MERIBELLA – Episode 4

(Dear mermaid )

He dished the steaming pasta into separate plates, one bigger than the other and set it on the breakfast bar , he reheated the coffee in the kettle and poured two cup full, searching the refrigerator he pulled out a soda can and and set it beside Bella’s pasta filled plate. He nodded in satisfaction.
“Bella,” he yelled a bit “Dinner’s ready” she rushed in seconds later into the kitchen and sat, he took the seat opposite her and watched her l-ips curved in a happy smile.
She dug her hand in the meal and pulled it out, a low yelp escaping her l-ips and a frown on her face.
“Are you okay?” he asked, taking her wrist and examining the red fingers. He had earlier forgotten she ate with her fingers and he had to remind her that the meal was hot but.. is she that dumb?
Didn’t she notice the steams?
“It’s hot” she said in pain.
“I know, that’s why you need to use a cutlery.” he got a bowl of water and dipped her hand in it, he pulled it out and wiped it gently with a napkin.
“Here,” he stretched the fork and she took it “You use that to eat” he said. She stared at the fork in unfamiliarity, she had no idea how it’s being used and he noticed it.
“Watch me,” he said and her gaze shifted to him, he dug his fork into the meal, twisted it to take enough food and took it out, blew raspberry on it then drew it into his mouth and munch. “That’s how it’s done”
She settled the fork in her fingers and dug it into the meal, twisting it longer than expected she lifted it up and smiled as she saw the pasta lying on it. She blew air into it and threw it into her mouth, munching hungrily she smiled and clapped.
She got it. That was an achievement.
“It’s easy, you know” he said with a small smile and she nodded then continued eating with the fork while he faced his.
“Bella,” he called half way through his meal and she looked up, licking her l-ips. “Don’t you remember anything about your parents?”
He noted the uneasy feeling in her eyes as she dropped her fork down, shifting her gaze to her food she shook her head. “Nothing, not even a bit?”
“I told you I don’t have a parent” she said and he nodded.
“You did but you must’ve been living somewhere before I met you at the sea, don’t you want to go back, they must be worried about you”
“No,” she shook her head “I have no family here”
“No relatives, friends, close people..?” she shook her head and he nodded slowly.
“I’m sorry if I raised a memory” he said and she nodded then slowly continued her meal, he helped her pull open the soda and she took it gratefully.
They had the rest of dinner in silence and he cleared the empty plates and wiped off food crumbs from the table, he dumped the plate in the dishwasher, wiped them and set them on the drain board once they were washed. He emptied the rest of his coffee. He walked to his room and switched on the lights, he showered, brushed and pulled into his pyjama. He wondered if Bella had her bath today, she didn’t look dirty to him so he shook the thought aside and picked up his iPod, he sat on the dressing chair and scrolled through his message. He had few messages from Diane, his girlfriend and missed video call from Joliet, his sister.
He called Diane first and they talked for an hour and thirty minutes, he felt the urge to tell her about Bella but he knew how her reaction would be.
How would he feel if his girlfriend told him she was living with a guy she knew nothing about, he knew the answer and he didn’t want Diane’s reaction to be like that. He had known her for a long time to be was a jealous lover, she wasn’t patient when it came to the opposite s€× flocking with her boyfriend. She loves him and he loves her too.
He video called Joliet, he also wanted to inform her about Bella. He knew she wasn’t going to over react at least not like Diane, though Joliet could be a Blabber beak sometimes she wasn’t the type to jump into conclusion without proper investigation and proof. He loved her a lot, she was the only living thing that reminded him a lot of his mother, she had almost all her physique and her beauty too.
Joliet claimed to be sleepy and he had no time to inform her about Bella so instead he hung up and dropped the iPod on his dressing table, he pulled into his flip flop and head to the living room to inform Bella he was ready to go to bed and things to do before she slept since he was sure she was engrossed in the television.
Bella had her head rested on the chair headrest, her l-ips slightly apart and her eyes shut; she was asleep. He switched off the television and took the remote control beside Bella to set it beside the TV.
“Bella,” he tapped her and she mo-ned, tightening her l-ips. “Bella, you have to go to your room” he tapped her a bit h-rder but she didn’t stir nor respond. He tapped her again but she remained still.
okay, she’s a deep sleeper, he have to save that too. She just had strange characters.
He rested her head on his hand and lifted her up bridal style, his hand under her knees and the other below her neck, he carried her to her room, pulling open the door with his leg he moved to her bed and laid her on it,letting her head rest on the pillow. She mo-ned and turned, going into deep slumber immediately, he shifted the hair off her face and watched her face for a while. He switched off the lights and head to his room, falling asleep once his head contacted the pillow and his body, the bed.
Bella jerked up heavily with a start, her breathing rugged and her heart stamping fast against her chest, she looked around in alarm. Her brain getting the familiarity she calmed a bit. She just had an awful toe-curling nightmare. It was almost similar with the one she had during the day except that this time she couldn’t find her mother on the pile of stones which was in this case surrounded by pretty shells and little shrubs, she couldn’t find anyone in it at first but when she looked more closer she saw herself and Elliot, their hand intertwined and an inscription ‘Together forever’ bond with flowers below then. she had woken up in alarm.
She stood up from the bed, packing her hair to the back she moved to her window and pulled it open, the early morning breeze rushed out and splashed her face, running through her hair and splaying it all over her face speedily. She brushed it to the back and stared into the streets, few people were already on it, she sighed and looked up, her eyes caught the dimness of the early sun and she smiled at it. Hoping it’ll grant her her heart request.
She moved to the bed, feeling fully awake she sat on the bed and took out the shell, she opened it and took out the diamond necklace. She smiled as she car-ssed it between her fingers, feeling the s-nsation of holding Maurice hand she lifted it to her l-ips and planted a light k-ss on it before putting it back into the shell, she touched her bracelet, the one her mother had given her, the only thing that could expose her. Memories of her mother flooded into her inner screen and she shut her eyes, a soothing feeling overwhelming her mind as she grip the bracelet. She opened her eyes with a sort of satisfaction and stood up.
Hiding the shell below her pillow she moved out of the room door and into the kitchen, the morning light flooded in. She walked to the fridge, pulling it open she grabbed a can soda and moved to the counter, she opened the drink and gulped it entirely in few big sips.
“Ah!” she mo-ned and dropped the empty can on the counter, she heard footsteps and she turned, it was Maurice sleepwalking. His legs were moving to the kitchen but his eyes were closed and his palms rubbed them sleepily. He put down his hands and yawn then opened his eyes slightly, they caught a figure and he jerked them open in alarm to see Bella. He sighed slowly, he had feared someone had broken in.
“Bella?” he moved to her, his eyes void of sleep now “It’s you” his eyes caught the empty soda can on the counter and he turned to the refrigerator, he saw it wide open, just as he guessed.
He threw the can in the trash bin and closed the fridge door then turned to Bella.
“You have to shut the fridge after use, see like this” he opened it and closed it, her eyes followed his movement and she nodded “If you leave it open for too long it can be dangerous” he said.
“I’m sorry, I’ll always close it from now on” she said and he smiled.
“I’m not trying to scold you, neither am I being rash. I’m only protecting us from danger,”
“I know,” she said and he nodded.
“I guess you’re hungry that’s why you’re here. I’ll make breakfast since it’s morning” he said. “You want breakfast, don’t you?” he teased.
“Yes, I want food” he smiled.
“I know, you can switch on the TV while I see what we can have for breakfast” he said and she moved to the living room. He searched the cupboard and got a pack of chocolate powder, milk and sugar. Setting them down on the counter he put the electric kettle on the stove and moved to get biscuit pack from the fridge, putting them down he made hot chocolate tea out of the beverages and poured a part of it in a big tea cup. He left his in the mug and set the cup on the breakfast bar then a big biscuit pack beside it. He left his aside.
“Bella?” he called “Breakfast’s ready” she arrived at the kitchen with smiles across her l-ips and took her seat, he turned the cup of tea and shifted it closer to her. She started eating in no time and he left her to go get ready for work and for his evening class. He had his brush and bath then pulled into a Polo shirt and black fitted trouser, he did the button and buckled his belt then ran a comb through his hair, straightening out the front with a gel and resting it on his forehead.
He packed his kits and walked to the kitchen, Bella was done with her meal and her gaze was on a soap opera displayed on TV.
He sat for his meal and cleared the table once he was done, he packed the dishes into the dishwasher and set then to dry. He walked to the sitting room.
“Bella,” she turned to him “I’m going to work and from work I’m going for classes. There’s some pasta in the fridge, you can heat it up for lunch in the microwave, I’ll make dinner when I get back” she stared at him “I know you have no idea about what a microwave is so I’ll show you how to use it before I go” he said “Come,” she stood up and his gaze moved down to her feet. He knew she needed a pair of slippers, shoes, new clothes and all.. He’ll get her some on his way back, he saw the gash on her leg, the dried blood still on its surface.
“Sit down,” she sat back, staring confused at him “I have to treat your wound first before it gets infected. Stay here” she nodded. he moved to the storage room and got the big first aid box then walked back to her.
He set the box on the floor, helped Bella relax on the chair before putting on gloves, taking the leg that had the sore, he examined it closely the let it rest on the armrest of the chair.
He opened the box, pulled out a bottle of antiseptic and the pack of cotton wool, he cut a piece of the wool and sprinkled the antiseptic on it. He rubbed it on the dried blood that surrounded the wound, cleaning every bit of the dried blood he put down the now bloodied cotton wool aside, he tore a chunk of fresher one, applied the liquid on it and rubbed it on the wound surface to get the dried blood away.
“Ouch!” Bella winced with a frown and her leg shifted a bit.
“Sorry, I forgot to mention it stings” he apologized before setting the used cotton wool beside the previous one.
He applied a healing capsule on the wound and wrapped it up with a plaster and another wool. He gently set her leg on the floor and packed the first aid kits back in it’s box. He looked up to see Bella staring at the wounded leg.
“The pains will stop in a while and in a day or two the wound will be healed” he said and she looked up, reciprocating his smile.
He took the box to the storage room and disposed the used wool then took off the gloves.
“Now, I’ll teach you how to use a microwave” she followed him to the kitchen and he directed her on how to heat up food in the microwave, she repeated the process and he nodded, he was now certain she could use it on her own.
He went back to his room and got his backpack, admiring his face in the mirror and nodding in satisfaction he closed the door and moved to the living room.
“You have to stay in,side, the street is not good enough for you yet” he said and she nodded, he walked out of the door and she locked it behind him then moved back to the couch and collapsed on it, a sigh passing through her l-ips.
She was alone, she had to contact her mother..
She hoped it’d get connected this time.

To be continued

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