Meribella – episode 45

(Dear mermaid)
Episode 45
Bella tried connecting to her mother for the umpteenth time but still there was no connection, she gently dropped the shell on the bed.. It’s been two days already and the mirror hadn’t been able to connect to Lana, Bella was bemused because nothing like that had happened before. She just hoped her mother was safe.
She stood up from the bed and went to shower in the bathroom, she hanged her towel in the rail and got a shower cap.. She turned on the faucet and the water strolled down her body, Bella closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. She turned it off, got her liquid soap, added a little to her sponge and ran it down her body then turned on the shower again.

Maurice checked himself in the lengthy mirror and smiled at his reflection that smiled back at him. He grabbed his work bag and head out of his room to the kitchen. He got there and didn’t see Bella, she must’ve gone to bath after clearing the breakfast bar. He dropped his bag on a couch and journeyed to her room, he placed a knock, turned the knob and moved in.. He didn’t see Bella. Then he heard the water running from the bathroom and he knew she was having her bath. “Babe,” he called, “I’m off to work” he yelled out to her.
“Just a minute, I’ll be out soon” she yelled back. Maurice walked to her her bed and sat on it. He tilt his head, checking the room out and he smiled at the transformation. Bella really spiced it up to a feminine haven. His gaze caught the shell on her bed and with narrowed brows he picked it up. He stared at it for a moment and opened it; it was a mirror. He looked into it and gasped slowly when he couldn’t see his reflection.. He tried turning but still he couldn’t see himself. Okay it couldn’t have been him, this mirror didn’t show his reflection. Strange!
The door to the bathroom opened and Bella walked out, a towel tied up to her chest and another on her head like a turban. She stood on a s₱0t when she sighted Maurice on her bed and her eyes grew wide when she saw the shell in his hand.. Opened!!
Could her mother have appeared.
“Bella what’s this?” His voice jerked her and she swiftly rushed to him and grabbed the shell from his grip, quickly closing it and covering it with her palm.
“I-It’s nothing” she stuttered, shifting away.
“O–kay,” he drawled “I just checked it out and it wasn’t showing my reflection. It seem weird, where did you get it?”
“Um.. That.. I actually took it from.. The shore.. No! Not the shore.. Patty gave it to me… It’s kinda a girly stuff” Bella said, her words coming out in staccato.. Maurice frowned at her before nodding and she could see the doubts visible in his eyes.
“I’ll leave you to dress up” he stood up and walked out. Bella rested her back to the door and sighed with her eyes closed. That was close!!
“Forgive me Patricia but I had no choice” she muttered before moving back to her bed.

Maurice dropped Bella off at patty’s restaurant and promised to come pick her up, he left for work and parked in the parking lot, he got down and head into the company.. Responding to greetings from staffs, he got to his office and settled. Going through his schedules he sighed when he saw he was to lead a meeting with the staffs. He placed a call to his secretary and gave her orders before getting up and moving to the auditorium for the meeting.
Maurice ended the meeting and was applauded, it was all about The function and the announcement of the upcoming competition going on with the lambs, he gave them a hint on how it would be, rounded it up with few words of encouragement and brought it to a closure. They moved out.
“I already secured a place for the function” Pablo said, moving to him. “I also sent out invitations”
“That’s nice. We just have a bit of preparations left” he said and Pablo nodded. “Don’t worry about that Dad. I’ll handle the rest. You need to rest and be free from stress, you’re not getting younger you know” he said and Pablo chuckled slowly.
“I know that. I plan on resigning after settling down with Patricia..
“Resigning and settling down?”
“Yes son. I plan on telling you guys after Patricia accepts my proposal, which she has. I’ll resign after we wed”
“Wow, I’m happy for you guys. But if you resign who’s taking over the company–
“You Maurice, I already invited the lawyer. I’ll be signing the company in your name after the company’s anniversary is over” he said and Maurice eyes grew wide.
“Really? Are you sure about that Dad?” He asked “You really trust me enough to give D-MARTINEZ to me?” He asked, flabbergasted.
“I trust you more than that son”
“Wow Dad,” he hugged him “Thanks”
Pablo smiled behind him “I’m sure you’ll do well. You can take this as a present for graduating from college with good results, I didn’t get to tell you how proud I am; I’m proud of you son” he said, patting Maurice’s back.
“Thanks Dad” he said and they disengaged with smiles on their faces.

Maurice drove to Patty’s shop after work and picked Bella, Bella exchanged goodbyes with Patricia and Miranda and followed Maurice to the car. He slid into the driver’s and started driving.
“Maurice can we go somewhere?” She asked, and he gave her a quick look.
“Where?” He asked
“A medical org-nization for the aged. I’d love you to meet someone” she said and he nodded. Bella gave him the address and he input it in the car GPS, he looked at it and followed the map.
“That’s it” Bella said when they got there and Maurice parked and they got down.. He looked around the exterior of the big clinic.
“Come, let’s go in” Bella dragged his arm and they got in. She walked him to a nurse who was just heading to a room and Bella called her.
“How may I help you?” She asked.
“I’m here to see lady gaga, you know her right?”
“Um yeah. Are you families with her?” She asked and Bella shook her head, slowly rubbing her temples.
“Actually I’m a–
“Are you Bella?” She asked and Bella nodded. “Yes. I’m Bella”
“Oh we’ve been expecting you for a while now. Please come with me” she said and led the way while Bella followed with Maurice behind her, scanning the big hall. The nurse got to a door, pressed a button and moved in with them. It was an office and on the other end was a chair and a chubby woman on it with tiny glasses perched on her nose. She looked at them with nosy eyes. “Matron,” the nurse called “This is Bella. She’s here to see lady gaga” she explained and the woman rolled her eyes from her to Bella then to Maurice. “You can go nurse Nita” she said and the lady left.
“Please have your seats” she offered and they sat. Bella couldn’t understand why she was passing through these just to see granny.
“Lady gaga have been expecting you for a while now before she left”
“Left? To where?” Bella asked. The woman bent to get drawer, pulled it open and took out a small box and moved it to Bella. “She left that for you” Bella stared at the box.
“Where’s she? Where did she go to?”
“She’s dead,” Bella gasped “She died three days ago and her body has been taken away. She left this for you before she left”
“What?” Her eyes grew wide and Maurice wrapped an arm around her. He didn’t need a soothsayer to explain what was going on to him. The lady Bella was expecting him to meet was dead and it looked like it is such a big blow to Bella.
“B-but how? I mean why?” She muttered as tears rolled from her eyes.
“I’m sorry about your loss miss but her death was completely natural” the woman explained. Bella took the box, stood up and walked out.

Bella walked straight to her room after Maurice parked the car, she collapsed on the bed and sighed.. Granny is dead? She sighed again. She wiped her tears and took the box, she opened it and took out the little bracelet, her eyes w¡dened when she studied it.. The mambannia bracelet?? The same bracelet she had on her wrist. She took our the small note in it and unfolded it then read Make the right choice and live a good life the simple but understandable message said and Bella blinked. “The right choice” she muttered.
“The moment you get rejected by the one you love it becomes over” granny’s words rang in her head and Bella inhaled deeply.. Is leaving Maurice the right choice? Will he still love her after knowing who she really is?? Bella wished she could tell him but she needed an assurance that he’d stay.. She didn’t want to get rejected by him and then by everyone she loves as well.
She couldn’t take the risk.. She has to spend time with Maurice and then leave when she feel it’s right? It is better to leave than to watch him hate her and regret knowing her. She just have to stay close to Maurice and be with him all through her stay before she goes back to her world. Bella blinked and realized she had been crying, she wiped her tears and looked out of the window.. The moon was gradual taking over the bright sky. How many nights does she have left to stay?
“Bella, can I come in?” Maurice asked and she quickly hid the box and the contents.
“Yes,” she responded and the door moved. Maurice walked in, changed in his pajamas. He walked to her and sat beside her on the bed.
“Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded.
“I’m just a little down, I’ll get over it in no time” she said and he nodded and took her palm, covering his with hers.
“I was worried about you” he said and Bella smiled faintly.
“As long as you’re with me, I’m always fine” she said and he smiled and k-ssed her palm. She looked into his eyes, lean in and k-ssed him on the l-ips. He responded and the k-ss got intense, they continued, tilting their heads to get more of each other. Bella’s small hands worked on his body while his strolled to the zipper of her dress. He was about undoing it when he realized himself and pulled away. “Sorry I-I-I
“Please continue,” she said softly and Maurice looked at her.
“Are you sure?” He asked, searching her eyes and she nodded.
“I love you”
He smiled and captured her l-ips in his, Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him closer to her. He undid her zip and worked the first hand on removing her clothes while the other worked on her bare body, teasing and car-ssing it. Bella, left in only her undies moved her body closer to his, savoring the feelings as he feathered k-sses on her l-ips to her jawline and then her neck before moving down to her chest..
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