Meribella -Episode 11


(Dear mermaid 💜)

Maurice face stood expressionless as he felt her hand wrapped around his back.
“It’s okay” she whispered and he smiled behind her, she was comforting him and somehow it was helping him. His eyes went to the pool and a sharp shudder tore through his veins.
His mother had died because of it and her death had changed so many things, he wasn’t really close to his father any longer. Yes, he worked at the company his father owned but he hærdly saw him, he only does his work and leave.
He couldn’t remember when last they had a real family meal, filled with love and so much happiness since his mother died and Joliet went to study out of the country.. it wasn’t like he cared anymore, this pool just released the memories.
He felt Bella pulling away and her eyes went out to him.
“I didn’t know you hated pools” she said, an apologetic look on her face. “I’ll cover it back right away” she moved to where she had dropped the trampoline.
“No!” he said and she stopped then turned to look at him. “It’s okay”
He took a step toward the pool, his mind racing hærd against his chest, he took another.
“It’s fine Bella,” he said and released a small smile to her then took another step. He felt his phobia coming back and he stopped to regain himself.. Bella saw his sudden halt and moved to him, she took his hand and locked their fingers together.
“I’ll help you” she said, flashing him a toothy smile. he looked away and took two steps more, Bella following beside him.
He reached the pool and a sudden s-nsation enveloped him, he crouched beside it, Bella followed.
He lifted his palm and lowered it to the water but stopped halfway, closing his eyes he took a deep breath.
“Maurice you don’t have to do this if you can’t” Bella said and he looked at her.
“I have to fight my fears,” he blinked twice “It’s now or never” he said and lowered his palm completely into the water. cold chills immediately tore through his in,sides, the feel of it brought unexplained feelings and a longing sent a pain to his heart.. His mind occupied themselves with sweet memories from his mother,his family.
He has greatly missed those times, he had missed his mother and how his family was before her death.. he missed everything.
“I-It’s cold” he stuttered softly, emotion clogging his throat and grieving his heart.
“Yes,” Bella sent a palm to the water too, a smile across her l-ips as she thought of Keenan and her mother and Goldie. She thought of Tarania, her home. She thought of her tails, their beauty and colors. She missed them. “It is” she said, her hand locked up with Maurice’s.
“It’s been so long” he breathed out and she saw the mist in his eyes, she wanted to ask him about what generated his hatred for the sea but she pushed it back, she knew better; her Maurice wasn’t in the mood for questions..
Her Maurice? the thought made her smile and she felt tingle.
“Do you want me to help you?” she asked and he glanced at her “I mean to overcome your fear?”
His brows narrowed questioningly.
“Like this” Bella stood up and walked to his back, he watched her.
“What are you do–
He hadn’t completed his statement when Bella pushed him into the pool with force..
SPLASH! droplets of water flew, as he got soaked.
He felt scared at first but then nothing happened, he had expected himself to pass out at the feel of water on his entire skin but nothing happened. He didn’t feel weak or suppressed.
He felt longing; he had always loved the sea when he was a kid, he had visited the shore many a times and he loved swimming but all that changed when he lost his mother, a lot of things about him changed.. he clung alone to himself, he spoke harshly to his friends and skipped school for days, he refused to take meals, even his favorite dish turned to his worst. He hated everything about him.
He was surprised how his mother’s death affected him that much, maybe it was because he had been more close to his mother more than he had with his father, Joliet was closer to his dad.. he loved his mother more, he was very close to her, she was his best friend at that time but now he could only hold memories of her.. nothing more than memories.
“Bella!” he called when he saw her chuckling, he chuckled too. the pool wasn’t that bad after all, he had missed it and now that he was in it, he loved it. he separates his leg and swim from one end to another..
Wow! it was good, everything he felt was so good.
“Come in,” he said to Bella “The water’s great” he swim to another end.
Bella stood fixed in her s₱0t, Maurice had invited her in with him but she was scared. What if she got into the pool and her legs turned to tail, what if he realized she was a mermaid and not human.. She couldn’t take the risk.
“Bella?” he called and she jerked up. “You don’t want to come in?”
She shut her eyes and touched the bracelet, as if receiving some new assuring hope she took steps backwards, opened her eyes and rushed forward before jumping into the pool.
Maurice chuckled at her funny attitude.
Bella stayed in her s₱0t, sensing nothing wrong with her feet or any unusual transformation she sighed and dived into the pool..
She smiled and laughed as she dived out then swam speedily from one end to another.. the fun was just too much..
Maurice watched her in awe and when she was worn out she rested at an end and sighed out her stress.
“You’re a great swimmer” he said as she brushed the w-t sticking hair from her face.
“I know” she smiled back.
“It’s pretty cool here” he said, “I never believed I’ll be able to swim again” he said and she smiled.
“Thanks to someone,” Bella boasted.
“Yeah, right” he smiled “You helped me overcome that” they both laughed.


They stayed in the water for hours and when they got out Maurice went to his room and changed his w-t clothes to dry, clean and comfortable ones then dried his hair and brushed it.
He glanced at his alarm clock, it was almost noon and anytime from now he’ll start getting ready for work.
He moved to the living room, Bella was now changed into something else and her eyes was on a song by Ariana Grande on TV, she watched it amusingly and tried singing along but ended up ruining it up.
He laughed silently then moved to the kitchen, he took out the rice and chicken soup from the fridge then heat it up.
Satisfied enough he set it on the kitchen counter and took two plates from the drainboard, he dished the rice into it and added soup in a different plate. He took the meal and left them on the counter , searching the fridge he took out two cans of slightly cold soda and kept it close to the meal, he took out a bottled water and two cups and left them beside the meal.
He called on Bella and they had lunch in an almost silent manner, he would’ve called it silent if not for Bella indescribable eating sound, he knew she was enjoying the meal so he said nothing about it.

They finished lunch and he cleared the table then left to get prepared for work, he pulled into a long Jean trouser and a black v-neck shirt. He styled his hair and clad his feet in black leather shoe.
He walked to the living room informed Bella he was off to work.
“You can have some cookies if you get hungry while I’m away, I’ll make dinner when I get back”
Bella nodded and esc-rted him to the door, he bade her goodbye, she reciprocated and moved in.
She heard his car drive away and she rushed to her room, pulling her feet into her flip flops, she rushed out, locked the door and head to Patty’s shop.
___ To be continued..

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