Men Do Cry

Men Do Cry – episode 5

Men Do Cry (episode 5)

Love is a force that can’t be subdued or hidden. Never in a thousand years would Jaden have thought that he would fall in love again, not to talk of outrightly confessing his feelings to someone. He felt he was tough but love brought his toughness down to naught. He didn’t see it coming at all and was surprised at himself for revealing his feelings to Laura.

“I’m madly in love with you Laura” he unknowingly confessed. Laura was shocked and dumbfounded, she never believed that this day would come. “Jaden you can’t be saying things you don’t mean” she said trying to deny his feelings for her. “What makes you think I’m joking or being dishonest?” He questioned, “Because I find it hærd to believe that you’re in love with me. I mean look at me, you can’t possibly be in love with an ex fast food attendant” she said looking into his eyes.

Jaden was a bit confused and didn’t know why she felt he wasn’t being genuine. “Laura, I have only poured my heart out to two women all my life and you are the second lady I’m ever confessing my feelings to. Love has never been fair to me and I have always been afraid to try again but I’m willing to try with you. I want to try with you Laura” he said looking into her eyes.

Laura was deeply in love with Jaden too but felt he still had some emotional baggage from the past and thought it would affect their relationsh¡p, if they ever have one. “I can’t deny the fact that I like you too but I’m just scared of giving in to my feelings, because I feel you still have some grudge from your past and if you don’t settle with your past, you’ll end up hurting any relationsh¡p we venture into. I really like you and want to be with you too, but liking you isn’t enough to want to go into a relationsh¡p with you” she said.

Her words touched Jaden’s soul and he admitted what she said within but that was not stopping him from getting her. “Laura I love you and I’m willing to make us work out. I’m willing to put in the effort to work on my past, I want you to help me too by showing me how beautiful and pure love can be. I want to try and I want to try with you” he said.

The atmosphere was charged with so much emotions as they talked and Jaden got carried away. He leaned towards Laura and planted a soft k-ss on her l-ips. Laura’s body was covered with goosebumps as she k-ssed back. The k-ss was filled with so much emotions and feelings for each other. Their breath ceased as they k-ssed passionately.

After k-ssing for a while, Jaden redrew himself from her and said “I want you, please think about my proposal”. Laura nodded and they set off to a nice restaurant for dinner and headed to their different destination afterwards.

All through that night, neither Jaden nor Laura could sleep well as they thought about what had happened. Laura was in love with him and wanted him too but was scared that he was just too much a man for her to handle. She put in so much thought into Jaden’s proposal and decided to give him a chance. On the other hand, Jaden prayed the little way he knew how to pray and asked God to touch Laura’s heart to accept him. It was a stressful night due to excess thinking, but they finally put themselves to sleep.

Laura woke up the next day thinking about Jaden and his cute k-ss. She smiled at every thought of him and blushed afterwards. As she headed to work, she picked her phone and sent an SMS to him which read “I don’t know what I’m getting myself into by accepting you into my life, but I’m willing to trust you with my heart and love. You are a good man and there’s no other person I rather want to be with. I love you Jaden, see you later!”. When Jaden received the SMS, he leaped for joy and couldn’t contain his happiness. He texted her back and his message read “You aren’t making a mistake and I promise to never make you regret this decision. I love you too!”. Laura smiled when she got his message and couldn’t stop smiling all through that day at work.

Their relationsh¡p was enviable and they seem almost inseparable. After about a month of being together, Jaden was convinced she was the one and finally invited her to his house for the first time. Laura was excited due to his invitation because she had been secretly wondering why he hadn’t invited her earlier. Jaden used the excuse that he wanted to eat home cooked meal to invite her over.

During the weekend, Laura went to the market and bought some foodstuffs she will use to prepare the food Jaden wanted. He drove to her house to pick her together with the food stuffs she bought and they headed to his house. Jaden’s apartment had a classy interior and was beautifully decorated in a suitable way for a bachelor, “Welcome my darling, you are the first woman asides my cleaners that has entered this apartment” he said as Laura walked in. She smiled and told him to stop pulling her legs but he assured her that it was the truth.

They settled in and Laura headed for the kitchen. In no time, the meal was ready and they ate happily and talked while at it. After eating, they gist and laughed all through till something unexpected happened.

Laura jokingly took his phone and asked him to beg before she gives it back. Jaden smiled initially and jokingly told her to return his phone, “I want you to say please before I give it back or can’t you say please?” she jokingly said and before she knew it, Jaden shouted on top of his voice and said “I can’t say please!”.

For a second, Laura couldn’t figure what was going on as she was surprised. She held her heart and couldn’t believe that Jaden could get angry over a minor thing like that, “did you just shout at me?” She asked in a shaky tone.

Jaden finally realised what he had done and apologetically said “Laura please I’m so sorry”.

End of episode 5 😉

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