Meribella – episode 31

(Dear mermaid)
Episode 31
“How do you know I work here?” Bella asked, dropping a cup of coffee on Pablo’s table. “I didn’t know that, I was just driving past to see Maurice when I saw here and I suddenly craved for coffee. So I stopped here” he said and Bella smiled. “And now that I think about it there’s no doubt that connections made me stop here” he said, making Bella chuckle.
“It must be” she said. “Uh, Dad Pablo, I’ll be back I need to attend to these guests” she said and he nodded before she walked away.. She joined Mira as they served the meals and coffee to the new guest that arrived. She went back to the counter and Patty turned to her from the lasagna.. “You seem to know that man. I saw you talking to him”
“Oh I do, that’s Dad Pablo. He’s Maurice father” she responded, taking the coffee cup from the coffee maker and dropping it with the steaming coffee on a tray. “You told him you work here?”
“No,” Bella grabbed the plate of lasagna and chicken sauce and a fork “it was simply a coincidence” 
“He looks too hot to be a Dad. He looks so young and handsome and–” Patty said and Bella rolled her eyes
“And he’s married,” Bella completed “don’t have those thoughts Patty”
“But you said his wife’s late” Patty defended. “And do you think he’s willing to remarry. That man is old enough to be your dad”  
Patty’s brows narrowed.
“What do you think I am? nineteen?” She scoffed “And besides I wasn’t talking about marriage. I was simply stating my view of a handsome dude” 
“I really hope it’s just that,” Bella lifted the tray “I’d better go ahead” 
“Okay” she said and Bella left. She tiptoed from the back and looked at Pablo as he sipped his coffee before she smiled.
Bella attended to the few new guest’s and went back to the back of the counter, she took off her apron and adjusted her hair before turning to Patty “I’ll just walk dad Pablo to his car, I’ll be back in a minute” she said. 
“Oh sure. Can you say a ‘Hi’ for me?”
“Don’t worry Patty I won’t” Bella said and walked away, leaving Patty to sulk. She got to Dad Pablo and they walked out of the restaurant.
“I had no idea you were working” Pablo said. “And I guess Maurice doesn’t know about it as well” he said and Bella shook her head.
“He doesn’t. At least not yet, you can’t tell him about it Dad Pablo”
“Trust me I won’t” he said
“I have to get him a present for his upcoming birthday first and until then he can’t know about it” Bella said.
“So you’re working this hærd because of Maurice?” He asked and Bella nodded “he has been the one doing everything for me, I need to at least show him I can do something for him too even though it’s not much.. I just want to support him”
“Aww Bel. That’s so sweet and nice of you. I’m glad Maurice have you, now I can worry less” he said and Bella cheeks reddened. They walked to his car and he gave Bella a father- like hug before pulling away. “Joliet will be coming home in few days, I’ll like you to meet her and you can come have dinner with us some day. My house is always opened any day,” he said and Bella smiled with a nod. “And you must bring Maurice along. We could have a big family get-together party”
“I’ll make sure of that”
“Alright then, bye”
“Bye Dad Pablo” Bella watched him drive off and walked back to into the restaurant. 
She called Raymond when she was done with her share of the work and had taken an excuse to Pat to take a day off tomorrow, promising to do both she and Mira’s work when she resume. She and Ray talked for some minutes before she ended the call and clicked on Maurice contact with a smile on her l-ips, on a second thought she ended it and turned off the phone.
While the trios had dinner after closing for the day, Miranda lightened the mood by talking about school life, highlighting the tough, the good, bad and ugly side and also the fun in it. She talked about her exams, event that happens in college and the adventures she had experienced so far. Bella got really interested, she had never been to a school before, well she had but it was Tarania and it was nothing like what Mira was talking about, Bella became curious and she asked questions which were answered but she still wanted to see how a school looked like.
After the small dinner, Patty volunteered to drive them home and even though Mira declined because her house was a little far from the shop and she had to take the night bus, Patty insisted since she had nothing else to do. 
During the ride Patty turned on the radio stereo and a ‘I don’t care by Justin Ed sheeran’ popped in the car, Patty and Miranda sang along and rhythmically shook their body, Bella tried to fit in but ended up ruining the wh0le thing so she gave up and just shook along with them as the ride got interesting.
Bella got into the house and met Maurice surfing the net in his laptop, he raised up his head at her when she walked in. “Hey–
“I’m still mad at you Maurice,” she cut him off with a fake frown. “We’ll resolve this after tomorrow’s date” she said and his brows lifted. “It’s a date right?” Maurice stared, not knowing what to say. The ringing of his phone suddenly jerked him up and he couldn’t be more grateful, he gave Bella an apology look and stood up with his phone. “I really have to take this” he walked to his room with his laptop and Bella stared as he swiped the phone screen and placed it on his ear.. “Hey Jolie,” he settled the laptop on his bed and sat close to it.
“Maurice, you don’t sound too good. Did something happen? Have you talked to Diane?” She asked, hyper- worried.
“Nothing happened and yes, I spoke to Diane few minutes before you called” he said.
“Are you okay Maurice?” Her voice was soft and concerning.
“I’m fine Jolie, why are you being like this?”
“Wait Diane didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what? That she’ll be coming back soon?” He asked.
“Oh um yes! She told you just that?”
“Yes. I don’t get why you’re being paranormal” he said and he heard her sigh. “Just forget about it. I called to tell you I’ll be coming home in three days from now”
“Yeah, dad told me and you’ve kept on humming that for a week now, I’m beginning to doubt if you’re actually gonna come” he said and she chuckled.
“I most likely will. So tell me are still on rivalry with the old man?” 
“I don’t think we’ll be getting out of it soon” he responded.
“Seriously Maurice are you and Dad going to keep on fighting like ladies without a reason?”
“There’s a reason Jolie, it’s just that you don’t know about it–
“And none of you are willing to let me know. See, I don’t care if you and Dad are going to make up or not but if you guys joy-kill my homecoming and staying with loud noises and angry glares, I’ll kill you both and jail myself” she said, her voice cold. He chuckled
“I love you too sis” he said with a smile and she laughed.
“Maurice, don’t you you think there’s something else I should know that you should tell me?”
“I don’t quite understand, what do you mean?”
“You don’t wanna tell me anything?” She asked “Like about someone or something new?” Maurice brows twitched in confusion.
“What are you talking about and which someone?”
“Never mind bro. You’re probably acting ignorant or you really mean it but anyways, I’m just happy you have a back up after all the emotional plays must’ve been acted–
“Okay Jolie, really what are you talking about?” He heard her yawn from the other end. “You’ll find out soon. I’m sleepy already, goodnight Maurice” he said….
“Alright, goodnight”
*click* the call ended and he tilt his head thoughtfully, shrugged and stood up to go to the bathroom.
Maurice glanced at his wrist watch and it was 2pm, he looked toward the door; hoping it would open but it didn’t and he ran hand through his hair. 
“Bella! Hurry up!” He yelled, resting back on the car bonnet. “Just a second Maurice!” She yelled back and he sighed. Alright, that was the fifth time he was hearing that in thirty minutes and after each saying, she still didn’t show up.
“I’m here, I’m here!” She rushed out of the house, dressed in a highway Jean and tank top, her hair was pulled up and tied and she had make up on.
Bella finished locking up and turned to him “sorry” she said and got into the passenger’s seat of the car while Maurice got into the driver’s and drove off. “This is a date right Maurice?” Bella asked.
“Right, I wanted to ask, since I’m taking you on a treat. Where would you like to go?” He asked and Bella shrugged.
“Anywhere with you” she said. 
“Any where’s not an answer, you have to choose a place”
“Lovers Trip!” She suddenly said and he turned to her before looking back at the road.
“But that’s for–
“That’s where I want Maurice, I heard they sell pretty dresses and they give discounts to couples” she said.
“Couples?” He asked and Bella nodded. “It’s for couples too” she added and Maurice gulped. 
“Okay” Maurice nodded. He could’ve disagreed but he promised to take her anywhere and besides he couldn’t stand her being more angry at him.
Maurice typed it in the car map and the research brought it up. He took the turn to the venue of Lovers Trip and in no time they were there. He parked the car and they got down. Maurice looked at the exterior, it was a big shopping plaza and through the transparent glasses he could see so many wears from the in,side.. People it twos; male and female were marching out and going in smiles.
“Com’on, let’s go in” Bella dragged his wrist and they walked into the hall. Welcome to Lovers Trip, Have a nice time shopping with us
A robot standing close to the exit waved at them as it talked and Bella waved back, making Maurice chuckle. They first got to the female wears and Bella ‘wowed’ at the sight of the pretty clothings. She picked the ones that she loved while Maurice sat and watch. She handed it to the sales girl that walked with them and picked up a boot and tennis shoe and a sandal then a sunglass. “Maurice look, it’s a couple outfit” Bella said, shoving two customizes couple clothes into his hand “we’ll get them” she said with a happy smile and took a bandana.
They got to another session and it was couple rings. “Let’s go to the next” he said pulling her along but she loosened his grip. “What’s this?” She asked, going back and picking a slivery stone ring, joined together with a card.
“It’s a couple ring. One of the best of the year” the cashier explained. 
“Let’s get these too Maurice. They’ll go with our couple clothes” 
“What?”Maurice asked, hoping he didn’t hear her well.
“Bella things like this are for people that are about to get married, it’s like a wedding-seal” he explained and Bella shrugged and said.
“Let’s get it, please Maurice”
“You don’t get it Bella, it’s for married people–
“Then let’s get married” 
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