MERIBELLA – episode 8

(Dear mermaid 💜) 

“Can’t I wear it?” Bella broke the silence after he had given her a long surprised look.
“You can’t wear it here, it’s your private thing and it’s not meant to be seen by ordinary people”
“Oh,” her l-ips twitched “But you’re my friend, you’re not ordinary..
“Even friends are not meant to see it”
“Okay,I’ll remember that” she dashed off before he could say another word and he rested his palm on his forehead..
She’s just so weird!
She came back to him, now dressed in a flair red skirt and pink tank top.
“It fits” she said and his brows narrowed.
“I never knew I was good at guessing sizes”
She bent down to lift her skirt..
“You can’t show it to me..
“I wasn’t, I just needed to adjust this” she shifted her slippers and stood up back, a smile across her l-ips.
“It’s my privacy” she said and he nodded, giving her a thumb up too.
“I’m glad you remember that”
He moved back to the couch and sat before placing his laptop back on his lap, Bella rushed to him and peered into the laptop, he ignored her awed expression and was about checking his unfinished file when a message popped in from one of the social media, he clicked on it and it was a video message from Jolie. He played it and a quick video of her with his favorite scarf and sun shades displayed.
/Sorry I didn’t seek permission earlier but I really need these it’s just for a while so please put up with the killer frown. BTW, what are siblings for?/
The simple message popped in after the video and he changed his expression, he was actually frowning when he saw his stuffs with Joliet but now he was amused. His sister really knows him well and the f-ck! he had searched all over for those things, how could she take it without his permission when she knew how much he loved them and without his permission. Really?
“Is that yours?” Bella pointed to the scarf “And this one too?” she pointed to the shades and he nodded.
“Is that why you’re sad? because she took them from you?”
“I’m not sad because she took them from me but I’m mad because she took them without my permission” he corrected.
“It’s the same thing”
“No, it’s not” he said “Taking something without seeking permission from the owner is known as stealing…
“Stealing?” she cut his sentence “Is it bad?”
“Yes, very bad” he said “Only bad people do it”
mmh.. Bad people just like Elliot. she thought.
“So she’s a bad person?” she pointed to the picture.
“No, she already has my permission now but it’d have been more better if she had asked before taking it….
“So If I take your belonging without telling you, I’m stealing right?” she asked, remembering she had earlier took his flip flops without asking for his permission.. she bit on her lower lip.
“Yes,” her heart skipped.
“And you don’t like a girl who steals?”
“Not just a girl but anyone. Be it a girl or a boy”
“And if I steal, I’m a bad person” he nodded and she stood up.
“I’m going to my room,I feel sleepy” she said, rubbing her eyes in pretense.
“Okay, goodnight” he said and she head to her room, sitting gently on her bed when she got there.
Maurice hates people that takes his thing and she had taken his flip flop without his approval. She couldn’t tell him that, he’d get angry if he finds out she had gone outside the gate when he had told her not to.
She didn’t Want to see him angry, she didn’t want him to send her away or stop talking to her..
She didn’t have hers at that time and she didn’t want to look strange to anyone that was why she had taken it, she wished Maurice won’t find out about it.
She loved him so much and it’d break her heart if he decides to leave her.
She vowed not to take anything without his permission nor approval again, she didn’t want to be tagged a thief and let Maurice hate her..she wouldn’t bear it
She rested her head on a pillow, a sigh escaping her l-ips, she tossed.
“I’m sorry I took your thing and disobeyed you Maurice, please don’t be mad at me” she mumbled to herself before letting darkness envelope her.


Maurice woke up with an ache the next morning his eyes drawing him to the bed and to sleep.. he yawned.
He had stayed up all night finishing the work he had remained, he had to get them finished and give them up. If it had only be work works then maybe he would’ve had enough sleep but he also had work from the dean, he always did certain work for him when the years section was running out. it was one thing he gained for having a popular father..
Well he finished the work and had three-four hours sleep , he had to jerk his mind up when work flashed through them, he didn’t own himself now; work calls.
He made a quick breakfast out of his sleepy self and it took a lot of miracle for the steaming water not to spill on his hand, he was too careless with it. He set the coffee on the table then a pack of bread and a bottle of Jam, he lazily buttered them up. Just as he was rounding up Bella walked into the kitchen, she was void of sleep as she took her seat on the stool, he left her to go do his morning stuffs and later joined her for breakfast, fully ready for work now and a bit sleepless.
Bella noticed his unusual mood and kept quiet, she knew he needed less talk so when he bade her goodbye she responded with a wave and watched as he drove out of the estate, she rushed to her room and slipped her feet into her flip flops then locked the door and head out of the house.
She walked on the street for almost an hour and stopped when she got to the store where the kind Samaritan had given her a free meal, she contemplated on moving in but shook it aside and continued her journey, she stopped when she heard loud yelling behind her; she turned.
“Hey! get them!! they stole my money. Thieves!” the woman who owned the store and had given her the food yelled at two boys who were running with a small purse in their hand.
She looked to and fro in a confused gesture, people were beginning to gather and the supposed thieves were getting to her.
“They stole my money..
All other words faltered, she could only get one word.. ‘Stole’. Maurice had told her it was bad , he said he hated people that steal.. So the boys were bad, they must’ve taken the woman purse without her permission.
she thought.
“They’re getting away!!”
the crowd made frantic efforts to get them.
Bella quickly caught one with her fist, kicked the other as he tried passing, she lifted him from the floor and dragged his cloth into her fist.. Her power surprisingly overpowering theirs, the boys were awed, not one of them could pull off.. she seemed more stronger than them and more of them put together..
yet she was fragile.
“I’ll call the cops!” one of the people said.
“Let me go!” one of the thieves said, within breathes and winced when Bella stepped hærd on his foot.
“Why did you steal the lady’s purse? don’t you know it’s bad? Maurice don’t like thieves , he said stealing is bad”
“Please ma’am, don’t hand us over to the cops, I’m sorry, I was hungry. I had nothing to eat and I needed to buy food” the other was beginning to cry.
“Why didn’t you tell Maurice that, he has so much food in his house, he gives me and I’m sure he’d have given you too if you had asked”
“Who’s Maurice?”
“My soon-to-be friend, he’s kind and he gives a lot too, he hate thieves like you guys”
“Please ma’am let us go, I promise we won’t do it again”
“I’ll let you go if you apologize to the ma’am whose purse you stole and stop stealing so Maurice won’t hate you”
“OK, OK. we will” she dragged them toward the woman and they apologized, in front of the awed crowd. She felt pity for them instantly, they were hungry bad they stole.. She knew how it felt, she had lived on the streets too and begged for food but she hadn’t stolen all through. she worked to own the restaurant she had today.
“Please forgive us ma’am, we only needed food” one of the boys said
“Yes, we hadn’t take a bite all through yesterday and we’re very hungry” the other said.
The woman took her purse and went into her shop, she came out minutes later with a bag and handed it to the boys.
“The food will last for two or three days, it’s all I can give” she gave them money too and they gratefully thanked her, a tear fell as she advised them and bade them goodbye..
They ar-used memories she had wanted to forget.. the crowd had lessened a bit, with most of them sending surprised look at Bella.
“Thanks a lot miss,” the woman said to Bella and she looked at her.
“You?” the woman said “You’re the girl from yesterday right? the one I gave food to?”
“Yes,” Bella said “I’d love to use some again but I have to go somewhere”
“You left without paying, I looked all over for you”
“You sell your food?” Bella asked, surprised and she nodded.
“I had no idea, I thought you give free food like Maurice”
“Maurice?” she questioned and chuckled “You just helped me, I’d like to know you, come”
She followed the woman into the store and she served her a cup of coffee.
“What’s your name?”
_____ To be continued

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