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Mated for the twin alphas episode 37



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I had no intentions on going to school, no matter how badly I wanted to see the twins.My gut twisted as my eyes followed the twins out the door catching Grace’s murderous stare in the process.I wasn’t sure how much she had seen.But from the intensity of her glare I assumed it was enough.

Autumn and the other girl was with them.I purposefully ignored Autumn’s stare refusing to look into there eyes.What Grace did was reprehensible, but what Autumn did was just bad. I trusted her and she led me into a trap., She had me drugged, beaten and nearly raped.And what for ?

Mandy insisted on taking Grace’s table, Something I’d be forever grateful.I laid extremely low until Grace had left, finishing the rest of my shift in a confused and slightly tormented haze.

‘Friday’ Repeated in my head like a life saving mantra . Everything would be fine After Friday. No more Grace, Franklins, Autumn, Carson, or the drama and pain followed.

Mandy drove me home after the end of my shift., the conversation light as she sped down dark road after road. After some slightly confusing directions Mandy dropped me off at Franklins’s house.

“oh” Mandy cooed looking up at the house. ” I wondered when they’d finish building this house. Your– Franklins must’ve been waiting months for this place.

I raised my eyebrow at Mandy confused at her remark.

“What do you mean ?” I frowned. “Franklins just came to this town a day ago.”

Mandy gave me an uneasy look. ” My mom furnished and decorated the insides of this house.Said some rich guy requested the house to be built months ago.”

My mind was racing at What Mandy said. Either her mom was talking about or another rich guy, or Franklins had this house planned months ago, Why would he choose here of all places? Did he know I was going to be here?

I hopped out of the car and gave Mandy a hasty goodbye wave.I was going to get some answers from Franklins.Whether he liked it or not .

It turns out I didnt have to look very far.Franklins sat in the darkened living room.A glass of dark colored liquid in his hands . My nose wrinkled as I watched him take a drink of what looked like alcohol.While Franklins looked nothing like Charles., the image was too similar.

“Anatalia” Franklins cleared his throat. Setting his glass on the table. “I waited up for you.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” I mumbled incoherently, setting my shoes in the closet near the front door.

“There are some things we should probably talk about. ” Franklins sighed, Looking much like an unwilling participant.

“Can’t they wait until tomorrow.” I grimaced.

“Am afraid not.” Franklins gave me a sympathetic smile, an expression I was beginning to loathe.”I’ve kept it from you for seventeen years,I’d prefer not to wait until another day.”

“Fine.” I nodded my lips pressed together tightly.”But I have a question of my own.”

” I believe what am about to tell you will answer some of your questions.” Franklins murmured.” But you may proceed.”

I grimaced at his strange choice of words spoken like a true business.-man I guess.

“This house.” I nodded looking around the us ” My friend’s mom designed the inside, said it was requested months ago. It was you wasn’t it?”

Franklins never responded but his eyes held much to decipher.He was avoiding my question for a reason I was right.

“My side of the family is –unique.” Franklins began brushing my question completely. “I wasn’t sure you would inherit this particular –Trait, but it appears you have it.”

“Obviously”I rolled my eyes. “Heterochromia Iridium, isn’t that uncommon.”

“Ah yes, our eyes.” Franklins paused clearly taken aback with my answer.” But that is not the trait am referring to.”

I stood silent, I couldn’t think of anything else he might be talking about.

“You see— my side of family are different species from Average Human’s.” Franklins opened his mouth and I tried to comprehend the nonsense that flowed from his lips.”My side of the family are werewolves.Now–Half-Blood’s don’t always develop that wolf side, but sometimes they do Which brings me back to you ,Anatalia.”

Franklins went silent for minutes. No Doubt giving me time to process what he had just said.

Werewolves.Fuzzy winter dogs that roamed the woods and ate animals.

‘Not dogs.’ Thalia rolled her eyes . ‘You were petting two wolves the other day.’

‘You’re really buying into this?’ I rolled my eyes at her. ‘They were wolves , Freakishly mutated and calm wolves, but that’s all they were.’

My mind was beyond understand any of this.

So being the slightly unhinged person that I am . I convulsed into laughter.

The laughter fell from my lips in waves and I realized I hadn’t truly laughed for so long.
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