Meribella – episode 36


(Dear mermaid)
Episode 36
Maurice sighed before running a frustrating hand down his hair,  Diane left? She f-cked chose her job over him, over them; over all the plans they had, over everything they shared. Had it meant nothing to her right from the scratch, had she always thought of doing this to him or she just never loved him to begin with. He had given her his heart, trusted her enough to safeguard and strengthen it with her love for life but what had she done, she had thrown it back at his face after giving him a betraying k-ss. He sniffed as memories flocked through him, memories of Diane and him, memories of all the love they shared and the one he thought she had for him bursting out of them as they held hands with smiles and walked their feets on the fresh sand of the beach. Memories of the vows they had made never to leave each other no matter the circ-mstances, memories of her trailing k-sses all over him and the feel of the warmth of her body on his, memories of the time they shared in bed, snuggling under each other and using their warmth from hours of love making to overcome the cold. Memories of the nights they spent together joking and confessing their love for each other; memories of the comfort and confidence they had given each other during trying times.. Everything they had shared together. Diane had left it like it didn’t matter, she had given up on them for the sake of her job and had also described getting married to him as being trapped. Maurice fist clenched as he chewed on his teeth…had Diane thought of him this way all along, had she seen him as an obstacle to her goal! The hell he had supported her, loved her and had given her his promise to wait for her return whenever she was away modeling and even though it was hærd he had tried so much to keep those vows and commitments to her but she had thrown it all at his face and walked out on him.
How could she break up with him this way, after all the tortures he had gone through while awaiting her return, after all the temptations he had overcame using their love as his shield, after everything they had been through together; she had still f-cking left him! She hadn’t even put what they shared into consideration before choosing her job over their love. Damn her! F-cking damn her! And damn those hypocritical tears and constant apology. Why didn’t she just stay forever rather than coming back and breaking up with him once they had spoken. Oh of course she had wanted to make it official so there would be no ‘obstacle to her dream’ as she had put it.
Maurice sighed again, even after everything she had said to him tonight; he still couldn’t hate her. He wished he could hate her and her thoughts alone would disgust him but who was he kidding, Diane’s memory was still dear to him. He had no idea if he loved her anymore after everything she had vomited to him tonight, he knew he didn’t hate her but he didn’t want to love her too. She had left him and he was sure she wouldn’t come back just as she had told him after the breakup but seriously he was missing her already.. He had been more than happy when he had seen her at his doorpost talking to Bella and even more happy when she had insisted they took the seat on the porch, he had thought she wanted a privacy to do what they hadn’t done in a while but instead of that sweet moment he had been thinking of she had given him a broken heart instead.
And he couldn’t find that place in his heart to hate her.
He reached his hand into his p-nt pocket and adjusted to get access to his phone, he pulled it out and turned it on.. With slightly trembling hand he scrolled through his contacts and held a hand above Diane’s, he tried fighting the urge to call her and ask her if everything she had said was a joke or some kind of new year prank; but he couldn’t. He put the phone to his ear after successfully clicking on her ID. He heard the line connecting and the phone ringing from the other end, he waited until it stopped ringing..
She didn’t pick!
He called it again and this time he set the phone down and watched it ring, after minutes of ringing with no answer it stopped and Maurice silently cussed..
She’s ignoring his calls now! Really Diane!.. This means she’s damn serious about calling them a ‘quit’.
He stared into his phone and scoffed; if that’s Diane’s way of pushing him away from her life then she’s really doing it well and if she’s serious about ending whatever happened between them then that’s her problem.
His phone started ringing and when he checked, it was a call from Joliet. He moistened his l-ips and watched it ring. After all she knew about it too, it was the reason why she had acted strange on their last call.. She knew Diane was leaving him and she said nothing about it.. He smiled painfully as he thought of how many other people had known before him.. Did his father know about it too? His fist tightened at that.
Was he the last to know after all?
The phone stopped ringing and started again, he kept watching it; not answering. And when it stopped, it started ringing again but he kept watching it, somehow he felt angry at Joliet for keeping it away from him. He knew for sure that Diane must’ve pleaded with her to. But still she should’ve given him a hint; that’s one of the reasons why it’s called family.
The phone stopped ringing and seconds later a message alert popped in from Joliet, he checked it..
I know you must’ve heard it already. I’m sorry Maurice but I couldn’t do anything at that time, she begged me not to say anything about it, I’m really sorry.
I’m worried about you, I really hope you’re doing fine. Please call me when you get this.
He mind-read the message and kicked his phone aside before getting up. He walked to his room and unloosed his neck tie, he threw it to the floor and undressed. Clad in only a boxer short he walked to the en-suite went unclad and turned on the shower, he rested on the wall and watched the water stroll on his body; he fought the tears as memories of he and Diane right under this same shower slipped into his mind.. He sighed it out and rubbed his hair back, closing his eyes at the feel of the water running fast on his scalp and soothing it; he loved the feeling the water lapsed on his skin.. He wished he could suddenly wake up and realize that everything that happened today was a dream but who was he kidding.. It was damn real!
Diane had broken up with him!
Had chosen her job over him!
Had driven all the memories that are unforgettable to him to her past!
And she had left him!
It was reality and he couldn’t do anything about it. Maurice pushed his hair backward, taking his breath slowly he sniffed, drew in air and shouted out his frustration right from his lungs to his cords; releasing his anger and sadness.
Bella opened her eyes and it was morning, she tried to move from her bed but the splitting headache she felt wouldn’t let her. Bella winced as she placed a palm on her head, she looked around the room; rolling her eyes since she couldn’t turn without feeling daggers piercing into her forehead. She noticed the unfamiliarity and realized she wasn’t home. Yesterday’s event flooded into her head and she sighed. She sighed again and reached an arm towards the glass of water resting on the drawer, she grabbed it and emptied the content. She had dropped the cup down when a light knock sounded on the door, without a reply the door slowly opened and Patty’s head moved in first, she smiled when she saw Bella up on the bed before moving the rest of her body into the room and closing the door behind. Bella noticed the tray of food in her arm.
“Good morning,” she said, pushing a stool close to the bed with her foot and setting the tray on it “I made you breakfast. I thought you were still asleep so I had to peek in first. Here” she pushed the stool closer.
Bella blinked twice and winced silently when she felt the pain “Do you have pain killers in here?” She asked, her voice soft and slow.
“Sure. Do you have an headache?” She asked and Bella nodded slowly.
“Hang on. I’ll get them” Patty rushed out of the room and emerged seconds later with the drugs and a glass of water. Bella thankfully took it from her and swallowed it up with water before relaxing. “Sorry” Patty said and she nodded. Few minutes later Bella was able to sit up on the bed, she opened the covered plate and saw a tasty and inviting looking breakfast staring back at her. Bella looked at Patty who nudged her to go ahead. She grabbed the spoon and started eating..
“Do you want me to get you anything?” Patty asked, after Bella had eaten breakfast and she had cleared the dishes before coming back to meet her. Bella shook her head and sighed.
“I know you’re curious Patricia,” Bella said “And I understand. It’s normal for you to be after I came here yesterday looking like mush and I promise to tell you everything but–
“It’s okay Bella,” Patty tapped her when she noticed her voice was getting emotional. “It can wait. I’m just concerned about you. I’m ready to wait until whenever you’re ready to say anything about it” Patty said and Bella smiled..
Aww What an Angel in disguise of a human!
“Thanks Patricia. I knew I could always count on you”
“Anytime Bella”
“Com’on, I’ll get the bathroom ready for you. You need a thorough bath” she said “And some clean clothes too”
Bella nodded at what she said and Patricia smiled at her before moving to the bathroom..
She noticed Bella’s quietness and then she knew that whatever might’ve happened to her must be really big for it to make her this way. Honestly, she had been curious right from the time Bella stepped into the house last night looking all messy and the tight emotional hug she had given her, but Patty knew she couldn’t pressurize her. What Bella needed was a friend and comforter not pressurizer. She was willing to wait till whenever Bella is ready to open up to her. But she hoped and prayed silently that it wasn’t too huge and big enough to leave memorable scars..
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