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Mate for the alpha episode 8 – 9

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“Sorry.” I cleared my throat and tried to keep my voice even.

Alec and Ethan held some unseen power that made me act like a blundering idiot whenever I was around them.

“You weren’t in school today.” Alec pointed out, a serious look on his handsome face.

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Anger and irritation flashed inside of me. Alec and his brother tormented me and now he wanted to act concerned?

It was clear that the approach I was taking held no affect on their behavior. They wanted me to have a reaction? Fine. Maybe that would bore them and end their strange fixation on me.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business.” I growled at him, glaring into his dark eyes.
I was sure I seemed like a defensive kitten in comparison to Alec’s large build, but I didn’t care

. Everything was beginning to weigh on me, and I wasn’t sure how long it would be until my sanity had left me completely.

I stepped around Alec and hastily made my way to the kitchens, not daring to search the room for Ethan’s intense gaze.

I was in the kitchen for a total of six minutes when the waitress I had ran into stormed over to me.
“What’s so special about you?” The waitress snapped.

I stared at her dumbfounded. Sure, I had ran into her by accident but I apologized for that.
She looked me up and down with a sour look on her face. Her hazel eyes pierced my skin with their judge mental gaze.

“What?” I scoffed, reacting much too slowly for her liking.
The waitress crossed her arms over her chest, “You must think you’re so f-cking great huh?”

“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.” I snapped back at her, grateful when I saw Mandy rushing up to us.

“Woah, what the hell Celine?” Mandy barked at the caramel haired waitress. “What’s going on?”
“I have no clue.” I shrugged, trying not to shrink under Celine’s glare.

“This is the second time the twin’s have come in here asking for her specifically.” Celine snapped, “As if she’s f-cking special or something.”

My mouth ran dry as she said that, and my heart hammered unhappily.
“By all means, be their waitress.” I forced the words out of my mouth.

A look of surprise followed by suspicion crossed over Celines face, “I’ve already tried. They want you.”

For a split second I contemplated quitting my job all together, but that wouldn’t solve anything. Was I really going to let two guys force me from my job? From school? Not a chance.

I left the kitchen with a grumble, my stomach doing fl-ips and my heart racing. I took a moment to collect myself.

“Hello sweetheart.” Ethan smirked as I walked up to their table. Alec sat on the other side, an identical smirk on his face.

I gritted my teeth together, “What can I get you to drink?”
The two of them ordered soda’s and I stormed away before they could say any more.
It took me only a minute, as we weren’t very busy today.

It was always much easier having tables of three or less. I hated using those h-uge trays to carry drinks on. One little misstep and all your drinks would go tumbling over

. It was much easier to keep food balanced. Most of my accidents involved drinks.
I set both of their drinks in front of them when Ethan’s rough hand reached out and snatched my arm.

“What the f-ck is this?” Ethan snarled, his rough hand w-rapped around my wrist.

I leaned over the table uncomfortably while Ethan and Alec glowered at the fading yellow bruise that stained my pale skin.

“It’s a bruise.” I snapped, trying to yank my arm away from the two of them.
Ethan’s eyes h-rdened at my defiance and a yelp escaped my l-ips as Ethan roughly pulled me onto his lap.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, feeling my face flush under the glances of the other customers. “I’m at work!”

I’m at work? Was that really the best I could come up with. I pushed my embarrassing comment to the side, knowing it would keep me up at night.

“Our family owns this place, no one cares doll.” Alec’s full l-ips turned up in a smirk but his eyes remained h-rd

“Get off of me, Ethan” I hissed, trying to squirm out of his ironclad grip.
“You might want to stop doing that, sweetheart.” Ethan chuckled lowly in my heart.

A deep rumble emerged from his chest as he whispered to my ears.

“You’re ours sweetheart, and anyone who messes with what is ours, will regret that, right brother” Ethan said smirking at Alec.

“sure, you’re ours doll” Alec said.


‼Do Not Copy Or Repost My Story ‼


“I am owned by no one ” I said firmly.
but I only got a chuckle from them.
I tried getting off Ethan’s grip but he held me t¡ght.
.a deep rumble emerged from his mouth as I felt something stir against my bottom.

I was hundred Percent sure ,my face was lit red like a flame.Gathering all the strength I could muster.
I pushed myself through he arms and attempted to stand up.

But I didnt get any far.Ethan’s arms w-rapped around like a vice grip.and grounded me back on his lap.

“Do that one more time ,and you’ll be s¢r-aming my name.” Ethan’s husky voice was deep and rich in my ear.

Ethan and Alec observed me with Clouded eyes.
Ethan held my arm and Alec touched it gingerly.

“This didn’t happen in the gym”Alec pointed out and I clamped my l-ips shut.

“Was it that cook” Ethan growled roughly in my ear.His grip on my [email protected]¡$t t¡ghtened.

“Was it Kyle?” Alec demanded Alongside his brother.
I could feel my blood run cold as I worried for Kyle.Kyle was a douche most of the time but he was not a woman beater.

“No” I sputtered looking at the two of them incredulously.”Kyle had nothing to do with this “.

“Then what hapenned to your arm sweetheart”Ethan used his rough hand to turn my face towards the two of them.

I grimaced at the both of them, my impatience Reaching an all time high.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business”I huffed at the two of them.
I was sick and tired of their mind games.Not only was it exhausting me, it was also introducing.
new and foreign s£nsations I had never felt before.

One minute they acted like they hated me.and now here they were acting my well being mattered to them.

They didnt act like they had a mere crush on me.This was something different , something possessive.

“Little doll”Alec chuckled as though I was an innocent and ignorant little girl.”it is mostly our business.”

“you belong to us sweetheart”Ethan’s rough voice murmured in my ear as something strange fluttered in my stomach.

I could feel Ethan’s rough hands tracing circles my lower back.I took what would be my only opportunity to run away.

I dashedoff of Ethan’s laps into the kitchen not daring to look back.
“what the hell was that Anatalia” Mandy’s jaw was dropped as she clutched on a stack of plates in her hands.

I shook my head profusely.” I have no idea” my body was literally at war with itself.

A strange s£nsation was tingling between my legs .
begging me to run back to the twins.For some in sane reason, I felt safe and secure with them.

While they overwhelmed me,I didn’t believe. they would ever cause me any harm.They pushed my boundaries and made me feel some unexplainable things.

On the other hand ,they were just two guys who literally barged in my life and tried to claim me as some object.

They didnt treat me like a normal girl.who they hapenned to have a crush on.

what confused me the most ,How willing were. they to share me .What kind of twins, and brothers would agree to share a girl.

And why did I feel same strange connection with both of the twins.
“You look sick ” Mandy pointed out.setting the dishes aside.

I nodded”Definitely sick”

“let me talk to the manager.I’ll drive you home” Mandy gave me a sympathetic smile and ran off.

She was only back a few seconds later ,with my jacket in her hands.
“Let’s go” Mans nodded”lets use the back doors”

Relief flashed on my fave as I gave Mandy a weak smile.”Thank you “.
We sl-ipped into her car and Mandy took off without a second thought.

“you wanna tell me what that was ” Mandy asked raising her brows at me ..
something glinted in the back of her eyes like awareness.

“I have no idea ” I floundered for the words to say.
“The twins won’t just leave me alone.
one minute I think they hate me and the next they act like they have a weird crush on me or something.”

Mandy pursued her l-ips as if she wanted to say something or more.
“well how do you feel about them ?”

“I don’t know” I shook my head, rubbing my temples against the impending headache I was bound to have.”They Make me feel strange ” .

“Strange”Mandy noted with a nod.
“Strange is better than nothing”

“you support this ” I looked at her wide eyed.

.Mandy sighed “They aren’t bad once you get to know them.I used to be friends with them when I was a kid.”

“Thats a lot of time for them to change Mandy”I huffed and shook my head.
.Mandy frowned she definitely wanted to say more.

“Look, I know they can press your boundaries but they aren’t bad people ” Mandy Shrugged dropping the topic for the time being.

” I appreciate the advice” I nodded at Mandy “but I need to figure this out on my own”

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