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Meeting the rock star episode 32B-33

🎶Meeting the Rock Star🎤
By Nwauwa Miriam
(Mimi Candy🙈)
💔Chapter 32B💔
Amber was discharged the next day, the doctor gave us strict orders not to let her do anything stressful. He also told us that we should not try to force her to remember anything.
We all agreed that nobody will say anything that’ll remind Amber of the past.
We took her home.
I was worried.
I want to know who know attacked my sister.
I walked into her room, Derek had left, he promised to come back tomorrow. I know he’s feeling bad about Amber’s condition. I felt so sorry for him.
When I walked into her room,she was on a call. I paused in my tracks and listened to her conversation.
“I was wondering if you’d come tomorrow?… Yes I’d love that!… Bye…”
She disconnected the call, smiling at her phone.
I walked into her room.
“Who was that?” I asked looking at her.
“So I’m not entitled to my own privacy again? Huh?”
“Sorry. I’m worried about you.”
“I know that, but you don’t have to be overprotective.” She said rolling her eyes.
“I’m not been overprotective Amber. Your life is in danger!”
“And why would my life be in danger? Look at you, your hair… It’s different, everything about you has changed. You’ve become a celebrity. Where’s Jenny?”
“She ditched me.” I replied quietly.
“And why would she do that?”
“She gave me no reason. She just wanted to end our relationship.”
“And you didn’t deem it fit to tell me? When did we begin to hide things from each other Kelly?”
“Maybe since after you left Dominic.” I stater bitterly.
She laughed drily.
“Now who’s Dominic? You’re making this up huh?”
I scratched my head in frustration.
“Whatever, forget about what I said.”
“No, no, who’s Dominic?”
“Your ex.”
“My ex? Since when?”
“Just forget about it okay? You should rest now…” I led her to the bed.
“You won’t tell me who Dominic is?” She asked looking into my face.
“I told you he’s your ex, what else do you want to hear?”
“I can’t exactly tell you everything, since you made your relationship with him sooo discreet.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Duh! How come I don’t remember? Duh!” She laid down on the bed, with a huge smile. “I think I’m crushing on that guy from the hospital…”
I immediately sat up.
“Who? Derek?”
She eyed me.
“No, the other cute guy, his name is Damian.” She said with a smile.
I clenched my fist in anger.
“You shouldn’t be falling for him dummy!”
“Task…I like him…he’s soo adorable…” She had a dreamy expression in her eyes.
“You should be falling for Derek.”
“Tsss…there’s no attraction between us.”
“There is.” I stated, getting angry. Derek will feel more bad if he hears what my sister is saying right now.
“I’m tired Kelly. You can leave my room.”
“I’m leaving! Ah…so annoying!” I stormed out of the room, she slammed the door after me.
I’m just so confused right now, where do I start from?
Right now my sister needed to be protected.
I moved to the sitting room.
Mom came out from the kitchen.
“Are you okay Kelly?”
“Mom, Amber is so annoying, why can’t she just remember anything at all?” I said, my shoulders slumping tiredly.
A sympathetic look passed across her face.
“Honey, I think you should forget about that for the main time. What’s important is that she’s alive, and that’s what matters.”
“I know mom but..”
“No butz honey, you’ll soon get adapted to her,okay? Don’t try to force her to remember anything.”
“But mom, she has to remember! How are we going to find the person that attacked her?” I asked irritably.
“She might remember honey, just give her time okay?”
“Okay mom.” I grumbled. She smiled and went back to the kitchen.
How can I be okay when my sister might be in danger?
What if the person strikes again?
I poured myself a shot of whisky, and gulped it down.
“Ah…” The liquor burnt my throat, giving me this heady feeling. I poured myself another shot and made to gulp it down again, but somebody stopped me.
“How many times will I tell you not to drink alcohol again?” Danny’s voice reached me. I turned to look into his face.
“Hey yourself. How are you feeling?” He asked before gulping down the drink I poured out.
“Terrible.”I sighed
“Why?” He moved close to me, his eyes never leaving my face.
“I’m worried about Amber, I’m worried about her safety.”
“She’ll be fine. The doctor said she’s fine, just for the partial amnesia, she’s good. So no need to be worried.”
“But she was attacked. The attacker may might not like the fact that she’s alive, you know the person intended to kill her.”
“We’ll inform the police about it, they’ll provide security for her.” He said soothingly.
First creamy, now Amber, what’s all this?
The person who killed creamy, April, is dead, she was murdered.
Who killed her?
I had not really thought much about April’s death, I had been very bitter about creamy’s death to give it much thoughts.
But now I was beginning to get this strange feeling in my guts that April didn’t kill creamy.
Danny pulled me to him.
“Put your mind at rest, okay? I don’t like those frowns on your face.” He said quietly. I smiled.
“You’re cute.”
“Yeah I know that.” He leaned forward and we k-ssed.
“Eeeeew!” Danny and I sprang apart. I glared at Amber.
“Seriously you guys should go get a room or something! Yuck!” She walked into the kitchen.
“What are you doing here by the way?” I asked him quietly. He grinned.
“To see your sister of course, and make and make sure she’s okay.”
“Jealous much huh?”
“I’m not!”
“You are!”
“I said I’m not!”
Ah….Amber didn’t remember anything?
That’s sad😏
It’ll actually serve my purpose.
It’s time…
Plan B activated.
“Sorry Kelly.”
I brought out my phone and typed away…
I stirred in my bed, my eyes snapped open. Something had woken me up, I couldn’t pinpoint it.
My phone!
I picked up my phone and squinted at the screen.
I immediately sat up.
A message notification was on my screen.
Who sent someone a message by 1am in the morning?
I opened the message.
My heartbeat increased in anxiety.
💬Wanna know the mystery of Amber and creamy? Come to willows lake by 1pm. Come alone.
Cold sweats broke out on my face.
I didn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t sleep. I had tossed around the bed thinking, contemplating…
The person who sent the text had something to do with Amber’s attack and creamy’s death.
Then why will he send me the text?
It absolutely makes no sense at all.
My brain scre-med at me to ignore the message, it might be a trap.
But still a part of me wanted to go, to satisfy my curiosity…
I wanted to know who killed creamy, and who attacked Amber.
But still, it was risky.
“Are you okay sweetie?”mom’s voice interrupted my thoughts.
I looked up, quite startled.
My coffee had been untouched. I picked it up and took a long sip.
” I’m fine mom.”
“You’re worried about Amber again?” She asked with a sympathetic smile.
“I can’t help it mom.” I played along. I couldn’t tell my mom that I was very close to unraveling the mystery of Amber’s attack and creamy’s death, especially when the text said ‘come alone’
“Stop worrying sweetie. She’s fine.”
“I know that mom.”
She smiled and then turned back to her food.
I excused myself and moved to my room.
I had made up my mind.
I’m going to willows park.
I had a warm bath. We were approaching winter now, everywhere was getting colder.
I put on my thick sweater and jeans trousers. I also wore my brown leather boots. I let down my hair, after brushing it carefully.
I glanced at my reflection in the mirror.
What if I get attacked by the person?
I decided to get back up. I’ll call the police.
I brought out my phone to call the police.
A message popped into my phone.
💬Don’t even think of it
It read.
I became nervous.
Another message popped in.
💬I can see you👀
I nearly dropped my phone.
I suddenly wanted to leave my room.
Where they hidden cameras in my room?
I rushed out of the room, breathing hard.
Who the heck is this person?
What does he want?
Another pop
💬Don’t keep me waiting please.
I felt like I was going insane
Who’s this person?!
I moved into my room.
I looked up at the ceiling.
“This is not funny anymore!!” I yelled angrily, hoping the person hears. “I don’t know what you’ll gain by doing this, but it’s not funny!!” I said angrily, feeling helpless.
There was absolute silence afterwards.
I marched out of my room, determined.
I’ll teach you! I swear to god I’ll teach you..!!
I walked passed Amber, she was looking at me with a puzzled expression.
“Are you okay Kelly? Who are you scre-ming at?”
“Not now Amber.” I said under my breath as I walked past her.
“Where are you going to?!”she yelled after me.
” stay in your room! ” I yelled back. Outside our apartment were guards, all fully armed.
I walked past all of them, tucking my hands into my pockets.
Willows lake was not quite far, but still I took a cab.
I texted Danny.
💬Come get me at willows lake, it’s urgent.
I switched off my phone.
I didn’t know what I’ll do to the person who killed my dog, I don’t know how I’ll feel when I see him…
Will I be filled with a murderous rage and get the urge to strangle him?
I don’t know…
The cab stopped in willows lake.
I got out and paid the cab driver.
I walked towards the lake, it was des**ted. The lake was freezing cold. I stood, with my hands in my pocket, watching the ripples of the lake, waiting…
A minute….a minute and thirty seconds… Three minutes…
Five minutes….
I heard footsteps behind me, it echoed in my brain. I braced myself and turned around.
“Hey Kelly.” I heard the familiar voice. I would always recognize the voice anywhere in the world.
My eyes widened.
“Jenny.” I stated, my mind blank.
What’s she doing here?
“Long time, no see.” She said with a little smile. She didn’t change much. Her spiky hair had become more longer, her pale blue eyes brighter
“W…what are y..you doing here?” I stammered.
My heartbeat froze when she pointed an automatic .38 at me.
“Isn’t it obvious dummy? To kill you of course…
🎶Meeting the Rock star🎤
By Nwauwa Miriam
(Mimi candy🙈)
💔Chapter 33💔
I stared at the nozzle of the gun, and then at Jenny’s expressionless face.
“Why would you want to kill me? What are you doing here in the first place?” I asked. My brain refused to accept the fact that Jenny was here to kill me.
I mean, this could just be a joke, right?
She slapped her forehead in irritation.
“When will you wisen up Kelly? Isn’t it obvious that I’m the one who invited you here?”
She said through clenched teeth, the gun never wavered.
“But.. But the mystery behind creamy’s death, Amber’s attack? How… How did you find out about it?”
“Isn’t that very much obvious too dummy?”
I gasped and stumbled backwards as realization hit me.
“You.. You killed creamy?!” I whispered, clutching my chest. I felt this bitter taste, bile maybe, rise up my throat. Tears gathered around my eyes, my breathing became painful
“…” Her eyes hardened.
“Why? What did the dog do to you? He loved you Jenny!” My tears were already streaming down my face.
“But I warned you, to stay away from danny, didn’t I?’ She took a step towards me, shortening the distance between us.
” you killed creamy because of danny? ” I couldn’t believe my ears,
I can’t believe any of this, this must be a dream, a f-cking dream.
“And Amber too, you attacked her because of danny? You nearly killed my sister because of danny? Isn’t that very low of you? I..I know you… You didn’t do it…you c..can’t…” I took a step towards her.
I wanted her to tell me that this was all a prank, and I’d believe her.
The gun raised a few inches and was now pointing at my forehead.
“Stay back!” The command was sharp and deadly, my legs frozed in its track. I just stood, we both staring into each other’s face.
“Why?” I wiped off my tears, I won’t cry for Jenny, she doesn’t even deserve a single drop of tears from my eyes.
“Why did you slit my dog’s throat? He was not the one falling for danny, I was the one, why didn’t you attack me directly? Why my sister and my dog? They had nothing to do with this?!” I shouted at her.
If not for the gun she was pointing at me, I would have rushed to her and put my hands around her throat and gave a tight squeeze.
I can’t believe that I had been friends with… With this monster. I should have noticed it, when I had told her about going to meet danny, the strange way she had rushed out of the cafeteria…
She had never been happy for me, and I had trusted her…
So this was how betrayal felt like?
That sharp pain in my back, that’s almost constructing me, making it terribly hard for me to breath…
It felt too painful to be true, it can’t be true…
My friend, whom I told all my secret, is pointing a gun at me and telling me, proudly, that she killed my dog…
She still didn’t say anything, she just stared into my face, her face blank, devoid of any emotion, her grip on the gun tightening.
“I didn’t attack Amber.” She said quietly.
Who cares, you f-cking killed my dog!
This was beginning to make sense now!
“Did..you kill April too?” I asked, holding my breath, afraid of what I’ll hear.
She didn’t say anything.
I gasped in terror.
I was dealing with a murderer!
“Jenny why? What happened to you?” I asked through clenched teeth.
“I guess people are not what they seem from the outside Kelly! You should know that by now! You have too many enemies!”
“That was what you told me the last time we f-cking met!!! How was I supposed to know that you’re one of my enemies!!” I yelled, feeling frustrated.
“Even your most trusted ones will betray you Kelly.” She said softly, lowering the gun slightly.
“You didn’t have to be one of those that’ll betray me Jenny, you were my friend for goodness sake!!”
“Friends change to enemy within the twinkle of an eye. Some friends were never friends from the beginning, some are enemies, pretending to be friends so that they’ll know your weakness and then strike you.”
“And I’m glad you know that you fall under that category.” I stated coldly. A little smile lighted her face.
“It doesn’t matter honey, get inside the lake!” She lifted the gun again, it was now pointing at my chest.
“WHAT?!!” I scre-med, turning around to look at the lake, it was freezing cold, almost 5° Celsius!
“Kelly, get inside the lake, now!” She c*cked the gun.
I had gotten a text from Kelly, asking me to come pick her in willows lake.
What the heck will she be doing there in this type of weather.
I reached her apartment and pressed on the door.
I rang the bell for a long time before Amber finally opened the door.
“Hey.” She smiled at me.
“Where’s Kelly?” I asked, walking into the apartment.
“Oh she left, she wouldn’t tell me where she was going to.”she said with a frown.
Then that means she was still in willows lake
“She was acting strange before she left. She kept yelling at someone I don’t know, I wondered what’s wrong with her…”
I brought out my phone and dialed her number, it was switched off.
“Her phone is switched off!” I said, feeling afraid all of a sudden.
Just then a message popped into my phone.
💬Your girlfriend is in trouble, come find her in willows lake…
“I rushed out of the house, dialing 911
“Get inside the lake Kelly!”
“But it’s freezing cold!” I protested.
“The more reason you should go have a swim.” She said with a little crazy smile.
I was already afraid.
“You don’t mean this Jenny… Please, you must be joking!” I stated, desperately.
I couldn’t die now, I don’t want to die.
“Kelly. Get. Inside. The. Lake. Now!!”
“No!!” I scre-med.
“Yes, you will!”
“You kill my dog and then you’re trying to kill me! What will you get by doing this?!”
“Get inside the lake Kelly!”
“Don’t you dear call me my name again!” I scre-med at her
“You don’t even have the right to call me that anymore. It ended when you pointed a gun at me.” I whispered, tears forming in the corner of my eyes.
“Get inside the lake!” She lowered the gun to my legs and pressed the trigger.
I scre-med and fell to the floor as I felt hot, searing pain on my calf, and the echo of the gunshot.
She shot me!
She f-cking shot me!
I felt a hand grab my hair roughly, and pulled me up. I scre-med in pain as I scrambled to my feet, trying to lessen the pain I felt on my scalp.
I felt myself being roughly dragged to the lake, I tried to scre-m again, I felt the cold metal being pressed to the corner of my head.
“Not even a sound.” She said coldly, I gulped and kept my mouth shot.
“Good, take off your sweater!”
“I won’t beg you Jenny, just kill me here!” I scre-med.
“Take it off!” She raised the gun upwards and shoot.
I scre-med and covered my ears, feeling frightened all of a sudden.
She walked towards me
I felt her roughly fumbling with the zippers of the sweater, I just stood still, unable to react.
“Take it off!” She pointed the gun to me again.
My fingers mechanically began to remove it, as I stared into my face.
Cold air circled my body immediately the sweater was removed from my body, I shivered slightly, i was dressed in only my blue polo and jeans, as I looked into her face.
“Move!” She grabbed me roughly by the arm and began to pull me to the lake.
“Stop this Jenny!” I said, resisting her efforts.
She gave me a violent push and I fell forward, into the lake, scre-ming.
Immediately I fell into the freezing water, it felt as though ten thousand needles were pressed into my skin, my lungs refused to draw in air, I trashed about, gurgling and trying to escape from the murderous coldness.
I felt her feet press into my back, pinning me down.
I layer on the freezing water, speechless, defenseless…
My brain simply refused to accept the fact that my friend was trying to kill me, it simply refused to…
Her leg were removed from my body, I stood up slowly, my body was already numb, I couldn’t feel the searing pain in my leg anymore.
I stared at her.
She stared back at me, her gun still pointed to me.
“All these things you did, did it give you the satisfaction you wanted?” I asked slowly. My mouth were already stiff, the lower half of my body was already freezing.
She didn’t answer me.
She never answered any question of mine…
A tear rolled down my cheek…
I got out of the car quickly and raced down to the lake. It was des**ted. I saw something or someone in the lake.
Why would someone want to take a swim in such a weather?
Still I ran on.
I froze up when I got nearer and nearer to the person.
She had her back turned to me, but I’d never forget that silver highlight.
“Kelly!” I yelled rushing towards her.
She didn’t turn.
I was already scared
Was she dead?
What was she doing inside the lake?
I waded through the lake, it wasn’t too deep, but it was freezing cold.
My trouser was already soaked with the freezing water.
“Kelly!” I put my hands around her wa-ist and turned her around gently.
She was still alive, her eyes were wide open,the tip of her hair had ice on them.
I could hear the police siren in the distance.
I carried her out of the lake and laid her gently on the floor.
“Kelly?” I called softly, her eyes focused on my face.
Who did this to you?
I noticed the blood stain on her jeans.
She was already shivering violently, her teeth clattering noisily.
I wrapped my hands around her, trying to warm her up.
The police siren came into view.
“Jenny.” She whispered.
At first it didn’t make any sense.
“Jenny.” She whispered again.
Then it made sense to me…

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