MERIBELLA -Episode 2

(Dear mermaid )

Meribella looked at him confused, his face was now turned and he backed her, she wondered why he suddenly turned. Did she do something stupid or Did he figure out she wasn’t human? does he know she’s a mermaid and is he thinking of ways to get rid of her? Was he–
“Hey, y-you” his voice interrupted her but she kept mute, not knowing what to say she only stared.
“W-Why are you sitting there? In that way?” he stuttered and her brows narrowed but she kept mute, not wanting to create any suspicion, what if her voice makes him see her as a mermaid, what if it doesn’t sound like human? but his voice wasn’t really different from hers..
“Hey!” he called “Why are you like that and in that way?”
She kept mute, letting her eyes do the talk
She wasn’t talking, is she deaf or in shock,of course she had to be in shock. A total stranger had seen her unclad, everything under her clothes so she definitely must be ashamed.
Or was she dumb and besides why was she here by this ungodly hour.
“Take this,” he threw the jacket backwards to her “Put it on for now, I need to ask you somethings” he said but heard no response, he waited for a while. Giving her enough time to pull on a jacket he cleared his throat.
“A-are y-you done?” he asked but as usual there was no response, so instead he took a deep breath then slowly turned his head around and Goodness! he turned it back immediately, she was still unclad, the cloth wasn’t even with her and her eyes was on him.
Is she crazy? doesn’t she realize that she’s unclad? Why isn’t she putting the jacket on?
“Hey, you have to put that on, y-you’re unclad a-and it’s cold,” he voice trembled “Do you understand?” No response. Not like he expected one anyways but he just hoped she understood now.
“Are you putting it on?” he gave her more time to put it on, hoping to see something different he turned his head around and the hell she was still stark unclad, in same position on the floor and her eyes resting on him and the jacket still lying on the floor, untouched.
“Y-You’re unclad miss, don’t you know what that is? or is it uncomfortable?. Well I have nothing else with me so you have to manage that for now do you understand, put it on and we’ll find you something more suitable before talking, okay?” she was mute but he hoped she understood him.
If she knew that wasn’t suitable why did she come here alone and worse still unclad?
“Miss, are you done,” no response, “I’m going to turn and I hope you’re dressed now”. he took a deep breath and turned, still seeing her unclad state he gro-ned and ran a quick hand on his hair.
“If you don’t know how to put that on I could tell you,” he said “you ju- oh right, you might be deaf so I’ll just help instead, I promise I won’t look” he said and slowly walked backward first to the jacket direction, with his eyes shut he picked it on, opening his eyes a bit he moved to her and knelt beside her, opening his eyes a bit and shutting it he took her hand and slipped it in the jacket, he repeated it for her second hand and with his eyes still shut he did the buttons completely, surprised she didn’t budge he opened his eyes and breathed in relief when he saw her clad now in his jacket.
Her eyes inquiringly on him, he smiled at her in a bid to start off a friendly conversation.
“Hi, you can hear me right?” he asked, hoping to hear a response but he got none. is she deaf?
“Um,” he scratched his hair “Hi” he waved but she didn’t shake nor speak, she only stared at him and for moment he saw sadness and pain in her eyes. his gaze moved to her l-ips, they were purplish and thin and dry, her face was pale.
“Do you need something, like water. are you thirsty?” he asked. no response.
“Come, there’s a restaurant which should be opened by now, we could get can cokes.” he said and stood up,
“Get up” he stretched an arm and was surprised when she took it, they felt soft on his.
So she doesn’t talk but she understand gestures’ he thought before as he nodded in relief, seeing that his jacket stopped a bit above her legs.
He walked with her to the kiosk which was just few miles away and just as he guessed it was opened and was getting cleaned by the sales girl. He led her to a seat and stood up to get two cokes with ice, he took his order and moved to the seat and set a coke before her after pulling of the cork, he nodded for her to drink but she only stared at him so instead he took his and drink then watched her as she lifted hers to her l-ips and took a sip, she set it down immediately and smiled then let out a breath. he guessed she liked its sweetness And the chills. She gave him a quick glance then picked up the can coke and in few seconds drained it’s content then let the can drop with a sigh escaping her l-ips. He looked at her and picked the can, it was empty! geez! did she like it that much.
He was about to ask her if she liked it when he saw her gaze on his own coke, he smiled and pushed it to her. her eyes sparkled up and she picked it up and drank then “Aahed” at it’s chills.
He was about inquiring if she needed more when the sound of his ringing phone stopped him, he took it out from his pocket “Babe” the caller’s ID read and he stood up.
“I’ll just pick this over there” he said but she kept licking her l-ips as she took each sip.
“Hey babe” he said into the phone.
“Good morning, are you home?”
“Uh no–
“Where are you?” she cut him off.
“Umm I’m at school, I have lectures today” he lied and turned, he couldn’t find the girl at the seat, he looked forward and saw her talking to the bar waitress and the waitress laughing, his brows narrowed.
She can speak’ he thought.
“Oh, I’ll just call you back okay?”
“OK babe, take care”
“You too” she hung up and he turned to moved but stopped when he saw six empty coke cans including his and hers lying on the table and a can in her hand, his brows narrowed.
Did she take all that in just a simple phone call’ he thought, surprised.
He moved to her and she was shaking the coke can in her hand to know if it was empty,not satisfied enough she stuck an eye in the opening then frowned, her l-ips pouted.
“That was one big drink!” he exclaimed but she still wore a sad face and kept mute. Why isn’t she talking to him when she spoke to that waitress.
“Are you hungry?” he asked but got no response so instead he stood up and got to the waitress, getting a plate of pasta and sauce in a tray with an extra coke and a fork, he dropped it beside the girl and she looked up at him in question.
“You can eat it,” he nodded and she took the coke, pulled it open and took everything in four gulps if he counted correctly. She dug her hand in the pasta plate and lifted it up, his face twitched. What is she doing?
She dumped it into her mouth and licked her fingers.
Guests were already arriving at the restaurant and he hid his face in embarrassment with the look they sent him and the girl, he watched her from the corner of his eyes. She seem to be enjoying the meal and within a short time she had the plate emptied.
He moved to the counter and cleared his debt then went back to her.
“You need decent clothes next” he said, eying the mess she had made of his jacket..
His gaze went to her hand and he saw a strange object wrapped in her fist, he wanted to ask about it but he pushed the thought aside and took her hand instead, leading her to the direction of a nearby clothing mall. He wished he had his car with him. it’d have helped a lot because the stares he was gaining wasn’t funny. He just didn’t have the heart to leave her on her own, she was helpless, he made up his mind to get her clothes then take her to her home and get under a steaming hot shower once he gets home. he was feeling uneasy already.
He led her to the shopping mall and they both walked to the counter, where a secretary was, he looked at her and saw her looking around the mall like it was some great place. He shook his head and told the cashier what he needed, she called on a girl who led came and led them to the female section, they passed through rolls of pretty dresses, skirts, leggings, trousers and other female outfits. He had no idea what to choose, he just wanted something comfortable and decent.
“I’m not really good at this,” he pointed at the clothes as he talked to the girl leading them “I think something comfortable will be okay, you can just pick anything you think is more suitable for her” he said and the woman nodded with a smile then went to a section and came back with a pretty red dress, it’s doesn’t look tight and clutch-y so he nodded at it and she led the girl to the fitting room.
He sat on a chair, wondering why he had to be the one to get into this mess. He only wanted to peacefully search for his necklace and leave but instead he’s helping a lost girl, he didn’t even, at least get the necklace as a compensation, he ran a hand through his hair. He needed to get home, he badly needed a shower and maybe some food but the shower must come first.
The door to the fitting room opened and she emerged, the lady behind her with his jacket. He stood up and stared at her, just as he guessed the dress did fit her perfectly and it looks comfortable too. His eyes ran down her slender legs which was now visible and they caught an open wound, a bit below her knee with thick red dry blood on its surface, he shifted his gaze back to her face.
“How is it?” the lady asked.
“Perfect,” he smiled and took his jacket then went to the cashier and paid. Good thing he had enough cash. He thanked the lady once more and left with her, her gaze running around the busy street in awe and unfamiliarity, he took her hand and crossed the road.
He peered at the wristwatch on his wrist “3:42” he let out a brief sigh, he kept walking but stopped when he couldn’t feel her presence with him any longer, he turned in alarm and saw her looking into a food restaurant, he walked to her and peered at the direction her gaze was facing. In the transparent glass door was a woman in the front chair eating a plate of steaming pasta and a bottle of coke beside her, he looked back at the girl in awe, she was salivating and dramatically rubbing her stomach in a ‘hungry gesture’, her tongue moistening her l-ips.
“You want to eat?” she faced him for a brief second and faced back to the lady, “You just had same thing an hour ago, are you really hungry again?” he asked, unbelievably but she continued staring, now gaining attention of few desperate looks.
“Okay, let’s get you something” he stretched his hand and smiled when she took it then led her into the restaurant, eyes flew on them as they moved to an empty seat, she took hers and he took his, a waiter attended to them almost immediately, a pad and pen in his hand.
Without picking the menu he ordered for a big plate of pasta and sauce and two medium sized coke, he left with the orders and came back minutes later with it. Without uttering a word she dug into her meal with her nails when the fork was right in front of her. he looked apologetically at the waiter, his instant irritated look on her turned to him and he wryly smiled at him.
“She hadn’t had anything all day” he said dumbly and the waiter nodded with a frown before walking away.
“You have to use a cutlery when eating” he said, sending her gaze to him for a while then back at the food. “Ugh! so embarrassing” he mumbled and looked out of the transparent glass, looking absent minded-ly at the people walking.
She really has a big appetite.
He looked back at her and a gasp escaped his l-ips when he saw the big plate empty and a coke bottle carelessly lying on the table, he looked at her and she was on the second bottle of coke which had little content now.
What the…! That was fast.. and weird!
his eyebrows narrowed in shock.
He ordered another plate for her and with a glass of water this time, she said nothing and dug into the food which got finished minutes later and the water was drained as well. He gulped and shook his head at her.
Is she really that hungry.
He wondered.
It was 6:26 when they head out of the restaurant, having had five plates of steaming pasta and four other can cokes minus the one she had earlier after they arrived. She was full. she had no idea human had such tasty foods and that sweet water really added to her taste, she could never get tired of taking it and the wormy food made her stomach grumble but now that she had enough she was full.
She couldn’t stop the grin that displayed across her l-ips, what more could this humans be hiding. Now that she was part of them she was sure her adventure would be a memorable one, especially now that she’s with him.
Her first love.
She still worried about her mother and Keenan, who sacrificed so much for her safety, she wouldn’t forgive herself if anything happened to them. They were her only family and she wasn’t ready to lose them, she vowed on getting through to her mother soon but now she had to go to wherever he was leading her.
They stopped in front of a big pretty shop and he made her seat on the bench, it was getting late and he had to go home. He had morning classes and he need an early sleep, he hadn’t even tasted a decent meal all through his journey with the girl but he didn’t mind, food wasn’t his worry now, he needed to get her home safely first then spend an hour or two in the shower.
He hoped her house wasn’t faraway. He wouldn’t want to get home late. he needed an early goodnight rest too, the day has been pretty messy and it still is..ah!.
“Where do you live?” He asked, once they were comfortably settled on the five sitter bench,a bit apart from each other.
“Listen, you have to talk to me if you want me to help you” he budge but she still kept mute, looking down at her fingers and fearing to get caught as a non-human if she spoke, he shifted a bit to her.
“Who are you, why were you at that sea earlier today?” he questioned but she refused answering.
“Okay, if you don’t want to answer that then just tell me where you live, it’s getting dark and I have to go home”
He stared at her, his eyes pleading for answers.
He hit the chair in frustration when she still gave him the silent treatment.
“Why aren’t you talking to me?” he questioned, a bit rash because he was getting impatient “I know you can hear me, I saw you talking to that waitress earlier today but what I don’t know is why you’re not talking to me, I helped you. I gave you clothes and enough food and now I’m willing to drop you home even though you’re a total stranger but you’re not helping me” he said, watching her look at the ground like no one was talking to her.
He gritted his teeth in anger, why isn’t she talking.
He thought he had gained her trust enough, he fed and clothed her but she’s still not giving him what he wanted.
“If you won’t tell me where you live nor speak to me then I’ll likewise leave you here, the street is really dangerous especially to pretty ladies so if you don’t want your fate to be here, you have to let me help you” he said but she kept quiet,not even batting her l-ips.
“Okay, fine. I’m not staying here anymore, I’ll assume you know your way so I’ll just head home” he stood up, hoping to hear her speak but she didn’t. “Okay, goodbye” he took three steps forward and when he heard nothing he decided to go home, she must know her way since she didn’t want him to help her.
“I don’t have a home” he stopped in his tracks when her heard her voice, he turned but she was quiet again, her head up but her gaze on the sky and her feet supporting her as she stood. He thought he was hallucinating so he continued his journey home
“I don’t have parents here either” her voice made him stop and he turned again, this time her eyes was sadly looking at his, he walked back to her.
“Your parents, are they dead?” he asked and she nodded, taking a breath in pain and partly satisfaction he smiled at her.
“I’m sorry about that. so you have no where to go?”
She shook her head.
“I don’t have a home” she said, he looked at his watch.
It was late, there wasn’t enough time to talk more about her background so instead, though thoughtful, he decided to let her stay at his house then tomorrow he could trace her home from her background.
“I’ll take you to my house, do you want that?” she nodded.
“Okay,” he helped her up and they both head to the taxi park together.
Her head stuck out of the window and the cool breeze sending her hair flying all through the drive to his home, he knew she was having fun watching the now less busy street and the glistening light in the street so he smiled and let her be, taking in a deep breath as he relaxed on the chair.
He knew what he was doing was risky, what if she was a criminal?
He had no idea about her and yet he was taking her to spend the night in his house.. but he couldn’t leave her on the streets either, her life was at risk there especially since she had a naive and shy character.
They alighted from the taxi when he got entrance to the estate’s gate and packed a bit afar his house porch. He paid before walking her to his front porch with her, he took the keys from his short and ins**ted it then entered the house with her behind, he switched on the lights and locked the door.
“Come,” he beckoned “I’ll show you where you’d sleep” she followed him to the guest room and he put on the light, revealing a slightly big but comfy bed.
“You’ll sleep here tonight, do you understand?” she nodded ‘yes’ and he smiled when she jumped on the bed, then took his leave. He went to his room and collapsed at once on his bed, he kicked aside thoughts of food and shower.
What he needed most was a soft pillow to lay his head and a bed for his body.. he needed sleep and he was getting it.

To be continued

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