Meribella – episode 46



(Dear mermaid)
Episode 46
Bella got up the next morning to the nice scent of pancakes filling the room, she sat up, the bedsheet raised to her chest. She pulled it away and dressed up, getting up from the bed she moved to the kitchen, expecting to see Maurice; the brain behind breakfast. She stopped at the door when she saw Joliet, her earphones connected to her phone and the earpiece to her ear, her butt was swaying left and right as she upturned the pancake. Bella walked in, grabbed a cup and poured herself some coffee before getting Joliet’s attention.
“Oh hey. You’re up?” She asked, taking the earphone from her ear.
“Yes. Where’s Maurice?”
“He left for the office”
“Wow. Did I sleep in?” Bella asked, scanning the kitchen for a clock.
“Don’t worry you didn’t. It’s just seven. Maurice left early” she said and Bella muttered an ‘oh’.
“You look like you need a shower and some hair brush,” Joliet said and Bella scratched her hair. “Go freshen up, I’ll set The table for breakfast” she said, Bella gave her a small appreciative smile and walked to her room.. She parked her clothings from yesterday aside and stripped before wrapping herself up with a towel.

After breakfast, Bella walked back to her room and grabbed her phone. She caught sight of the little note granny had left, she sighed and picked it up. She stared at it and sighed again before putting it away, she went into her closet and grabbed a scarf and walked back to the living room, she told Joliet she’d be back and head out of the house, wrapping the scarf around her neck. Bella got out of the estate gate after exchanging greeting with the the security guard. Bella moved quietly on the streets aimlessly, she just kept on walking, thoughts passing through her head as couples passed her. Bella sighted a bench at the end of the lane, she walked to it and plopped herself on it and sighed before resting her back on the hærd rest. She looked up at the sky and watched the birds fly. “They’ll keep flying forever” Bella sighed to herself, can she and Maurice, just like these birds also be together forever. Would Maurice still want to be with her after knowing who she truly is?.
She feels really sad and burdened and even though she couldn’t share it with anyone, she wished there was someone that could comfort and assure her. Patty would’ve been in that position but she has a wedding to prepare for and Bella wouldn’t want to be a distraction, getting married had been one of patty’s dream. Bella wished she could see Raymond, he too was a good distraction, but she couldn’t. He must be busy with work.
“It’s dangerous to stare at the sun for too long, you could get sun-blinded” Bella shifted her gaze from the sky and blinked twice before turning to the direction of the voice.
“Raymond?” She asked, a small smile across her l-ips.
“Hello princess,” he said and moved to her. “Can I sit?”
“Sure” she replied and he joined her. “I’m glad you came. I was just thinking about you” she said.
“Really?” He asked “Maurice wouldn’t like that you know” he said and Bella face fell.
“I’m truly sorry about Maurice and me but–
“It’s okay princess, I understand that life can’t give you what you want atimes. I’ve accepted my fate” he said.
“So we’re still friends?” She asked.
“Sure, if that’s what you want” he said with a smile and Bella returned it mildly. “So should we get sundaes?” He asked.
“Big yes. Just what I need” Bella said, Raymond helped me up and led her to his car.

After the wh0le fun-time with Raymond, Bella insisted he dropped her off at patty’s restaurant and he did, he parked his car and she got down.
“Thanks a lot Ray, I had a great time. I knew I could always count on you to lighten my gloomy day” she said .
“I’m glad we can still hangout. I have to go”
“Now? I thought you’d have some coffee before you leave”
“I’d really love to but I can’t, I promised to drive Joliet to the mall. Please say Hi to Patricia for me” he said.
“Oh I will” he smiled at her and rushed to his car, got in and drove off. Bella watched the car drive out of sight before moving into the restaurant.

Patricia dropped Bella off at the gate of the estate, Bella had been expecting Maurice to pick her up as he promised but some moments later he called and informed her that he couldn’t make it anymore, work was pretty tight than he had thought and he apologized, Bella accepted and he ended the call after blowing k-sses at her.
“Alright. Goodnight Bella” Patty waved at her.
“Goodnight to you too and drive safe okay. Pablo wouldn’t want a scarred bride” she teased and Patty laugh.
“I’ll put that in remembrance. Bye” Bella waved back and she drove off, she walked in through the gate and journeyed to the house.
Getting home Bella put in the correct pins and got into the house, after dropping her phone and loosing her scarf, she went to the kitchen to make dinner. Half way through the cooking Joliet arrived with her hands holding two heavy shopping bags.. She said Hi to her and took the bags to her room, minutes later she came out, changed in a short and baggy shirt and she assisted Bella with the rest of dinner. After cooking they had dinner and Bella stored up Maurice share, she went back to the living room and settled with Joliet on a couch and she started talking about how shopping with Raymond went.
“..I got you some really nice dresses and this new trending bag and shoe that goes with anything you wear”
“Really?” Bella smiled and she nodded.
“I’ll give them to you later–
The door opened and Maurice walked in. She didn’t hear his car drive in but anyways he’s home, she’d been half-worrying about him and half-listening to Joliet talk.
“Hey Maurice,” Joliet said and he waved lightly at her.
“How was work?” Bella asked and he twitched his l-ips “a little tougher than the normal way” he said and pecked her cheeks.
“I’ll just be in my room” he said and walked away to his room. Joliet phone started ringing almost immediately and she checked it out before standing up.
“I have to take this, I’ll be back” she said and walked to the balcony.
Bella stood up from the couch and head to Maurice room, at his door she picked up his bow tie, it must’ve slipped from him and he didn’t notice since he was stressed out from work. She knocked at his door. “Come-in” his voice sounded out and she walked in, closing the door behind her. She first hung his bow tie in the right place before moving to his bed, where he sat. He was dressed up in a pair of sweatp-nts and shirt, the one she had gotten him.
“I left you dinner. Should I get it for you?” She asked and he shook his head negatively.
“I grabbed a bite at Omar’s” he said and she nodded.
“I’ll go keep it in the refrigerator then” she said, standing up but he pulled her back and she fell on him.
“Are you mad at me?” He asked.
“No, no I’m not. Why would I?”
“Probably because I didn’t pick you up at patty’s as promised”
“No Maurice, I’m not mad at you for that. You gave a reason why you couldn’t and I understand, I’m not mad at you for anything” she said, trying to get up but his arm around her wa-ist prevented her.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes, now let me go” she tried jerking herself up but he tightened his grip around her wa-ist. “Maurice!” She gritted.
“I don’t want to. Didn’t you come here for this?”
“For what?” She questioned and he pulled her head to his and locked his l-ips on hers in a k-ss, Bella responded to it and after a while pulled away.
“Maybe I did” she said “but I thought you’re stressed out from work” she said, her coffee-breath on his face.
“From work not from you” he said and captured her l-ips again.
In a moment their clothes were all over the room and their body under the sheets as Maurice trailed k-sses on her. She responded and the passion got intense.

After hours of love making, Bella rested her head on Maurice chest and he stroked her hair. Bella wish the moment wouldn’t end, she wanted time to stay still and the world should revolve around just them. She just wished they could stay together forever without distractions or any thoughts of separation. She wants to be with him forever, it had been her greatest wish but she knew it couldn’t come to pass, at least not when Maurice gets to know about her true self. Bella shook her head, as If shaking the thoughts from her mind.. She couldn’t kill the moment with negative thoughts.. What matters is that she had Maurice now and he loves her.
“What are you thinking about?” She smiled, hearing Maurice voice.
“Just how much you mean to me,” she said and he smiled in her hair. “I don’t ever want to lose you Maurice” she said. He gave her forehead a k-ss and took her palm, car-ssing her fingers.
“I love you Bella,” he said “And you mean alot to me too” he said.
“I love you too Maurice, I always have and always will no matter what happens” she said, looking up at him and they smiled and k-ssed.. Their hunger taking for each other consuming the moment.

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