Men Do Cry

Men Do Cry – episode 4

Men Do Cry (episode 4)

Jaden’s request came as a big surprise to Laura as she wasn’t expecting it. She never thought an accomplished and successful man like Jaden would have eyes for her. Even though she was assured of her self esteem, she was still in doubt that he was into her and pretended as though she didn’t hear his request the first time.

“What did you just say?” She confusingly asked, “I want to take you out tonight so we can celebrate your new job” he repeated. Laura was a bit flattered by his request and told him she’ll think about it, “Don’t be scared, I just want us to celebrate your new employment that’s all” Jaden said.

For a second, Laura thought about this request and felt there was no harm in accepting his proposal, “after all, he has done a lot by helping me secure this new job” she thought to herself. After much plea, she accepted and the time and venue was agreed upon. Jaden was extremely happy that he would be seeing her beautiful face once again, he immediately started making reservations and preparations for the upcoming date.

The time scheduled for the date finally came and Laura was still confused on what outfit to wear. She finally wore a beautiful jumpsuit with sandals and styled her long natural hair in a girly and cute way. On the other hand, Jaden wore a nice casual outfit and headed to the venue. He arrived before Laura and waited for her to show up afterwards.

After waiting for 20 minutes, Laura walked Into the restaurant looking beautiful and simple. There was just this thing about her simplicity that drove Jaden crazy. His breath ceased as she walked closer to him with a cute smile on her face. Jaden was blown away, “You look beautiful, I must confess” he complimented, “Thank you” she replied. Jaden kept staring at her as she sat and couldn’t take his eyes off her hair, “Is this your natural hair?” He curiously asked, “Yes! Why?” She replied, “It’s beautiful on you” he said smiling and Laura thanked him afterwards.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward as they were just staring at each other. Jaden broke the awkwardness by asking how the interview went and she told him everything that happened at the interview. He was impressed with how she confidently expressed herself and felt she was a good catch. “The conversation has been about me since we got here so now let’s talk about you” Laura said, “I’m just a random guy, there’s nothing to know about me” he said with a faint smile on his face. Laura found it hærd to believe that there was nothing to know about him, “everyone has a life and story attached to it, so don’t tell me there’s nothing I can know about you” she said.

Jaden kept trying to dodge the question but Laura stood her group regardless of what he said. “Ok fine, what do you want to know?” He asked, “Let’s start by talking about anything you feel comfortable with” she replied. Jaden looked into her innocent eyes and said “I’m a lawyer by profession, an introvert and single”. Laura smiled and jokingly asked him why he was still single with all his good looks, “I’m still single because I’m not a strong believer of Love” he said. “Why don’t you believe in love?” She curiously asked, “Because love is the reason for so many hidden battles and tears I face everyday of my life” he sadly replied.

Laura was a bit confused by what he said and needed more clarification. “I don’t mean to pry but can you kindly tell me the meaning of what you just said” she requested but Jaden turned her request down. He quickly reminder her that they haven’t ordered anything to eat yet so they dropped the conversation and ordered food to eat. While they ate, Laura was still a bit disturbed and concerned about what Jaden said earlier but tried to act matured and reasonable by not bringing it up again while they ate. They talked about other things but ignored the topic of love and Jaden’s past life.

Their little outing finally came to an end and it was time to leave. As they walked to the parking lot, Jaden wanted to hold Laura’s hands but had to comport himself. They entered into the car and he headed towards Laura’s destination to drop her off. While he drove, they avoided eye contacts as they talked about random things.

Jaden finally arrived at Laura’s destination and bid her goodbye. Before she alighted, she thanked him once again and said “I don’t know about the battles you fight each day, but I pray you find peace and happiness because you’re a very good man”. Her words pierced Jaden’s heart, he was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. Before he could manage to utter a word, she alighted and walked away.

All through that night, Jaden couldn’t sleep properly as he kept tossing back and forth on the bed. People spoke to him on a daily basis but no body’s words has ever ministered to his soul the way Laura’s words did. He was going crazy for her and wanted her to be his, “I’ve just got to have Laura, she the only lady my heart yearns for” he thought to himself. It was a tough night but he managed to put himself to sleep afterwards.

Laura had one week grace to resign from her old job in order to focus on the new one. She was busy the next day and couldn’t reach out to Jaden through out that day. He missed her and wanted to see her but didn’t know how to go about it. In on time, Laura started her new job and life became fulfilling for her. She spoke to Jaden once in two days on phone and hadn’t seen him again since after their little outing. Jaden missed her so much but his pride wouldn’t let him admit it or tell her.

One beautiful evening, he secretly drove all the way to her work place to see her, but pretended as though he wanted to see his client. As he walked into the reception, he asked the receptionist of Laura’s office and he was directed to her office. He didn’t go to see her first but went to greet his client.

As they talked, Laura walked in on them and almost collapsed when she saw Jaden there. He winked at her and smiled and she blushed all through till she left. It was almost closing time and Jaden waited in his car for her to come out. When he sighted her walking out of the office building, he beeped the car horn to get her attention and she smiled when she saw him. “What are you still doing here?” Laura asked when she got closer, “I’m here maybe because I miss your smiling face” he jokingly said. Laura laughed and Jaden told her to get into the car so he could take her out for dinner. “I’m not hungry” she said laughing, “you’ll be hungry when we get there” he jokingly said.

Laura got into the car and couldn’t stop laughing as she sat. Jaden subconsciously joined her and started laughing too, “madam why are you laughing?” He asked but Laura ignored his question. He stared at her as she laughed and his heart skipped several beats as he looked at her.

Jaden was lost in thoughts and didn’t know when he said, “I’m madly in love with you Laura”.

End of episode 4 😉

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