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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 20





– *Diary entry –35*

Dear Diary,

18:00- *Unedited*


I am standing before my full length mirror admiring myself, the dress fits me perfectly. The sandals on my feet and the jewellery compliment the dress in a beautiful way.

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My makeup is on fleek and my hair, oh lord I love this new look a whole lot. So Angie made me do a wavy bob shoulder length hair style with a deep side part and I totally love it.

‘Zendaya!’ Angie’s voice echoes as she makes her way through the door.

I roll my eyes, ‘Do you have to scream like that?’

‘Prince Charming is here.’

My heart beats faster than usual.

‘Where is he?’

‘At the door dummy.’

‘Okay how do I look?’

‘From a scale of 1 to 10?’ she asks



‘Dah I am being serious here.’

‘You look gorgeous hun.’

‘Thanks Angie, for everything.’

‘You are welcome darling, now run along, have an awesome night.’

‘You have an awesome night too.’

‘Thank you, lover boy will be picking me up soon.’

‘I wish I could meet him.’

‘Silly tonight is yours, forget about lover-boy you will have plenty of time to meet him.’

‘Here,’ she hands me a small cream clutch and a box which is neatly wrapped, inside is Elijah’s Valentine’s present, I decided to get him something after I left the salon.

I take them and we walk out of the room.

‘My baby look at you!’ Koko exclaims. ‘You look amazing.’

I smile at her, ‘Thank you Koko.’

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Auntie Naomi looks up from her phone she briefly looks at me then clicks her tongue.

‘You seriously look good Zendaya,’ Sherister says surprising both me and her mum.

‘Thanks Riri.’

‘From Rister to Riri,’ she shakes her head

I laugh, ‘I will see you guys later.’

‘Enjoy your night hun,’ Koko says, she has been excited ever since I told her about Elijah of course i omitted the part about him being my lecturer.

‘Thank you Koko.’

Angie walks me outside.

Elijah is standing by the door and he looks handsome as usual, I can’t help but smile at him.

When he glances at me from head to toe, my heart starts racing.

‘You look beautiful,’ he praises.

‘You don’t look bad yourself.’

He leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the lips, ‘Happy Valentines Babe,’ he hands me a banquet of flowers.

Thanks babe, smelling the flowers I hand them to Angie.’ Put them in the vase for me.’

I hand him the box, ‘I got you this.’

‘Thanks babe, you really shouldn’t have.’

‘I wanted to.’

‘Shall we?’ he asks extending his hand to me

‘Yes,’ I put my hand in his.

‘You guys have fun,’ Angie calls out

‘Thanks,’ we say in unison as we head towards his car which is parked outside the gate.

He opens the door for me and I slid in feeling like a princess, he walks over to his side and climbs in, soon we are on our way to his sister’s house.

I am quiet throughout the drive, yes I feel beautiful but what if I fail to impress his sister?’

‘Babe are you okay? You have been too quiet,’ he asks

‘I am okay,’ I lie

‘What’s eating you up?’

‘I am just thinking, what if your sister doesn’t like me, what if……………,’

He cuts me off before I finish the sentence, ‘My sister is not the kind to hate anyone.’

‘What if she thinks you need someone more beautiful?’

‘You are beautiful.’


‘Why don’t you ever believe me when I tell you you’re beautiful?’

‘Because not so many people have told me I am beautiful,’ I retort

‘You know how frustrating it is that you don’t believe me? How many times must I say it?’

‘I am sorry babe.’

He shakes his head and focuses his eyes back on the road I didn’t mean to upset him I’s just that I still feel so insecure about being with someone like him.

We drive in silence for the next one hour till we get we get to his sister’s house.

He steps out of the car and walks to my side where he opens the door for me he holds his hand out and helps me out.

‘I am sorry I didn’t mean make you mad.’




‘Sorry weh.’

He chuckles, ‘Its fine just stop getting on my nerves with this ugly talk.’

‘Okay, I have stopped.’

‘I love you.’

I love you too,’ I smile as we walk towards the front door.

He pushes the door open and we walk in.

‘Hello! Clarence we are home,’ he screams

A beautiful tall light woman with long black hair appears from the other room.

‘Elijah!’ she exclaims

‘Hey baby,’ he hugs her

‘You smell so good,’ she laughs

‘I missed you too Clarence.’

When she pulls away from the hug she notices me.

‘Oh and this must be our lovely Zendaya,’ she walks over to me and without warning pulls me into a tight embrace.

When she pulls out of the embrace she eyes me from head to toe, ‘I love your sense of style, that hair is bae and the dress, oh my I need to borrow it for my date next week, i love your earrings too and that clutch, girl I think you are officially my new best friend. Come on in,’ she pulls my hand

We get to the living room and I pause for a minute admiring how beautiful it looks. The room has cream walls and luxurious silk curtains in gold, white leather sofas and at the far end is a wall of books on white shelves, there is also a big TV stand with two units on each side. The units have different animal sculptures on them and in the middle of the room is a small coffee table. On the table is a large apple scented candle with two smaller ones on the side.

I look over my shoulder and spot several pictures and paintings all over the walls.

‘I love this place.’

‘Thank you Zee, wait can I call you Zee?’ she asks

‘Well everyone calls me Zen I guess Zee is okay too.’

‘Great please take a seat.’

I sit down and she sits next to me.

‘So you are the woman who captured my brother’s heart?’

I nod my head

She laughs, ‘So I hear this fella is also your lecturer, tell me about your school escapades. Do you guys wink at other during lessons? does he pull you into his office and kiss you when no one is looking? It must be exciting right.’

I smile shyly, lord this girl can talk.

Elijah walks in, ‘Clarence stop asking her too many questions, get dinner ready am starving.’

She stands up,’ let me start setting the table.’

Elijah draws in a sharp breath, ‘I am sorry I didn’t tell you she can be this talkative.’

‘I love her.’

‘You do?’


She walks back in a few minutes later,’ Dinner is served.’


Chard and I walk to the dining room and sit around the large dining table.

‘Sorry my husband won’t be able to join us tonight, they called him back at the hospital an hour ago, emergency things.’

‘Oh he is a Doctor?’ I ask


‘That’s awesome.’

‘Elijah please say grace so we can start eating.’

‘Why me?’

‘You are the youngest.’

I can’t help but laugh, this woman acts like she is his younger sister when she is older.

Elijah says grace and we start eating.

‘So I hear you gave my brother a hard time before you accepted to date him Zee.’

I look at Elijah

‘Babe she is lying, I never told her anything.’

‘Mmmmm I have proof you know, I recorded our midnight conversations where you were crying.’

‘I would love to hear those.’


She laughs, ‘I am glad you finally gave him a chance boy has been too single for a while now.’


‘Yes. I hope you guys last.’

‘I hope so too.’

‘We will last, I love her,’ Elijah says

‘Awww!’ my heart melts.’


Love Zee, wink* wink😍😍😍😍😍😍



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