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Midnight bites episode 15 – 17

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 15,16&17: MAKE HER REMEMBER 2.


” I think some thing must be done about this.” Kamilah furrowed as she paced to and fro the room. ” This is the first time some thing strange like this is ever happening.”

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Turns to look at him. ” Are you sure the debriefing didn’t affect her or something? ”

” I don’t think it actually did. ” Said Adrian as he threw himself on his chair. ” Mr Kent has been into this stuff for quite some years now, he wouldn’t make a mistake this time. ” He added.

” Then why are all this happening to her. ” She questioned, her eyes staring directly at him as if the answer mattered a lot to her

Of course it does.

” I don’t know. I think I should give her a day break to rest. Maybe the event at the cinema is still affecting her. And whatever the clanless vampire had done to her, I guess that’s what is affecting her. What do you think? ” He suggested.

” You’re right. But it seems the wh0le stuffs started after the debriefing. Or let us just say, her forgetting things then was because of the… debriefing. ” She sighed.

Since she was turned, Kamilah has never felt this emotional and concerned about any one.

She preferred to stay alone and just her. She only spent most of her time with Adrian, and that’s actually because she’s got a reason for that.

Two years after she was turned, she lost her elder brother. He was the only thing close to her life, but then when she met Adrian, some thing about him gave her hope that she wasn’t alone.

She took him as her younger brother, and he will still be. But having such soft spot for a human, his assistant for crying out loud, was some thing she still wonders.

A part of her was feeling humanity. Guess that was one influence of Adrian to her life.

He has this human sympathy in him which always makes softer than he should.

The only vampire council who had common relationship with humans, and having majority of them as his workers.

And that is one part of him the other councils, except Kamilah, envies him for.

Back to Arya, her case was something different. He doesn’t know why some one would desperately want her dead.

Some how, for a reason, he wished she never saw him and Nicole that night. All these wouldn’t have happened to her.

Right now, nothing seems to bother him but her… His assistant. Her safety is all that matters a lot to him.

” Where is she now?” Kamilah asked.

” She’s in the basement, with the archive clerk. ” He replied.

” If this gets too far, I don’t know but… I was thinking it would be better off if you just mark her. You know what I mean, don’t you? ”

” Kamilah, this is a serious request. ” He said

” I know. ”

” And you want me to do it? Come on, what if the other councils doesn’t accept to the idea? What if they query me for it.

And that isn’t the real problem here. What if she doesn’t turn, what if her blood doesn’t accept to the bite? I mean, what if… ”

” She turns to a feral? ” She completed. ” Look, I understand how much you care for here. ”

” In as much as I care about her condition right now, I care about her being a feral. She doesn’t deserve it, any of it. I have decided to give her a day break or two.” He concluded.

” I don’t think I want that either. ” She said as she walked in. ” You don’t have to worry about me, sir. I am fine. ”

Adrian looked at Kamilah who shove her hair in frustration.

” What? ” Arya asked, noticing their contenance. ” I’m fine. It’s two days since I had the dream or anything. Honestly, I am fine. ”

Kamilah turned to her. ” Miss Stark, I understand how faithful you are to your job but right now we care about your health more than anything. ”

Arya shook her head. ” No. No, I can’t stay home for two days. ” She refused.

” I’ll make it a day. ” Adrian said.

But she still refused the offer. ” No. I can endure whatever it is but, staying at home isn’t the best choice either. Please, don’t let me stay at home, I might end up seeing things I shouldn’t. ”

” Can we have a moment… please? ” Kamilah said to Adrian who nodded.

As they walked out of the office, Kamilah only stared at him. She was speechless that she ended up w-rapping her hands around her chest.

” I really don’t know what to say about this. Maybe we should just let her stay. ”

” No, I have made up my mind to let her have a rest. A lot are going on in her, I can feel it. ”

” You did? ” She asked, surprised.

He nodded. ” Like there are more than just the bite and weird dreams. I can’t tell how but I could feel it like it was all in me. ”

” You just felt her pains. Do you know what that means? ” She asked, still surprised.

” I know what that means.” He said.

” I’ll talk to her.” She said, making her way in but Adrian held her back.

” Let me do it. You have to go home…” Kamilah rose an eyebrow at him. ” She’ll be fine. ”

He went in, Arya stared at him with a worried look. Her face pleaded at him for a change of mind.

” Ms Stark.” He said coldly. ” I’m sorry but…”

She didn’t let him finish, she started to plead. ” Please. Please, Adrian don’t let me stay at home. I’ll be fine coming to work. ”

” Miss Stark, I understand your zealousness for your job but this is the only way I can help you. Whatever that is going on with you isn’t just a minor stuff, you need a full time rest.

But since you said you can’t stay for two days, I’ve made it a day then you return back to your duty. ” He holds her shoulder, ” You need to rest more than anyone here.

I’m pretty sure a day rest can make you remember things you seem to have forgotten about. I’ll call the driver to take you home. You need to start packing your stuffs. ”

Arya nodded, though she didn’t want to at first. He pulled her into his arms, hugging her for a while.

He broke the hug, staring at her. ” You need to rest.”


Just as usual, like every other days, Lily was busy with her video game. She was damn so happy when she saw Arya, but then her mood changed after listening to Arya’s reason for coming back.

” It’s okay, we can work this out together.” She encouraged her. ” Or we can go to the hospital for a check up.

If there isn’t any thing wrong with you, then we conclude that some one is playing with your mind. ”

” I don’t want to go to the hospital. ” She refused.

” No, you aren’t going anywhere, you’re coming with me.” Lily turned of the television, grabb£d her by the arm and off they left to the hospital.




Arya had successfully under went her check up which the doctor confirmed she was good.

Lily was as excited as if she had gotten a visa lottery. She hugged Arya so t¡ght that she encouraged her further that every thing was alright.

Arya felt relaxed. Now she was left to face who or what was playing with her brain.

” We’re gonna host a girls night tonight.” Lily suggested. ” No more crazy visions this time. ”

They both laughed. ” No more crazy visions. ”

As they set off to go, the doctor called Lily privately. He took her into his office for a brief talk which didn’t last for ten minutes.

” Is there a problem, doctor?” She asked, looking worried.

” I think so, Lily.” He said, like he didn’t want to hit the hammer on the nail.

” Doctor?”

” The truth is,” he started. ” your friend Arya has a foreign body in her blood and it’s causing some disorder in her brain cells making it impossible for her to remember things.

And when I say things, I’m talking about things most dear to her. Or even an important event. The more she tries to remember, she stresses this brain cells making it much more impossible to recall a thing. ”

” So, what’s this foreign bodies like?” She asked, inquisitively.

” It’s more like an antigen fighting against her antibodies. If the antibodies in charge of her brain cells doesn’t fight it off, it fights the cells off. ”

” And… ”

” And, ” he continues. ” she will never be able to remember anything. ”

” Why didn’t you tell us this? ” She asked.

” I know keeping this as a secret is against the rules of being a doctor but I have to. And you shouldn’t either or you will cause more damage to her health. ” He advised.

” We want to have a girl’s night together, does it mean she’ll forget it by tomorrow? ” She asked.

” Possibly. ” He said.

On getting out, Arya asked her what the doctor had discussed with her. But Lily kept to the doctor’s word by lying to her.

” He was only concerned why we had come here when everything was alright with you.” She lied.

” But why did it take too long? ” She asked again.

” Well, I just briefed the wh0le conversation to you. Well, why don’t we go out for shopping for our girl’s night? ”

Arya nodded excitedly as they made their way out of the building.

Lily changed their mind. If Arya was actually going to forget about tonight, then she ought to make it more fun.

They went to the halloween pack for some little enjoyment and sight see.

Lily paid for the Mary-go-round ticket. As they got in, they sat together as the mary go round started to move.

Since she knew Lily, the was the best girl’s night ever.
They scre-med in excitement and so did others, holding each other’s hands.

After the game was over, Lily went to buy some ice cream while Arya waited for her.

There was chattering voices from one side, Arya turned her gaze to look at it.

She smiled as she evesdropped on the conversation. Then turning to look elsewhere, her gaze met with a halloween statue.

She was so interested in the statue that she didn’t stop looking at it. She was lost in it that one may be calling her and she won’t be able to hear it.

Lily came with the ice cream. She has been calling her name but came to touch her since she wasn’t answering.

” Arya…?”

Arya $h¡veryed at the touch of her hand on her shoulder. Staring confused at her, she asked. ” Are you alright?”

” I remember.”

Lily rose an eyebrow. ” You remember what? ” She asked.

” I remember the man at the cinema, the one who bit. I remember how it happened. I remember it all. ”


To Be Continued…

Adrian said it, only if she takes a break for herself will she be able to remember anything 🤔🤔


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