Meribella – episode 32

(Dear mermaid)
episode 32
“Then let’s get married” Bella said and Maurice suppressed a laughter when he saw the seriousness etched on her face.
“That’s not possible Bella” he said, shifting close to her and making his voice inaudible.
“But why not. I want to get married to you Maurice”
“Marriage isn’t something that just happens or comes by with speeches”
“Then let’s make it happen,” she shot back and he almost rolled his eyes.
“You know what? Let’s just get the rings” he said, taking the couple ring from Bella who smiled happily.
Bella picked a cap for Maurice and he settled the bills, got his receipt and they walked out.
Bella took out the ring, freed it from the card and fixed it on her middle finger. “Put yours on” she stretched the other one to him and when he looked like he was going to protest she added wryly “Just for today. Remember it’s still my treat” she said and he sighed before slipping it into his fore-finger as well and she smiled. She went to him and locked their arms as he walked to the car. They got in. Maurice drove to a restaurant next, after having lunch to their fills they got to an ice cream stand and Maurice ordered two plates of hot fudge ice cream sundae. They moved to a bench outside the restaurant and took their seats as they spooned the ice cream into their mouth. “This is delicious” Bella said, lifting a spoon of ice cream up to her mouth. “No doubt” Maurice said. Bella set her gaze on the flowing water from the fountain.
“Do you have a coin?” She asked.
“I think I do,” he searched his pocket and took out a coin “Why?” He asked, giving it to her.
“I need to make a wish” she said, putting her plate down and walking to the fountain with the coin squeezed in her palm. She got to the fountain and Maurice watched from his seat as she threw the coin and uttered some words and bowed her head. His brows rose as he watched her. She opened her eyes and was walking to him when a guy stopped her with a flirtatious look.. Bella looked up at the chestnut haired, dark brown eyed guy that blocked her. “Hi,” he said. Bella smiled “Hi. Can I help you?”
“Um not really, I’m Tony, I just saw you from there and—
He stopped and stared at her finger “Oh wow, I’m really sorry ma’am I heard no idea you were taken” he said. “Am I disrupting something?” Maurice appeared from behind. Seeing the same couple ring on Maurice’s finger. “My apologies” he said and quickly hurried away, Maurice looked at his finger and realized that the ring was still clogged around a finger. He turned to look at the guy to explain but he had left, so he sighed his fate out.
“I love you Maurice,” Bella said “Enough to married to you.” she said and Maurice blinked twice, rubbing his temples. “You won’t say anything? She asked but Maurice only stared guiltily at her. “I’m sorry Bella but I have—
“It’s fine Maurice,” she cut him off absentmindedly. “You don’t have to say anything now, it must’ve come as a shock and I’m ready to wait until you’re ready to love me too” she said with a smile before walking back or literally jogging to the bench.
They got to the central park and Bella decided to try out the roller coaster, she got on it and Maurice sat beside her, Bella chuckled as it started moving, first in a slow motion then faster. She gripped Maurice shirt trying to scamper for a stand while Maurice took her hand off his shirt and linked it with his, smiling as Bella scre-med his name with fright, her hair wavering around her face.
“M-maurice, l-let’s get off” Bella said, literally yelling
“We can’t, we still have five more ride” he said. “Here,” he took her second hand “just hold me tight” he yelled and she rested on his chest.
The ride ended and they got down. Bella shifted away, trying to catch her hitched breathe and to hold herself from throwing up. “Okay, humans are creepy in a way”
Maurice patted her back from behind “Are you okay?” He asked, bending to her.
“Partly,” she responded “I’m never going near that creepy-crawly again” she said and Maurice suppressed a laugh. “It’s called a roller coaster”
“That’s the weirdest name ever” she breathed out and Maurice chuckled.
“Come, let’s go sit over there” he walked her to a bench and they settled and watched the people play. Well, people who could ride that annoying stuff were her role model. Bella thought, watching them.
“Maurice can we get ice cream?” Bella asked and Maurice nodded
“Stay here. I’ll get them” Maurice stood up and left to a nearby ice cream stand. He reached the cart man and purchased two ice cream cone, making one bigger than the other with a cherries on top. He walked out of the kiosk in form of a cart and he saw Bella, beside her was a guy and they were talking.. He walked to them.
“Oh. That’s my husband” Bella suddenly said and he almost flinched. The guy turned and had eye contact with Maurice before standing up, with his eyes on the ring in Maurice finger he said “I’d better go ahead” and he left. Maurice stared at him for a while before moving to Bella and sitting beside her. “Who is he?” He asked.
“Some random guy trying to be friends. Just forget him. Did you get the creams?” Bella asked.
“Um yeah” he said, handing her the large plate of ice cream and she started eating happily.
Maurice got movie tickets on their way to a restaurant and it was scheduled for the next day and handed one to Bella

It was towards the evening when Maurice drove them to the supermarket and they got some food ingredients that they lacked at home and Maurice drove them home. He parked the car in the driveway and they got down. Bella got into the house and plopped on a couch before taking off her sandal. “I can’t believe my first date was so good,” Bella said with a smile then frowned “except for that crappy rollover” she said, shaking off the dreading thoughts. Maurice emerged from the kitchen after dropping all the shopping bag.
“It’s a roller coaster” he corrected again and she rolled her eyes.
“And I still think that’s a really weird name” she said with irritation.
“Alright” he surrendered with both arm up. It’s past eight already. I’ll retire to bed first” he said, moving.
“Maurice,” Bella rushed to his front in a flash. “Yes Bella” he responded.
“Can we k-ss?” She asked.
“What?” He asked or rather exclaimed, unsure.
“I mean the lip to lip touching and–
“I know what it is Bella but we can’t k-ss”
“But why?” She pouted “couple k-ss right?”
“We’re not a couple” he said.
“And why can’t we be one?” She asked “we went on a date Maurice, we had ice cream, sat together on that creepy stuff, held hands, got matching outfits and also wore a couple ring. Why aren’t we lovers after doing all those things together?!” She asked with a sad look.
“That’s not how love works Bel. The both parties have to feel the same way to make it work. It doesn’t happen by acting like one it happens by being one” he said.
“Then why can’t we be one. I already said I love you right why can’t you say it too?”
“That’s because—
Bella’s ringing phone interrupted the rest of the statement and she took it and checked the caller ID.. Patty. She looked at Maurice then back at the phone before swiping to the receiver and placing it to her ear.
“Hi Patty,” she said, walking to her room.
Maurice sunk to a sofa and sighed. Bella loved him and she won’t stop insisting on them being a couple while he has a girlfriend or should he say his fiancee to be because he planned on proposing to her once she returns to the country. But Bella didn’t know that and he plan in telling her really soon but he didn’t want to hurt her nor her feelings. He still loved Diane so much even though they’ve been away from each other for a while he could still feel himself wanting and missing her.. And now Bella loves him but does he love her too? He wasn’t even certain of his own feelings but he knew he finds Bella funny, pretty, lovable, as a very interesting and caring companion and a great friend but at the same time he loved Diane.
He still have to let Bella know and he has to do it a less-hurtful way.
Geez! He had just given Bella a make up treat and gotten into another quarrel after it. Ugh!.

Bella sat up on her bed, p-nting hærd and feeling her heartbeat racing round her chest. She dabbed the beads of sweat on her face and shook her head, as if shaking off the thoughts if the horryfying and terrifying nightmare she had. She rushed out of bed and pulled her feet into her flops, tieing her robe she walked out of her room and to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the upper cupboard she filled it with water and drained it up before resting her butt in the kitchen counter. She steadied up and walked to Maurice room. She knocked and and it got opened almost immediately and revealed a fully awake Maurice except he hadn’t been sleeping. “I had a nightmare,” she told him “can I stay the night here?” She asked, jamming her palms together pleadingly and he nodded slowly, she went in and he closed the door. “I was doing some work when you knocked,” he said, seeing her gaze on the stack of paperwork on his reading table.
“Go ahead and sleep. I’ll just round up with this” he said.
“Can I help. I don’t feel too sleepy” she said.
“Sure. Here” he gave her some paperwork. “Separate the signed ones from the unsigned and give it to me” he said and she nodded, grabbing a stool she drew it close to him and sat then started working while watching as Maurice scrawled his signature on some papers. Bella sighed lowly, this was way more better than having a scary nightmare at least she was assured that she was still in the human world and right beside her first love. It was a big relief to her.

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