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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 14



by HSR* 📝📝📝




– *Diary entry –28*


‘Morning, ‘ i politely greet them.

‘Morning to yourself,’ Auntie responds with a stormy look on her face.

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‘Zendaya! Zendaya! Zendaya! ‘

‘Yes uncle,’ the way he just called me almost makes me laugh. I try as hard as i can to hold it but a little laugh escapes me.


Auntie shoots me an evil eye, ‘You think this is funny?’

‘I am sorry, ‘ i respond with a serious tone.

‘How many times did i call you? ‘ he growls

‘Three times!’ i respond.

‘Where did you go yesterday? ‘ He asks

‘Well, i was at school.’

He looks at me for a brief moment, ‘You think i am stupid right? ‘

‘I was at school yesterday almost the whole day. ‘

Auntie claps her hands together, ‘Wonders shall never end.’

‘When i got to school yesterday, i collapsed, they took me to the school clinic, i was put on bed rest no wonder i haven’t gone to school today.’

‘Who do you think you are?’ Uncle snaps at me

‘Well, i am Zendaya!’

Sherister bursts out laughing, ‘Savage.’

‘So you think we are here playing right? ‘Uncle asks

‘Nah. ‘

‘Sherister what time did she come home last night? ‘

‘Close to midnight,’ Sherister responds.

‘Ah! ‘ i gasp in shock

Sherister winks at me.

‘So you are telling me you were at the hospital till midnight?’

‘She is lying, i was here before midnight, a friend took me out for dinner when they discharged me from the hospital.’

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‘Shut up! You whore!’ Auntie yells

‘Your daughter is a bigger whore, ‘ i respond.

‘Say what?’ uncle asks.

‘God knows i am not a whore but Sherister here gives meaning to the word ‘Whore.’ Sleeping around with every thing in a trousers, she doesn’t even know who the father of her baby is,’ the words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them


Auntie raises her hand and brings it down my cheek, ‘How dare you? ‘ she shrieks.

I feel tears fill my eyes and i try to blink them away but one rebellious tear trickles down my cheek and i quickly wipe it off with tha palm of my hand.


‘Don’t you dare call my daughter names.’

‘Zendaya! ‘my uncle yells,

‘Why would you even call me a whore? ‘ Sherister says her voice almost breaking.

I look at her and shake my head.

She is faking her little tears because she wants uncle to take her side, like who does that? Just a few hours ago she was here asking for my advice and now she is treating me like trash. Some things never change.


‘Zendaya i will not allow you to drag my mother’s name in the mud, your foolish mother did that once, never again.’

‘What do you mean drag Koko’s name in the mud? ‘

‘People do talk, people see your actions, people observe your whoring ways, you won’t have to suffer the consequences alone, they will say even the grandmother is like that, ‘ auntie says

‘Can i ask a question?’ i asks

‘What is it? ‘ Uncle angrily responds.

‘It’s no secret that auntie was kicked out of her matrimonial home for being an adulteress, isn’t that draging Koko’s name in the mud? ‘

Auntie shakes her head, ‘You just had to.’


‘Like seriously why should i be crucified when……,’

My sentence is cut short when a tender hand slaps me across the face.

This time around i allow the tears to freely stream down my face.


‘You know what, you can slap me all you want but the truth still remains, i am better than you in so many ways. You are just bitter because you can’t measure up to me,’ i yell in between sobs.


Auntie lets out a sarcastic laugh and mutters, ‘Better in what ways you ugly duckling?’


‘There is more to me than just my physical appearance.’

‘Oh please! Who has been feeding you all this shit? Physical appearance is everything baby, your brains won’t take you anywhere with a face like that?’ she points at me

Sherister laughs, ‘Mum you will make the poor girl kill herself.’


‘She needs to know her class and stick to it.’

‘Listen to me Zendaya and listen to me real good, ‘ uncle says

I give him an awful stare.

‘The next time you come here after 17, i will pack your things and kick you out. We have been good to you but it seems you are taking our generosity for granted.’

‘I hope it’s clear.’

‘Ok, ‘ i respond

‘And i hope you haven’t started sleeping around because God knows i will murder you when i find out you are.’

‘History must not repeat itself,’ auntie says

Uncle let’s out an evil laugh, ‘ I will never allow History to repeat itself, if she gets pregnant like Viola, she leaves this house instantly.’

‘Yes, we can’t allow mother to keep raising bastards.’

‘And you know what hurts? ‘ Uncle asks

‘What? ‘ Auntie asks

‘The fact that mother decided to waste her time raising this thing here. If she had taken her to an orphanage life would be so much better.’

‘Ikr. ‘


Uncle yawns, ‘ Anyway i need to take a bath, i have more important things to do than waste my time with this filth.’


‘Ya let’s go, i am sure what has been said is loud and clear.’


They all walk out of my room slamming the door behind their back.

I stand in silence for a while trying to absorb everything that just happened, like what kind of family is this? Everything i do is wrong, i am always being screamed at, nothing i do is ever right in their sight, i swear diary my family deserves an Oscar for being wicked.

Anyway i wipe the tears from my face with my thumbs then i lie down on my bed.


About an hour later, I take a quick shower and get dressed for the day.

I am sitting on a stool in front of my mirror brushing through my hair when all of a sudden, a wave of nausea comes over me.


When i stand up, there is a throbbing in my head, i close my eyes for a second trying to understand whats going on and that’s when a wave of dizziness hits me.


‘Oh lord! Oh lord! ‘


‘Zendaya! ‘ Auntie calls my name a minute later.


‘Zendaya hun,’ she calls for the second time, i am confused, why is she calling me hun.


Just then my bedroom door opens and she walks in, ‘Are you okay? ‘

I nod my head.

‘You look like you are about to faint.’

‘I am okay,’ i respond as another wave of dizziness hits me.


I stand still for a few minutes trying to control what i am feeling.

‘Are you okay? ‘ she asks


‘Someone is here to see you,’ she smiles.


‘Okay? ‘

‘I will be coming out shortly.’


‘why has her mood suddenly changed? ‘ i wonder as i slip my feet into a pair of flip flops.






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