Meribella – final episode


(Dear mermaid)
Episode 51

Bella sniffed and slowly stood up.
“What’s wrong?” Her mother asked and she flinched a bit. She had forgotten they we’re still talking.
“I’m just scared mother”
“Why? You don’t think he’ll accept you?” She asked and Bella nodded.
“I want to stay her, I want to be with him forever, have kids and all and I know he loves me too but I don’t think it’s enough to accept me”
Lana sighed.
“You have to be strong. No matter what his decision is, you just have to be strong to accept it–
“Accept it? I’m going to be wedded to Elliot mother. My life will s-ck forever!”
“Meribella, sometimes not everything go the way we want, not everyone we want wants us.. We just have to accept certain decisions no matter what they hold on us. You should be happy that you spent time with him, not everyone had that chance”
Bella sniffed “But I don’t want to go mother. I don’t want to wed Elliot”
“Everything will be fine. I have to go now Bel, king Tristan calls for me”
“Okay mother. I love you”
“And me, you. Be safe dear” she said and the mirror went blank.. Bella slowly pressed it in her palm before crushing to the ground and crying. She placed a hand on her tummy.. She really want to see her human child.. She wish to carry little Maurice in her arms and see Maurice smiling at her and knowing he still loves her, She wished they were possible. She sighed and looked at the sky, in no time Elliot would be here to take her.. She needs to see Maurice and tell him the truth before Elliot arrives. She took her bracelet, stood up and turned to move but stopped in her track when she saw Maurice standing behind her, his eyes looking at her.
“Bella?” He called and started taking steps to get to her. Bella sniffed and wiped her tears. She couldn’t wait for him to get to her before she ran up to him and fell in his arms.. He hugged her back, drawing her to himself.
They disengaged. “How did you find me?”
“I saw the text you sent”.. Bella inhaled. She really hope she can do this.
“What happened to you?” He asked. “Your iris are changed” he said.
Bella took a step back.
“That’s b-because I’m not human” she answered and he sighed.
“I know that and– hold on where’s your bracelet?” He said, she could see the panic look in his eyes. “You have to put it on, anyone could come here”
“You knew about the bracelet?”
He nodded “I got a text about it from someone but why aren’t you wearing it?. Is it just your eyes it affects when you take it off?”
“No,” Bella sighed and pulled back. “I’m a.. Mermaid. The mambannia bracelet was the one that changed my tail to feet” she exhaled and slowly looked up at him.
“But what– I mean why aren’t you a mermaid since–
“That’s because I’m pregnant” she said more like a whisper but he heard it and she saw him gasp.
“I can’t turn back to a mermaid when I’m carrying a human child. Your child”
Maurice stood speechless. Bella’s a mermaid and she’s carrying his child, their child. Okay to be sincere finding out she’s a mermaid was kinda creepy but dang it she’s with his child.. And she can’t transform to her mermaid self because of it.
“So what if you have the child, what happens after”
“I don’t know if that’ll happen–
“Why? Why can’t it happen?”
“Because I’m a mermaid Maurice, don’t you get it? Do you want to have a future with a nonhuman? A mermaid?!”
Maurice took a step to her. “I love you Bella and you said it yourself that you’re human now, I don’t care about anything else. What matter’s that you’re still here and my baby is developing in there”
Bella’s eyes w¡dened. “You’re saying you love me even after knowing who I am?” She asked. Not believing her ears.
“Yes Bella. Nothing changed well except that there’s a baby now. I love you”
Bella cried of happiness at that statement.
“Wow! Your eyes are back to normal, what–
Bella jumped ecstatically on him, shutting out the rest of his words. Caught unawares, he staggered back with her in his arms and chuckled behind her. “I love you too Maurice. I love you so much.. So so much.. Oh gosh! I’m so happy! I love you!! ” Bella yelled behind him and when she pulled away, she gave him a w-t, deep k-ss then hugged him again.
“Okay what’s going on here?” A voice said and Bella pulled away from Maurice and turned to see Elliot.
“Mr Moore?” Maurice said “What’re you doing here?”
“Oh shut up dweeb, I’m no Mr Moore”
“What?” Maurice asked and looked at Bella and then he knew something was up.
“This wasn’t the deal Bella, are you trying to dare me?!” He barked to Bella and Maurice held on, she gave him an assuring smile.
“It’s over Elliot, it’s all over. Maurice knows about me now and he has accepted me–
“What!” Elliot yanked.
“Looks like I’m stuck here now” she mocked and he gro-ned.
“You little snail! You’re choosing that stupid human over me! I’ll not allow that, you’re my wife!”
“I’m not, you’re trying to have me against my will.. I can never be with you Elliot, it’s Maurice I love and guess what; I’m with child and it’s his”
Elliot’s gritted his teeth and started walking to them but Maurice stood in front. “Mo– or is it Elliot now. Bella took a choice and it happens to be me, why can’t you respect that?”
Elliot anger welled up at Maurice’s gut.
“You stupid human jerk–
*Bi-bip* a small light beeped in Elliot’s wrist band.
“Oh dang it! Stupid time!” He said. “It’s not over Bella.. I’ll come back for you. I’m not leaving you and it’ll be bloody”
“Oh it is over Elliot. Right we didn’t say our goodbyes. Goodbye Elliot. Now hurry up before your tail appears” she said that Elliot started moving back.
“It’s not over!” He yelled when he got to the sea. Soon he disappeared into the water.
“Okay why doesn’t his threat scare me?” Maurice asked and Bella turned to him.
“That’s because it’s empty and because you love me”
“I do and I love the little me in there too” he said, rubbing Bella’s stomach and she smiled. He bent and k-ssed her and they pulled away.
“Let’s go home, I’m sure you have many stories to tell me”
“I do. And besides it’s been a long night”
“I’m glad I got you” he said as they walked to where his car was parked.
“I’m the most happiest being in this world” Bella said and he chuckled.
“Love wins. I love you Meribella”

(One month later)

“Maurice,” Bella called, walking to the living room and he turned to her from his laptop. “My dresses won’t get into me” she said with a frown.
“That’s because you’re adding up” he said and she gro-ned. He looked at her stomach that was protruding fast.
“What will I do? Patty will be mad if we’re late for the wedding”
“Come-on we can’t be late”
Bella went back into the room and came out seconds later with a dress on. “This is fine”
“Yeah, but the zipper won’t move” she said. Maurice stood up and went behind her, he tried getting the zipper up but it wouldn’t move.
“Okay, maybe this won’t work. You know what, why don’t you try casuals?”
“What, no Maurice. I’m not wearing casuals to my bestfriend’s wedding”
“And we can’t possibly purchase a dress right now” Bella shrugged.
“I’ll try again,” she said and turned then turned back and took Maurice wrist “And you’re helping me” she dragged him to her room.
They got to the church and took their seats, Bella left to see Patty while Maurice watched his father walk to the alter.. He didn’t know when a smile tugged at the corner of his l-ips.
Soon, Patricia started walking to the aisle, dressed in a pretty flowing wedding dress, her hair was styled in a French plait and a veil was pinned on it. He couldn’t deny that she looked dashing. The man who had esc-rted her left while she took Pablo’s hand. Maurice felt a hand on his and he turned to see Bella beside him. Minutes later the vows were exchanged and the ‘I do’s’ were said. Maurice heard Bella sniffing and turned, he noticed the tears in her eyes and she dabbing them constantly with a towel. There was actually nothing to be emotional about but he knew they were symptoms that came with pregnancy and Bella had almost all of them, he put his arm around her in comfort and she cried more.
Minutes later they were at the reception and people kept piling up. Maurice, just like Patricia, had thought it would be a simple wedding with few people but what he was seeing proved them wrong. Music started in the background and Patricia and Pablo danced to it while guests presented their gifts. Later families and friends joined and Bella practically dragged Maurice out and they danced.
The single ladies gathered around and Patty turned and threw the lily bouquet.. It flew and fell on Joliet, she held it up, turned and smiled.. Bella traced her eyes and found it on Raymond’s and he returned the smile.
After the event it was dance all through and Bella excused herself from the dancefloor and went out, Maurice followed and watched her rest on a wall, took him quick breaths and tears fell freely from her eyes. He walked to her.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked and she turned to him.
“I-I-I don’t know Maurice, I just keep crying. I think it’s coming from so much happiness” he said and he took her in his arms.
“I understand–“
“We’re finally together, patty’s wish is getting fulfilled and everyone is happy. I just feel so emotional about it”
He smiled. “It’s the baby and it’s normal” he said. “Do you want a wedding yet?” He asked and Bella raised her head up to look at him.
“Are you proposing?” She smiled.
“Yes but I don’t have a ring right now, I’ll make it official when I get one and besides your tummy’s getting big by the day, in no time it’d become too obvious, we need to get married before that happens”
“Yes. I agree and I’ll marry you” she said happily and he saw the tears pouring out from her eyes. Feeling them, Bella wiped it with both palm then chuckled nervously.
“Sorry I just, I mean I don’t know why I’m like this but I’m so happy Maurice”
He took her back in his arms.
“I love you”
“I can never get tired of hearing it” she sighed against his chest. “I love you too”



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