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New Girl On Blog – episode 8

New girl on block
Episode 8

Elias pov
After she asked that question I smiled and told her everything that it was during our frist dinner together when u and ur parents came to my house after the dinner ur parents and mine left to talk privately I was just alone with u and u refused to look at me although we keep stealing glances at each other we stil refused to say a word to each other and if u can remember precisely I left u at the living room and went out side we I got there I sat down and started thinking of how I was going to apologise and I was using one hand to rub the pendant ( has become a habit sometimes I feel the pendant gives me ideas about something so when ever am thinking I rub it) I was still rubbing the pendant when ur parents came out ur mom looked at my pendant weirdly she gasped at the pendant and ask me where I got it from I told her my own version of the story after explain everything to her she smiled she told me that the little girl I met in that park that day was you I was shocked.
Your mom wanted to tell u immediately she was about to run to u in,side the house she said u was been waiting for since then that u refused to fall in love again, she also talked about how u founded them to go to the park every weekend hoping that she would see me but she never did.
She gave up the search for you but never forgot you in her heart, ur mom even said that she saw where u wrote in your diary that you would never fall for anyone other than me.
Upon hearing this from ur mom I was baffled I knew for a fact that if she told u, u would have been broken heart especially due to the fact that our first meeting was not pleasant so I begged ur mom to please keep away from you for now that wen the right time came I would tell u an she agreed in,side my head I was happy cause she agreeing to my plans would give me enough time to seek for your apology and also become good friends with you even dor I wanted something for that friendsh¡p but I still had to start from them.

Elias pov continues
Luckily for me you forgave me si I saw that as an opportunity to tell u d truth but I still couldn’t I could see the way u behave around me even dor u said u forgave me it didn’t feel that way so I hid the truth a little longer but seeing u in classes smiling laughing it makes my heart beat faster I can’t handle it so I just wanted to tell u , I love u emma from the day I forcefully k-ssed u till nw am so sorry for what I did.
I have been loving u ever since before I found out that u were tge pendant girl finding out that even made me love u the more I guess accordingto your mom faith and destiny were on our side I love u so much even more than I can explain, I looked at her she was keeping a straight face at that moment a sharp needle was piercing my heart so at of desperation I said please say something ur silence is killing me stil she didn’t say anything.

Emma pov
Guys pls if u were in my shoes wat would u do d guy I dislike most the guy who I felt something for but was trying to kill my feelings for was asking me out telling me that he loved me I was dumbfounded I was happy I was sad all dis emotions at ones and I wasn’t sure of them but d one tin I was sure of was that I loved more him knowing that he was the boy I gave my pendant d boy I fell in love with sevenyearsago and is still love with I was also sure that I was confused at dis moment because I has voided to never love him because of wat he did to me and because of the fact that I was still waiting for the mystery boy I fell in love with at the park seven years ago which happened to be him damn I have never been In a very tight situation like dis I looked at him at first he looked happy but now his expression looked sad I guess he was thinking I would reject him at that moment I wish I could but I still couldn’t so I did wat every teenage girl would do wen they love a guy but dont no the right would say I stepped forward forcing him and closed up the…

Emma pov
I closed up our distance, dragged my face to his and our l-ips came in contact we k-ssed the k-ss was passionate as we both kept on playing with each others tongue, in between the k-ss murmured saying u talk to much he didn’t say anything he just kept k-ssing me the k-ss lasted for five minutes but it felt like hours(hashtag best the minutes of my life ) this k-ss was the k-ss I have ever had ( u wont blame me I have only been k-ssed twice in my own life and the first k-ss was a forced miss by dis jerk so you won’t blame me if I classify dis as my best k-ss ) the k-ss was too intense that we had to pull away or tge k-ss would turn into something else we were both breathing hærd trying to catch our breath I rised my head which was facing to floor to look at the jerk I got to stop calling him that and I also couldn’t believe I had fell for him I looked at him and he was smiling looking at me I quickly turned my head facing the other direction I was feeling shy and embrassed I looked round the garden and saw some people they were taking pictures damn I guess they saw us k-ss I felt really shy.
I looked back at elias he was just smiling and didn’t care about the attention that was on us and the camera’s light that were taking pictures I guess he was use to it but I wasn’t he held my hands and we walked out of the garden it was closing time they had just ran the bell I walked into class to take my bag I saw sandra she was just looking at me smiling I was wandering if she knew but how elias excused himself at the door to our class he wanted to keep some of his book in his locker and told me that he would be waiting for me outside I walked over to my seat which sandra was occupying she was smiling I looked at her and said ; wat happened y are u looking at me like that , she kept quiet but still kept smiling I was wandering why and then she said; how was the k-ss I was shocked how did she no I looked at her and asked how did you Know.

After asking her that question i mentally hit myself saying of the school blog, she looked at me and said some one just posted the picture of u and elias k-ssing she completed her statement while smiling and then she said; u have alot to tell me first you have to explain if you and elis were dating before and secondly i thought you hated the guy so how come both of you end up k-ssing passionately, i looked at her and said ; for your first question no i wasn’t dating him before and am not sure am dating him now he hasn’t  officially asked me out he only confessed on how him felt and i k-ssed him while trying to silence him from talking too much and secondly i did hate him and she asked; why i said ; because he was the jerk that forcefully took my first k-ss the guy i was telling you about an you promised to kick his butt when you saw him but i refused to tell you who he was and the she asked ; wait am confused as of that day you were telling me about the jerk you were seriously angry at him and suddenly you are k-ssing him please explain how that came to happen, i said ; i found out that he was the boy i fell in love seven years ago i gave him my pendant and saw him wearing the pendant he even said my mom knew, sandra kept quiet but kept smiling i took my bag and we both walked out i branched my locker kept some of my books so did sandra and both went out.
I came out of school to find elias k-ssing a girl on the cheek and she was smiling i looked at sandra i guess she also saw him as her smile disappear damn i felt stupid at that moment i gave this jerk room to k-ss me just to find him k-ssing another girl on the cheek minutes later damn i felt cheap i walkee over to where he was he saw me coming half way left his friends and came to meet me.
The exact moment he was close enough to me he wanted to hug me, i pushes him and slapped him bursting in the tears i have been trying to hold i looked at him he was shock and using one of his hands to rub the place i slappee him i guess he was wandering why i slapped him i thought i didn’t see him k-ss that girl i was about to walk away when he held my hands his eyes were sad, he asked ; baby why did you slap me what did i do why are you crying please stop crying and then you will tell me why you are crying, i looked at him and said; elias why what did i do to you to deserve this i let you k-ss me and few minutes later i catch you k-ssing a girl on her cheek why  what did i do wrong.


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