Meribella – Episode 16


(Dear mermaid 💝)

Maurice turned the gear and changed directions to his home, he had earlier thought of visiting the shore but since it was getting towards evening plus he had promised his mother to come along with Joliet on his next visit, he decided to head home.
He had actually left work pretty early today, he had less duties and he finished them up on time, turned down a dinner proposal and head out of the company.

He turned the car to the estate’s gate and honk, it got opened by the security guard. he noticed it wasn’t stone’s, the guard he knew. Maybe Sally decided to employ another, he shook the thoughts aside and moved in. He noticed the new security man was looking at his car with some kind of bad feeling. Maurice shook his head, something about this guy just didn’t go well with him, his first impression wasn’t impressive and he knew he’d have to talk to Sally about it. A guard that lusts after guests things is definitely not a good one.
He drove to his house and parked the car in the driveway, grabbed his work bag and got down, he locked the door and head to his house, He unlocked the door and got into his house, an absent-Bella sitting room greeted his gaze first. He thought she might be sleeping so he strolled to the kitchen, seeing no one nor a prepared dinner he walked to his room and unhooked his tie, throwing it down to the bed he pulled off his shoes and sat on the bed, he unbuttoned his shirt and shifted his hair before lying on the bed and letting out a sigh. He stayed that way for a minutes and stood up, he locked his door, took off his trouser and head to the bathroom , clad in only a boxer short. He properly locked the bathroom door this time to prevent a repetition of history. He took a towel and stripped before standing on the shower.
Maurice finished his shower and came out clad in his pajamas, he packed his hair and changed to his flip flops before going to the living room. Bella still was absent, his brows curved. Is she still asleep.
He knew she wouldn’t be expecting him by this time, he arrived pretty early.
He grabbed three noodles pack from the kitchen cabinet and set them on the counter. He decided they’d be having a quick dinner today.
He set the hot water on the stove and broke the noodles into it once it was bubbling, he tore the seasoning with a kitchen scissors and poured them in the food then covered up the pot. He set the table and heat up the leftover coffee, he poured it out in two mugs and set it apart on the table, he took down the pot of steaming noodles and grabbed two ceramic plates from the drainboard, he dishes the noodle into it and set each of them beside the coffee. He took the fruit plate and his gaze caught lemon fruits, he remembered he had promised making lemonade with Bella, so he took three big ones and set it on the counter.
He took a plate and covered the food then washed the lemons, he decided to call Bella. He knew she’d be happy so he set the lemons in a bowl and head to Bella’s room.
“Bella” he called and knocked then waited but heard no response. He knocked again but no reply.
“Bella,” he increased the tone of his voice “It’s Maurice, are you in?” he asked but got no response.
“I’m coming in” he held the knob and twisted it then moved in to see an empty room, his brows moved and he walked to her bathroom and knocked, hearing nothing he opened the door and met it empty too.
He dashed out of the room.
“Bella!” he yelled as he rushed to each door in the house, opening and banging once he saw it didn’t have Bella , he rushed to the back of the house and ran down to the pool. He ran around and yelled Bella’s name but heard nothing.
His heart began pounding at a faster rate and his eyes shone in alarm. Bella wasn’t anywhere here.
He looked around one more time and dashed to his room, he was sure he had spent close to an hour searching for her so he grabbed his jacket and head out of the house, he wanted to go with his car but kicked the thought aside when he realized he wasn’t with the keys and he didn’t dare spend a second delaying.
Bella might be in danger for all he knew.
He ran down the lane, his eyes scanning fastidiously for any unusual sight, he yelled her name and increased his steps. Getting closer to the gate he slowed down as he heard whispers,It made his step waver and he could swear the voice sounds so much like Bella’s.
Could she be the one.
He took three steps forward and in the slight darkness he saw Bella.
He l-ips parted she his heart froze in anger when he saw her being pulled by two strong men, one of them the new security guard which he didn’t feel so good about and the other, some random body built dude.
He saw Bella struggling and the hosts unrelenting.
“Get your hands off her!” He yelled and he saw them pause in alarm.
He didn’t wait for a response before dashing to the guard and landing two unaware punches on his jaw, he left Bella and she fell to the ground. The guard spat out thick blood and he dodged another blow, he landed a kick on Maurice’s stomach and Maurice caught his leg and twisted it. He turned to the other guy and saw him at the gate, struggling with the locks.
He left the guard who was now wincing in severe pain and dashed to the other, he sent a punch to his back and many more to his stomach when he fell to the ground. He punched his cheeks and tore his l-ips with another.
He gave him a kick to his stomach as he pleaded in pains.
“Maurice!” Bella yelled and he turned to see the guard coming to him with a small knife in his fist, before he could utter a word he saw him falling to the ground in pain. Bella had kicked him and once she saw he was fallen she grabbed the knife and Maurice dragged him to the other.
He glanced at Bella and saw the sorry look in her eyes, his eyes ran down her body and he caught the tightness of the dress she had. It hugged her curves and shoot them out, little wonders why these dweebs couldn’t let it go.
“Maurice I’m–
“Don’t say anything” he said and shifted his gaze elsewhere, he grabbed his phone from his p-nt pocket and scrolled through his contacts, he clicked on Sally’s and waited for her to pick up. She did at the first ring.
“Hello Maurice”
“I need your presence at the gate now Sally, right now!”
“Why? is something wrong? oh you met the new security, I planned on telling you about it–
“Just come to the gate Sally, it’s an emergency” he cut the call and looked at the men, He had weaken them and he was certain it’d take hours before they get their strengths, he shifted them to Bella and checked out her dress once more, he shook his head and pulled off his jacket then stretched it to her.
“Cover up” he said she she took it and pulled it on without questions.
Soon he sighted Sally’s car driving towards the gate.
Bella watched as the men on the same uniform took the bad guys away, she saw Maurice talk to one of them and came back to stand with Sally who talked to another. She knew they were cops and she sighed when she saw the bad guys away from her. She knew Maurice would be mad at her since he had figured out that she had gone out and worse still gotten into trouble, she wondered what he’ll do; will he throw her out? The thoughts brought goose bumps so she kicked it aside and wondered instead why he hadn’t told her he’ll be coming home early today, she hadn’t expected him by now but on the second hand; if he hadn’t arrived on time that day then he wouldn’t have showed up to her rescue.
She watched as Sally apologized to Maurice and then to her, she paid less attention to it. Her mind was faraway, she was thinking of her new fate. She ought to have told Maurice about Patricia but it was too late now, she’d have no choice but to tell him now and her new fate? no one except Maurice can tell her that.
“I’ll drop you off” Sally said and Maurice accepted, soon they were in her car and on their way home. She stole glances at Maurice but he returned none, even though he felt her gaze on him. He was still very much mad at her, going out first and getting into trouble.
Sally dropped them at his house and apologized to both of them before going into her car and driving out. Maurice moved to the door and pulled it open before Bella followed. He moved into the house and locked the door begins Bella.
“It’s late. Eat dinner and go to bed, it had been a long night” he said and she bowed her head sadly before following him to the kitchen.
He filled a glass cup with water and pushed it to her, she drained the glass and dropped the cup. Maurice packed up the lemon and dropped it in the fridge, he opened the meal on the breakfast table and dropped two forks beside it, he and Bella took their seats.
She innocently started eating, Maurice kept his gaze to his meal and cleared the table, he left the dishes for Bella and moved to the living room where he switched off the television.
“I’m sorry” Bella walked into the living room.
He studied her for a while “I guess there’s an explanation before that” he said, Bella bowed her head, staring innocently at the floor and suddenly finding it interesting.
“It’s been a huge night , go to bed. I’d hear it all tomorrow”
He walked to his room, stopped and turned.
“That dress,” he pointed to her “Dispose it” he picked a magazine and disappeared to his room. He collapsed on his bed and flipped through the magazine before him and peered at The articles.
Bella walked to her room and sat on the bed, she reached for the shell and pulled out Maurice necklace from it, she smiled sadly and set it back then stood up and walked to the window. She let out a sigh to the atmosphere and stared out.
She didn’t feel sleepy one bit, in fact it was the least of things on her mind.
It’s really going to be a long night..

To be continued….

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