(Dear mermaid )

She fumbled in her sleep and a mo-n escaped her l-ips.
“Bella, wake up” the voice rang in her ears with a small tap and her eyes flung open and she rubbed the them sleepily.
“Bella,” the voice cooed, making her eyes fully opened now.
“Keenan” she called and sat up, looking confusingly at the face of her scared friend.
“Bella you have to go! We have to leave now, prince Elliot is creating a chaos” she rushed her words as the fear became visible in her eyes, Meribella brows narrowed, now fully awake she looked confused.
“Leave to where and why?”
“To the shore, your life’s in danger, prince Elliot is really mad and your mom–
“My mom!” her brows arched “What happened to my mom, where is she, Keenan what’s going on?” she heard distant voices.
“Your mom’s fine for now, she’ll join us at the shore. We have to go now,prince Elliot’s crew are getting near”
“But Kee–
“I’ll explain everything on our way, we have to leave, now Bella!” She yelled in fear.
Bella jerked up, curiosity eating deep on her flesh she swam away quickly with Keenan. Their dexterity was put in their journey to the shore and Bella’s heart was stomping fast on her chest, she had no idea about what was happening but she knew it wasn’t good. She had always known Elliot to be callous, he never had the heart to love and knowing now that he was the reason they were heading to the shore made her heart tremble more.
“Keenan,” she reached her friend who’s pace was ahead of her “Tell me what’s happening, why is mom meeting us at the shore?”
Keenan took her hand and led her faster. She heard distant chatters and her heart almost flew to her mouth, prince Elliot was behind them!.
“Your mother went to the palace today, she encountered Elliot and told him about your refusal to marry him, she tried to plead with him to break the betrothal since you don’t love him but he raged, he said your mom was telling a lie and she was in support of you not marrying him,” they ducked a rock “He ordered his guards to lock up Lana, I was the only one with her so she whispered to me to get you and take you to the shore, she promised to join us there. I managed to escape and get here, I had no idea Elliot’s men were coming here too..
“My mother,” her eyes grew misty and Keenan helped her by holding her hands firmly now and leading her in case she faltered. “Elliot is not going to spare her Kee, we have to help her!”
“She promised to join us at the shore, Bella we can’t turn back now”
“But my mother’s life’s in danger, that crazy bastard will kill her if he doesn’t find me, mother won’t be spared” they almost jammed a rock but Keenan was quick to duck with Bella.
“She’ll be at the shore–
“What if she doesn’t make it?”
“We’ll cross that line when we get there, we have to get to the shore first”
“We’re almost there, just a–
“Mother!” Meribella’s voice rang as she pulled away from kee’s grip and swim quickly to her mother who embraced her in a hug.
“Mother what’s happening? Why are you here and what’s Elliot planning?”
“There’s no time for explanations Bella but one thing you should know is that your safety isn’t guaranteed in Tarania anymore, you have to leave..
“Leave,” her eyes sparkled in tears “To where? I’m not leaving you here”
“Bella, there’s no time for this. Elliot will be here anytime soon, you have to go”
“Take this” Lana put a shell in her hand, it had a bracelet and a little mirror “You have to swim farther to the shore, This bracelet will change your tails to feet, you’ll be like the others in the other world–
“Mother no! I don’t want to leave you–
“Bella listen! you’ll live in that world now, you must always put this bracelet on, you legs will transform back to tails of you take them off and that’s danger. You can always communicate with us with this mirror, it’s magic and should not be seen by anyone except you. It’s only you that can make it work. You have to leave now Bella”
“There’s no time, hurry up now my child”
“I love you mother,” they embraced, grief and helplessness tying the bond.
“You have to survive, I’ll call you when things are settled”
“Keenan,” she swam to hug hee friend,both whispering soothing words they pulled apart and smiled at each other.
“Thank you Kee” she said.
“Come on!” a distant but close voice erupted.
“Elliot’s close, hurry up now Bella! Go!” she yelled.
Bella nodded before swimming away, fearing to see Elliot in sight if she turned, her heart was heavy. She was going to be alone, without her mother for a long time and live in a strange land where her kinds were detested.
She took off the necklace she had picked days ago from the sad human because she didn’t want it to get lost. The ferocity in which she swam to the shore could pull it off and she didn’t want to lose it.
She reached the end of the shore and the morning sun struck her eyes, she blinked before sitting, making sure her tails were hidden in the shallow water, she took out the bracelet from the shore, closing her eyes she slipped it into her wrist and slowly she felt the transformation, she felt her tails peeling off and something new growing in it’s place. It was like a force unseen was working on it, she felt it tearing things in her body and transforming her wh0le being. seconds later she felt the transformation end and slowly took out the part she had hidden on the water, her eyes struck when she saw a leg in it’s place, same leg she had seen on the few humans that visited the shore. Below was a flat surface with funny looking globe-like things, they were five and they lined up in height difference.
She smiled surprisingly as she got on her feet, the new feeling pulled her down, plopping her back on the floor. she felt like was standing on rocks and like her legs were shaking. the feeling was new and she knew she had to learn.
She tried standing again but fell, this time letting a sharp edge stone gain entrance to her flesh, she yelped in pain and saw a red thick liquid run out from the open wound, she smiled. She had seen this before too but she had never saw it on her kind, they happened to humans and now that she was one she was getting it too.
It hurt a lot but she couldn’t resist it’s yummy and tasty looks, she touched a the liquid and it stained her index finger, she lifted it to her l-ips, stuck out her tongue and licked it up, she savored it for a bit and frowned, it tasted nothing like it looked. it wasn’t as sweet as she expected, it was sweet at all.
The taste was metallic and thick, she shook her head and looked back at her wounded leg, she opened the shell and tucked the diamond necklace in it then tried standing up again..she looked up, the sun was still early, which explains why no one was in the shore, the morning wasn’t ripe yet.
She first steadied her legs on the floor then placed a leg forward, she fell and stood again then placed a leg, gently this time forward, she smiled when she didn’t fall and placed the second leg forward, catching her weight she took another step. she made to take another..
“Hey!” a sharp voice interrupted her and she was about to turn but in the process fell, hitting her butt hærd on the floor she winced and faced the direction of the voice.
The morning sun caught his face and she narrowed her eyes to see him and her eyes w¡dened,
It was him, she wasn’t hallucinating it was the Guy, the one who visited the shore, the sad human whose necklace she had picked, it was the first time she was encountering a human, staying close before one and she was in a way surprised
He moved to her and her l-ips dropped, his eyes stayed on her face then strolled down and his eyes w¡dened, his l-ips flew agape as he stood in his s₱0t
Maurice got out of his house through the door, he locked it and set for the shore to search for his necklace, it dropped yesterday while he was sending flowers to his mother. He had no idea where he’d start or how he’ll find it, since it, dived in the sea, he just wanted to search more, probably miracle must’ve happened and the sea might’ve released it.
It was important, precious and one of the vital memory he had of his mother, he needed to get it, he just can’t lose it yet without having a duplicate.
He arrived at the sea, clad in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a big jacket in an arm, he moved to the shore; the morning was still fresh, he had decided to set out this early to avoid the necklace being tramped on and getting distracted by people. He moved a bit to the shore and knelt on the s₱0t he had stood few days back, he ran his hand forth and back the dry fresh sands and hoped the necklace would be anywhere.
He repeated the process, back and forth, back and forth, but nothing. still nothing for the days he’s been here to find the necklace. He sighed and shifted position and direction, repeating the back and forth hand running on the sand , he found nothing.
The necklace was missing, no it was gone, it went really deep into the sea and it was almost impossible to go there, the thoughts of losing the necklace scared him. He never believed a day like this will come and damn! he had no duplicate of it. He looked at the sea, hatred sending daggers from his eyes to it. The sea held many bad memories for him, it was one thing he hated with passion, it had taken his mother and now one of the best memories he had of her, what more does it have in store.
Everything flashed through his eyes but he shook it off as soon as they came when he heard a light rumbling close to where he was, his eyes flew to the direction. He had thought he was alone, he never felt a presence.
He sighted a long brunette hair first, it covered everything else and it moved..
“Hey!” he called and then moved to her as she turned and fell, her eyes staring at him with a sudden fear but her face was still blurry,he reached her and his eyes caught a pretty oval face, staring at him.
He stayed that way for awhile, thoughts filling his head and making him wonder why a girl like her was alone and very close to this deadly sea. He wondered how she got here and why she was lying that way with her eyes curiously on his. His brows narrowed as his eyes moved down to her body. They w¡dened and his mouth opened in shock but he couldn’t look away, it was like the ground had him fixed and glued on it, his eyes remained on her.
She didn’t stir nor look away, her eyes still laid on him in curiosity.
‘Is she crazy’ he wondered, giving her a confused.
What is she doing here and the f-ck! n*k*d, she was unclad and she didn’t even feel shy seeing him staring at her.
“Oh My Goodness!” he yelled and shifted his gaze away.
He couldn’t believe the first human he has his eyes set on was a unclad and crazy one..

To be continued

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