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Melting me Softly episode 13 – 14


(Haunted from the past)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

πŸπŸ‚ Episode ThirteenπŸπŸ‚

πŸ’ƒ AVELYN πŸ’ƒ

I was still trying to sleep when a message pop on my phone screen. I reach for my phone and unlock it to read the message.

πŸ“²”Can we meet” Maybe this is the time to know my secret admirer.

πŸ“²”Sure”I replied.

πŸ“²”Okay, am outside the park where we do meet often”he replied.

The only person I meet at park most time is Josh.

I quickly change from my sweatpants to a baggy jean and a black top.

I brush my hair and wipe my makeup off since it late already. I exit my room and luckily Noah isn’t in the sitting room.

I sneak out of the house and head to the park, I didn’t even take my car since it isn’t far away from my house and I don’t think am doing the right thing by not telling Nate.

I almost got there when I saw a figure of a guy in black but his park is facing me.

“Josh”I muttered and he turn immediately.
“Avelyn”I cross my arm round my chest.

I walk closer to where he was standing. “I was expecting in mask or something”I smirk.
“You told me you know I’m already”he confessed.
“So why all the Mystery?”I asks.

“This might sounds stupid but I didn’t dump you because I don’t like you”he said.
“Then why”I frown.
“I have my reasons”he replied.
“There is no point doing all this because am with Nate now and you know”I replied.

“Nate isn’t the guy you think he is”he said and I was confused a bit.
“What do you mean by he isn’t who he is”I asks.
“I guess he didn’t even tell you we were once Best friend”he replied.

So it true? What if Rebecca is right?
“I don’t understand you two and your secrecy”I said.
“Then asks your boyfriend about it”he replied and I frown again.

“The best way to asks for an apology is to get me mad again”I roll my eye.
“I can’t tell you but all I need is your forgiveness”he replied.

“Sure have forgiven you”I said and he smile.

Things were getting awkward between us I decide to call it a day. “So I should head back home before Noah notice am gone”I said and he nod.

“Okay goodnight”he pull me into a hug before I could leave and release me before walking away.
What did he just do?. Does he realize I have a boyfriend?.

I went home that night with Josh feeling up my head. Maybe Josh is really a change person now or he is lying?.

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Can a player really change overnight?.

Days after Days and I wake up taking a bouquet of flowers in the front of my house. Noah thinks they are from Nate but it only know to Amy and I that it isn’t from Nate instead Josh.

Nate and I hardly talk since he spent more time on his upcoming football event that is finally taking place today.

I dress up for the football game, Amy decide to accompany me since Tim play was postponed till Monday so I get a chance to go to both since Tim and I became best friend it would be disappointing to break his heart again.

“Can I see you for a moment”Nate walk pass Amy and I and she just stare at me.
“Are you two fighting”she asks.

“No, I will see you at the school field”I said before following Nate who stop at the quiet hallway.

“Why do you want to see me”I asks immediately he stop.
“I know this is quite late and I know you would be mad butβ€””he pause for a while and stare at me.

His he breaking up with me already?.
Did he found out Josh had been flirty with me recently?.
What is he going to say?.

πŸπŸ‚ Episode Fourteen(14)πŸπŸ‚

“What do you want to tell me?”I asks.
Promise you won’t be angry at me”he said scratching the back of his hair.

“Just spit it out”
“Am going to be gone for a month”he said and my eye widened.
“A month”I repeated.
“I’m sorry

“When are you leaving?”I asks.
“After the game probably a week after or maybe on Monday”he replied.
“And you are just telling me?”I yelled.
“I don’t know how you would react”he replied.

“Just do your wish”I excuse myself and went back to join Amy.

Not too long the game start and Amy and I were quick to get a sit at the front.

The whole school seems to be interested in the game or some are just interested in seeing the hot guys skills.

When the football team player came out Amy screamed into my ear with the others.

Why didn’t I bring my earpod?
My eye scan the field for Nate, even though we are fighting or should I say I’m mad at him but at least this is big day I shouldn’t ruin it for him.

My eye search the field but it met Josh who wink at me, seems he sees me clearlyπŸ™„.

Why is he winking at me? Just because I forgive him doesn’t mean I will get back to him.

I made him realize am dating Nate and I love him so no big deal in him flirting with me because Nate might send him to coma or Noah would represent him if he doesn’t let go of me.

“What are you thinking”Amy asks bringing me back to the game that already begin a minute ago.
“Nothing”I replied.

“You seems lost or something and you haven’t told me what Nate told you”She replied and my face went down immediately.

“Did he break up with you”Amy gasped.
“The why”She replied quick.
“He is leaving for a month after the game”I replied and Amy gasped.

“Why?”She asks.
“He is actually leaving with the team on Monday”I replied.
“So Josh is leaving too”She asks,

Why is she asking me about Josh?.
“Yeah I guess”I shrug.

She wanted to continue the conversation but the crowd shouted goal and we both stood up even though I’m yet to know who score it but when they screamed Nate I know he is the one.

I guess he is pretty good at the game and I shouldn’t be and obstruction. he blew me a kiss from the field and I smile.

His girls fans are now staring at me but it pretty good at ignoring people.

“You should see Josh face”Amy said immediately we sit back again.
“What”I asks.
“I guess you are in a mixed feeling right now”She replied.

“I don’t have anything to do with him again and if he try coming close Noah would break his hand”I replied and she chuckled.

We concentrated back on the game and Josh was trying to score the ball alone!!!.

He should pass the ball to Nate, the way is leading are already blocked by the opponent.

He was about to take another turn before he fell to the ground and the crowd gasped. I stood up immediately to check if he was okay.

“I will go check”Amy walk away and left me staring at what is going on the field.

Josh was taken away with a stretcher.
“Is it that bad”I asks Amy as she walk back to our seat.

“I think he broke is leg or something but he won’t be able to play for a while so he was taken away”she replied.

“I hope it okay”I sit back since the game already start again.
“Is he trying to impress you”Amy asks and I ignore her.

“What’s up with you”she asks.
“Nothing”I was relieved when she didn’t push it further.

“I better get an explanation because Josh would be having home treatment for a while that means he is not going for the camp”She blurted out and I still ignore her even though am

After the game was over everyone started leaving one after the other.
“Are you going now or you are still going to wait for Nate”She asks.

“Yeah I will call you later”I replied and she walk away before I pack my things and head to where Nate is.

“You play really good”I pass him the water bottle in my hand and he took it with a smile.
“Thanks”he replied.

“I guess I should get going now”I said and turn to leave but he call me back.

I turn and stare at him, he should know am still mad at him even though I don’t know why my foolish self is still concerned about him.

“Are you still mad at me”
“Am sorry”
“Apology definitely unaccepted”.
“What about we hangout today”
“No”I replied quick.

“Am sorry Avelyn”I sigh before I turn my gaze at him again.
“Where are we going?”I asks and he smile.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Damn it short πŸ€”….I already explain I have an exam am preparing for so bare it with me. What do you think about Josh game and Nate drama

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