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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 19







*FEBRUARY 14th* ❣❣❣❣❣

– *Diary entry –34*


Dear Diary,

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It’s Valentine’s Day, I am excited about the night ahead with Elijah but on the other hand I am anxious about meeting his sister. What if she doesn’t like me?

I went to school in the morning, class was boring and now I am back home, I am getting ready to go shopping with Angie, she insists I get myself a new dress for tonight as well as plait my hair.

So ya its official me and Angie are back together, Koko practically forced me to forgive Angie when I told her about what happened between us.

‘The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just need to find the ones worth suffering for and this one right here is worth suffering for, she is truly sorry. Forgive her,’ she pleaded with me and that’s how I ended up forgiving her, you know I can never say no to Koko.

I just hope Angie doesn’t make me regret this decision though.

I change into jeans and a T-Shirt and slid my feet into a pair of slippers then I grab my handbag and phone before walking out to the the living room.

Angie and Koko are in the living room with the two girls she got from the village, Sherister is not yet back from school and I have no idea where auntie is.

Speaking of the two girls, the older one who is called Rina is 15 and she’s in JSS 2 in the village, the younger one is Becky and she is only 5, she has never been to school before, Koko plans to have both of them enrolled in school by next week though auntie Naomi is against that idea. She insists the two girls must go back to the village, you know what, I used to think auntie Naomi only issues with me but the way she treated the two girls last night, that woman is possessed, she is so bitter.

‘Shall we go?’ Angie stands up


‘Do you need some money baby?’ Koko asks

‘Don’t bother Koko, I am spoiling her. Today everything is on me.’

‘How thoughtful of you,’ Koko smiles

‘It’s nothing Koko.’

‘Okay, you girls run along let me not keep you.’

‘See ya.’

‘Bye,’ I wave at the girls before we walk out of the house.

Once outside, we get into Angie’s car and instantly hit the road.

‘So, how are things between you and Jay?’ I ask

She rolls her eyes,’ That fool is history.’

‘That fool?’ I give her a quizzical look because the last time we talked about Jay she was heartbroken.

‘I have moved on,’ she pauses and smiles ‘And…..’

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‘I met someone else.’

‘OMG! You whore!’

‘I am not a whore but I won’t be sticking to a man who doesn’t love me anymore.’

‘So this new boyfriend,’ I make air quotes to emphasize the word ‘Boyfriend.’

‘Oh please, don’t make it sound like it’s such a bad thing for me to move on.’

‘It’s been like two days.’

‘Dah! Three weeks.’

I laugh, ‘And you are already in love with someone else.’

‘Shut up Zen, I just like him, he is cute.’



‘He is taking me out tonight.’

‘Okay. Congratulations.’

‘Your face.’

‘Your vima big round eyes,’ I say and we burst out laughing.

The next few minutes, Angie and I keep arguing about random stuff and making fun of each other. We get to the mall and wander through a couple of stores but nothing really catches my eyes. I am ready to give up when i spot a nice dress in one of the shops.

I stare at it for a while, just imagining how it would look on me.

It is a knee length turquoise dress with a sweetheart neckline, it has an easy grip lining on the sides, a one shoulder frill detail, an exposed back zip and a slit on the side.

‘You would look nice in this,’ Angie says

‘Nah, it’s too beautiful.’

‘And so are you.’

‘Oh please.’

‘Hello!’ she calls to the shop attendant, can we have this dress so she can try on.


‘Stop being such a baby.’

‘What size?’ The attendant asks



She searches through the dresses and when she finds it, she hands it to me.

‘Thank you.’

‘The fitting room is at the far end,’ she politely says


‘Come on,’ Angie practically pulls me

We get into the fitting room I strip of my clothes and put on my dress.

When I am fully clothed, Angie looks at me and a wide smile spread across her lips.


‘This is excellent.’

‘You are sure?’


‘Check yourself out in the mirror.’

I roll my eyes, ‘I will do that from home.’


I remove the dress and we walk out of the fitting room.

‘We will take it,’ she says

‘We also have some shoes over there that would go well with the shoes,’ she asks us


We head to the shoe section and I try on a number of shoes till I settle for a pair of strappy high heeled sandals in cream.

Afterwards Angie pays for the items and we leave, we check some other shops, she gets us a few more dresses, jeans and some purses.

‘What are all these for?’ I frown

‘Girl, which planet do you come from?’

‘Can we go already?’

‘One more thing remaining,’ she says as she heads towards another shop, I trail behind her.

It’s a jewelry shop.

She gets me a necklace with a pair of matching earrings.

‘Aren’t you getting for yourself too?’

‘Nah, I have more than enough.’

‘Suit yourself,’ I shrug

She pays for them and we head out of the shop to where her car is parked.

I yawn as I slid inside the car seat.


I shake my head, ‘sleepy.’

‘You need to do your hair then we can call it a day.’

‘I need to rest before Elijah picks me up or else I will be dozing all throughout dinner.’

‘You don’t have the time to rest.’

‘Whatever!’ I close my eyes and try to doz off for a bit but before I know, Angie shakes me violently.


‘We are here.’

‘So soon?’




‘We step out of the car and walk towards the saloon.

‘If it isn’t my favorite baby,’ a thick curvy lady smiles at Angie.

‘Auntie B,’ Angie smiles back at her

‘You have been scarce,’ she says accusingly

‘I have been busy.’

‘I see.’

I stand and watch as the two women embrace each other.

‘This is my best friend Zendaya,’ Angie says to her.

‘Zen, this is my auntie B.’

‘Nice to meet you Zendaya,’ she extends her hand towards mine.

‘The pleasure is mine,’ I firmly shake her hand.

‘You are just alone today?’ Angie asks

‘It’s not very busy today so I have given the girls a day off.’

‘I see.’

‘What can I do for you ladies?’

‘Zendaya needs to have her hair plaited.’

‘What does she have in mind?’

‘Surprise us,’ Angie says

‘You have your own wig?’ she asks

‘No,’ I respond

‘We can choose from the ones you are selling,’ Angie says.

‘Okay,’ she chuckles and sits me down on a chair.

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