Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 14

Nick the house help

Episode 14

(I found my self in the hospital bed,with headaches and pains all over my body,my left hand was tied with bandage, yvonne was beside me crying. I looked around i saw Natasha,Rebecca and tunde also looking at me, what came out of my mouth was “What’s happening here?”

Yvonne : (crying) thank God you are awake.

Me : Where is kingsley??

Yvonne : He is fine,just relax honey

Me : Tunde how did you know i was here.

Tunde : Natasha yarn me wetin dey happen so o,so na hin make me come here,but who be the peson wey wan take your life nau?

Me : I don’t just know.. They were on black,they look suspicious,so i told kingsley to know why they are there,kingsley only asked them what was the problem,they said nothing but shot at us.. If not that kingsley was fast,I don’t know what would have happen.

Tunde : So naso my guy for take go, but how they take know say you dey comot that morning my guy,, O boy,peson for that house dey work with dem o.

Yvonne : what do you mean tunde?

Tunde : Yes nau,peson don call dem that morning say make them stay standby.. If not na the driver them for shot nau.. Make we open our eyes nau

Natasha : Yvonne tunde might be right.. Because i don’t see why Nick would be targeted just like that.

Yvonne : who could that be? I have only four guards,two outside and two in,side.. And mrs Amanda in,side the building,kingsley was my daddy main guard before he died. So who could it be?

Tunde : Trust no one yvonne,, make una reason this matter well o

Yvonne : I’ll make sure the person behind this is put to justice.

*I was just looking at them,I have my plans once i recover from this.. I plan on making things hærd for the enemies,but my loved ones must also be out of the scene. The doctor came in.

Doctor : Mr Nicholas,let’s thank God the bullet didn’t go deep,it would have cost more damages which could have disorg-nized your left hand totally..

Yvonne : Thank you doctor,so when will he be discharged?

Doctor : today of course.. Take him home,he needs rest.

*I was discharged, yvonne called the police to accompanying us home.. we waited for the police van to arrive before leaving the hospital,tunde helped me stand on my feet. On stepping out of my ward,I saw kingsley,thank God he is perfectly ok, he came to me.

Kingsley : Am sorry sir.

Me : You don’t have to kingsley,go home and be with your family,come back when you are ready..

*i told yvonne to assist him with some cash,which she did, we all walked outside the hospital, the police guided me and yvonne in,side black tinted glass benz. Two police man was sitting in front of the car,while the other was driving,a pilot police van was in front leading,while our benz was in the middle,one police van was also in our back.. Tunde was coming with the bus,he carried natasha and Rebecca along. We got home and i was rushed in,side immediately,into the room,mrs amanda was crying when she saw me.
That day was hell,the police slept over to make sure everything was secured, it was night,after eating my food,mrs amanda helped me clean my hand and back,with yvonne assisting her,my phone ringed immediately,yvonne helped me get the phone,it was an unknown number.. Yvonne and i looked at each other,she signaled me to pick the call. I picked it.

Me : Hello,who is this?

(strange voice,but a male voice)

Caller : Mr Nicholas,you survived this but,I promised you,you won’t survive the next hit,bye (hanged up)

Me : Hello,Hello.. He’s hanged up, who the f–k is this

Yvonne : I don’t know.. Why now? (Sobbing)

*i was just mute through out,I consoled yvonne and was thinking how he managed to get my number, my phone was with me through out my stay in the hospital, what is happening? Am in trouble. Mrs Amanda was even confused.

Tunde is right,the enemies are within us.
I concluded-

Who could it be??

To be continued….

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