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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 18





– *Diary entry –33*

Dear Diary,


13: 00 hours


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‘Make it quick I don’t have the whole day,’ I tell Angie, we are sitting in her car at school.

‘How are you?’

I shake my head, ‘I am very much fine Angela.’

‘Is Koko back?’

‘Koko is coming back today but I would really appreciate it if you went straight to the point, we both know you didn’t call me here to find about Koko.’


‘So if you have nothing to say to me I think I will leave, I have a lot of stuff to do than sit here with you.’

‘I miss us Zendaya!’

‘There was never us, it was a game remember?’

‘Look, I am sorry for playing you like that, I deeply regret my actions please give me a chance to make things right.’

‘I trusted you Angie, I have never opened up to anyone like I did with you, deep down I knew what we shared was too good to be true but I hoped that maybe just maybe you were real, I loved you my dear Angie and I was excited to have a sister for once.’

‘I am sorry.’

‘Wait did you even care at all, like all the ‘you are beautiful, you are a nice friend,’ where they ever real or it was all just pretense?’

‘At first it was all just pretence but then I got to know you and i fell in love with the person that you are, I tried to back out of the plan but Maria couldn’t let me to.’


‘You are a good person Zen, you are beautiful inside out and any person would be glad to call you their friend….’

A sarcastic chuckle escapes my lips cutting her short, ‘Pardon me but all that sounds rehearsed, I don’t know if you are pretending or you are being real.’

‘Please give me one more chance to make things right,’ she pleads

I am about to respond but my phone chooses that exact minute to ring.



I blush, yoh love is a beautiful thing I can’t even begin to explain how Elijah makes me feel, I wish someone had told me earlier about this thing called love, I missed out for a long now and now that I have it, I holding on to this for as long as I can.

‘You are done with class?’

‘Yes, but I have another class right after lunch.’

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‘I don’t envy you,’ I laugh

‘Have you left school already?’

‘Nah, I am at the car park, in Angie’s car.’

‘Are you guys finally making up?’

‘We are just talking I should be leaving soon though.’

‘Give her a chance.’

‘Don’t start.’

‘I am serious.’


Babe we all make mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance.’

‘I hear you sir,’ I roll my eyes



He laughs

‘You did well in class this morning, keep it up baby girl.’

‘Thank you.’

‘You are welcome though you looked like you were suffocating towards the end.’

‘I was irritated.’


‘Christine was all over you, didn’t you see.’

He laughs, ‘Look who is jealous, she is just a colleague.’

‘I see.’

‘Seriously babe, you don’t need to be jealous of her,’ he says

‘I hear you.’

‘Elijah,’ I hear someone call his name on the other end of the line.

‘I am starving, let’s go for lunch,’ she says

‘Babe I have to go I will see you later in the evening.’

I am tempted to ask if that’s Christine on the other side but I don’t want to come out as an insecure girlfriend so I decided to let it go, I am going to trust him.

‘Okay, see you later.’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ I respond before cutting the call

I turn to Angie.

She has a smile on her face, ‘wow!’


‘You guys are now an item, congratulations.’

‘Okay that’s none of your business.’

‘Zendaya please, I am trying here, meet me half way.’

‘I didn’t even ask you to try.’

‘That hurt.’

‘It should hurt! you think it didn’t hurt me when you sold me out like that.’

‘I am sorry, please.’

‘I hear you.’


‘I will think about it, I have to go now.’

‘Let me give you a lift home.’


She smiles

‘It’s just a ride back home don’t get your hopes high.’


She starts the car and pulls out of the car park and onto the road. The ride back home is quiet, we are both occupied with our own thoughts.

She parks in front of my gate thirty minutes later.

‘Thank you for the ride.’

‘You won’t ask me in?’

‘For what?’

‘I am thirsty.’

‘So you can’t quickly drive to your house and drink water or better yet can’t you buy water from one of the shops around?’


‘Fine, come in just for two minutes.’

She smiles,’ Thanks.’

We both step out of the car and she locks it then we walk inside and head for the door.

I push the door open then i step aside and allow Angie to walk in. I close the door and head for the living room, Koko is sitting on the couch talking to my auntie.

‘Koko!’ I shout as loud as I can, I can’t believe she is back like this feels like a dream.

‘My Zen!’ she opens her arms wide to me and I run into her, she envelopes me in her tight embrace.

‘I missed you Koko.’

‘And I missed you too my baby, look at you all grown up,’ she laughs

‘Oh please. It’s just been a few weeks I am still the same old Zen.’

I pull away from Koko and sit on her laps.

‘Aren’t you a little too big for such childishness,’ auntie asks

‘Naomi, let her be, I am not complaining am i?’

I look at her and smile I can see she is boiling with anger.

‘Angie, why are you standing there come and say hi to me didn’t you miss me?’ Koko asks

‘Opps!’ I got too excited I even forgot about Angie.

She walks over to Koko and they shake hands.

‘How are you?’

‘I am good Koko, how was your stay in the village.’

‘It was okay though we lost my sister’s child.’

‘My condolences.’

‘Thank you my baby,’ she responds

Koko turns to me, ‘I came with two girls from the village they will be staying here for now.’


‘Yes they are resting in your room.’

‘Okay great.’

‘Mother I thought we talked about this already, those stranger girls have to go back to the village.’

‘Naomi, this is my house and like I told you before those girls are here to stay.’

‘But mother…..’

‘Don’t stress me please.’


‘Zendaya and Angie come with me to the kitchen I make you something to eat while you tell me all about your escapades while I was away.’



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