Men Do Cry

Men Do Cry – Final Episode

Men Do Cry (episode 7)
Last episode!

One of the beautiful things of life is spending forever with the one you love. Laura was taken by surprise as she didn’t foresee Jaden’s proposal. It was a dream come through for her and she couldn’t help it but break down in tears.

“Baby are you being serious right now?” She shockingly asked, “I have never been more serious for anything in my life” Jaden said. Laura smiled with tears in her eyes and scre-med “Yes! Yes baby, I’ll marry you”.

Everyone that was watching clapped and blushed for the cute to-be couples. Jaden felt complete for the first time in his life. He reached out for Laura’s hands and gently put the ring on her finger. Laura lifted him up, planted a k-ss on his l-ips and hugged him afterwards. The party automatically became an engagement party and everyone rejoiced with the newly engaged couple.

The party finally came to an end and it was time for them to leave. On the ride home, Laura kept staring at her ring and blushing. Jaden smiled and playfully shook his head whenever he caught her staring at the ring. “Do you like it?” He asked, “I don’t just like it but love it. Baby it’s so beautiful” she complimented. Jaden’s head swelled and he felt like a real man for being the reason for Laura’s smiles. “Take me to your house and not mine, I want to spend tonight with you” she said. Jaden was excited within because that would be the first time Laura was staying the night at his place. “I honestly didn’t want you to go to your house either because with you is where I’ll rather be tonight” he said and Laura blushed.

In no time, they arrived at Jaden’s house and he carried her till they entered in,side and Laura couldn’t stop laughing. “Would you eat anything so I can quickly make it for you?” She asked but Jaden said he was filled from the party chops. Laura didn’t want to take her ring off and took it to the bathroom to shower. “Should I join you?” Jaden asked and Laura laughed, “You’ll join me the day we say I Do” she said. Jaden smiled to her words and waited for her to finish so he could take his own bath.

They finish everything they had to do and prepared for bed. Laura laid her head on his chest and kept staring at her ring, “Thank you” she said. Jaden was confused and didn’t know why she was thanking him. “For what?” He asked, “For loving me, caring for me, for protecting me and for not giving up on yourself. I’m so happy for the man you are becoming, I’m so glad our paths crossed, I bless your mum for giving birth to such a strong man like you. I know you have always had problems with self assurance, but I tell you today that you are the strongest and most hærdworking man I know. You are great and wanted by me and everyone who loves you. I love you baby and you have done very well for yourself” she said.

Jaden’s head almost exploded due to her words. Indeed, words are life and is a food to the soul. At that moment, he could do anything for her, because she had penetrated his heart with her words. “What do you want?” He asked, looking into her eyes, “What do you mean babe” she confusingly enquired, “ask me of anything within my capacity and I’ll give it to you” he said. Laura smiled, moved closer and k-ssed him. “I just want one thing and it’s for God to keep you alive for me. I don’t want to ever lose you” she said with tears in her eyes.

Jaden k-ssed her passionately and didn’t want to stop anytime soon. He was burning with emotions and feelings for Laura and didn’t want to be away from her warm embrace.

As they k-ssed passionately, Jaden tried to take her clothes off but Laura stopped him and smiled, “Be patient a little more baby, I’ll be all yours soon” she said and k-ssed his forehead. Jaden kept imagining everything he would do to Laura on their wedding night and wished the wedding could happen the next day. After much rom-nce, they finally cuddled eachother and went to sleep.

They remain engaged for a while before finally tying the knot. Their wedding night finally came and Jaden was excited to finally have Laura to the fullest. They got into the hotel room already tired from the day’s activities. The room was beautifully decorated with roses for the newly wedded couple. Jaden took his bath first before Laura did, but little did he know that she had something up her sleeves. After bathing, Laura was completely unclad and the only thing covering her was a revealing robe she wore.

She walked into the room to the sight of Jaden already on the bed with his shorts. One look at her wh0le body on the robe made his heart race. Laura walked closer and sat on the bed; she looked into his eyes and said “Everything you have always wanted to do to me, you can start now because I’m all yours”. She pulled her robe off her shoulders and revealed her beautiful body. Jaden didn’t know where to start from because Laura’s body was to die for.

Their wedding night was blissful and unimaginably great. They took each day one step at a time and did lots of exploits together.

Pain isn’t a respecter of person, gender, class or personal accomplishment. Everyone has a secret battle they are fighting so it’s good to always be kind to anyone you come across. The people that seem the toughest in life are mostly the ones with the biggest battles and injuries. They only put up a tough front because that’s the only way to never let people into their insecurities.

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Be nice to people because you never know what they are going through.

End of story!
Thanks for staying tuned till the end, comment below if you want another story. Love you all

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