom to wash his face before changing his pajamas
He was about stepping out of the room when he heard some noises

“How dare he, how dare he come to my clan and bomb it” he muttered angrily

He was still burning with anger when a guard bought a letter to him

He gritted his teeth and squeeze the paper

“ I’m gonna get back at you, REECE” Jeremy muttered angrily

*Red clan*

Lotus had been unable to sleep when Reece informed everyone about attacking a clan.

She was still in thought when she heard a car driving inside the compound

“Wait is he back? Lotus thought

She stood from the bed and open the window, she saw many cars driving in, then sigh in relief seeing him safe

“Now I can go back to sleep” she muttered to herself

She lay on the bed and use the duvet to cover herself and was about closing her eyes when a knock came on her door

“Masters wants you in his room now!! One of the guards stated and leave

“ Oh goodness”

She stood immediately and enter the washroom to brush her teeth quickly and rinse her face before exiting the room

When she reach his room, she gently knock on his door and it open automatically, she wasn’t surprised about it because this is not the first time

“Good evening master” Lotus greeted as she enter his room fully

“ Why did you take so long” Reece asked coldly and Lotus widened her eyes

“Wait was I late???she thought

“ I think I’m talking to someone” he said coldly

“ Master I did not take long, I rush down here as soon as I get the news” Lotus said and he just stare at her as if she is a candy

“ Come closer”he said

She moved closer to him sluggishly

Reece hug her and kiss her neck deeply giving her hickey

“Today I just don’t wanna force myself on her, I want her to be free with me, I want her to enjoy the s*x we’re gonna have, I want her to moan my name sweetly” Reece muttered inwardly

He carried her to the bed and start removing her cloth, he sucked on her nipples like his life depend on it.

Lotus shivered when he suck her nipples

“Foreplay before s€x, when last did I do this. He thought

He dipped his finger in her p**y, Lotus wanted to moan but she don’t want Reece to hear her moan . Soon he start moving his hand faster.

She couldn’t hold it anymore and later moan like a b*tch

“Should I stop?” Reece asked

“ No please continue” Lotus begged
Soon a white liquid start coming out of her p**y making her shake vigorously.

She has never felt this way in her whole life

“ Should I stop here or I should continue” he asked again

“No don’t stop” Lotus begged like a b*tçh

“What does he think of himself,does he not know I want him in me deeply. Lotus said inwardly

He thrust in deeply making her to scream her lungs out

He stop and stare at her
“ Should I continue?” Reece asked again

Lotus nodded and he thrust in deeper and faster making her moan loudly

The sound of their skin jamming can be heard, The guards passing by will be hearing their loud moans

Soon he released his semen inside of her and get up from the bed and entered the washroom

Minutes later, Reece came back to the bedroom and met Lotus still on the bed

“ Go and freshen up” he said softly and she nod her head

“Okay he’s weird today, what the hell is going on??? Lotus thought

“Wait is he planning to kill me today. She muttered lowly

A lot of crazy thought starting going on in her head

She went into the washroom and was about taking her bath when he entered, she shivered as she moved away from him

“ Please don’t kill I’m an orphan” Loyus begged as she started crying, she used her hands to cover her face

“ Who’s killing who? should I bath for you” Reece said and she slowly drop her hands in embarrassment staring at him, looking surprised

They bath together and stepped out of the bathroom together.

“ I haven’t been able to sleep since yesterday so come and sleep here with me” he said

“Huh!!! Someone should wake me up if this is a dream, why is he suddenly nice? Lotus muttered herself

“Why , are you scared of me? Reece asked and before Lotus could reply , he captured her lips

(She is mine)

By: M. Blinky

Episode 10

A loud moan escaped Lotus lips as Reece continue kissing her hungrily as if his life depend on it. His mouth devouring hers like the sweetest thing on earth.

The door suddenly opened which made them to break apart from the kiss.

Miquel stare at the both of them hurtfully. The position he met them was enough to break his heart.

Lotus face flushed in embarrassment, she quickly pushed Reece away and tried to avoid Miquel’s gaze.

“F**k Miquel!, You should learn how to knock. What if it was the first other way round?” Reece muttered

“I’m sorry” Miquel mumbled, clenching his jaw. His gaze mainly on Lotus who was avoiding his eyes.

“Why are you here? Do you have something to tell me?” Reece asked, sitting up to face him.

“Er…. Not really. I’ll take my leave now” Miquel said before leaving the room.

He hit the wall close to him in anger with his fist. Just when he find himself falling for her, this had to happen?

He clenched his fist which was already bloody due to the punch before walking out of there in anger.

“He had nothing to say and he barged in just like that?” Reece asked himself.

He turned to look at Lotus whose head was still bent low. He tried to move closer to her but she shifted back, her back hitting the wall

*Next morning*

Lotus met Vivian outside their room, pacing around with her hand in her lips. She was unaware of Lotus presence till she cleared her throat

Vivian smiled widely and breath out in relief.

“Where were you last night? Do you know how worried I was? ” Vivian asked and Lotus chuckled

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” Come on girl, I’m perfectly fine. Lotus stated and made to enter the room but Vivian stopped her

“Hey, are you hiding something from me? Vivian asked

“Errrmmm no, I need to freshen up. I will come soon . Lotus stated and entered the room

“That was too close. Lotus muttered to herself


“Any news from our spy yet?” Jeremy asked, playing with his ring.

“Yes, she sent a message. Reece brought a lady to his clan” the guard muttered

He stopped playing with his ring immediately he heard that.

“A lady? What’s the relationship between them?” Jeremy asked.

“The girl is Rodriguez daughter but, it seems Reece is interested in her. What should we do, Boss?” Jeremy’s personal guard asked

Jeremy laughed devilishly.

“Tell her to continue keeping an eye on him, the lady is not excluded too. We can use her as a bait in eliminating him”

“Okay, boss” the guy bowed and went out of the room.

“Reece you really think you can escape from me, huh? I’ll end up killing you. Jeremy stated with a smirk



The water pouring from the shower cascade on Lotus body, her eyes was closed tightly, reminiscing about what happened between she and Reece

She kissed him, she kissed the devil who killed her parents and held her captive. She grab her hair with her hands, pulling it roughly.

“Lotus, get back to your sense. Why would you allow him to kiss you? You hate him, right?” She groaned

She switched off the shower, pulling a towel around her body. She came out of the bathroom and met Vivian still in the room

“Boss asked me to bring some clothes here for you, Vivian said and Lotus bit her lips, nodding slightly

“I must say, you’re really lucky. The Boss is being nice to you, he has never done that to anyone before not even Molly


Lotus tossed on the bed, kicking the air with her legs. Everywhere felt so boring to her, Reece was nowhere to be found since he left in the morning.

“I should take a walk around the clan. She stated and got down form the bed and walked to the door, she twisted the doorknob before leaving the room.

She smiled when the cool air hit her nostrils when got outside, she closed her eyes sniffing in the air

“What are you doing?” She heard a voice behind her.
She quickly turned and saw Miquel behind her, she smiled when he got to her.

“Aren’t you being weird?” Miquel asked.

“Do you think so?” She giggled.

Miquel chuckled. He touch her hair, ruffling it.

“You’re so cute” he muttered and she smiled.

“Your smile is so beautiful” she mumbled.

“Come with me” he suddenly grab her hand.

“Huh? Where?” Lotus asked.

“Shh, just follow me” he said, dragging her along.

Lotus kept mute as she followed him, she didn’t even know where he’s taking her but she decided to trust him.

Miquel took Lotus to the rooftop,

“Why did you bring me here?” She asked.

“I…. I just want to talk to you. Miquel said.

“What is it? I really don’t think it’s right for us to be this way”Lotus muttered.

Miquel nodded hurtfully.

“But, can I say my mind?” He asked, stylishly moving closer to her.


He got close to her, so very close that Lotus found oddly uncomfortable.

He cupped her cheeks, staring at her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Lotus uttered nervously.

“You’re so beautiful. Now I get why I find myself falling for you” he whispered.

Lotus gulped down nothing.

“What are you saying?” She asked.

“No…. nothing. I’m hungry, prepare something for me” he muttered.

” Everybody is weird here” Lotus muttered to herself